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Higher Education for a Higher Purpose

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Higher Education
for a Higher Purpose
Page 16

                        Fall/Winter 2010
Message from Chancellor
Sophia T. Wisniewska                                                                                           
Dear Friends,                                                                 Brandywine
                                                                              PENN STATE BRANDYWINE

    We have a new feather in our PSU cap. In a survey of recruiters
conducted by The Wall Street Journal, Penn State University was ranked
                                                                              Higher Education
                                                                              for a Higher Purpose
                                                                               Page 16

#1 for producing the best-qualified graduates. I’d like to share with you
the headline that appeared in the Boston Globe, September 13, 2010:
    “Forget Harvard: Penn State, Public Schools Outscore Ivies in Jobs                                                   This
    This was music to our ears.
                                                                                                      Fall/Winter 2010
    But with a modicum of modesty, I must confess that I was not             STUDENTS .......................................................3
altogether surprised. We have always been committed to helping our           FacUlTy & STaFF .............................................8
students reach their goals as they prepare for life after college. Our       aThlETicS .....................................................14
four-year academic programs and our excellent faculty provide students
with the foundation they need to develop critical thinking and analytical    aroUND campUS ..........................................16
skills—tools needed to excel in this increasingly competitive, technology-   acaDEmicS ...................................................19
driven global marketplace. Moreover, our faculty and staff work side by      coNTiNUiNg EDUcaTioN ................................23
side with students to help them identify and develop their own unique        alUmNi & FriENDS.........................................25
interests, both inside and outside of the classroom.                         aDviSory boarD mEmbErS ..........................28
    With all of our degree programs requiring an internship, students get    iN mEmoriam ................................................29
hands-on experience in their field by applying their classroom education     hoNor roll 2009 ........................................30
to “real world” projects. Internships not only expand the students’
                                                                             alUmNi NoTES ..............................................31
understanding of their discipline, they also provide a leg up when it
comes to the job search.                                                     Brandywine Pride Staff
    Further, here at Brandywine, we offer opportunities for challenging,     Helene Bludman
                                                                               Director of Marketing and University Relations
in-depth research projects as an extension of the curriculum. Our            Risa Pitman
strong and growing undergraduate research programs provide all of our          Marketing and Special Events Manager
                                                                             Debbie Blanton
students—yes, even freshmen—the chance to collaborate on projects with         Marketing Associate
faculty members and present their findings at regional
and national conferences.                                                    deSign director
                                                                             Kathleen Mullaly, KBM Design
    So it’s no wonder that our graduates acquire
experience and self-confidence along with their                              contriButing writerS
                                                                             Joe Biscontini
diploma.                                                                       Instructor in Communications
    Local businesses are certainly taking notice.                            Christina Felizzi ’10 Eng
                                                                             Melissa Leinen
Our career fairs, held each semester on campus,                                Sports Information Coordinator
have become a successful means of introducing                                Nancy Perone ’10 Comm
employers to our students. Many have hired                                   Joe Van Wyk ’10 Comm
                                                                             Cliff Welby, Senior
our students for internships, some of
which lead to full-time employment.                                          contriButing PhotograPherS
                                                                             Debbie Blanton
This fall, we had 50 businesses and                                          Mel Epps, Third Eye Productions
organizations attending. If you have a                                       Scott Johnson
need in your business for our talented                                       Melissa Leinen
                                                                             Risa Pitman
students, please put our career fairs                                        David Steininger
on your calendar.                                                            Daniel Steinmetz
                                                                             Jeremy Strain
    I want to thank you for being part                                       Cliff Welby, Senior
of our Penn State Brandywine family,
                                                                             how to contact uS:
and wish you and your loved ones                                             Office of University Relations
joy and peace this holiday season and                                        Penn State Brandywine
throughout the New Year.                                                     25 Yearsley Mill Road, Media, PA 19063
Warmly,                                                                      Published twice a year by the Penn State Brandywine Office
                                                                             of University Relations. If you have received this publication in
                                                                             error, or if you no longer wish to receive it, please contact the
                                                                             University Relations Office so that we may update our records.
                                                                             This publication is available in alternative media on request.
                                                                             Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal
                                                                             opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce. U.Ed. BW0 11-7

          Toads + Frogs÷ ÷ Pizza = Student Success

   If the students in the elementary education in            presenting at another conference, created and submitted
multicultural settings major (ELEDM) at Penn State           the report and scrapbook presentation of the club’s
Brandywine are representative of the next generation of      accomplishments this year to APEX. McBride and Wray
teachers, then the future of education looks rosy indeed.    submitted their learning center, “Frog and Toad,” in the
   At the Student Pennsylvania State Education               category of “chapter” or joint entry.
Association (SPSEA) Conference held in April, then-             “Although our ‘Frog and Toad’ center and APEX
junior Iris Thai won first place in the state competition    scrapbook report did not win at the conference, they
with her entry, “Pizza Fractions.” Just two weeks later,     are winners as far as we are concerned,” commented
“Pizza Fractions” also won first place in the EURECA         Instructor Jean McKay, who serves as the Education
(Exposition of Undergraduate Research Enterprise and         Club adviser and accompanied the students to the
Creative Accomplishment) competition held on the             conference.
Brandywine campus.                                              Despite their disappointment, there was great
   Thai said she was “very excited and surprised” with       rejoicing when three of the Brandywine students were
this double honor. “I honestly thought everyone did a        elected officers of SPSEA’s Southeast Region. Moore is
wonderful job,” she added.                                   the newly elected president, Grandizio is vice president,
   “Pizza Fractions” employs a fun and creative approach     and Thai is secretary.
for teaching the concept of fractions to children in third      “The conference was a really wonderful experience
grade. Entertaining and educational at the same time,        for our juniors and seniors,” McKay said. “In terms of
it makes what is sometimes an elusive concept easy to        the networking opportunities, the workshops were full of
understand.                                                  information on instructional techniques and other things
   “My third graders at Evans Elementary School were         teachers need to know.”
learning fractions with an overhead [projector] and             As they did last year, the students co-hosted
worksheet,” Thai said. “I thought this would be more         Multicultural Day and hosted the Philadelphia Zoo’s
captivating for the kids because they love pizza and can     traveling zoo.
make real-world connections to math.”                           “This is a wonderful group of students, very focused,”
   Thai wasn’t the only Brandywine student to                McKay said. Some of the students have known for a long
compete. Seniors Ashley McBride, Patti Wray, and             time that they wanted to pursue a teaching career, and
Shana Rush, and juniors Amy Moore, Mary Grandizio,           others only discovered their inner teacher after trying a
and Margie Whelan participated in two competitions:          different major. “They also are very bonded with McKay,
APEX (Achieving Excellence) and Classroom Learning           the other education faculty members Patricia Van Leuvan
Centers. Moore and fellow ELEDM major Jackie                 and Barbara Gottlieb, and each other. It is a close-knit,
Glace, a junior, who could not attend because she was        supportive atmosphere.”–HB

                                                                                Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   3

Student Takes “Quest” to Capitol Hill
                                          students nationwide to get behind        the technology of Google Earth,
                                          science and writing and literacy and     each QUEST pinpoints locations
                                          well, everything!” Neville said during   mentioned in the books (to help
                                          her trip to Capitol Hill via her blog,   improve geographic literacy),
                                          “The Quest of an Undergraduate           includes photos (we’re starting to
                                          Researcher,” which can be found at       incorporate audio and video as well),
                                          http://earthandspacequest.tumblr.        and highlights the most important
                                          com/.                                    content from the books. If teachers
                                              Neville’s research project           want to bring nonfiction literature
                                          began during the summer of               into the classroom but don’t have
                                          2009 when she participated in the        the finances or the time, the Earth
                                          Penn State-sponsored National            QUEST is the perfect solution!”
                                          Science Foundation (NSF)–funded             Not only did this project earn
                                          Transforming Earth Systems Science       Neville recognition in the nation’s
                                          Education (TESSE) Workshop for           capitol, but she was also bestowed
                                          pre-service and in-service teachers      with the campus’ Undergraduate
                                          from several states. The goal of         Student Research Award in front of
                                          the workshop was to help science         hundreds of parents and members
                                          teachers learn how to promote            of the campus community in April.
                                          inquiry-based learning and provide       The award is given annually to
                                          their students with a deeper             one student on campus who has
                                          understanding of important science       completed serious, high-quality
                                          content.                                 research requiring critical thinking,
    Sophomore Sara Neville was                It was during this workshop that     analysis, and creativity. –RP
selected as one of 60 undergraduates      Neville formed her research project,
from across the nation and across all     “The Earth QUEST,” which stands
disciplines to present her research       for “Questioning and Understanding
to senators, state representatives,       Earth Science Themes,” an
their staffers, and representatives       educational tool that integrates the
from funding agencies as part of          technology of Google Earth with
the Council on Undergraduate              the promotion of scientific and
Research’s (CUR) annual Posters           geographic literacy in the classroom.
on the Hill event last April in               The Earth QUEST is a spin-off of
Washington, D.C.                          Jerome Burg’s Google
    During her trip, Neville, an          Lit Trips, which
honors student at the campus, met         document the journeys
with Congressman Joseph Sestak’s          of some of the greatest
legislative assistant for education,      stories in literature:
Adam Axler. She is the first student      The Odyssey, Macbeth,
from the campus selected to present       and The Grapes of
at this prestigious event.                Wrath, just to name a
    “I’ve never really been one for       few!” Neville wrote on
politics, but spending time on            her blog.
Capitol Hill, people-watching, and            “The Earth QUEST
listening to renowned educators like      is an easy way to
the executive officer of CUR, Nancy       provide students with
Hensel, and the secretary of the          free, relevant Earth
Smithsonian, Dr. Wayne Clough,            science content from
have made me realize how difficult        books they might not
it is to start educational initiatives    pick up on their own,”
and to encourage teachers and             she continued. “With

