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                                         by Access Technology Group, d.b.a.
                                        Increased Visibility through Targeted Marketing

                                            A Primer on Internet Marketing                 The Yellow Pages are Dead; Long Live SEO
                                        Most business owners recognize the value           Today is not like the days of phonebooks
“The top result on                      of advertising as a means to bring new             and TV ads; although still viable in some
                                        customers to their doorstep. If you were to        markets, most young adults are tied to their
                                        ask the average proprietor whether he or           electronic gadgets–    Notebooks, PDAs,
 any search engine                      she had a listing in the Yellow Pages, the         Blackberries, PCs and Cellular Telephones–
                                        reply is likely to be, “Obviously!”                to keep them connected 24/7.
 gets 42.1% of the
                                        Internet Marketing and Online Advertising,                D I D Y O U K N O W that there are
                                        however, are relatively new terms to most               more Internet-connected devices than
 click-throughs;                        people. Advertisement itself is one of the               there are televisions worldwide?

                                        oldest promotional techniques dating from
                                        the first efforts made toward commercial           When someone needs to find a company to
 the second, just                                                                          provide services or products to fill their
                                        endeavors; back to before the invention of
                                        the printing press, when merchants had no          needs, they search the internet because it’s
 11.2%. That's                          option but to announce the virtues of their        convenient.
                                        goods and services in a public borough.
                                        The concept of advertising on the Web via
 more than half of                      modern techniques is merely a decade old.
                                                                                            Methods to Invest in Online Marketing
                                                                                           Two major schools of thought exist when
 all click-throughs                     In light of these facts, it is unsurprising that
                                        many business owners remain unaware                approaching the task of promoting any
                                        that placing a portion of their annual             business on the Internet.
 in just two                            advertising budget into Internet Marketing
                                        is the best way to dramatically increase           The first, Organic Search Engine Optimization
                                                                                           (also termed “SEO”), offers a long-term,
 results.”                              their Return on Investment.
                                                                                           continuous return on investment, while, at the
                                                       Google displays                     same time, making your website more
        Charles Arthur                                  20,000,000,000                     attractive to viewers. This will also increase
           Editor of the                                pages per day.                     your brand visibility while ensuring that your
   Technology Guardian                      Source - Alexa traffic graph Mar 1, 2008       web pages are in alignment with official W3C
      August 31st, 2006                                                                    standards.
                                        Truth be told, both of the most common
                                        choices for online promotional advertising         The second option, Pay-Per-Click (or “PPC”)
                                        statistically yield far higher ROI than any        advertising, is a way to see an immediate
                                        other type of advertising media. Companies         return on your investment and get an instant
                                        that spend the same amount of money in             boost to your site’s traffic – but PPC only
                                        online marketing find more customers than          continues to work for as long as you keep
                                        they would normally bring in promoting             paying for it.
                                        themselves by traditional means.
    What is Search Engine Optimization?                        What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?                    Reasons to Advertise Online
 This is a process by which a website is                  Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), a.k.a.
                                                                                                                           Increased Visibility
 shaped in structure, technology and                      sponsored ads or links, Google AdWords, or
 content in order to encourage search                     Yahoo! Search Marketing is, in essence, a                        Professional Appearance
 engines to rank it highly for selected key               Search Engine Marketing campaign based                           Compliance to W3C Standards
 phrases. These search engines rank the                   on the number of clickthroughs an ad creates                     Brand Recognition
 pages that are returned based on the                     over a specific period of time.
                                                                                                                           Immediate Return on Investment
 number and quality of links pointing to
 those pages; by how well the HTML code                   Bases on the keywords that you would bid
                                                                                                                           You can change the focus of an
 conforms to official web standards, and by               on, sponsored links would appear on the                          advertising campaign quickly
 the amount of unique, descriptive content                search engine's results page. When the link                      Targeted Marketing
 found on each page. The point is, by                     is clicked on, you would be charged based                        Content Localization
 altering your website to fit the ideal criteria          on your, per unit, bid price up to your budget
 of the engines, you increase your ranking in             amount.                                                    Offerings
 the search engine result pages.
                                                          Unlike SEO which takes time to build up                          SEM Campaign Management
   Benefits of Search Engine Optimization                 traffic, PPC is immediate. Furthermore, PPC                      Content Management
 To optimize your website appropriately for               has the benefit of only costing you money                        Search Engine Optimization
 any search engine, our team goes through                 when it's sending traffic your way. Once your                    Link Building Campaigns
 several steps. First, we determine what                  PPC campaign is optimized, ATG will keep
                                                                                                                           Pay-Per-Click Advertising
 keyword phrases are most likely to be                    working for you to continue to bring you the
 searched by your user base. In doing so,                 best possible return on your investment.                         Multilingual SEM
 we request a "seed list" of phrases from                                                                                  SEO / SEM Consulting
 you and run them through a tool that finds                            The Best of Both Worlds                             Programming in Virtually any
 similar phrases to those on the seed list.               When combining paid Online Marketing and                         Modern Web-Based Language
 These phrases are then checked for                       Search Engine Optimization you'll see
                                                                                                                           Graphic Design
 several criteria:                                        enhanced visibility from clickthrough links
 The current popularity of the key phrase on              and search results respectively. We work                         Content Copywriting
 other sites                                              hard with our clients to insure that not only is                 Database Development
 The current number of times a user                       their site listed, but we strive to bring the site               W3C Compliance Testing
 searches for the key phrase                              to the top of the search engine results page
                                                                                                                           Custom Shopping Carts
 And the historical popularity of the key                 (SERP).
 phrase over time.
                                                          Picking the right Search Engine Marketing
                                                                                                                     Other Capabilities
 Using phrases that are searched often but                strategy, Pay-Per-Click pricing scheme and                       Strategic IT Planning
 do not have a large number of competitors                other aspects is complex. Professional                           Application Development
 allows your company to start with the key                optimization of a Website involves many                          Online Marketing
 phrases that would most likely generate                  decisions that should ideally be based on
                                                                                                                           Security Compliancy
 traffic to your site. Once these key phrases             thorough research and a clearly formulated
 have been identified, we will edit your site             strategy. While some business owners                             Helpdesk/Desktop Support
 to contain these phrases along with other                consider performing online marketing                             Network/Server Support
 related searchable content. During this                  campaigns on their own, statistics show that                     Asset Management
 process we will also begin the task of                   professional marketing firms consistently
                                                                                                                           Hardware Procurement
 altering your sites' code to make certain                outperform the best "home-brewed"
 that it falls in line with the W3C Official              campaigns.
 Standards for Hypertext Markup Language.
                                                          Also reaching the top of the SERP's is only
 Once these modifications are complete, the               half the story and certainly not an end to a
 search engines will evaluate your site and               means. A comprehensive Search Engine
                                                                                                                            Access Technology Group, Inc.
 begin the process of ranking it for                      Marketing campaign uses Paid Search                                30 George Washington Tpke
 popularity, content and structure. This could            Advertisements and SEO methods in order                             Burlington, CT 06013, USA
 take some time. The more popular and                     to produce long lasting top results. ATG will                              860.673-8533
 relevant your key phrases are and the more               update your website's content, maintain its                                800-482-8002
 structured your code is will determine                   links and fine-tune the keywords for ongoing
 where you fall in the rankings.                          success.

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