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                                                                     Choose Performance!
                                                                  Unsaturated Polyester Resins.

1 Responsible Care and the Responsible Care logo are registered

service marks of the American Chemistry Council in the U.S.A. and of other entities in other countries.
                              Composites and casted polymer products have one

                              special feature; the material, a combination of matrix
                              resin, reinforcements and fillers, is born at the same
                              time as the final product is manufactured.

                              This sets stringent requirements on all of us in the
                              production chain, from petrochemicals to thermoset
                              polymers and further to the final fiber reinforced
                              or casted polymer product.

A High-Performance Family of Products

AROPOL™ is the family name for Ashland’s complete range of unsaturated
polyester resins serving the composites industry. We believe that superior end
products are created with successful cooperation between raw material suppliers
and composites producers. Suppliers’ skills and service capabilities are essential
to fully utilize the properties of composites and casted polymer products.

That is why Ashland Composite Polymers has a skillful and extensive organization
of professionals for every customer in every area we serve. Our network of plants,
sales representatives, technical support and distributors work hard to ensure we
deliver the performance our customers need.

Better Working Environment
and Savings in Raw Material Consumption

We also work constantly on improving production methods at our plants,
implementing quality systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the standard
of Det Norske Veritas for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System,
and incorporating the Responsible Care1 guiding principles into every aspect of
our plant operations.

Many of the AROPOL products are also formulated to meet the toughest
requirements set by international classification Societies like Lloyds’ Register, Det
Norske Veritas, Afnor, Rina, British Standard Institute, Germanisher Lloyd and

Our salespeople and technical service team will guide you in finding the right
AROPOL resin for your product and your application process.

By choosing AROPOL resins, you choose performance.
                                HETRON® Corrosion Resistant
                                   Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins
                                  and Fire Retardant Resins.

fire retardant
resins are
fulfilling very tough
requirements and are
therefore widely used in
producing composite parts
for building mass transit
applications, such high speed
    A                          Ashland is a leading supplier of corrosion resistant
                               resins for reinforced plastics. We offer the most
                               comprehensive line of corrosion resistant, heat resistant
                               and fire retardant resins on the market today. Ashland’s
                               experience spans five decades.

No Single FRP Resin Can Handle Every Kind of Corrosion Problem

That´s why Ashland has made a wide range of famous HETRON® corrosion
resistant epoxy vinyl ester resins to fit all customers’ needs. HETRON epoxy vinyl
ester resins differ from polyesters due to their enhanced mechanical properties.
HETRON resins offer excellent physical strength and improved impact and thermal
shock resistance compared to regular polyester resins. HETRON epoxy vinyl ester
resins are also available as low styrene content (<35%) versions.

Maximum Corrosion Resistance with HETRON Resins

HETRON epoxy vinyl ester resins offer maximum corrosion and temperature
resistance to acids, alkalis, hypochlorites and many solvents. HETRON corrosion
resistant products have been formulated by using the F-Cat technology (see pages
16-17) for flexibility in production. The HETRON resin technical service group
provides recommendations and specific services at

HETRON Fire Retardant Resins

Ashland´s range of HETRON fire retardant resins is the broadest in the industry.
You can find HETRON resins with or without halogens incorporated into the
polymer backbone. HETRON fire retardant resins can be based on epoxy vinyl
ester or unsaturated polyester technology.

Due to their excellent fire retardant properties, HETRON resins have been
successfully used in building and construction (wall claddings, panels, roofing,
shower cabins), in infrastructure (panels, electrical boxes, bus shelters, street lamps),
in transport (interior and exterior parts in trains, buses, trams, subways) and in
marine (rescue boats, patrol vessels, luxury cruiser interior parts).

The HETRON resin family includes products tested according to both national
(NF, DIN, BS, UNE, etc.) and international (EU, UL, IMO, etc.) classification
                                Modified Acrylic Resins,
                                Formulated Performance
                               to Meet Customer Needs.

A major case history is the
electrical cable trays made
for the tunnel under the
English Channel.

Truck Hood produced by Resin
Transfer Molding using
MODAR resin.
                               Ashland has developed a series of unique thermoset polymers

                               called MODAR® Modified Acrylic Resins. These resins
                               were initially developed for closed molding applications
                               such as resin transfer molding and pultrusion. However,
                               the end use properties of MODAR resins have encouraged
                               their use also in other molding processes, such as hand lay-
                               up, vacuum infusion (scrimp) and filament winding.

                                This unique chemistry offers a very diversified range of
applications in many markets like automotive, mass transit, railways, building, rods for
optical cable, structural parts and profiles, and optimal fire retardant / low smoke
composite parts.

MODAR resins can be used in carbon fibers reinforced composites in place of epoxies.
MODAR resins offer faster cure times and competitive physical properties.

MODAR resins are based on methacrylate chemistry and they are processed like
unsaturated polyester resins by free-radical cross-linking.

