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					Dear Applicant,

I am excited about your interest in joining us in service for the Summer 2010 season! It could be argued that
there is no more rewarding time to be a part of Christian camping than summer. Many groups will spend time
at Timber Creek, and they are all depending on us to maximize there experience. Take some time to complete
this application process and return all necessary documents to me by March 26th. You could be a part of
something amazing! I look forward to working alongside you this summer. Contact me with any questions.

                                                                                                                          In Christ,

                                                                                                                           Associate Director
                                                                                                                           Timber Creek Camp

                        Timber Creek Camp Summer Job Descriptions
College Summer Staff: This group of individuals will serve @ Timber Creek Camp for the duration of the summer. Responsibilities include but are
not limited to land maintenance, challenge course facilitation, kitchen duties, recreation, camp projects, and commitment to a discipleship program.
It is the camp’s expectation that this group would be defined by being the hands and feet of Christ in their time of service while at camp. Experience
has shown us that as we seek to serve others and meet their needs, God is glorified.

Teen Service Team: This group of individuals will serve @ Timber Creek Camp for only a portion of the summer. These time slots are delineated in
the chart below. All T.S.T applicants should have at least completed their sophomore year of high school. Each T.S.T. member will play an integral
role in the day-to-day life of all campers. Responsibilities include but are not limited to kitchen duties, recreation, camp projects, and commitment to
a discipleship program. It is the camp’s expectation that this group would be defined by being the hands and feet of Christ in their time of service
while at camp. Experience has shown us that as we seek to serve others and meet their needs, God is glorified.

Work schedule: Being on camp staff is the hardest job you’ll ever love. You will only be required to work a certain portion of each day. Your time
off will be respected. However, while on shift you will be expected to be available to the Timber Creek full-time staff to accomplish any requests.
The camp experience can only be its best if we are all committed to give our best when at work. In this way, we will truly be able to operate as a

                                                  Teen Service Team Session Dates and Costs
                                      Dates                                Gender                                      Cost per participant
Session One                          June 3 - June 12                                Male only                                    $125.00

Session Two                         June 13 - June 21                                Male only                                    $125.00

Session Three                       June 21 - June 25                              Female only                                     $60.00

Session Four                         June 25 - July 3                                Male only                                    $125.00

Session Five                         July 6 - July 10                              Female only                                     $60.00

Session Six                         July 11 - July 18                                Male only                                    $125.00

Session Seven                       July 18 - July 28                                Male only                                    $125.00

* Differences in price are due to the participants time of service @ Timber Creek.

                    Timber Creek Camp                                                                                 DATE OF APPLICATION

                     APPLICATION for Summer STAFF 2010                                                                 ______________________
                     8113 Morton Marathon Road Pulaski, Mississippi 39152                                                     Mo.     Day   Yr.

                       BreakThru Ministries CORE Beliefs                                                   A CURRENT PICTURE OF YOU IS
                                                                                                           REQUESTED. Please attach it to this page.
 The Bible is the Word of God: divinely inspired, inerrant, infallible rule of faith.
There is one true God existing eternally as the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy
Spirit. One God – Three persons. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin,
lived a sinless life, died on Calvary, rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven
to intercede for all people. The Holy Spirit keeps believers current with Christ,
assuring them of personal salvation, producing the fruit of God’s character, and
empowering for Christian witness. Men and women are created in God’s image, but
because of sin, are tragically lost apart from God’s redeeming grace. All people live
under God’s mandate of repentance and through Christ are invited to be delivered
from the guilt and power of sin and by faith in Christ restored to fellowship with
Him. All people who have lived in Christ will live eternally in Heaven, while eternal
pain and separation from God awaits those who have rejected Christ.

                                                 Position you are applying for: (rate 1st to 3rd choice)
                                                                                                                        STAFF USE ONLY
           College Summer Staff                                     T.S.T Session Five
           T.S.T Session One                                        T.S.T Session Six
           T.S.T Session Two                                        T.S.T Session Seven
           T.S.T Session Three                                      Other
           T.S.T Session Four

                                                        Personal Information

Name:                                                                          Date of Birth:                          Sex:

Home Address:                                                                  City:                        State:             Zip:

Area Code/Phone:                                                               Cell or other phone:
College Address:
(If applicable)                                                                City:                        State:             Zip:

Date Through which address is good:                                            Date your summer break begins:
E-mail Address
(print clearly):
Social Security                                                                Drivers                                         Issuing
Number:                                                                        License #:                                      State:

Skip this parent/guardian section if you are an adult and live “on your own.”

Parent or Guardian Name(s):

Parents’ Address:                                                              City:                  State:                   Zip:
                                                                               E-mail or other
Area Code/Phone:                                                               phone:


                    ** Please check your summer schedule & commitments before filling out this next section. **

 Please write in any dates that you will not be able to work. If you do not write in the dates you may not be able to get the time
 off when summer arrives.

