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									 February 2007

National Nuclear Security Administration                                                                Washington, DC 20585

                         In This Issue                       Y-12 NATIONAL
                                                             COMPLEX: The
Sandia Studies Anti-terror
Technologies........................................3        Y-12 National
                                                             Security Complex
Future Y-12 National Security Complex                        is considered a
Takes Shape With Modernization                               "world leader" in
                                                             microwave metal
Weapons Complex Employees Donate                             and ceramic
More Than $11M to Fund Drives                                processing
Throughout The Nation......................6                 technologies.
NNSA To                                                      technology for
                                                             metal melting

Upgrade Last                                                 saves energy,
                                                             reduces cycle
                                                             time and improves
Russian Nuclear                                              quality when
                                                             compared with
Warhead Site                                                 conventional
                                                             techniques. Y-12
   Upgrading will begin on the                               uses microwave
ninth and final Russian nuclear                              melting to cast
warhead site assigned to NNSA                                uranium. See
under the 2005 joint statement                               pages four and
between Presidents Bush and                                  five for more
Putin in Bratislava. In the                                  on Y-12's
statement, the United States and                             modernization
Russia agreed to cooperate on                                projects.
nuclear security issues, and
subsequently, NNSA was
designated as the lead                                       Special Nuclear Material Reduction
organization to provide security
enhancements to nine Russian                                 Underway At Lawrence Livermore
nuclear warhead facilities.
                                                                 NNSA has begun reducing the inventory of special nuclear material
   “NNSA’s main nonproliferation
                                                             (SNM) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.
goal is to secure weapons and
                                                             SNM, including plutonium and highly enriched uranium, is fissile material
nuclear material as close to the
                                                             used in nuclear weapons and for research and development purposes
source as possible. Significant
                                                             at the laboratory.
progress has been made to
                                                                 “Consolidating material is one of our main goals to transform the
upgrade and improve security at
                                                             Cold War-era nuclear weapons complex to be even more secure, more
sites within Russia, and with this
                                                             efficient and more modern, said Acting NNSA Administrator Tom
final site, NNSA will take another
                                                             D’Agostino. “We are taking concrete steps to reduce the number of
significant step toward meeting its
                                                             locations where we process and store significant quantities of nuclear
commitments under the 2005
                            (continued on page 2)                                                                 (continued on page 2)
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Special Nuclear Material Being Drawn Down At Lawrence                                  NNSA To Upgrade Last Russian
Livermore National Laboratory                                                          Nuclear Warhead Site
(continued from page 1)                                                                 (continued from page 1)

weapons materials.”                                                                     Bratislava agreement,” said William
   The first shipment of material out of Livermore was recently                         H. Tobey, NNSA’s deputy
completed in full compliance with existing safety and environmental                     administrator for nuclear
authorizations. It was sent to a secure site at Los Alamos National                     nonproliferation.
Laboratory in New Mexico. NNSA plans to remove nearly all nuclear                          NNSA, through Sandia National
material from Livermore by 2014. A small inventory of nuclear                           Laboratories, completed the security
materials will remain at the laboratory for research with overall security              upgrade design work and finalized
requirements greatly reduced.                                                           contract negotiations under its
   NNSA’s strategy is to reduce the number of sites and facilities with                 Material Protection, Control, and
Category I and II amounts of special nuclear materials, which require                   Accounting Program in order to
the highest level of security. Consolidating nuclear materials and                      complete the work by December
eliminating duplicative capabilities at facilities will allow NNSA to further           2008.
reduce the total square footage set aside for weapons work at the                           The security upgrades that will be
eight sites around the country in the nuclear weapons complex, thus                     installed at the site, which is under
reducing resource-intensive physical security requirements.                             the control of the 12th Main
   Additional consolidation efforts are currently underway and planned                  Directorate, are designed to protect
across the complex. Facilities are being constructed to enhance                         against the risk of theft or attack by
security and consolidate highly enriched uranium at the Y-12 National                   terrorists, and include installing
Security Complex in Tennessee. Special nuclear materials will be                        physical protection systems, such
removed from Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico by 2008                         as intrusion detection sensors,
and from Los Alamos National Laboratory by 2022. Like Livermore,                        access controls and hardened
Sandia and Los Alamos will retain small amounts of special nuclear                      defensive positions.
materials.                                                                                 NNSA has previously provided
                                                                                        security upgrades at 61 military-
                                                                                        affiliated sites in the Russian
                                                                    KIM DAVIS
                                                                    JOINS SES:
                                                                                        Federation, and has contracts in
                                                                    Acting              place to install security systems at
                                                                    Administrator       23 additional sites by December
                                                                    Tom                 2008.
