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					                             Our Lady of the Lake Parish School
                                 3520 Northeast 89th Street
                                    Seattle, WA 98115

January 30, 2008

Dear Parents,

During Catholic Schools Week we thank: Julie Baricevic, Marjorie Boyle, Ben Brady, Carolyn
Breysse, Michelle Christensen, Merry Kay Clayton, Patti Feeney, Barbara Fraser, Jan Gill, Carol
Jez, Marisol Joynt, Jennifer Kush, Vickie Kush, Carol Marshall, Vince McGovern, Maureen
McMurray, Amanda McPeak, Bonnie Meyer, Hilary Ortitz, Tom Rowe, Karly Schubert, Jill
Streit, Kathryn Vaughn, and Gerry Villa for their dedication to the students and families at Our
Lady of the Lake School. We appreciate all of the work that they do to move our children along
the road to success.


Hopefully you have noticed our new formal school entrance on the 90th street side! There is
work to still be done. It will have a plastic covering and another piece below the awning stating
“Parish School.” We would like to thank many people for this materializing.

Shannon and Charlie Shugart (Shugart Bates Architecture Company) along with their
engineer Peter Opsahl spent many hours designing the awning. Please note how the shape of the
awning matches the shape of the parish roof-line. Dana Moore was able to arrange for New
Tech Industries in Mukilteo and Steel Fab in Arlington to make the drawings come to life with
their manufacturing talents. Barry Celli asked Steve Williams Custom Homes to donate the use
of their truck to pick up the awning, which they kindly did. Frank Moore and Barry Celli drove
to and from Arlington to pick up the awning. Matt Lewis then welded the necessary parts so the
installation could begin.

Several dads worked long hard hours to ensure this awning was erected without tearing the wall
down. After all, it is a 1,000 lb. awning. This was a huge undertaking by Harold Runciman,
Joel Tanner, Frank Moore, Scott Armstrong, Charlie Shugart and Chris Sams. Shannon
Shugart, Cheryl Bergano and Pamela Runciman provided food and beverages to the dads during
these labor intense days of work.

There were some donated funds by a caring parishioner to assist with the expense of creating the
new awning. The majority of this project was time donated by Shugart Bates, New Tech
Industries and Steel Fab, school dads and moms!! We truly appreciate this huge endeavor! This
is a job well done! It is beautiful!

Dear Parents,

Today in the family envelopes, parents of students in first through fourth grade are receiving
reports from the recent reading assessment done using the Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy
Skills (DIBELS). (Kindergarten reports will be sent next week.) The January assessment
provides teachers information regarding the progress of students toward year end benchmarks
and allows for strategic lesson planning ensuring each student make as much progress as
possible. The school is extremely pleased to see the progress of the students. Well over 50% of
all students have already met or exceeded year- end expectations; a trend that has continued from
the previous 3 years.

Grade     Target Goal-            These benchmark assessments have played an important role
          Oral Reading            assisting teachers in developing curriculum goals, designing
          Fluency                 materials and monitoring progress. Students who are on track
          (end of the year)       for meeting spring benchmarks in literacy skills will be placed in
1         40 cwpm*                our strong literature-based basal reading curriculum. This
2         90 cwpm                 program is supplemented with structured phonics instruction.
                                  Students not meeting winter grade-level benchmark expectations
3         110 cwpm
                                  will receive daily intensive instruction in the Reading Lab.
4         118 cwpm
*correct words per minute
                                  Those students who have already met grade level end-of-the-year
                                  benchmark expectations will be provided an enrichment
program. They will work with age appropriate literature focusing on vocabulary, comprehension
and critical thinking skills, and regularly tie their reading to writing. Thanks to the fund-an-item
at the Spring Fling last year teachers have been able to purchase supplemental materials to meet
the needs of students exceeding grade level benchmarks.

The school is very excited to see concrete results of our outstanding reading program, which puts
to use the best-practices based on scientific research. We have learned the success lies not in
buying the most popular curriculum, but in training and supporting highly qualified teachers who
know how to design lessons based on data provided by ongoing assessment.

With the reports you will find suggestions for home activities to assist in your child’s reading
development. Your role is important in reinforcing and enhancing what is taught at school.
Please contact your child’s teacher or me if you have any questions.