                                                Christian Experience
This section allows you an opportunity to give us some background on who you are and what Christ has been doing in your life. The
information you provide is to help us understand a little more about your background and experiences in your Christian walk.
                        Please answer the questions to the following sections on a typed separate sheet of paper.
Section 1: College Staff Only- Give a brief explanation of your Section 2: College & T.S.T Staff- Spiritual Autobiography
beliefs on the
             following: (explain in 1-3 sentences)
                                                                      Please give us a spiritual autobiography explaining how you
     • Jesus Christ                      • Heaven/Hell                became a Christian. Also include a description of the areas of your
     • Salvation                         • Evangelism                 life you have grown in since you have come to a personal
     • The Bible                         • Holy Spirit                relationship with Jesus Christ and what have been the biggest
Section 3: College and T.S.T. Staff- Getting to know you!
In this section please answer each question openly and honestly. This information gives us an opportunity to get a picture of who you are
and what are your strengths & weaknesses are, and will most likely not be used to solely eliminate candidates.
          1. Have you ever been a camper anywhere? If yes, where? When?
          2. How did you hear about Timber Creek, and what do you know about Timber Creek?
          3. What church do you attend? What role does your local church play in your life?
          4. What type of work do you really enjoy, or find fulfilling?
          5. What ministries or jobs have you been involved in that have prepared you to be involved in camping ministry? (Young
               Life, Mission Trips, FCA, Church, etc.)
          6. Why do you want to work at Timber Creek? What are the goals you want to accomplish through serving Christ in ministry
               this summer? How would you know if you were successful?
          7. If you could spend one day with anyone in the world today, who would it be and why would you spend that time with

                                             Educational Background
                                     School Names               Dates Attended           Diplomas, Awards,               Major
 High School




                                            Employment Background
                                       Please begin with your most recent or present experience
    Employer                                       Phone                       Position                     Dates Worked




                                                  Personal References
This is an important part of your application. You will need to complete the following steps:
      1. Create copies of the enclosed reference form. If you are a returning staff member we do not need you to send out the
          reference forms.
      2. Please secure three character references: These references should not be relatives
         • One from a pastor, Christian educator, Sunday school teacher, or church elder
         • One from a teacher, coach, or supervisor
         • One from an adult friend.
      3. Make sure that you complete the necessary information on the reference form and that you provide with it a stamped
          envelope addressed to: Timber Creek Camp 8113 Morton Marathon Road Pulaski, Mississippi 39152
Reference # 1: Christian Worker
Name:                                Position:                                                      Phone:
Address:                                         City:                                        State:        Zip:

Reference # 2: School Worker or Supervisor
Name:                             Position:                                                             Phone:
Address:                                           City:                                          State:         Zip:

Reference # 3: Adult Friend
Name:                                 Position:                                                         Phone:
Address:                                           City:                                          State:         Zip:

I give Timber Creek Camp permission to contact the above references

Applicant’s Signature                                                                     Date:

                                          Miscellaneous Information
1. Are there any physical or medical factors that would prevent you from fulfilling the duties of the job? If so, explain what can be
done to accommodate such limitations or share any special medical or dietary needs.

2. Have you ever been convicted of anything other than a traffic violation? If yes, please explain. (The existence of a criminal record
   may not constitute an automatic bar to employment.)

3. Do you have any responsibilities or commitments that may prevent you from meeting work schedules? (i.e. childcare, family,
transportation, etc.)

4. If you are not hired for a full position, would you be interested in a part-time or volunteer position? (Explain, if necessary.)

5. If you are hired and sign a contract for this summer, will you consider your signature and your word to be binding?
          (Circle one) Yes or No

Please sign the following statement: “I certify that the answers given in this application are true and complete to the best of my
knowledge. I authorize investigation into all statements I have made on this application as may be necessary for reaching an
employment decision. I understand that if employed, I am required to abide by all rules and policies of Timber Creek Camp.”

          Signature ______________________________________________                 Date _______________________________

                                                  Timber Creek Camp
                                          General Staff Policies and Guidelines
                                                            Summer of 2010

Timber Creek camp has a reputation of being a place where God has room to work. We believe that our work is a critical
part of this equation. Each person who drives through the gates at Timber Creek deserves our best because God has
brought them here to have an encounter with him. While you are here, you will be the hands and feet of Christ to
hundreds of campers! Throughout your time here, you will feel the support of the full-time staff as we ALL seek to make
Summer 2010 the best in Timber Creek’s long history.

 The goal is for Jesus Christ to be glorified in everything we do! Therefore, we stand firm on His Word and His life’s
example. Legalism is not our goal, however campers need to see we are living examples of an exemplary way of life. If
you have any questions concerning these policies a full-time staff member will be glad to discuss them with you.

