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					Marianna Alupului
                  #315 - 145 West 5th Street                                #163 – 1830 Gateway Dr.
                  North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1J7, Canada                      San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA
                                                                            Work: (650) 372 3600 ext 3686
                                                                            Home: (650) 574 3600 ext 1832
                  Web Pages:          /Alupului/resume.html
                             Important professional objectives include advancement in the
                   field of corporate publications for technology companies. To work as
                   a technical writer, trainer, or instructional designer. To use both my
                   communication skills and engineering background in a position that
                   challenges my intellect

Summary of           Extensive professional experience in technical writing, both print and on-line;
Qualifications        communication; instructional design; training and public presentations; teaching
                      at a post-secondary level.
                     Excellent leadership, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
                     Adaptive to changing environments; learn new systems quickly.
                     Highly motivated; committed to delivering superior quality work.

Software skills   Working knowledge of personal computers and software products:
                     Platforms: Win 95/98, NT, UNIX, IBM Mainframe,
                     Publishing software: SGML, XML, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, MSWord, Word Perfect,
                      FrontPage 98, Netscape Composer, PowerPoint, Visio, PageMaker, Acrobat,
                      GUI/Tools, Lotus Notes
                     Graphics software: Help Image Editor, CorelDraw, HTML , DHTML
                     Project software: Ms Project, Excel, MS Access, Sybase, ODBC, Oracle, Informix
                     Familiar with object-oriented programming language such as C++, Java, MS visual
                     VB, VBScript, ASP, JavaScript, PowerBuilder, Rose, e-commerce, basic concepts of
                      distributed systems and relational database management systems (RDBMs), relational
                      modeling, Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Orbix programming, SQL
                      Server, Oracle.

Experience        June – August 1999               PERSISTENCE SOFTWARE INC.
                                                                                          San Mateo, CA
                  Technical Writer for Programmers – Contract Work

                  Technical Writing – Writing and editing user guides for Programmers (C++, CORBA and
                  JAVA based applications).
                   Interview Developers and other subject matter experts to gather product information and
                       produce high quality documents for programmer end-user.
                   Use of a variety of writing and publishing tools to develop electronic and hardcopy of the
                       user guides for different programming software applications.
                  Persistence is the leading provider of Transactional Application Servers, accelerating the
                  development and deployment of high-performance distributed systems.

Marianna Alupului
March – May 1999                            ADP
                                                                         Portland, Oregon
Technical Writer – Contract Work

Technical Writing, editing, research and publishing technical documentation for a hardware/
software applications user and training guides; develop documentation standards and
 Use of a variety of writing and publishing tools to develop the electronic copy of three
    major project user guides for hardware and software applications.
 Keep process and procedures updated by making necessary revisions to the existing
 Interact with developers and work in terms with trainers.

November – December 1998                 Pivotal Software Inc.
                                                                        North Vancouver, BC

Technical Writer – Contract Work

Technical Writing, organize, interpret, and edit technical information for a web based
software application.

Technical writing, editing, research and publishing technical documentation for a software
application user and training guide, interview the developer, develop documentation
standards and structure:
 Use of a variety of writing and publishing tools to develop the user guide electronic
 Interact with developers and work in terms with trainers.
 Implementing adult learning principles, and structuring the user guide technical
    documentation and training program.
 Documented system processes, databases and user interfaces.

Pivotal is a software applications developer with training offices and clients in US, Canada
and Europe.

September – October 1998               Information & Technology Training
                                                                              Vancouver, BC
Technical Writer - Contract Work

Developing IBM computer based training program, writing technical documentation,
overviews, interviewing subject matter experts for IBM software application:
 Study developmental and experimental language program to determine operating
    procedure and details
 Study programmer blueprints and other data relative to operation, maintenance and service
 Responsible for creating technical documentation, writing help files, working with software
    developers to research content for installation/configuration/administration manual.

Information and Technology Training is a technical writing and online training company
that supplies services to large high-tech firms.

January – August 1998                 TransTech Interactive
                                                                              Vancouver, BC
Technical Writer - Permanent position.