US!                              pennstatebrandywine                 psubrandywine                  psubrandywine

4   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010

               Kudos to Penn State Brandywine business
               students who participated in the future
               Business Leaders of america—Phi Beta
               Lambda competition last summer.
                  The team of senior Robert Bagonis,
               junior Richard Cook, and senior David
               Vesely, placed fifth in the financial
               services competition. Junior Justin
               Matkov qualified as an individual in
                  Pictured left to right: David Vesely,
               Richard Cook, Robert Bagonis.

Spring 2010

                         Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   5

Lifelong Learning, Determination Fulfill a Dream
      Shaké Jebejian climbed the three steps to the stage, faced the sea of blue
    commencement robes, and then said simply, “Thank you for this opportunity.
       I ended up with a healthy mind and a healthy body at the age of 78.”
    In the spirit of what has become a treasured tradition     English-speaking countries and decided America was her
at Penn State Brandywine, the septuagenarian expressed         destination. In a matter of weeks, she was booked on the
her thoughts via the open mic as she received her              S.S. United States heading for New York.
graduation diploma in May.                                         The fact that she was alone in a brand new world
    Jebejian, a proud member of Penn State Brandywine’s        did not dampen her enthusiasm. Instead, she drank in
2010 graduating class, turned to descend the stage, but        the sights and sounds of New York before making her
was startled when the crowd erupted in thunderous              way to Cincinnati, Ohio to live with a distant relative
applause and a standing ovation.                               and work as a secretary. The regular paycheck provided
    “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I was so surprised.”   opportunities for travel and she delighted in visiting
    But it is fitting that one woman’s lifelong quest          U.S. cities and historical sites. She came to know and
for a college degree should be applauded. It took two          love cities on the east coast for their diversity and ethnic
continents, years of struggle, and an insatiable appetite      charm, culture, history, and educational institutions, and
for knowledge to bring her to this magical moment.             ultimately she decided to pull up roots and make the
    Jebejian was born in Khartoum, Sudan, of Armenian          move to Philadelphia and then Boston.
parents who had migrated there during the Great                    “No matter where I lived, I tried to take a college
Depression. She and her sister attended a school where         course,” Jebejian said. “There was so much I wanted to
English was taught. A bright and inquisitive student who       learn.”
excelled in her studies, Jebejian graduated at the top of          It would be nice to think that she lived happily ever
her class. and was offered a free scholarship to study at      after, but things didn’t quite work out that way
the University of London with the stipulation that she             A brief marriage was followed by a bitter divorce,
would return to the Sudan to teach. Joyful to be given         the loss of her job, and looming poverty, with no credit
that opportunity, her excitement was soon quashed by           history to get back on her feet. “There was no counseling
her father, who announced firmly, “A college education is      available in those days for the much-despised divorced
wasted on a girl. Your goal in life should be to marry and     woman,” Jebejian recalled ruefully. She moved back to
stay home to take care of your husband and children.”          Philadelphia, where her mother and sister now lived, to
    “I was crushed and heartbroken,” she remembered.           once again start from scratch.
“I wanted to get a college education more than anything,           Luckily, she found a good job in a law firm, and stayed
but instead I had to get a job to support my mother, my        for many years. Slowly Jebejian rebuilt what she had lost
sister, and myself, since my father ended up leaving us and    and regained her financial stability. She was able to buy a
we were penniless.”                                            house in Delaware County and salt away a bit of money.
    Life in the Sudan presented hardships in addition to       When she finally reached retirement age, the mortgage
the financial burden. The political unrest deteriorated        was paid off and she had a small but comfortable nest egg.
into random acts of violence and Jebejian feared for her           “So I retired,” she said. “I stayed home for three
family’s safety. After one particularly gruesome incident      months. I looked at the birds and squirrels in my garden
that took place right in front of her eyes, she told her       and thought, what am I going to do for the rest of my
family she was leaving. But where should she go? Being         life?”
fluent in English, Jebejian deliberated between several            Her ambition to get a college degree had never

6   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
wavered; it had just been put on hold. The time had                  It took her 11 years—one course each semester—to
come, Jebejian realized, to make that dream come true.           complete her degree. Looking back, Jebejian recalled
    She had heard about the Go Sixty program at Penn             many excellent teachers, challenging but rewarding
State Brandywine, which allows senior citizens to enroll         assignments, and thought-provoking books and
in classes, free of charge, on a space-available basis. She      discussions—all essential ingredients of a thorough
enrolled in English 15, and was hooked. That led to              education. Pursuing the degree fulfilled and nourished
seven additional courses, one per semester.                      her.
    “I kept going,” Jebejian said. “It was all very new and          At the same time, she made friends
very interesting. I got my associate’s degree and then           across campus, and took her role as a good
decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in American               campus citizen seriously. An avid gardener,
studies.”                                                        she routinely brought homemade flower
    This major was tailor-made for someone with such a           arrangements to brighten up the library.
deep, abiding interest in American history. Much of her              Which is why she just can’t seem to
coursework was complemented by her travels throughout            part ways with the campus.
the country.                                                         Just as her fellow graduates have
    Jebejian traveled to Fredericksburg, Jamestown, and          been contemplating their next steps—
Yorktown in Virginia, and President Andrew Jackson’s             job search? Graduate school?—Jebejian
“Hermitage in Nashville,” where she learned about the            has, too. She’s not sure what the future
Indians’ “vale of tears.” She visited Oklahoma where,            will bring, but she knows she isn’t ready
along with the natural wonders, she witnessed the abject         to say goodbye to formal education. “I’d
poverty of the Indians. She was inspired by George               like to take math courses to keep my mind
Washington Carver’s story in southern Missouri. She              active,” she said. ”I think I’ll take trig and
sailed on Mark Twain’s Mississippi and examined tributes         see how I do.”
to him in the museums of Hannibal. She absorbed Shaker               The perpetual student has not yet met
history in Harrodsburg, Ky.                                      a learning curve she can’t navigate. –HB

Vision in Full Drive                                                       
                                                                                         The planning process for
By Clifford E. Welby                                                        was formed
                                                                                     right on the Brandywine campus.
   “It’s all just a dream,” said                                                     Formento’s thesis, required of all
technology guru, entrepreneur, and                                                   students in the Schreyer Honors
senior honors student John Formento.                                                 College, gave him the time and
But this Penn State Brandywine                                                       intellectual assistance to form a solid
business student’s dream may not be                                                  business plan.
too far away. His ambitious goal of                                                      “The small campus provided me
developing and managing a one-of-a-         in the Philadelphia region. This         with the ability to get advice and
kind website,,           firm, cleverly named Eye-Tee, LLC,       feedback on logos or the financial
has the potential to revolutionize how      provides computer maintenance,           portion of the business.”
car mechanics conduct their front-end
                                            network storage, exchange servers,           Professors, such as Diane Disney,
   According to Formento, the website       basic website development, and           professor of management, and
will allow “mom and pop” auto shops         marketing services at a price point well John Terrell, recently retired senior
to increase efficiency and sales while      below the competition.                   instructor in accounting, served as his
maintaining customer relationships              Formento, who has about 15           mentors. “Dr. Disney showed me how
by allowing customers to request            steady clients, successfully formed      capable one person can be” and that
appointment dates online. The site will     business relationships in a variety      “one person can accomplish so much.”
also provide shops with access to an        of different industries including   will officially
online consumer database and calendar       restaurants, financial services, job     launch sometime during the spring
to manage all their appointments. This      placement, and retail. He claimed        of 2011. Formento expressed that
project is now underway, thanks to          that the secret of his success was       the planning allowed him to educate
Formento’s entrepreneurial spirit and       “hitting the right price point in a bad himself and develop the skills he
IT skills, and the assistance he received   economy and providing customers          needed to succeed. And while many
from his Brandywine professors.             with the right services.” Drawing on     people may not be aware of the
   To gain the necessary capital for        his talents in information technology, campus’ excellent business program,
such a business venture, Formento           acquired through self-teaching and an Formento said,“[Brandywine] is
established a firm with a low-cost          internship with Nextdocs, a document just as good as Ivy [League schools]
structure that capitalizes on the           management firm, Formento found          if you just put the time in and stay
unfulfilled needs of small businesses       a source of capital for his dream of     motivated.”