Bonnie Meyer
Vice Principal/Reading Specialist

Up-coming Events
January 30 – Green and Gold Day Staff/Student Volleyball at 12:45
January 31 – Alumni Hot Lunch – Hot Dogs
February 1 – Grandparent/Senior Friend Luncheon at noon –see below
February 3 – Catholic Schools Week Mass at 9:30 a.m. –Students wear uniforms
February 3 – All School Open House at 11:30 a.m.

No Nutrition First Lunch Program on Friday, February 1st. All students need to bring
lunch from home.
Only two days left: Please call the school office (206-525-9980) and make your reservations
for the annual Grandparent’s/Senior Friend luncheon by tomorrow (Thursday at 9:00 a.m.)
Students invite their grandparent(s) and/or Senior Friends for this special occasion. The guests
are served lunch (no charge) and the student brings his/her lunch and eats with the guest. The
luncheon begins about 11:45 a.m. and ends around 1:30 after a brief entertainment program.
Preschool and Pre-K students who do not attend school on Fridays are invited to come. Come
about 11:45 with your guest and enjoy the luncheon. Everyone who attends has always enjoyed
the day!

Tuition Assistance: If you will be requesting tuition assistance, for the 2008-2009 school year,
please request a Fulcrum Foundation form from the school office. The deadline for submitting
your form to the school office is March 3, 2008. Please be certain to sign your copy of the 2007
Income Tax form. Both signatures are needed if it was a joint return. There is also a form
enclosed for additional assistance from the Our Lady of the Lake scholarship fund. The Fulcrum
application must be returned if you request assistance from either source. Questions – call
Margie in the office. (206-525-9980)

Box Tops for Education - submission deadline is coming up at the end of February.
Please send all your Box Top coupons to the school. Margie Boyle will route them to me.
Thank you.

OLL Scrip Program – SCRIP is an excellent way to show teacher and staff appreciation during
Catholic Schools Week. Stop by the SCRIP table to see the variety of stores we have available.
We have gas cards, grocery stores, department stores, specialty stores, and restaurants galore.
SCRIP will also be sold on Sunday, February 3rd after mass and during the school’s Open House.

Bake and Popcorn sale Hugh Success: Thank you to all the middle high students and parents
for sending in the wonderful goodies for our bake sale. We raised $246.60. Also a special thank
you to Cathy Compher, Taylor Reidel and Tom Maguire for supervising the sales. We will be
using the money to help our neighbors at St. Mary's in Aberdeen and St. Joseph in Chehalis who
were impacted by the flooding earlier this year. Also a portion will go to the Pacific Northwest
Herpetological Society who brought in the reptiles last week for our students to see and learn

OLL "Starry Night" AUCTION February 23, 2008 ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS,

KIDS: Help us get your parents and you excited about the "Starry Night" Auction. We are
raffling off a Wii games system and a DS portable game system with the proceeds going to the
auction and in turn to the school. Raffle tickets will be sold at school starting Feb. 1st for $1 ea..
We will sell the last tickets for the DS at 9:00 a.m. February 22nd. A winner for the DS will be
chosen and announced at the end of the day Friday before the Auction February 22, 2008!
Additional tickets for the Wii will be available the night of the auction and a winner for the Wii
will be chosen and announced Auction night. The winner need not be present to win. Please
help us "reach for the stars" and buy a ticket or two!!!
ATTENDEES: We sent invitations to all those registered at the parish and school for the 2008
OLL "Starry Night" Auction. We hope to get your RSVP by February 12th, 2008. If you would
like to attend as a guest the tickets are $65 per person. If you choose to pay more for your ticket
(for ex. at the Supporter or Benefactor level) you will be making an additional donation to the
school, which is much appreciated. All are welcome!! If you do not receive an invitation and
want to go, please let us know.
VOLUNTEERS: If you are interested in volunteering for the Auction in any way and have
signed up or not, please join us for the ALL VOLUNTEER meeting Thursday January 31, 2008
at 7pm in Jubilee Hall. For details about the above or if you have other questions about this years
Auction, please contact Liz Jackman at 206.361.2139 or or
Rachel Tanner at 206.523.3132 or email

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