To develop a computer based training program, produce hardcopy and softcopy manuals for web
based software products, overviews, interview subject matter experts for high –tech applications :

   Responsible for planning, organizing and writing user guides, reference manuals, application
    notes, and procedures; revising technical documentation for clarity, correctness, organization
    and style according to Technical Publications and ISO 9001 standards.
   Responsible for creating and maintaining technical documentation, writing help files for
    tools and automation solutions.
   Extensive use of markup languages, SGML, HTML. Organized material and completed
    writing assignment according to organizational style guide ISO 8879, stylistic markup,
    structural markup and semantic markup.
   Interview developers and engineering personnel, read journals, reports and other
    materials to become familiar with product technology and methods.
   Stylistic and structure editing.

TransTech Interactive is a technical writing company that supplies Multi–Media CD Services
to large engineering and other high-tech firms.
TransTech Interactive is an ISO 9001 – 9002 Certified Company.
Clients: BCIT, H. A. Simons Engineering, Proctor & Gamble, GVRD.

1997                   Western Scanning Ltd.
                                                                                  Vancouver, BC

Digital Mapping Computer Analyst/ Technical Writing/Trainer - Contract Work

Operated digital mapping computer program DIAP to produce photogrammetric digital
maps, creating and attaching a model file for orientation, viewing, printing and editing for
results in multimedia CD products :
 Interfaces used: MicroStation PC 5.0, UNIX, X Windows, CristalEyes LCD, OpenWindows,
     FVWM, Sunview, Windows (3.1, 95, and NT 4.0), MS-DOS, OS/2.
 Software used: Digital Image Analytical Plotter, Lynx, Oracle Office, Scribe, Stereo
     Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat and Acrobat Distiller, FrameMaker, Interleaf,
     Netscape Communicator, Mosaic, telnet, ftp, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PageMaker,
     Quark Express, Painter, Ventura Publisher.
 Wrote user guide, developed training program and delivered the training.
Western Scanning Ltd. is a Technical Graphics Service Bureau, providing Geographical
Information Services to a wide range of customers.
 Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forestry

August 1994 – December 1996             Risk Assessment Society
                                                         Regina, Saskatchewan

Technical Publication Writer - Permanent position.

Technical writing, research, instructional design for a variety of audiences and business groups:
   Seminars and public presentations development and delivery.
   Wrote, edited, designed and customized business plans, newsletters, advertising and
    public relations campaigns, grant applications, resumes, civil service applications,
    speeches, technical documentation, and procedure manuals.
   Additional projects included researching, writing and editing conference reports,
    environmental impact statements, master's theses, public policy statements, and
    corporate newsletters/annual reports.

The Risk Assessment Society is a company specialized in public presentations, technical
writing, and research that supplies services to a large variety of business groups and firms.
Clients: City of Regina, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, University of Regina, Atomic Energy of
             Canada, Ministry of Environment.

            May – August 1994                Saskatchewan Environment
                                                               Regina, Saskatchewan
             Environmental Engineer - Contract Work
                Managed and updated the computer database for industrial and municipal sources and
                 releases of pollutants.
              Developed and wrote new regulations for contaminated sites decontamination.
              Wrote reports, assisted publication and prepared lectures.
             Saskatchewan Environment is the agency responsible for developing, monitoring and enforcing
             environmental regulations.

             September 1988 – August 1991                   Technical College
                                                                          Iasi, Romania
             Technical Trainer - Permanent position
                Developed course curriculum, presented standard methods and techniques in civil
                 engineering, wrote research papers, developed engineering training projects.
                Write and edit a wide variety of courses and career communications designed to
                 enhance student’s abilities to advance as employees.
                Write, edit, format, and customize classes plans, newsletters, newsletters, technical
                 documentation, and procedure manuals.

             Technical College is a post-secondary institution for technical training.

             August 1983 – September 1988                   Ministry of Environment
                                                                          Iasi, Romania
             Civil Engineer – Permanent Position

             Permanent position. The Ministry of Environment is a government agency responsible for
             monitoring and enforcing environmental regulations.

Education    January 1998                                        TransTech Interactive Inc., Vancouver
             Certificate of Achievement
             Train the Trainer – Creating Training Manuals
             For a sample of HTML and DHTML skills please check my home page:

             September 1992 –June 1994                                  University of Regina, Sask.

             Master of Applied Science Program in Environmental Engineering

             September 1991 – August 1992                                      University of Regina, Sask.

             English for Professionals ; Power Writing ; Computer Science
             September 1977 – July 1983                        University of Iasi , Romania

             Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering

References   Available upon request