                                                                                      Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   7
       Students / Faculty & Staff

It’s Been a Long Time Comin’,                                                        Math Options
                            but a Change is                                          Student,
                              Gonna Come                                             Now Teacher,
                                         Nineteen-year-old sophomore Taj
                                      Magruder isn’t afraid to stand up for          Turns the
                                       what he believes is right, even if it means
                                       changing the law.
                                           A resident of Bryn Mawr in Radnor
                                        Township, Magruder petitioned the
Board of Commissioners and local community to support a proposal
for a township ordinance that would bar discrimination based on sexual                  Little did she know, as a curious,
orientation and gender identity.                                                     over-achieving seventh grader
    He was inspired by a similar proposal of this same ordinance in                  participating in Penn State Brandywine’s
neighboring Lower Merion Township. Doylestown Borough has since                      Math Options Career Day program, that
jumped on board as the seventeenth municipality in the state to pass this            one day she would be on the other side
    Currently, the state’s Human Relations Act bars discrimination only on           of the desk, a professor teaching similar
race, sex, and religion, the budding politician said. Magruder’s proposal            concepts to a bright group of seventh
would fill in the state law’s gap at the township level by proclaiming               grade girls attending the same program.
discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation based on                Funnier still, Jennifer Zosh, assistant
sexual orientation and gender identity as unlawful.                                  professor of health and human
    “Regardless of your race and gender, you should support freedom and              development, taught in the very same
equality for everyone,” the honors student said. “I am part African American.        room in the Main Building last May
My grandmother experienced public discrimination in the 40’s in the South            that she sat in as a student attending the
… no one else should have to go through that sort of discrimination and              program in the mid 90s.
segregation.”                                                                           Zosh, who received her Ph.D. in
    As one supporter pointed out during a meeting with the commissioners,            Psychological and Brain Sciences from
it’s not just members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT)
community who will benefit. The ordinance “protects sexual orientation in            Johns Hopkins University, has a clear
general,” Magruder explained. “If a gay business owner kicks out a straight          memory of that day years ago when
employee, it protects him or her as well.” He pointed out that it would also
protect those who are assumed to be gay but are not.
    So how will the law be enforced? The ordinance will establish a Human            Kudos to Penn State
Relations Commission, similar to one created in Swarthmore, which is made
up of volunteers. Members receive complaints, assess their validity, and if they

determine a violation has been made, they have the authority to take action.
    “We just have to work out the details,” Magruder said.
    Though he said he is not gay, Magruder feels passing this ordinance is the
right thing to do for not just his community but for anyone who is suffering         Alexander Bolinger, assistant
discrimination. “I’m trying to help out my LGBT family and friends and               professor of business administration,
neighbors to make sure they have the quality of life that they’re entitled to.       presented “Grace and Gratitude in
Not anything special, but the same rights and protection that everyone else          Bad Workplaces” at the Academy of
                                                                                     Management Conference.
    Currently, Magruder said the proposal, which he originally wrote, is in
the beginning stages of being drafted by the commissioners, which is a good          Laura Guertin, associate professor of
sign. Though he’s heard from people in other areas who                               Earth science, was one of four faculty
are angry about his proposal, the support he has received is                         selected for the University-wide
overwhelming.                                                                        2010-2011 Teaching and Learning
    Since July, “I’ve talked to hundreds of people,” including                       with Technology Faculty Fellowship.
religious leaders, political leaders, and community                                  She was also named Jane E. Cooper
members, he said. Not one person he has reached out                                  Faculty Fellow at the Brandywine
to for support has turned him away. “I have high
                                                                                     campus. She is a co-principal
hopes that the community will be behind it.” And
when it comes time for an official vote, hopefully                                   investigator on a five-year National
sometime before the new year, “I assume it will                                      Science Foundation grant, “Targeted
pass.”                                                                               Math Science Partnership: Middle
    Change is happening and this Penn State                                          Grades Earth and Space Science
Brandywine student is there to make sure.–RP                                         Education,” funded at $9.2 million.

8   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                       Faculty & Staff

she came to the campus for a day of education and fun         Space & Security Division; Pennsylvania Department
structured around math and science.                           of Environmental Protection; URS Corporation;
    “What I remember most is that my mom drove me,            and Stratus, Inc., are just a few of the companies that
that I built a bridge out of straw, I got a T-shirt, and it   participated in this year’s Math Options.
was a fun day away from regular school,” she laughed.            Zosh, whose area of expertise is memory
    The bridge building exercise, called “Straw               development in infants and toddlers, taught a workshop
Wars,” involved teamwork to design and build straw            with co-presenter Caroline Montojo titled, “Using
masterpieces that were evaluated by the presenters on         Psychology to Learn about the World,” with hands-on
product design and structural integrity.                      experiments designed to show how psychology allows
    The future scientist, who attended Our Lady of            one to explore the mind.
Charity in Brookhaven at the time, even saved her                Patricia Van Leuvan, associate
worksheets used in the program. “I enjoyed math and           professor of education, has been the
science in school,” Zosh said, “but Math Options was the      coordinator of the program at Penn
first time I saw theoretical concepts applied.”               State Brandywine
    Math Options is an annual event at which girls            since 1992. She
from local elementary and middle schools visit the            was delighted to
campus, attend workshops, and begin to explore                have Zosh as a
career opportunities available to them in math and            presenter. “Other
science fields. Often, these young women learn about          seventh grade
opportunities in these fields for the first time. The Math    participants
Options Career Days have been partially funded by             have returned
grants from ARCO, Bell of Pennsylvania, and Lockheed          as professionals
Martin Corporation.                                           to present at
    At the Career Day, women who are role models in           Math Options,
professions such as engineering, technology, research,        but they were
science, or veterinary medicine, provide workshops,           not faculty
problem-solving sessions, and panel discussions to help       colleagues,”
girls understand how math and science are used in their       Van Leuvan
professions and realize their own potential.                  said.–HB
    Lockheed Martin Corporation; Boeing Defense,

Alan Horwitz, professor of                David Macauley, associate professor      of Content and Interactional Diversity
mathematics, published, “An Area          of philosophy, announced the             in Multicultural Education” at the
Inequality for Ellipses Inscribed         publication of his latest book,          Society for the Psychological Study
in Quadrilaterals” in the Journal         Elemental Philosophy: Earth, Air,        of Social Issues, and “SDO Abroad:
of Mathematical Inequalities. He          Fire, and Water as Environmental         The Bidirectional Relationship
attended Math Fest in Pittsburgh,                                                  Between Individual Social Hierarchy
Pa., and gave a talk entitled, “Taylor    Ideas. He published “Head in the
                                          Clouds: On the Beauty of the Aerial      Orientation and Study Abroad
Polynomials Positive on the Real                                                   Experience,” at the International
Line.”                                    World” and “Night and Shadows:
                                          The Space and Place of Darkness”         Society of Political Psychology.
Kathleen Kennedy, assistant                                                        Wayne McMullen, associate professor
professor of English, presented           in the journal, Environment, Space,
                                          Place. He presented “Biomimicry          of communication arts and science,
“Transmedieval IT: The Law” at the                                                 presented “Project Returns from
Delaware Valley Medieval Association,     and the Technological Imitation of
                                          Nature” at Towson University and         Investment Decisions: Evidence from
and “Abridging the Medieval in Early
Printed Common Law Statutes”              “Geo-aesthetics and Mobility” at         Biopics” at the Business Research
at the Sixteenth Century Society                                                   Conference organized by the World
                                          Salisbury University. He was elected
Conference.                                                                        Business Institute.
                                          secretary for the Greater Philadelphia
Tia E. Kim, assistant professor of        Philosophy Consortium, and received      Jennifer Zosh, assistant professor
human development and family              a sustainability seed grant from Penn    of human development and family
studies, and colleagues published         State University.                        studies, presented posters on working
a chapter in The International                                                     memory in infants at the International
                                          Daniela Martin, assistant professor of   Conference on Infant Studies and the
Handbook of School Bullying and an
article in School Psychology Quarterly.   psychology, and colleagues published,    Vision Sciences Society Conference.
She presented “Understanding              “Peer Relationships of Deaf Children     She also launched the website for
Aggression: Do Self and Identity          with Cochlear Implants” in the           Penn State Brandywine’s Infant and
Matter?” at the Society for Research      Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf         Child Cognition Center (
on Adolescence.                           Education. She presented “The Effects    edu).