                                                                    Executive           NNSA News is published monthly by the
                                                                    Service (SES)       Office of Congressional,
                                                                    status to           Intergovernmental and Public Affairs,
                                                                    newly               Editors: Al Stotts, Julianne Smith,
                                                                    appointed           Bryan Wilkes.
                                                                     Sandia Site        Design: Barbara L. Courtney.
                                                                     Office deputy      Contributors include: Chris
                                                                     manager Kim        Burroughs, Sandia Labs; Pam Catanach,
                                                                     Davis. The         Sandia Labs; Patrick Edgerton, NNSA
                                                                     SES is             HQ; Brenda Finley, Pantex Site Office;
                                                                                        Debra Halliday, Pantex Plant; Stephanie
                                                                     comprised of
                                                                                        Holinka, Sandia Labs; Sherry Kinsey-
                                                                     the men and        Cannon, Kansas City Site Office;
                                                                     women              Deborah Manning, Nevada Site Office;
                                                                     charged with       Lauren Martinez, Livermore Site Office;
                                                                     leading the        Tami Moore, Sandia Site Office; Amy
                                                                     continuing         Poston, Savannah River Site; Victoria
                                                                     transformation     Pratt, NNSA HQ; Norma Restivo, NSTec
of government. Davis has been the acting deputy manager since December 2005.            Nevada Test Site; Sharon Robinson,
Prior to SSO she served in Washington, D.C. as the senior technical advisor for the     Kansas City Plant; Neal Singer, Sandia
principal deputy administrator. She has a Bachelor's degree in mechanical               Labs; Steve Wyatt, Y-12 Site Office;
engineering and a Master's in environmental engineering and science.                    Gordon Yano, Lawrence Livermore Lab

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Sandia Studies Anti-terror Technologies
     Daily news stories about war            Testing a computer simulation on a                Challenge, is in its second of
and conflict around the globe                known past event is one accepted                  three years of funding through
mean that just below the                     means of establishing the program's               Sandia's internal Laboratory
consciousness of every American              validity.                                         Directed Research and
on any given day is the knowledge                For his study, York collected and             Development program.
that terrorist activity could occur          collated data from 800 open-source                   "The technology being
again in our own country. Although           incidents from 1992 to the present,               developed can be used to scan
it is unsettling to consider such            along with the movement of dual-use               for items such as concealed
possibilities, NNSA's facilities are         items like beryllium and zirconium.               weapons or materials,
continuously involved in research            He plotted the incidents on a global              explosives, and weapons of
and development to anticipate and                                                                       mass destruction," said
mitigate that likelihood.                                                                               Mike Wanke, principal
    At NNSA's Sandia National                                                                           investigator. "In
Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M.,                                                                      addition, we believe it
for example, scientists and                                                                             will find applications in
engineers are creating new                                                                              advanced
methods to track the illicit trade in                                                                   communication
radiological materials, to screen                                                                       systems and high-
people and packages for                                                                                 resolution radars.
hazardous and toxic materials,                                                                          However, the
and to predict the consequences                                                                         infrastructure needed
of explosive and nonexplosive
radioactive dispersal devices                                       SCREENING DEVICE: Mike Wantke, principal investigator of the
(RDDs) or "dirty bombs."                     information           Sandia National Laboratories Terahertz Microelectronics
                                             system software Transceiver Grand Challenge, holds a miniaturized device that
                                                                   will eventually replace large pieces of equipment like those in
Monitoring Contraband Nuclear                platform and          the background.
