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					Meridith Reames

                          So Much Depends Upon

So much depends upon my soon to be W580i Walkman® cell phone form
at&t. The W580i Walkman® phone is a slim slider phone loaded with
music and multimedia features. I can listen to music or tune in to the built-
in FM radio at anytime. The best is using the Shake Control to skip or
shuffle tracks with the flick of your wrist. I can take pictures with the
2MP camera, and customize your caller ID with different color light
effects. The light effects are my favorite. When I open and closed the
phone a a light of excitement shines through between the screen side of
the phone, any color of my choice. It also features a Memory Stick
Micro(TM), which is expandable memory card slot to store more of my
favorite songs and photos. This is perfect for me becase I can have all of
my pictures in one place with no losing a disc or flash.

Along with the fantastic light, there are many other included features
when it comes to the Sony Ericson W580i Walkman®.

Video recording and playback

Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 technology with A2DP

Multimedia messaging - Send text, photos, and sounds

Memory Stick Micro(TM) expandable memory slot

Mobile email - AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®

Download ringtones, games, & graphics

Pedometer and fitness applications

Preloaded games like PacMan & Ms. Pacman

Identify songs playing with Track ID(TM)

Quad-band world phone
MEdiaNet web browser


Rated for Hearing Aids: M3, T3

Although I do not presently own this particular cell phone, I fully intend to
purchase it as soon as it comes in stock on the Cingular is now at&t