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					   Social Networking sites offer a way for people
    with common interest to interact with one
    They include services such as chats, e-mails,
    video chats, and instant messaging
   Information posted on the sites is
    free for all to view (unless you
    make profiles private)
   Spamming sometimes occurs
    from a gathering of the e-mails
    used on such sites
   Messages sent by users of some
    social networking sites such as
    MySpace have been used in
    court as evidence against its
   School officials have recently
    begun using sites such as
    Facebook to make sure their
    students are acting
    appropriately and not harassing
    each other
   Attempts to make social networking sites
    began in the early 90s
   Some of the first popular sites were (1995) and
   Today, there are hundreds of social networking
    sites, ranging from dating sites to the friendship
    based sites, such as Facebook and Myspace
    › Membership includes approximately 85 percent
      of U.S. college students
    › Targets students and younger people
    › One of the most popular sites today
    › More than 80 million profiles created
    › Second most viewed site in America
    › Created in 2003 by “Tom Anderson”
    › One of the first sites that became popular
    › Created in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams
    › Blog based social networking site
    › Over 40 million users
    › Created in 1995, one of the first social networking sites
      though the term did not exist when it was created
    › Not only profiles but also blogs
   The above mentioned sites above are mostly popular
    in America but other exist that are popular in other
    countries such as Orkut in Brazil and Mixi in Japan
   Social networking sites are easily accessible
    › Low-income students have access to
      technology in order to use social networking sites
    › Over 90 percent of students have internet
      access and over 70 percent have profiles
   Helps encourage communication and
    keep people connected
    › Social networking sites makes it easier to keep in
      contact with others
    › Allows for sharing of information and creativity,
      such as images, writing, etc.
 Fosters communication skills
 Users learn basic and some advanced
  technological skills
    › People learn how to develop customized
      content and people learn more about
      online design
    › Users are able to keep up with new
      operations and uses for the internet

   In 2006, two men were arrested in separate
    incidences for allegedly engaging in sexual
    contact with minors, whom they met through
    MySpace. One of the minors was 14 years old
    and the other was 11. 1
   "Every community site has to deal with
    pornography, hate messages or violent
    content," said Kent Lindstrom, president of
    Friendster. 2
   Many adult users of social network sites such as
    MySpace and Facebook expose themselves to
    risk from identity thieves and hackers, according
    to a new US study.3

                              1). Cnet 2).Cnet 3). The Register
   Think about how different sites work before deciding to join.
   Think about keeping some control over the information you
   Keep your information to yourself.
   Post only information that you are comfortable with others
    seeing and knowing about you.
   Remember that once you post information online, you can
    not take it back
   Flirting with strangers online could have serious
   Be wary if a new online friend wants to meet you in person.
   Trust your gut if you have suspicions.
                                   Source: Federal Trade Commission
After typing full name, email, password, select gender and birthday.
Then click sign up.
Enjoy Facebook :o)
   Pros:
    › Allows you to stay connected with friends
      you otherwise wouldn’t be able to
    › Meet new people
    › Find old friends
   Cons:
    › Privacy issues
    › Potential for misuse
   Overall:
    › Social networking sites are a good thing if
      used carefully
   Facebook seems to be the most popular
    social networking site among young people
    in the United States.
   They have been around for almost 20 years
   You can now stay connected with and
    meet people from all over the world
   You must be careful! There are creepers
    lurking on such sites…
   Make sure to never give out any private
    information about yourself (such as your
    address) to strangers on these sites!
 Name a social networking site.
 When did The first Attempts to make
  social networking sites begin?
 Name a Positive aspect of social
 Name a Negative aspect of social
 Name one practice of safe social