                                                                                   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   9
       Faculty & Staff

                Wray Has a Clear Vision
         Gail Wray, a 10-year veteran of the campus’ Academic Affairs Office, and
     her daughter, Patti, have spent four years helping from home while volunteers
     from their church traveled the world on humanitarian missions. Last summer,
               the mother-daughter pair decided it was their turn to go.
 Members of New Sight Ministries, a global outreach of First Baptist     worse than in Egypt, likely due to its
 Church of Media, bring free eye care to developing countries. Under     proximity to the equator.
 the guidance of Dr. Donna Elcock, an optometrist and First Baptist          But the smell of poverty is something
 member who first brought free eyeglasses to a Virginia children’s       Wray will never forget.
 camp, Wray and the group set their sights on Africa.                        “I expected the poverty, but I was
    “It was Patti’s idea,” Wray remembered of her daughter’s decision    overwhelmed by what that smelled
 to join the mission.                                                    like,” she said. “I think that hit me the
    “My heart has always been with children. I like helping them,” the
 Penn State Brandywine
 senior elementary education
 in multicultural settings
 major said. “I had always
 heard about the other trips
 and thought they were cool
 and fascinating but I didn’t
 know how I could help.”
 When she learned children
 were part of the mission,
 Patti knew she could lend a
    Fifteen volunteers raised
 $60,000 in nine months
 through donations and
 fundraisers and last July, 14
 participants, strengthened
 with their faith and their
 commitment to the cause,
 embarked on a two-week
    Their contact in Cairo, where the trip began, “reinforced the        most emotionally. They don’t have
 cultural training we had before we left” home and taught them key       enough water to wash 150 kids every
 Arabic phrases. The team was ready, but nothing could have prepared     day.”
 them for what lay ahead.                                                   While Wray was heartbroken by the
    For two nights they performed eye exams on staff and their           conditions, the children, whose somber
 families where they stayed. They visited the pyramids in Geeza, but     eyes have seen unimaginable things,
 didn’t sightsee for long. Their mission was to reach children in a      seemed perfectly happy. Excited, even.
 summer camp outside the city, where the group performed 200 eye         That was an eye-opener. “I learned I
 exams, 150 on children from the city of Zabbaleen, which means          complain too much and I should be
 “garbage people” in Arabic.                                             happy with what I have because there
    “There were a lot of health concerns, like conjunctivitis,” Wray     are happier people with so much less.”
 remembered. Thankfully none of the volunteers caught the highly            Wray, who worked on the New Sight
 contagious infection. In Kenya, the vision and health problems were     “medical team” with six others, checked

10   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                  Faculty & Staff

of Her Mission
in the 700 patients they saw during         get out of there fast enough. It wasn’t until we left Nairobi that Patti
the journey. “I was the first person        found her flip-flops!”
they saw,” she said. She collected their        Later, in Nairobi, Steininger carefully chose a customs agent to
information and took their photo on a       approach. He explained the mission and said the team was headed to
webcam, which they all wanted to see.       the town of Kitale. “I’m from Kitale, go right ahead,” the agent said.
“Many of them don’t know what they          “They didn’t open one bag,” Wray said with disbelief. “That was just
look like.” The seven “ministry team”       as powerful as changing the heart of the Egyptian customs agent.”
members set up Bible lessons and games          In Kenya, the volunteers drove eight hours by van through the
for the children.                           “gorgeous” Rift Valley, passed through the developed town of
   The team brought 31 suitcases of         Nakuru, then El Dorrett, “an impoverished, congested town north
clothing and badly needed supplies. Wray    of Nakuru.” Further north they found shacks where people displaced
remembered how these supplies almost        because of the last election were “dumped along the road.” They even
never left the Cairo airport.               took a safari through Nakuru National Park.
   “You’re not bringing this into our           Wray remembers her trip as a time of spiritual
country,” an Egyptian customs agent         growth. Though the journey was sometimes
                                            dangerous, she found moments of joy
                                            watching the children and bringing
                                            relief to suffering communities.
                                                They left over-the-counter eye
                                            drops, prescriptions, sunglasses,
                                            “cheater” glasses, and supplies at
                                            the clinics. “Most of us left behind
                                            our clothes and shoes except for what
                                            we needed to wear home,” Wray said.
                                                Once they raise $7,000, two team
                                            members will return with 320 pairs of
                                                “I would go back tomorrow,” she
                                            contemplated. “My heart would take me
                                            back there. In my heart I know this is
                                            something I want
                                            to do over and
                                            over again.”

said. He meant the 15 suitcases loaded
with sunglasses, antibiotics, exam tools,
lollipops, and other items needed to
complete their mission.
    One agent noticed the bag of candy.
New Sight Ministries Director Keith
Steininger explained it was for the
children and “you could see the man’s
face soften,” Wray observed. He let them
go. “We started stuffing our belongings
into any suitcase with room. We couldn’t

                                                                            Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   11
       Faculty & Staff

     The Art of Teaching from Overseas
     By Nancy Perone
                                                                              objects, scan them, and send them to me
                                                                              as assignments,” she said. “I also have put
                                                                              an exhibit of objects I would have shown
                                                                              in class in the Brandywine Vairo Library
                                                                              showcase and created assignments that
                                                                              require students to examine them.”
                                                                                 A 24-year veteran of the campus
                                                                              who was instrumental in founding its
                                                                              international study program, Kirker
                                                                              said designing an online course had its
                                                                              challenges. “What makes the class fun is
                                                                              that I like it,” she said enthusiastically of
                                                                              teaching Art History 120 in the basement
                                                                              of the Vairo Library for the last 23 years.
                                                                              “It’s hard to put flavor into an online
                                                                                 But that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying.
                                                                              Kirker’s class on campus involved a lot
                                                                                     of interaction and visits to the
                                                                                      Metropolitan Museum of Art in
                                                                                       New York, a trip she certainly
   The world gets smaller with              2009-2010 academic year, and                 can’t host from Singapore.
each passing minute as people from          believes her students benefit                 Instead, she assigns her
every corner of the world chat, play        from her immersion in Asian                    students optional excursions
games, and even share music with            culture. “I know [the students]                into the community where
the click of a mouse. So why not            are fascinated by the fact that               they observe and document
take a Penn State Brandywine class          I am actually in Asia,” she                       “aesthetic” experiences.
with a professor who lives overseas?        said. “I add comments                                 They visit local cafes,
   Combining her passion for Asian          and send photos of my                                 galleries, museums,
arts and culture with emerging              experiences here that                                  and even Indian,
technology, Assistant Professor of          enhance the text and                                   Chinese, and Japanese
Integrative Arts Connie Kirker gave         lectures.”                                              restaurants to
her Art History 120 course a web                Kirker is recognized                                explore their colors,
2.0 spin from her temporary home            on campus not only for                                   arrangements, and
in Singapore. Using Skype, text             her passion and                                          decorations, and of
and picture messaging, e-mail, and          enthusiasm but also her                                  course try the food.
social networking sites, her students       eclectic jewelry and shoe                                She said students
experience her unique teaching style        collection, an expression                                especially enjoy
from across the globe.                      of her unique artistic                                   one assignment
   Art History 120 is designed to           vision. Though she is                                  requiring them to
offer non-art majors an introductory        almost 10,000 miles                                     watch and compare
overview of the painting, sculpture,        away, she has found a                                    “Shogun” and “The
and architecture that characterizes         way to keep that passion                                  Last Emperor,” two
Chinese, Indian, and Japanese               and creativity alive in                                    movies infused with
culture within the context of its           her teaching.                                                Asian culture.
social history, religious background,       “Instead of simply                                                In preparation
philosophical orientation, and              taking notes                                                     for the course,
aesthetic ideals.                           and answering                                                      Kirker sat in
   Kirker has taught the class from         questions, I have                                                   front of a
a non-traditional location since            students make                                                      photo of her
moving to Singapore with her                simple sketches                                                    daughter, so
husband prior to the start of the           of important

12    Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                        Faculty & Staff

as not to feel like she was talking to   stands by on her webcam to answer
herself, and pre-recorded lectures for   questions.
each section of the class. She then          Though teaching via the web is
posted them, along with PowerPoint       a practical solution for being so far
slideshows, to Penn State’s ANGEL        from campus, Kirker said it’s not
course management system “so the         as rewarding. “I have to be totally
students can listen to me talk over      honest and say that teaching online
the slides … or not!” she laughed,       is not as satisfying as actually having
acknowledging that they can always       students in front of you in the
hit the “mute” button. She also          classroom,” she said. “You really
assigns reading and asks students        do need to see the ‘whites of their
to create their own quizzes. Each        eyes’ to know if they are getting
assignment is submitted through          interested or excited about the
the system for Kirker to access right    amazing art traditions of Asia. Of
from her home in Singapore.              course, I can see from assignments if
    To encourage students to observe     they are mastering the material, but
the art and symbols presented in         what I most enjoy is the hands-on
class, weekly sketches are required      experience that produces the ‘wow’         in Chinese calligraphy and brush
but are graded on grasp of concept       moments in teaching—holding a              painting courses, comprised solely
rather than artistic ability. The        Nepalese prayer wheel in our hand,         of Singaporeans. She has visited
students use scanners and digital        wrapping an ikat fabric as a sarong—       Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam,
cameras, take photos with their cell     and that is harder to duplicate.”          Bhutan, Hong Kong, Nepal, and
phones, and send pictures messages,          While Kirker is dedicated to           Bali-Indonesia, and is planning trips
or even set up face-time through         teaching students back home, she           to Laos, Borneo and Burma with the
Skype, to submit their assignments.      is also educating herself by taking        hopes of learning new and exciting
Members of the campus proctor            local courses and traveling to nearby      things that will add to her students’
scheduled quizzes and tests as Kirker    countries. She is currently enrolled       learning experience.

