How to Construct a Rain Barrel by ghkgkyyt


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Painting your rain barrel                             BX lobby (799-1300 ext. 124)
    1) Wash the outside of the barrel.
    2) Outline or draw your design.                  Eau Gallie     Friday   2-4 pm
                                                      Libr. (255-4304)
                                                                                                                     How to Construct
    3) Use acrylic paint but first spray a
       primer or use sandpaper on the areas
                                                     Other Useful Services!
                                                                                                                      a Rain Barrel
       before painting.
    4) After you have painted your design and        Unknown Plant! Bring stems with leaves,
        let it thoroughly dry then apply a UB        and flowers and fruit too if possible and we
                clear coat for protection.           will send it to the Univ. of FL Herbarium.
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                                                          An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action              (321) 633-1702      (321) 952-4536
Supplies needed!                                                                                            inches up from the bottom to trap any
* Food grade 55 gallon plastic drum               How to construct a rain barrel                            debris that may come down from the
* ¾ inch hose spigot                                  1) Your first decision is, are you going              roof. Using the 15/16 inch bit, drill
* 15/16 inch drill bit                            to hook your rain barrel up to a down spout               the hole.
* Drill                                           or not? (You may have areas where all of              8) This part can be tricky but get the
* Jigsaw (for cutting the hole for the            the rain water flows off your roof and you                spigot started straight and screw it
            downspout or cutting the entire top   could place a barrel to catch it or you may               half way into the barrel. When it is
            off if there is no gutter system)     just place it under the eave or out in the                half way in the coat it all the way
* PVC Cement                                      open to collect rainwater.) If you don’t                  around with PVC cement and then
* Flexible downspout extender (if you have a      have a gutter system then skip to step #6.                screw it in the rest of the way. Make
            gutter system)                            2) If you have a gutter system then you               sure that the spigot is pointing
* Caulk                                               need to decide where you will put the                 downwards when you are done!
* ½ inch PVC compression coupling for                 downspout extender through the top of             9) Decide where you want the overflow
            overflow (or larger for overflow          your barrel.                                          connector to go and drill the hole for
            connection) * optional                    3) Take the downspout extender (make                  that.
* 1 3/8 inch drill bit (or larger for overflow            sure it is the right size for your            10) As with the spigot, screw the
            connection) * optional                        gutters – they vary in size) and trace            overflow connector halfway in, brush
* Screen to cover overflow connector, any                 around it on the top of the barrel.               it with PVC cement all of the way
            other holes or for the top of the         4) Drill a hole in each corner of the                 around it and then finish screwing it
            barrel if you don’t have a gutter             rectangle you just drew                           in. Place a small piece of screening
* Scissors to cut the screening                       5) Get a jigsaw and starting in one of                over the opening and screw the top
* Paint (optional – more details at the end of            the holes, start cutting out the                  on.
            this brochure)                                downspout extender hole. After                11) Now it is time to prepare the site for
                                                          you hook the downspout extender                   the rain barrel. Make sure that it is
                                                          into the lid, caulk around the                    level and that you have the rain barrel
                                                          extender to keep insects out.                     placed on a solid base like cinder
Where can you buy 55 gallon food                                                                            blocks. The higher you raise the rain
                                                      6) If you aren’t going to hook your
grade plastic barrels!                                    rain barrel up to a gutter then, drill a          barrel off of the ground the better
   • Shonk Drum Service                                   hole in the top of the barrel, near               flow of water you will get and the
      3168 Skyway Circle, Suite #1                        the edge, and then using a jigsaw                 easier it will be to get a watering can
      Melbourne, FL 32934                                 cut around the top to remove it. Cut              underneath the spigot.
      (321) 288-4763                                      a piece of screening 3’X3’ and
      $25 per barrel (barrels are clean)                  using a bungee to secure the               Don’t forget to register your rain barrel
                                                          screening over the top.                    and receive a free Harvesting Water T-
                                                      7) Decide where you want the spigot            shirt. Just call Elizabeth Melvin at 633-2016
                                                          to go. Remember to keep it a few           for information!

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