Material                                     came up with a
    Sandia has developed a                   network of countries and routes                   to move the terahertz
simulation program designed to               between countries indicative of an                technology from the laboratory
track the illicit trade in fissile and       illicit nuclear and radiological                  to the field is unavailable right
non-fissile radiological material            trafficking scheme.                               now. We want to develop that
well enough to predict who is                                                                  infrastructure and invent the
building the next nuclear weapon             The Next Generation of Screening                  necessary technologies."
and where they are doing it.                 Devices                                               The team is currently
    "By using a cluster analysis                  Researchers at Sandia are                    developing the receiver, doing
algorithm coded into a program,"             developing the next generation of                 systems tests and exploring
said Sandia researcher David                 screening devices that will identify              packaging requirements. At the
York, "I evaluated those traffic             hazardous and toxic materials even if             end of three years, the
patterns and routes in which                 they are concealed by clothing and                researchers expect to have a
thefts, seizures, and destinations           packaging materials.                              working prototype capable of
of materials were reported. Data                  Working in the underutilized                 detecting the materials and
from these examinations were                 terahertz (THz) portion of the                    chemicals by reading distinctive
enough to allow me to                        electromagnetic spectrum that lies                molecular spectral "signatures."
retrospectively depict the A. Q.             between microwaves and infrared, a                In addition to monitoring for
Khan network before it was                   Sandia team has a goal of building a              concealed hazardous
uncovered."                                  highly integrated miniaturized                    materials, Wanke said a
    Khan is a Pakistani scientist            terahertz transmitter-receiver                    terahertz system can be used
linked to the illicit proliferation of       (transceiver) that could make a                   to monitor the air for toxic
nuclear technical knowledge.                 number of applications possible.                  materials.
Cluster analyses link data of                     The project, the Terahertz
                                                                                                               (continued on page 8)
common place, time, or material.             Microelectronics Transceiver Grand
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      Future Y-12 National Security Complex
          The future is being built today         main storage facility for enriched         for UPF construction to start in
    at the Y-12 National Security                 uranium. Y-12 also supports                2009 with operations to begin in
    Complex.                                      efforts to reduce the risk of              2016.
          Y-12’s modernization is a site-         nuclear proliferation and performs              “We can see the future of
    wide effort that combines site                complementary work for other               Y-12 today as these new facilities
    consolidation, production, safety             government agencies
    and security upgrades to create a                   “Y-12 is well down the path
    modern, more responsive, efficient            of an aggressive modernization
    and cost effective plant able to meet         plan that is reducing the footprint,
    mission needs faster and less                 consolidating material storage
    expensively.                                  and replacing mission-critical
                                                              facilities to ensure the
                                                              health and safety of the
                                                              workers, the public and
                                                              the environment,” said
                                                              Ted Sherry, manager of
                                                              the National Nuclear
                                                              Administration’s Y-12
                                                              Site Office.
                                                                     Modernization at
                                                              Y-12 is focused on
                                                              building new, more
                                                              efficient and secure
                                                              facilities for special
                                                              nuclear materials. At
                                                              the center of this are
                                                              the Highly Enriched            OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY: Y-12 has long be
                                                              Uranium Materials              of advanced machine tool technology.
                                                              Facility (HEUMF) and
                                                              the Uranium                    are completed and become
                                                              Processing Facility            operational,” said BWXT Y-12’s
                                                              (UPF). HEUMF is                President and General Manager
                                                              approximately 45               George Dials. “These projects
                                                              percent complete, and          are precisely the plan for Y-12
                                                              significant progress is        under NNSA’s vision for Complex
                                                              being made toward its          2030.”
    PRECISION MACHINING DONE SAFELY: A Y-12                   2009 completion date.             Material consolidation—a
    employee using a micrometer measures the                        UPF, featuring           nearly invisible aspect of
    diameter of a part on a vertical milling machine.         consolidated operations        modernization—is also having a
                                                              and new technologies,          significant impact at Y-12. Major
         The Oak Ridge, Tenn. facility            will improve conditions for worker         work is currently underway at Y-
    serves as the nation’s source of              safety and health. UPF will                12 to plan and prepare for the
    secondaries, cases, and other                 consolidate production operations          movement of special nuclear
    nuclear weapons components and                that are currently housed in               material in existing storage
    provides enriched uranium for the             multiple buildings, reduce the             facilities.
    U.S. Navy. Y-12 is a leader in                highest security area by 90                   “We have to be ready to move
    materials science and precision               percent and improve the security           to HEUMF when the time
    manufacturing and serves as the               posture. The current schedule is           comes,” said Dials. “That means
          ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○   February 2007

         Takes Shape With Modernization Projects
          we are spending a lot of time                 The 413,000-square-foot Jack Case                 steadily reducing and removing
          preparing material to make sure it            Center will contain office space for              obsolete structures. More than
          meets requirements for HEUMF.”                1,200 people, a new cafeteria, a new              a million square feet of excess
              Other elements of Y-12’s                  occupational health center and                    facilities have been demolished.