Professor Emerita Pens Petrifying Murder Mystery
                               Eagles Mere, Pa. sets the       town with her family every summer since 1970, uses
                            scene of a new, spine-tingling     her intimate knowledge of the community to bring new
                            murder mystery novel by            life to the town’s Victorian charm—“the inn, the village
                            Priscilla F. Clement, professor    green, the ice cream parlor, and that treacherous path
                            emerita of history and             around the lake.”
                            women’s studies at Penn State          Writing a novel has always been a dream for Clement
                            Brandywine.                        and her family. “My kids have wanted
                               Blood on the Path, published    me to write a novel for years,”
                            by Eagles Mere Museum, is          she remembered. “When I started
                            the gripping tale of the 1959      thinking about writing a book I knew
                            unsolved disappearance of a        I wanted to connect to the past. I
                            teenage girl; unsolved, that is,   love mystery fiction.”
                            until her niece sets her sights        During the nearly 40 years that
                            on the truth years later. Her      she taught at Penn State Brandywine,
  quest to solve the mystery takes her on a dark path          Clement received three teaching
  from historic Eagles Mere to Media, Philadelphia, and        awards. She is the author of
  New York City.                                               numerous articles and several books
     “Clement rekindles fond memories for anyone who           on various aspects of the history of
  has visited this quaint mountain village,” Penn State        children and of welfare and poverty
  Brandywine Head Librarian Sara Whildin writes on the         in the United States. Blood on the
  novel’s back cover. Clement, who has visited the small       Path is her first novel.–RP

                                                                                   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   13

Campus Adds Varsity Golf, Cross Country Teams
By Melissa Leinen
                                                 Penn State Brandywine got a running start this fall as its athletic
                                              program tee’d off with two new varsity sports: men’s and women’s cross
                                              country and golf.
                                                 New Cross Country Head Coach Kevin Kelly has had a storied career
                                              in the cross country and track world. He has been involved at the high
                                              school and collegiate levels for more than 40 years. This year’s cross
                                              country teams are a mix of a few recruited runners and a large number of
                                              “run on” participants.
                                                 “The theme of the campus’ new running program focuses on
                                              development and learning about the sport in a supportive, fun
                                              environment,” he said. In its inaugural season, the sport attracted an
                                              excited group of runners on both the men’s and women’s teams with
                                              varied experience in athletics. The men’s team was made up of quite a
                                              few experienced runners. The women’s team boasted some extremely
                                              determined athletes who also play basketball or soccer and were willing
                                              to become more fit, both physically and mentally, for the athletic seasons
                                              to come.”
                                                 The teams completed their seasons with good performances at
                                              the PSUAC Cross Country Championships at the Penn State Mont
                                              Alto campus. Led by junior Stephanie Tracy’s seventh place finish, the
                                              women captured second place in conference in their very first year of
                                                 In the men’s race, behind a very strong ninth place effort by
                                              freshman Anthony Petrella, the runners were able to finish fourth in the

TOP SPIN                                                      University Park after two years at Brandywine to pursue
                                                              a degree in either hotel and hospitality management or
By Melissa Leinen
   The Penn State Brandywine tennis team’s number                While here at Brandywine, Wojcik plans on
one men’s single player, Karol Wojcik, is a walk-on           continuing his tennis career, which has been a big part of
freshman to the Lions team this season who comes to           his life. Having played for the past 12 years and traveled
campus from Warsaw, Poland. Yes, Poland! The skilled          throughout Europe, Spain, France, and England
tennis player came in search of an American education.        for tournaments, Wojcik thought about pursuing a
    “I went to international schools in Poland and I          professional tennis career but decided at age 16 that the
                                decided to study in the       time commitment and sacrifice were not worth it in the
                                States because of the job     long run. That doesn’t mean he won’t play hard during
                                opportunities. Poland         college.
                                is a tough area to find          “Being at Brandywine has allowed me to continue
                                decent jobs,” he said.        playing a sport I love and be a part of a team without a
                                “My brother goes to           lot of extra pressure,” he said. “It’s nice to be a part of
                                University Park and really    athletics on the collegiate level.” While at Brandywine,
                                likes it here in the States   Wojcik has made a huge impact on the athletic
                                and convinced me that I       program by beating the Penn State University Athletic
                                would have a great time,      Conference’s first and second place finishers from 2009
                                [and being here would]        early in the 2010 season.
                                provide me with great            He finished the season as the champion in #1 singles
                                job opportunities and         and teamed up with junior Kevin Kelleher to defeat
                                allow me to make a lot of     Penn State York and take first in doubles.
                                friends.”                        Lloyd Vernon, head tennis coach at Penn State
                                    Following in his          Brandywine, said he “is thrilled to have Karol’s talent
                                brother’s footsteps, Karol    and positive attitude on this team. It’s a morale booster
                                plans on heading to           and [he’s a] great asset.”

14   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010

conference. Brandywine runners                      Coach Cal has Heart On & Off the Field
performed well against more seasoned                By Clifford E. Welby
teams and Kelly said he looks forward
to building on this success next year.                                                         On the same day his mother
    Golf Head Coach Jeffrey Herb                                                            received her first chemotherapy
comes to Brandywine with an                                                                 treatment for her battle with breast
impressive background that includes                                                         cancer, Penn State Brandywine’s
turning pro in 2001 and four months                                                         head baseball coach, Tom
on the NGA Hooters Tour. Herb is                                                            Calvecchio, was presented the
ready and willing to take the reins                                                         Citadel Heart of Learning Award
of the budding new team. Having                                                             for his contribution to the students
coached for more than eight years and                                                       of Avon Grove High School.
being the first assistant professional at                                                       In the presence of his family
Edgmont Country Club, he said he                                                            and peers, the 27-year-old Lock
is looking forward to expanding his                                                         Haven University and St. Joseph’s
career to the collegiate level.
                                                                                            University’s alumnus became the
    “Herb has assembled a team that
                                                                                            youngest recipient of this award.
has shown itself to be very competitive
in the PSUAC,” Athletic Director                                                            Although the day Calvecchio was
Jim Gastner said. “It is not unrealistic            honored was somber due to his mother’s continuing fight with her
to expect Penn State                                illness, it was personally significant because of the pride his family
Brandywine to finish in                             experienced and the validity the award brought to his career as an
one of the top three                                educator.
spots in the                                            “This award made me feel great,” Calvecchio said. “It did not,
league in its                                       however, come close to the feeling I get from being important in the
first year.”                                        life of a child. The feeling of making someone who has been written off
                                                    his or her whole life successful is enough for me to do my job for free.”
                                                        As a special education teacher, Calvecchio spends his time at Avon
                                                    Grove mentoring students, teaching, and mediating after-school
                               YER OF               activities for parents and students. Some of these activities are meant
                                                    to develop skills in conflict resolution and communication, instruct
                   PSUAC P

                            #1 SING

                             CONFER ES ALL          students on how to cope with life problems, and make the lives of
                                           E YEAR

                             #1 SING
                            TOURNA   LES            emotionally troubled students easier. Through his activities at the high
                             CHAMPIOENT             school, Calvecchio makes it his personal mission to see that all of his

                        A                    •
                                 L W OJCIK          students “find their true potential” and to help them get into college.
                                                        Calvecchio also saw this award as an opportunity to convey to his
                                                    Brandywine players the notion that there is more to life than baseball.
                                                    Although the Brandywine Lions had a winning record last season
                                                    under Calvecchio, it is the coach’s philosophy that “it’s not what you
                                                    do on the field but [who] you choose to be off the field.” Calvecchio’s
                                                    ultimate goal is to instill in his players some of the same virtues he
                                                    lives by: “being a good
                                                    teammate, picking each
                                                    other up, listening to
                                                    authority, and being a good
                                                        It is the hope of
                                                    Brandywine fans that the
                                                    baseball team does even
                                                    better this upcoming
                                                    season. But even if the
                                                    team does not lead the
                                                    conference, Calvecchio is
                                                    making a difference.

