Schedule Your Own Spa Experience
1. Put on the Exclusive Hostess Heated Neck Wrap and say Ahhhh!
2. Read the hostess benefits below to see what you get when you
   schedule your own spa experience - which is your favorite?
3. Support your hostess by picking a “Hot Date” today— she needs 2
   bookings scheduled at her spa to get her Free Products
4. Write your name on the “Hot Date” you select & give it to your
   Spa Consultant.
5. Add 10 bonus points to your Exp. Card for scheduling a “Hot Date”
6. Choose a gift from the Freebie Bag for booking your “Hot Date”

     Benefits of Hosting Your Own SPA Experience:
•   FREE Aromatherapy Neck Wrap given to you at your Spa
•   Beautiful Skin Spa Facial set at 50% off when you schedule your Spa
•   FREE minis for $100 in outside orders, 6 NEW guests, keeping original date
•   15% off all re-orders for 12 months after your Spa
•   Microderm Abrasion treatment on your face at your spa
•   Makeover—”Quick Out the Door” Makeup done at your spa
•   FREE PRODUCT up to 20% of Spa Sales (based on criteria shown below)

                        $25+ HostessBucks                             $25+

                 ** Redeemable when your Spa sales are $250 or more + 2 Bookings**
                                10% of spa sales with $250 - $299 in sales
                                15% of spa sales with $300 - $499 in sales
                                  20% of Spa sales with $500 + in sales

               Spa Quality Treatments
               Skincare and Repair
               Microderm Abrasion

        Hostess Station Concept & Sign Created by Executive Director, Pam VandenBulck
              HOSTESS STATION
                               Consultant Instructions

Consultant—Print this on the back of your Hostess Station Sign so you know
what to put at this station:

Display at Hostess Station:
Hostess Station Sign

Hot Dates available - I use about 6 spa invitations that have a post it note sticky on the back of each
with 6 of my available dates to choose from for example it would say: Tuesday 7pm - October 16th on one and
Thursday 7pm - October 18th on another one.

Heated Neck Wrap for guests to put on while visiting this station
Gold Skincare Set in a set Bag with “50% off when you schedule your spa to-
day” sign in the skincare set bag
Theme Spa Choices Info - has a great brochure
Spa Girl Freebie Bag with Mini’s for HOT DATE booking gift and Hostess In-
centive Gifts for $100 in outside order, keeping original date and 6 new guests,
and also Spa Girl winner gift.

Set up for Hostess Station:
The relaxation room area is ideal so you can refer to it when closing the spa.
When you close the Spa promote all of the Hostess Benefits and ask the guests
what their favorite Hostess Benefit and Theme Spa’s are—their answers to these
questions are on their Experience Cards under the Hostess Station column.

Using the Experience Cards helps create fabulous interaction between you and
your guests—instead of you doing all the talking. You will so surprised with how
many BOOK their own Spa’s with your posted Hot Dates!

Follow up during the close to create discussion with the answers they put on their
cards - Ask who has booked a spa already at this station and let them know you
have additional dates if none of those work for them.

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