MODAR Resins Inherently Offer:

•   low viscosity
•   rapid cure
•   fast cycle times
•   superior physical properties
•   resistance to cracking
•   long shelf-life and stability
    (valuable for hot climate countries)

MODAR resin systems with low profile additive for class A surface (MODAR 824LTS)
or with low shrink additive for pultrusion (MODAR 826HT) give high quality surface
finish and good dimension stability.

MODAR resins with aluminium trihydrate are an
outstanding solution for fire retardant applications (FR/LS).

These blends meet the most stringent fire requirements for fire retardancy, ignitability,
rate of heat release, smoke generation, and toxicity (non-halogenated resins). This solution
allows to produce FR/LS composite parts with a standard process and a good balance
of properties like toughness, surface quality and high productivity.
    MAXGUARD® with
Award Winning LE-Technology
 Premium Gel Coats for Your
     Premium Products.
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                                                  Advanced Performance
                                                  with Reduced Emissions
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                                                                               MAXGUARD® LE gel coat gives you the high
                                                                               performance you expect from a Maxguard product:
                                                                               excellent yellowing and blistering resistance,
                                                                               minimal shrinkage, good transfer efficiency when
                                                                               spraying and easy application on the shop floor.

                                                  Thanks to Ashland’s patented Low Emission (LE) Technology, MAXGUARD LE
                                                  gel coat reduces VOC application emissions by up to 50% compared to standard
                                                  gel coats.
                                                  Award Winning MAXGUARD LE gel coat with LE-Technology

                                                  MAXGUARD LE is a gel coat based on LE-Technology. The patented new
                                                  polymer and the low styrene content of the gel coat improves UV resistance
                                                  dramatically. This means exceptionally bright and pure colors that last longer.

                                                  In accelerated weathering tests MAXGUARD LE gel coat has proven to be
               MAXGUARD                           superior to other high-quality gel coats. In comparison with other products,
           with LE-Technology                     MAXGUARD LE gel coat shows less yellowing, and the durability of the
          voted most important                    surface gloss is better.
       gel coat to the future success
           of the FRP industry!                   Due to the low styrene content, the shrinkage with MAXGUARD LE gel coat
                                                  is 20 to 30% lower than with competing products.
         Ashland LE-Technology                    LE-Technology does not affect the mechanical properties of the gel coat, and
       cuts down styrene emissions                adhesion to the laminate is even better than with standard gel coats.
        and reduces material costs.

      This is a good example of how               The spraying properties of MAXGUARD LE gel coat are comparable to those
      our continuous research and                 of traditional products. Less overspray and lower emission reduce total con-
       development work directly                  sumption of gel coat 10-15% when compared to standard gel coats.
        benefits our customers.
                                                  MAXGUARD LE gel coat complies with the small boat standards of Lloyds'
                                                  Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas.
                      AROTRAN® World Leading
                        Technology and Solutions
                       for the Automotive Market.

technology Class A
surfaces in various
                              Ashland Composite Polymers is recognized as a leader in
                              unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, and low profile resins for
                              the thermoset composites industry. Our resins are specified
                              for all types of reinforced composite applications. Through
                              our research and development efforts, various resins and
                              components have been commercialized for the transportation

AROTRAN® Resins provide a complete package of technologies and solutions to the
automotive market. From Class A body panels, structural, underhood, and molded in color,
black, UV stable SMC formula for truck box applications, Ashland has a technology for
your needs. Our “world class” technical service group provides custom formulating and
process mold trouble shooting to insure a quality component that will meet or exceed
OEM requirements. Our “best-in-class” marketing group in Detroit will work with your
advance sales and engineering workforce to insure the right material choice for ultimate
properties at the lowest cost.

The AROTRAN Resin Product Line Has These Technologies to Offer:
• Phase Epsilon™ 50411 Premium Class A body panel resin offers exceptional paint,
  bonding and physical property performance.
• Phase Delta™ 50425 Class A body panel resin offers
  low moisture/e-coat capable, exceptional paint, bonding and physical properties.
• HIPPI 50418 High Performance Resin for Inners is a versatile resin that can take
  high loading of filler and glass and is a low cost system with zero shrink capabilities.
• Arotech™ 2000, 2002, 2005 high performance vinyl ester resins
  for structural and underhood applications offer consistent thickening.
• Envirez™ 5000 corn and soybean grain derived organic resin composition comes from
  renewable sources and has excellent surface quality, exceptional
  paint, bonding and physical property performance.
• Ekadure™ 2001 Structural, UV stable, black SMC resin which
  has molded in color that eliminates the need for paint in truck
  box applications, excellent weathering capability and mechanical
  properties. (Developed in technology partnership with
  Plasticolors Inc., Ashtabula, Ohio, USA)
• Low Profile Additives, such as polyesters, hybrid urethane,
  polyvinyl acetate, polymethyl methacrylate and polystyrene,
  offer a one stop shop for shrinkage control, fiber readthrough
  control and improved surface enhancements.

                                                                          Ekadure 2001 resin has molded in color, thereby
                                                                          eliminating the need for paint. This AROTRAN® resin
                                                                          family product is formulated using an innovative
                                                                          technology that stops fading, chalking and blooming
                                                                          beyond the capabilities of previous generations of UV
                                                                          resistant formulations.
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