                                                                                        Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   15
       Around Campus

Campus Examines Role of Higher Ed in Social Justice
By Christina Felizzi

  Social justice may seem like an                             attendees. She spoke of the need for educational
                                                              opportunities for women and children in order for
inherent right of all human beings,                           them to gain the equality they deserve.
but many areas of the world are                                   Sophomore Rob Ewing, president of the campus’
sadly lacking, according to a panel                           Gay Straight Alliance, said, “You never realize how
                                                              well-off Americans are until you see someone first-
of experts presenting at an all-day                           hand who fears for her life on a daily basis just for
interdisciplinary symposium, “Higher                          standing up for what’s right. We have the right to
Education for a Higher Purpose: The                           organize in this country and speak freely. I can’t
                                                              imagine having to hold one of our campus diversity
Role of the Academy in Promoting                              sessions underground in fear that a government official
Social Justice,” at Penn State                                would shut us down or jail or kill us.”
Brandywine last April.                                            He added that he would take what he learned in
    The outstanding roster of presenters, hailing from        the sessions and apply it to “changing the world one
a variety of disciplines, organizations, institutions,        life at a time.”
government offices, and backgrounds, provided a day               Following Pakzad’s speech, which was praised
of education, discussion, and reflection.                     with a standing ovation, participants engaged in “A
    “Social justice is fragile and civil respect for others   Conversation on Human Rights and Institutional
is not something we’re born with,” said Jeremy                Responsibilities” with moderator Sondra Meyers,
Cohen, associate vice president and senior associate          senior fellow for international, civic, and cultural
dean of undergraduate education at Penn State, who            projects at the University of Scranton, and a panel of
participated in the daylong dialogue.                         four, which included Aldo Magazzeni, founder and
    Afghan women’s rights activist Suraya Pakzad,             director of Traveling Mercies; Marjorie Margolies,
recipient of the 2008 International Women of                  president of Women’s Campaign International; Sharon
Courage Award and founder of the Voice of Women               M. Meagher, professor of philosophy and chair of the
Organization, was the keynote speaker. The mother of          department of Latin American studies and women’s
six and wife of a supportive husband, Pakzad has spent        studies at the University of Scranton; and Trudy

years organizing secret schools for girls in Afghanistan,     Rubin, editorial board and foreign affairs columnist at
building shelters for women and children seeking              the Philadelphia Inquirer.
refuge from abuse, and educating the world about the              Local and global perspectives, student involvement
plight of women in her country.                               and educational practices, governmental affairs, and
   Many heard Pakzad’s story when she visited the             the media were discussed in depth by the panelists,
campus in March 2009. Knowing she had more to                 all of them volunteering their insights from their own
share and recognizing the importance of her message,          experiences in various fields.
the campus was excited to welcome her back.                       From Magazzeni’s emphasis on individuals
   “How can we achieve social justice when there is           becoming active in their own communities first, to
no equality?” Pakzad asked the crowd of nearly 100            Rubin’s suggestion to have local newspapers get more

16   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                  Around Campus

involved in the educational systems, to Meagher’s               The last formal portion of the day consisted of
emphasis on student community and civic engagement           four concurrent sessions: “The Clemente Course:
and learning, the panel and the audience had much to         Integrating a Social Justice Agenda in Humanities
share and learn about the issues surrounding human           Curricula,” presented by course founder Earl Shorris
rights.                                                      and Eliza Reilly, director at the Phillips Museum of
   Following the panel discussion, U.S. Senator              Art; “Developing Civic Identity in Youth,” presented
Robert P. Casey Jr. discussed needed improvements in         by Matthew Bundick, of Penn State, Barbara
the government system to enable change in inequality,        Shaiman, of Champions of Caring, and Samuel
poverty, and human rights. “There are not enough             Loewner, also of Penn State; “Promoting Community
political officials willing to make political sacrifices,”   Partnerships,” presented by Paul Downie, of Chester
he said.                                                     Mural Program, Cynthia Jetter, of Swarthmore
   Casey’s wife, Terese (pictured below at the               College, and                        Joann Weeks, of the
podium), spoke of her involvement with “Witnesses            University of                          Pennsylvania; and
to Hunger,” a collection of photographs taken by             “Scholarship                             for Social
mothers documenting the extreme hunger and                   Justice,”                                 presented
poverty in their lives. The project was made possible        by Greg                                   Dimitriadis,
through a collaboration with Professor Mariana               of SUNY                                   Buffalo, Louise
Chilton of Drexel University’s School of Public              Ammentorp,                                of the College
Health. By sharing photographs of the run-down               of New Jersey,                             and Eve Tuck,
homes, lack of food, and unsanitary conditions, Terese       of SUNY                                     New Paltz.
Casey and Chilton already have begun to change
the lives of these mothers through education and
   “One in every eight households is affected by
hunger in the United States,” Terese Casey said. She
hopes to increase women’s participation in hunger
issues through the exhibition.

                                                                               Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   17
                  Around Campus

 tate Brandywine’s Alumni Recognition Event on
                                                                  for the future event
                                                                  YES! I want to be part of Penn State Brandywine’s Alumni Recognition Ev
                                                           May State Brandywine raised funds for student scholarships and
useum honoring Rep. Tom Killion and Sylvia Schaffer. 22, 2010 at the Please Touch Museum honoring Rep. Tom Killion and Sylv
                                                           honored outstanding alumni Sylvia Schaffer ’89, former financial aid
                                                           coordinator at the campus, and Pennsylvania State Representative Thomas
cal)         $125   Quarter page                      3/4”
                                        (2 1/4” x 4“ OR 4 $75 x 2“)’79 at itscard annual Alumni Recognition Event on Quarter page
                                                           Killion Business third (horizontal or vertical)         $125
                                                                                                                               May 22 at the (2 1/4” x
             $500   Full page                             Please Half page        (4 Philadelphia’s Fairmount $500
                                        (4 3/4” x 8”)  $250 Touch Museum in 3/4” x 4”)                            Park.      Full page     (4 3/4” x
                                                              The event launched the campus’ official kick-off for the University-wide
ng pages)    $1,000 Inside front cover (4 3/4” x 8”)  $1,000 Double page
                                                           capital campaign: For thetwo 4 3/4” x 8” facing pages) for$1,000 State Students,
                                                                                                                     Penn Inside front cover (4 3/4” x
                                                                                     Future: The Campaign
er of book)  $1,200 Back cover                            which Center spread ( billion by 2014 of provide an outstanding
                                        (4 3/4” x 8”)  $1,200 aims to secure $2 two 4 3/4” x 8” centerto book)  $1,200 Back cover          (4 3/4” x
                                                           education for students from every economic background.
n create one for you with your own text. (Example: “John Doecan create your own advertisement, or we can create one for you with your own text. (Example:
                                                         Supports Penn State Brandywine.”)
                                                       Create my
e following personal message: __________________________________ ad for me. I would like to include the following personal message: ___________________
            arthur caplan, Ph.d., director of the
            center for Bioethics at the university
            of Pennsylvania, presented
            “Bioethics and henrietta Lacks” to
            the campus community on Sept.
            16, 2010. caplan, an internationally            _______________________________________________________________________________________
            recognized expert in the field of
            bioethics, discussed ethical issues
            connected • 25 Yearsley Mill technology. 19063
wine • University Relations with genetics Road • Media, PA Please send payment to Penn State Brandywine • University Relations • 25 Yearsley Mill Road • Me
                                                           Thank you for your kind support of Penn State Brandywine!
            the campus community is reading
            The Immortal Life of Henrietta
            Lacks, by rebecca Skloot, as this
            year’s selection for the common
            read program.
                                                           Students Tackle Tough
                                                           Topics on Writer’s Blocks
                                                           By Cliff Welby
                                                               In honor of Constitution Day,
                                                           Brandywine students jumped at
                                                           the chance to express their views
                                                           on two issues splitting the opinion
                                                           of American citizens: the recent
                                                           “9/11 mosque” controversy and
                                                           the ongoing debate about gun
                                                           control. Students wrote their
                                                           opinions on two unique structures
                                                           called “writer’s blocks.” Sophomore
                                                           Natalie Munoz felt that it is un-
                                                           American to be intolerant of
                                                           the 9/11 mosque “because as
                                                           Americans we have that freedom.
                                                           Some things may come across
                                                           offensive, but it’s a freedom we are
                                                           all entitled to,” she said.