          modernization are progressing in              conference space.                                 Y-12 is also working with the
                                                               The 137,000-square-foot New                Department of Energy Oak
                                                        Hope Center will be the new public                Ridge Office of Environmental
                                                        face of Y-12. It will contain office              Management and the Oak
                                                        space for 300 people, a visitor center, Ridge National Laboratory to
                                                        badging office and a public exhibit               obtain approval of the Integrated
                                                        area to highlight Y-12’s proud                    Facilities Disposition Project to
                                                        tradition. Built with private-sector              address the disposition of
                                                        financing, these new buildings could              almost three million square feet
                                                        save nearly $100 million in operating, of legacy facilities on the Y-12
                                                        maintenance and renovation costs                  site.
                                                        over the next 25 years.
                                                               A modernization project that will
                                                        provide a needed upgrade for an
                                                        existing facility is the Y-12 Steam
                                                        Plant Life
                                                        Extension project.
                                                        This project, which
                                                        will repair and
                                                        replace existing
                                                        components of the
                                                        steam plant and
                                                        peripheral facilities,
een involved with the development and deployment        will keep the steam
                                                        rolling through
                                                        2025 to support the
          phases that will ultimately lead to           production mission
          the new Y-12 footprint. The                   and to supply
          relocation of the Quality Evaluation          building heat for
          mission is one such project. A                employee comfort
          second activity, Depleted Uranium             and winter freeze
          Consolidation, is consolidating               protection. Two
          depleted uranium operations now               additional line item
          occurring in three major production           projects, the
          facilities into one central location.         Compressed Air
          This activity, along with Quality             Upgrades Project
          Evaluation Relocation, will enable            and the Potable
          Y-12 to cease operations in                   Water Upgrades
          approximately one million square              Project, also are
          feet of aging production facilities.          under way to              JACK CASE CENTER: This corridor filled with
             The most visible of the                    improve Y-12              natural light from large windows leads to the new
          modernization projects are the Jack           utility systems.          cafeteria that will be located in the Jack Case
          Case and the New Hope centers.                       Along with         Center.
          At 75 percent complete, these new             new construction,
          buildings are ahead of schedule.              Y-12 has been
NNSA Newsletter    ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Weapons Complex Employees Donate More Than
$11M To Fund Drives Throughout The Nation
    Contractor and federal employees of NNSA and its facilities              Here are the totals for each NNSA facility
throughout the nation donated $11,288,593 last year to a wide                and federal office:
variety of local, regional and national charities and non-profit             • Los Alamos National Laboratory -
organizations and institutions through the Combined Federal                    $1.5 million to Northern New Mexico
Campaign and local United Way-affiliated fund drives.                          United Way programs
   Acting NNSA Administrator Tom D'Agostino said, "I'm proud                 • Lawrence Livermore National
of the public spirit that our employees exhibit all over the nation.           Laboratory - $1,472,086 for HOME
                                                           Not only            (Helping Others More Effectively)
                                                           do our
                                                              COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Forrestal and Germantown
                                                              participants in NNSA's Future Leaders program (FLP) in the
                                                              Washington, D.C., area have created a volunteer activity group to
                                                              facilitate the donation of time and resources to their communities.
                                                              In this photo, members of the group assist with a Christmas party
                                                              organized by the National Center for Children and Families. In the
                                                              coming year the group will participate in the Big Brothers, Big
                                                              Sisters program.

                                                          people             • Pantex Plant - $559,104 (includes a
                                                          contribute           $37,500 BWXT corporate pledge)
                                                          their              • Kansas City Plant - $475,000
                                                          expertise            (FM&T's Heart of America United
to the security of the nation, but they are generous in their                  Way and Honeywell Hometown
monetary contributions to support worthy efforts ranging from                  Solutions partner agencies)
community-based programs for the needy to national health                    • Y-12 National Security Complex -
initiatives and educational programs. It is gratifying to be                   $646,956 (BWXT Y-12)
associated with so many people who want to make life better for              • Nevada Test Site - $356,000 (NSTec)
their communities and their nation."
