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					             The Unification of Germany

 1815 – 39 German states. The two largest are the Austro-
  Hungarian Empire and Prussia. Prussia had a German
  population and strong sense of nationalism. It had a
  strong army and was industrialized.
 1861 – Wilhelm I comes to power. Wants to reform the
  army but parliament won’t let him. The Junkers were a
  group of wealthy landowners who supported him. Otto
  Von Bismarck is made prime minister. Realpolitik which
  means “Politics of Reality”. Tells parliament to take a
  hike. Will run the country with blood and iron.
 1864 – Bismarck forms an alliance with Austria and
  together they invade Denmark and take Schleswig and
  Holstein. Prussia takes Schleswig. Austria takes Holstein.
 1866 – Bismarck instigates war. Austria declares war on
  Prussia and is defeated in the “seven weeks war”. By
  1867 Prussia controls all of Northern Germany.
 1870 – Bismarck believes he can gain the support of
  Southern Germany if he went to war with France.
  Bismarck had a false message sent to France from King
  Wilhelm I insulting the French. This sparks the Franco –
  Prussian war. Prussia crushes France and takes 80,000
  prisoners. Southern Germany supports Bismarck and
  Wilhelm and all of Germany is unified.
 1871 – Wilhelm is declared Kaiser of Germany, or
 Otto Von Bismarck = “Blood and iron”