         18     Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010

 StudentS, Faculty honored
 For excellence
 By Joe Van Wyk
   Forget about tax day. April 15 should be forever         and family studies, was named the 2010 Distinguished
remembered as pride day, and the campus was                 Teacher, which recognizes a full-time faculty member
overwhelmed with a sense of Penn State Pride as it          who provides distinguished teaching while providing
recognized individuals for their outstanding work inside    encouragement and incentive for teaching excellence.
and outside of the classroom at EURECA (Exposition             Richard Barrett, senior instructor in business
of Undergraduate Research Enterprise and Creative           administration, received the George W. Franz Advising
Accomplishment) and the Spring 2010 Academic                and Mentoring Award, annually recognizing faculty
Awards Ceremony.                                            or staff for their efforts in helping others achieve their
   The campus honored June Carfagno, Andrew                 potential.
Dombalagian, Christina Felizzi, and Danielle Gridley           The Undergraduate Research Award for faculty was
as new inductees into the international English honor       awarded to Professor of Chemistry Michael De Rosa,
society, Sigma Tau Delta. Felizzi and Dombalagian also      while Sara Neville received the Undergraduate Research
joined Benjamin Bean, Jill Gillin, Jacqueline Glace, Iris   Award for Students.
Thai, and Shake Jebejian as they were inducted into the        Senior Rebecca Hart was honored with the Dr.
Phi Kappa Phi honorary society.                             Randall Stout Memorial Award, honoring a senior who
   In addition to the 166 students recognized for           has demonstrated superior academic performance and
academic achievement in their respective degree             outstanding participation in the bachelor of science in
programs, the campus recognized the recipients of           business program.
the 2010 President’s Freshman Award, presented                 Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
annually to undergraduate students who have earned          Cynthia Lightfoot received the Madlyn Hanes Faculty
a 4.0 cumulative grade-point average based on at least      Award, which recognizes a full-time faculty member who
12 graded Penn State credits. The recipients were           has made outstanding contributions through exceptional
Christopher Gramlich, Skylar Luxon, Jurgen Kasa,            achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, creative
Patricia McGinnis, Thomas Wagner, Jeremy Lim, and           activity, or service.
Allison Rodia.                                                 And last but not least, Professor of English Phyllis B.
   Vickie Francis was honored as the winner of the          Cole was honored with the Faculty Research Program
President Sparks Award, given annually to undergraduate     Award, which honors and recognizes scholarly or creative
students who have earned a 4.0 cumulative grade-point       excellence in any area of the arts, humanities, social
average based on at least 36 graded Penn State credits.     sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business, or
   Katherine Meehan, instructor in human development        communications.

                           Richard Barrett        Michael De Rosa        Cynthia Lightfoot
  Katherine Meehan                                                                                Phyllis B. Cole

                                                                              Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   19

                                   Research Illuminates Students’

                                           While many travelers visit Paris to see the sights and sample the delectable
                                       cuisine, five Penn State students spent their summer vacation in the slightly
                                       humid confines of a research lab at the University of Paris VI.
                                           Along with several French students, these aspiring scientists, all nominated
                                       for this prestigious opportunity by their science faculty, conducted
                                       sophisticated, graduate school–level research under the guidance of Margaret
                                       Ahmad, visiting assistant professor. The research was focused on a new type of
                                       photoreceptor, a blue light receptor found in plants, as well as in humans and
                                           Understanding this photoreceptor has implications “for circadian clock
                                       (jet lag!) and may even be involved in magnetic sensing in migratory birds,”
                                       Ahmad said. “We are studying the function and molecular structure of the
                                       plant Cryptochrome, which controls how plants grow and develop in the light.
                                       The project involves a genetic screening procedure to look for mutations and
                                       detailed molecular studies to understand how it works and, ultimately, relate
                                       these findings to function in flies and humans.”
                                           The project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), runs year-
                                       round. It is housed at Penn State Brandywine except for the summer months,
                                       when it takes place full-time at the Parisian university, located in the heart of
                                       downtown Paris and within walking distance of Notre Dame Cathedral.
                                           “In that setting, it was sometimes kind of hard to concentrate on research,”
                                       Ahmad confessed. But don’t feel too sorry for these students. When their
                                       workday came to an end, they found plenty of ways to take advantage of the
                                       “fantastique” City of Lights.
                                           So how did the fortunate five land this amazing opportunity? They have
                                       Associate Professor of Biology Elizabeth Dudkin and Instructor in Biology
                                       Adam Heinze to thank. “Professors Dudkin and Heinze targeted students
                                       for the program based on how they performed in their classes, in research
                                       programs they organized, and in a research techniques course they teach,”
                                       Ahmad said.
                                           “Dr. Dudkin offered the opportunity to my Biology 230 class, and it was
                                       definitely something I was interested in,” said junior Jacobson Ma.
                                           Added Tara Ambrosine, a sophomore majoring in biology, “Dr. Heinze
                                       introduced me to Dr. Ahmad. He felt I was qualified for the project. If it were
                                       not for this introduction, I would never have gotten this opportunity.”
                                           Clearly, it took certain qualities to succeed in this venture, and the fabulous
                                       five lived up to their promise. “The students had a very good work ethic,
                                       self discipline, and were extremely enthusiastic,” Ahmad said. “I particularly

20   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010

Experiences in the City of Lights

 appreciated one student who had gone back to school after             Earasi agreed. “Being part of a team was a great
 doing military service. He routinely showed up in the early       experience; working together and seeing our hard
 morning, [stayed] until late in the evening, and thought          work pay off in the end gave us an enormous sense of
 nothing of coming in Saturdays and doing extra time when          accomplishment,” he said.
 needed, even though this was not part of the requirement.”            “The French students were all fantastic,” Shah said.
     Ahmad was impressed with the students’ dedication to          “They made us feel right at home, and everyone got
 the project. “I found their open-mindedness and unbiased          along.”
 outlook, leading to all kinds of observations and off-beat            Ahmad praised the collaborative spirit between the
 questions, actually led to new discoveries that I would never     Brandywine group and their French counterparts.
 otherwise have thought of.”                                       “Our students made great ambassadors in the French
     From the students’ perspective, the days could be long,       lab,” Ahmad said. “The exchange between them and
 but the end result was worth it. “Cryptochrome research           the locals contributed to a friendly and cheerful lab
 is a relatively new field,” said Ma. “If we were to find          atmosphere, opening up everyone’s horizons.”
 anything, there was a large chance that it would be the first         The students stayed in furnished private apartments
 time that anyone has found it. That aspect of novel findings      with kitchen facilities, which were sublet for the
 was very exciting to me.”                                         summer, or in comfortable student residences. Housing
                                                                   costs were covered by the grant, and a stipend for the
     Integrating concepts learned in the classroom made the
                                                                   participants was included.
 research relevant to the students. “It was interesting to be
                                                                       “The originality of the students was the most
 able to apply knowledge learned from my biology courses
                                                                   humbling experience for me,” Ahmad said. “As a
 with Dr. Dudkin to actual experiments,” said senior Saikiran      seasoned researcher, one is not prepared to expect
 Earasi, a biology major and psychology minor.                     useful suggestions, let alone potentially exciting new
     Manan Shah, a graduate of Penn State Brandywine’s             directions, coming from first-year undergrads with
 Accelerated Postbaccalaureate Medical Science Certificate         little or no lab experience. The students’ powers of
 Program who is now applying to medical school, said, “I           observation and attention to detail were always fresh
 definitely had a great time toward the end when my cell           and original.”
 lines were still going strong without infection and I was             She added, “The program should go on for at least
 about to get some product out.”                                   next summer as well as the summer after. I think there
     The students conceded that tedium was part of the             is a good chance the grant will be renewed which opens
 process, “in the sense that we had to do a large amount of        the possibility to many more years as well.”
 planting and transplanting to start the scientific aspect of          “I would tell a student who is interested to take
 our research,” said Ma, “but it was worth it.”                    the opportunity and make the most of it,” suggested
     Ma related a standout moment of the experience. “We           Ambrosine. “Living abroad opens your eyes to so many
 were on a tight schedule and there were just way too many         new things and a whole different culture and way of
 plants to transplant on our own,” he said. “Eventually, the       life.”
 entire lab came over to help us. It felt really special because       Shah agreed. “Definitely do it,” he advised. “Go
 that was when I fully understood how teamwork was such            with an open mind, be prepared to work hard, and grab
 an important aspect of a lab.”                                    any opportunities with both hands.”–HB

