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									   Department of Skill Development (JPK) under Ministry of Human

      Get Skilled to be a Tourist Guide / Local Heritage Guide /
    Homestay Operator (Level 2)/Homestay Coordinator (Level 3)

Tourist Guides are an essential part of our country’s tourism network, given their direct
interaction with the many visitors to our country. The network of tourist guides is,
therefore, crucial to the viability and long-term sustainability of Malaysia’s tourism
industry.A professional tourist guide assumes the role of an “expert” on Malaysia,
functioning both as a host and educator, interpreting information in an accurate and
engaging manner.
In Malaysia, tour guiding has evolved with the needs of the tourism industry. Today total
number of tour guide has increased. As Malaysia has become known as one popular
destination in this region, hence, the demand for tourist guides is increasing.
In order to operate as a tourist guide, one must be licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
As a frontliner in tourism industry, a professional Tourist Guides plays a vital role in
sustaining the tourism industry.

Course Fee for TG & HCG                         Tourist Guide Course
    RM 5,500.00
                                                next intake 25/4/2011
Duration Period
    6 months

Homestay Operator & Coordinator
Our government has encouraged rural communities to become homestay operators. The
homestay industry is expected to generate job opportunities to local people especially in the
rural areas.A good opportunity to start a profitable business.It is a growing industry.
For Homestay ,tourists will have the opportunity to experience the Malaysian way of life
especially in the rural areas and sub-urban areas.A unique concept , where tourist stay with
selected families and give opportunity to the tourists to experience themselves the daily life
of these families as well as Malaysian culture.
   Course Fee                                    Enquiries / Registration
      RM 5,500.00                                Ms.Jagdeep K.Rai
                                                Tel: 603-74937023 (ext 8006)
        Duration                                  Fax: 603-56383049
       6 months                        

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