                                                                             • Savannah River Site - $1,926,791
    Sandia National Laboratories employees in Albuquerque
                                                                               (Washington Savannah River Company,
pledged a record breaking $3.175M to the United Way of Central
New Mexico. The total for Sandia, including the SHARE                          Bechtel Savannah River Inc., Energy
campaign in California and the Employee Caring Program in                      Solutions Savannah River Corporation,
Carlsbad, N.M.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Amarillo, Texas, is                       BWXT Savannah River Company and
$3,586,379.                                                                    CH2 Savannah River Company
    Overall, NNSA's contractor employees at all facilities pledged             employees; total includes a WSRC
$10,522,316 to community fund drives and federal employees                     $60,000 corporate gift)
contributed $766,277 to the Combined Federal Campaign.                       • NNSA Headquarters - $238,221
                                                                             • Pantex Site Office (Amarillo, Texas) -
                                         IF I HAD A HAMMER…                    $26,081
                                         Lawrence Livermore National         • Livermore Site Office (Calif.) - $34,069
                                         Laboratory physicist Dan            • Los Alamos Site Office (N.M.) - $17,600
                                         Kalantar gets into the swing of     • Sandia Site Office (N.M.) - $27,000
                                         things at the HOME run, the
                                         kick-off 2.8 kilometer race for     • Kansas City Site Office (Mo.) - $27,771
                                         its annual Helping Others More      • Nevada Site Office - $32,000
                                         Effectively fund-raising            • Savannah River Site Office (S.C.) -
                                         campaign for charity. Over the        $101,040
                                         last decade, LLNL employees
                                                                             • Y-12 Site Office (Tenn.) - $ 35,095
                                         have given more than $13
                                         million to local charitable         • NNSA Service Center (N.M.) - $200,000
                                         organizations through the           • Office of Secure Transportation - $26,500
                                         HOME campaign.

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Livermore      NNSA Tops List Of Fastest
Scientists     Computers In The World
Receive Gordon                                      Supercomputers at NNSA laboratories hold four of the top six slots
                                                on the industry-standard TOP500 list of the world's fastest computers.
Bell Prizes                                     NNSA computers on this year's list are: BlueGene/L at Lawrence
                                                Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in first place, Red Storm at
    NNSA computer scientists at                 Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) in second place, ASC Purple at
Lawrence Livermore National                     LLNL in fourth place, and Thunderbird at SNL in sixth place.
Laboratory (LLNL) played key roles                  "Now fully operational, these systems are delivering on the promise
in winning two prestigious Gordon               of taking three-dimensional computer simulation into an exciting new
Bell Prizes announced at                        domain - predictive science," Energy Department Secretary Samuel
Supercomputing 2006, the premier                W. Bodman said. "This capability is not only important to resolving
international conference for high               current, time-urgent questions, but it is producing results that are
performance computing. Named for                providing the kind of new insights that lead to ideas for additional
one of the founding fathers of                  applications."
supercomputing, the Gordon Bell                     Supercomputers are critical to NNSA's work to assess the safety
Prize, widely regarded as the Oscar             and reliability of the nuclear weapons stockpile. After the United States
for supercomputing, is awarded to               entered a nuclear testing moratorium in 1992, the Advanced Simulation
innovators who advance high-
                                                and Computing program was developed to help secure the stockpile
performance computing.
                                                through computer simulation.
    A team led by scientists with
                                                     NNSA uses supercomputers within the science-based Stockpile
NNSA's Advanced Simulation and
Computing (ASC) Program at LLNL                 Stewardship Program to compile theoretical models, experimental
received the "peak performance"                 results, and legacy databases into an aggregated picture that weapon
prize for "Large-Scale Electronic               scientists use to assess the viability of the nation's nuclear stockpile.
Structure Calculations of High-Z                Computer simulations of nuclear weapons are extremely complex,
Metals" conducted on the world's                requiring a tremendous collection of physics, chemistry, engineering
fastest supercomputer, BlueGene/L.              and material science. Supercomputers are vital to NNSA's work.
The calculation, of unprecedented                   "The advent of these systems is ushering in a new era of predictive
size and detail, is of particular value         simulation in high performance computing," said Acting Administrator
to scientists studying the effects of           Thomas D'Agostino. "Users are very excited about early results -
aging on nuclear weapons. The                   results that are providing the kind of new insights that lead to ideas for
team was led by François Gygi,                  additional applications."
formerly of LLNL and now at the
University of California Davis, and
included Erik Draeger, Martin Schulz
and Bronis de Supinski of LLNL, as
well as scientists from IBM,
Carnegie Mellon University and
Vienna University of Technology.
