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					     The Future is Now…

…Just Add Water
                EcoCreto vs. Concrete

•Liquid catalyst added to wet concrete creates
honeycombed air pockets.

•When new, as much as 4 inches of water can pass through
each minute

•Tests by University of Texas show properties of EcoCreto
(strength, durability, expansion) are stronger than
conventional conrete
                EcoCreto vs. Concrete

•Depending on the pollutant, EcoCreto’s removal efficiency
ranged from 60-95% better.

•EcoCreto eliminates the need for building an maintaining
retention ponds.

•Because of hollow spaces, it retains less heat, whereas
heat-retaining streets raise the average temperature of a
city by as much as 8° F compared to the surrounding
- 100% Permeable

- Stronger than conventional concrete

-The answer to your Retention/Detention/
 Filtration needs
Typical Mix Design

•Cement:      Type I- 564 to 600 lbs.
•Aggregate:   2800 lbs min 3/8” with no fines
              Design mixes varies depending on the sieve
• Water:      10 to 14 gallons, depending on ambient
•Additive:    3.3 to 3.5 gallons
•Colorant:    Optional, added according to
              manufacturers instructions
         Pervious Concrete is NOT a new material…

•First known use - 1852 on isle of Wright for 12 to 14 in. thick walls
for homes.

•Before and after WWII, wide spread use in the UK and Europe

•Mid 1960’s, experimental road in England

•First use for pavements in U.S. in early 1970’s in FL

•Most of the activity has been in the Southeast — primarily Gerogia,
Florida, and now EcoCreto pavement is in Mexico, Texas, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, California, Wisconsin & Illinois
4” Section Properties

Strength        3,000 psi within 24 hrs
                5,000 psi at 28 days

               Exceeding standard concrete; giving Architects, Engineers and
Durability     Developers the flexibility to design to today’s high standards
               and environmental guidelines
   Design        Municipal design standards for discharge rate and
                 storage capacity
Considerations   Permeability of the underlining soils
                 Temporary detention size
Versatility    Streets, curbs, gutters, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, golf
               paths, play courts, pool decking, fountains, retaining walls.

               Use 2” of ECOCRETO admixture concrete for sidewalks,
Practicality   patios etc. 4” for driveways, parking surfaces and the like. 6”
               for heavy traffic needs. REMEMBER wire and rebar are not
     Typical 4” Design Section
                                     4” TRANSMISSION LAYER

             1”-1 ½” Washed Stone    6” MIN. DETENTION LAYER
                   (No Fines)

             2”-21/2” Washed Stone
                   (No Fines)        VARIES


             Proof Rolled Subgrade    INFILTRATION LAYER
                                             18” MIN.

                  Not to Scale

   Walls & Drains                    Roadways/Streets                        Patios

    Parking Lots                         Walkways                 Decorative Fountains

ECOCRETO makes excellent streets, parking lots, golf cart paths, retaining walls, French
drains–any place where concrete is needed. It withstands even very heavy traffic.

 Consistency    Raking Aggregate          Screeding

Screeding         Spraying         Covering With Plastic


   Screeding         Profile With Base

Profile With Base         Compacting

     Parking Lots — Asphalt and Normal Concrete
•Almost total runoff, no percolation

•Valuable water resources are wasted

•Public water needed for vegetation

•Runoff has chemical pollutants, requiring treatment

•Runoff is hotter, damaging ecosystems

•Hot parking lots add to urban heat island effects and ozone
                    Standard Concrete
•The US has enough highways, streets, driveways,
sidewalks and parking lots to collectively cover the state
of Indiana.

•A downtown area with 90% impervious cover contributes
3 pounds of metals and 1,600 pounds of solid and
chemical pollutants to watersheds every year.

•Increased likelihood of flooding when it rains leaving
surrounding areas more easily saturated.
   What is EcoCreto and Where did it come from?

•EcoCreto is a high tech version of today’s standard
concrete for environmentally friendly consumers
•EcoCreto is an additive that is added to a 6-sack
concrete design mix that allows it to get 3000 psi in
24 hrs. and over 5000 psi in 28 days
•Allows rainwater to drain through at a rate of 4” per
•Invented in Mexico City in 1990 to replenish the
water aquifer
                     EcoCreto USA
                    Texas: (512) 291-8394
                  Wisconsin: (262) 827-4866

     The Future is Now…

…Just Add Water

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