                                                      Personal Character
•   We ask that all summer staff of Timber Creek Camp to agree to abstain from the use of any alcohol or tobacco
    products of any kind during their term of employment. We ask for and expect complete commitment on this. “If
    anyone of you should cause one of the least of these to stumble, it would be better for you to be cast into the river with
    a millstone around your neck.” Luke 17:2
•   We expect all of our summer staff’s actions to reflect the character traits of integrity, loyalty, purity and honesty. As a
    staff member of Timber Creek Camp your actions are, whether at camp or away from camp, a reflection of all of our
    ministries, both summer and year round. If there is any doubt in how a staff member should carry themselves, use 1
    Timothy 4:12 as an example, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for
    the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

                                                     Counselor/Camper Interaction
•   We expect our summer staff to maintain proper supervision of all campers. This includes guarding against situations
    where you are alone (isolated from view of anyone else) with any camper.
•   Staff will use positive techniques of guidance; including redirection, anticipation of and elimination of potential
    problems, positive reinforcement and encouragement. We do not permit physical discipline.
•   We do not tolerate abuse with any camper, including physical, verbal, sexual, or mental/emotional abuse. Timber
    Creek Camp fully complies with all local, state, and federal requirements regarding child abuse and reporting
    suspected abuse or neglect. All staff will be required to cooperate fully with these guidelines.

                                   Timber Creek Camp Application
                                            BACKGROUND RECORDS RELEASE FORM
                                                  PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING

In Timber Creek’s effort to attract the highest quality staff, I have been advised that as a part of the application process for
employment with Timber Creek, an extensive inquiry may be made concerning my prior employment, activities, character, and health.
I give full consent to and authorize all such inquiries.

In the event of my employment by Timber Creek, I will comply with all policies set forth in the Staff Manual and with other policies
established from time to time by the organization. I understand my initial employment may be contingent upon receipt of a report of a
current physical examination made of me by a licensed physician showing me to be in good health and free of contagious diseases.
Additionally, I authorize Timber Creek to request my employment record from my former employer(s). I further understand Timber
Creek may make inquiries to any governmental agency, including law enforcement agencies or departments, or any other party with
legal and proper interest. I hereby waive any right to claim any request or investigation is an invasion of my privacy, since they are
made with my consent, and it is my interest that I be considered for employment.

I certify all statements made by me on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I have withheld nothing
that would, if disclosed, affect this application unfavorably. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission of facts
could exclude my being considered for employment or, after employment, would be cause for termination of employment with Timber
Creek Camp.

I understand and agree that if I am employed, my employment would be solely an “employment at will” giving either me or Timber
Creek the right to terminate my employment at any time without liability or obligation except for my regular pay through date of
termination, and loss of bonus, if applicable.



             Last Name                                  First Name                                             Middle (full)

                                      Maiden Name or any other name(s) used (leave blank if not applicable):

Date of Birth _______________________ Social Security No. ________________________________________________


                         If applicant is under 18 years of age, please have parent/guardian complete below:


              Last Name                      First Name                          Middle (full)              Relationship to applicant


                                              PERSONAL REFERENCE FORM
                                         FOR TIMBER CREEK CAMP SUMMER STAFF
Timber Creek Camp                                        Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________________
8113 Morton Marathon Road
Pulaski, Mississippi 39152

Timber Creek Camp host groups from across the south east during its summer season. These camps are for all ages from children to
youth to adults. Our campers’ happiness and well being are largely dependent upon the quality of our staff. We are searching for
quality Christian role models that enjoy working with individuals in an outdoor setting. We would appreciate your honest comments
on this applicant. Please complete this and return it promptly. The applicant cannot be considered for hire until this completed
reference form is in our possession.

                                                                Excellent      Good          Average          Fair      Poor
Tactful - delicate in saying and doing the right thing
Judgment - able to make reasonable decisions
Innovative - imaginative and creative
Enthusiastic - dedicated and positive
Honest - upright, truthful
Initiative - voluntary starter
Leader - positive example
Dependable - reliable and trustworthy
Courteous - respectful of others
Thorough - completes all aspects of the job
Stable - even-tempered, emotionally sound
Cooperative - willing to help others
Patient - is not easily frustrated or discouraged
Alert - quickly grasps directions
Orderly - organized
Healthy - high energy level
Personal Appearance - clothing and grooming habits

Does the applicant possess any special skills or talents that would be beneficial in a camp setting?

If one of your family members was a attending a camp at Timber Creek, would you want the applicant to have the responsibility of
caring for your him/her?

How long have you known the applicant?

In what capacity?

General recommendation (please circle one):              HIGHLY RECOMMEND with no reservations
                                                     STRONGLY RECOMMEND
                                                     RECOMMEND with some reservation
                                                     DO NOT RECOMMEND for a position



We are relying upon your opinion as one of the important factors in our decision. A statement from you in as explicit terms as you
care to use will be held in confidence. We appreciate your time and comments in helping us to select a wholesome, qualified staff.
Thank you for your help.

                                   Please use the reverse side for additional comment.


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