   Another ASC researcher at
Livermore, Ron Soltz, was a
member of the IBM-led team that
garnered a second Gordon Bell
Prize for "special achievement" with
a breakthrough quantum
chromodynamics calculation
important to cosmology and particle
physics. This simulation was
conducted on LLNL's BlueGene/L
and BlueGene machine at IBM's                      PERIMETER SECURITY: New vehicle access portals have been constructed
Thomas J. Watson Research                          and are now operational for all westbound vehicles coming into the Los
                                                   Alamos National Laboratory Technical Area 3, or traveling to the Pajarito Ski
Center.                                            Hill, and other areas on West Jemez Road near the New Mexico laboratory.
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                                                                                          Sandia Studies Anti-terror
    44 Years Of Public Service For SSO Staffer                                            Technologies
       After forty-four years of public service, NNSA Sandia Site Office                  (continued from page 3)
    (SSO) staff member Ron Holton has retired, receiving a                                Explosives Testing
    Distinguished Career Service Award from Acting Administrator                               A group of scientists from Sandia,
    Tom D'Agostino and a personal note of congratulations from the                        two Canadian institutions, and experts
    President of the United States.                                                       from the United Kingdom are
        Holton's career began in the early 1960's when he served as                       conducting experiments to better
    an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He retired from the military as a                   understand what happens on the
    Major in 1983 and went to work for the former DOE Albuquerque                         ground and in the air when explosives
    Operations Office in New Mexico where he was assigned to                              detonate on specific surfaces.
    manage Office of Nuclear Energy-sponsored programs at various                              Testing allows scientists to better
    sites and facilities. Additional duties included the field                            predict the consequences of explosive
    management of the General Purpose Heat Source Program                                 and nonexplosive RDDs. The
    efforts at DOE's Mound Plant and at the Los Alamos National                           purpose of this series of tests
    Laboratory. His outstanding oversight, management, and                                performed at Sandia is to learn more
                                                                                          about the interactions between
    coordination of the assembly and testing activities at the Mound
                                                                                          explosive fireballs and different ground
    Plant and at Los Alamos were instrumental in DOE's successful
                                                                                          surfaces and to better characterize
    delivery of radioisotopic power sources for NASA's Galileo
                                                                                          the buoyant behavior of the resulting
    spacecraft.                                                                           plumes. This information will be
        In 1989 he managed another Space Nuclear Power Program                            combined with the results of the
    as part of DOE's support to the NASA Ulysses and Cassini space                        explosive aerosolization work that has
    missions. From 1985-1988 he managed the DOE's Byproducts                              been performed at the laboratory to
    Utilization Program. For the next thirteen years he managed a                         understand the impact of RDDs
    variety of DOE sponsored science and technology programs in                           detonated in urban environments.
    coordination with national laboratories, utilities, academia, and                         Much of Sandia scientist Fred
    various industrial partners. He concluded his career as the Field                     Harper's work has been in indoor
    Program Manager for Intelligence Work for Others Program at                           experiments. Working with the
    SSO.                                                                                  Canadian teams and the UK experts
                                                                                          allowed him to bring his work outdoors
                                                                                          to study different aspects of dispersal.
                                                                                              "The soot and dust swept into the
    PREVENTION                                                                            fireball can combine to change the
    PARTNERSHIP:                                                                          nature of the aerosol originally
    Victor                                                                                produced by the dispersal device," he
    Eroshenko                                                                             said. "This can significantly change
    and Gennady                                                                           the impact on the population. The
                                                                                          indoor experiments are done on a
    (left and
    center) of                                                                            smaller scale in a clean environment,
    BioFil, a                                                                             and tell you what is produced after the
    small, private                                                                        interaction between the material and
    science                                                                               the shock wave on the microsecond
    company in                                                                            time scale. The outdoor experiments
    Sarov,                                                                                tell you what happens to the material
    examine a
                                                                                          when it is exposed to soot and dust in
    model brain                                                                           the fireball on the millisecond time
    with Dr. Ivan                                                                         scale and how high the material
    Osorio of the                                                                         initially rises on the second time
    University of                                                                         scale."
    Kansas Medical Center. An initial contact with NNSA's Kansas City Plant for               The work will provide emergency
    technical assistance with a portable device developed for detection, warning
    and quantification of epileptic seizures laid the foundation for a partnership with
                                                                                          preparedness personnel and first-
    NNSA's Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP). GIPP research          responders invaluable data to identify
    projects are designed to lead to peaceful, long-term employment and income            potentially dangerous source items.
    for Former Soviet Union weapons workers.

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