                                                                                   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   21

Freshmen Join Summer Prides
                                                                      Academy Edison High School. “Be A Lion can
         It’s no myth that going off to college is an                 get you ready for that. You can gain a better
     exciting, often life-changing experience. So it should           feeling of what the courses are going to be
     be no surprise that a group of recent high school                like, what the workload is going to look like,
     grads just couldn’t wait until fall to start classes at          what the demand is going to be. This really is a
     Penn State Brandywine.                                           beneficial experience.”
          Eighteen eager incoming freshmen spent their                    Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
      summers earning six credits each as part of the                 Patricia Hillen, who served as the program’s
      campus’ first-ever Be A Lion Program, which                     coordinator said, “Be A Lion worked for all the
      stands for Brandywine’s Edge on Academics.                      right reasons—students enjoyed and benefitted
            Be A Lion offered these new students the                  greatly from a unique college experience that
       opportunity to start their Penn State career in a              gave them much to work with beyond just
       small college atmosphere. Each student
                                                                                  course content. Having said that,
       chose to join one of three “prides”: Race,            Brandywine’s Edge    the six-credit boost and edge on

                                                        BE A
        Identity, and Social Justice; Mass Media
                                                                                  academics was widely popular!”
        Shapes U.S. History; or Musical Theater
                                                                                     Adjunct Faculty Member Mark
        and Self-Expression. The theme of the
                                                                                  Westmoreland, who taught the two

        pride determined the topics students
         would learn about in the classroom—                                      courses as part of the Race, Identity,
         each pride attended two different classes,                               and Social Justice pride, said, “My
         three days per week, led by Penn State                                   students appreciated the opportunity
                                                             on Academics to familiarize themselves with college
               “What I like about the program is                                  courses, the campus, and the sense
          that you get to know the campus and the school              of community that our campus embraces. The
          before we have to start in the fall,” Bayard                ability to take two courses seemed to enhance the
          Rustin High School graduate Marcelo Liuzzi                  program by offering the students two different
           said. “I kind of like the concentrated lessons             subjects and teaching styles.”
           more. I feel like I’m getting a lot out of them.”              The program, which ran from July 5 to August
                Through this process and a number of                  11, Tuesday through Thursday, was available only
            activities set up for the students, including a trip      to first-year students offered admission to the
            to New York City with Djuradj Stakic, professor           campus. Each student was required to apply and
            of human development and family studies, they             meet certain academic requirements.
            were able to meet faculty, get acquainted with                After a successful first summer, Hillen said
             the campus, and make friends with other new              program planning is underway for summer 2011.
             students.                                                “We hope to see it grow and we will be offering
                 “From what I’ve heard from older students,           more than three prides.” For more information,
              teachers, my peers, there’s no bombshell quite          contact Hillen at 610-892-1372 or PAH14@
              like that of the start of fall semester,” said–RP
               Matthew Stein, a graduate of Renaissance

22   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                          Continuing Education

 Postbac Grad reaches Med school dreaM
                                                                                  and the postbac program around the
                                                                                  same time. I was working on getting
                                                                                  into med school. It just took about
                                                                                  two years—one year postbac, one
                                                                                  year of applications and interviews.”
                                                                                  Mulholland conceded that it was an
                                                                                  “intense” year, but she “found a way
                                                                                  to balance everything.
                                                                                     “The quality of the Penn State
                                                                                  Brandywine program is what
                                                                                  makes it stand out,” she said. “The
                                                                                  program was an incredible prep
                                                                                  for the MCATs (Medical College
                                                                                  Admission Test).”
                                                                                     “The professors are wonderful,”
                                                                                  she added. “They really wanted us
                                                                                  to succeed and the support was so
                                                                                  important. Dr. [Elizabeth] Dudkin,
                                                                                  for example, held extra sessions if
                                                                                  we needed them, even on a Friday
                                                                                     Dudkin, associate professor of
  Christie Mulholland’s dream of becoming a doctor                                biology, commented, “Christie was,
got one step closer to reality when she officially started                        and continues to be, motivated by
Jefferson Medical School last summer.                                             a need to make a useful change in
                                                                                  the world. She embodies all of the
    As she donned her white             Machu Pichu. “I had a lot of time to      qualities of a terrific doctor: she is
jacket—a tradition at most medical      think,” she said. “I came back with       truly compassionate, really smart,
schools marking the beginning           a few ideas to consider, and medical      she works really hard, and when
of the three-year program—she           school was one of them.”                  things get tough she digs down
reflected on the journey that               Without having taken science          really deep and finds the strength
brought her to this significant         courses as an undergraduate,              to keep moving on.”
milestone.                              however, Mulholland knew she                 Mulholland was accepted
    When Mulholland (pictured           would have to catch up before even        to several medical schools and
above, far right) graduated from        applying to medical school. At the        chose Jefferson. What area she
Penn State in 2005 with a double        same time, she knew she had to            will ultimately specialize in has
major in sociology and Spanish,         work full-time. So she researched         yet to be determined, but she is
she knew she wanted to further her      postbaccalaureate programs,               leaning toward family medicine,
education, but first there were other   which provide science courses for         internal medicine, or obstetrics/
mountains to climb.                     college graduates who are looking         gynecology.–HB
    She found an opportunity            to transition into the allied health
working in north Philadelphia with a    field—Penn State Brandywine offers
Spanish-speaking community doing        the Accelerated Postbaccalaureate
home visitations as a social worker     Medical Science Certificate program
in the Maternal, Child, and Infant      to do just that.
Health Program at a non-profit              “In the end, I went with a brand
called Congreso.                        I trusted,” she said. “Penn State
    A year later, Mulholland traveled   was my first choice, and the way
to Argentina to teach English           the program is structured, I could
to adults and in her spare time         continue working full-time. Plus, it
volunteered to teach children. She      was only a year long, and that was
also carved out enough time to          perfect for me.
go backpacking through South                “I started my new job (director
America, hiking the Inca trail to       of social services for a nursing home)

                                                                                 Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   23
       Continuing Education

Brandywine Program Provides Quality Makeover
   When Steve Barr, president and CEO of Keystone           Services at University Park consists of 16 modules
Quality Transport (KQT), took a look at his Philadelphia    covering topics from conflict resolution to interpersonal
medical transport business three years ago, he found his    effectiveness to best practices in customer service.
company had lost its competitive advantage. “We lost        Program participants are thoroughly assessed and
the ‘Quality’ in Keystone Quality Transport,” he said.      coached during the program, Herbst explained. The
“Our employees looked and acted like our competitors.       assessments uncover gaps in supervision skill areas and
We needed to transform ourselves to meet customer           the training fills the gaps.
expectations and lead the                                                                “Most of the 25 supervisors
marketplace.”                                                                         and managers who started the
   His method for change? A                                                           Penn State program embraced
mandatory training program for                                                        the training,” Herbst recalled.
his supervisors provided by Penn                                                      “I always try to make [the
State Brandywine. Brandywine                                                          training] about them, their
Continuing Education                                                                  professional growth, how they
Representative Sue Currie was                                                         can contribute to company
ready to help, and Penn State                                                         goals. Some supervisors and
senior management development                                                         managers pushed back, and over
faculty member Bob Herbst was                                                         time those unwilling to buy in
called in as program manager and                                                      to the transformation effort
lead instructor.
                                                                                      were replaced through internal
   Two years later, morale is up,
“retention is significantly better,
                                                               “It is an on-going process, but the culture of the
incident issues have dropped five-fold, and all of our
customer service measurements are at historic highs,”       company has fundamentally changed,” KQT Director of
Barr said.                                                  Operations Jack Metz said.
   “What is remarkable is how Keystone Quality                 KQT Base Manager Yolanda Mosby managed 80
Transport has reinvented itself over the last two years,”   employees with no formal supervision training prior
said Herbst, who conducted all four of the eight to ten-    to the Penn State program. “The course tapped into
week programs on site at KQT headquarters.                  who I am,” she said. “I had to analyze myself. I am a
   KQT is made up of a predominately economically           hard worker and the course teaches you how to use
disadvantaged, urban workforce of paratransit drivers,      your supervision style strengths and to be aware of your
dispatchers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs),          weaknesses when working with your people.”
customer service agents, and administrative staff who          A new employee recognition program was recently
make the business function 24/7, 365 days per year. For     launched at KQT. Recognizing years of service, safe
80 percent of KQT’s supervisors and managers, Penn          driving, and outstanding employee performance has
State’s training program was the first formal training,     brought a new sense of pride to KQT.
other than EMT or medical training, they had ever              The Penn State Brandywine - KQT partnership will
received.                                                   continue, Barr said. “KQT has been transformed by the
   The supervision development training program             commitment of its supervisors to Penn State’s excellent
created by Management Development Programs and              instruction.”–RP

24   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                    Alumni & Friends

Michael Bradley: Giving Back is Simply a Matter of Course
    “I believe in Penn State and this campus.” With those       have met many Penn Staters from other campuses.”
few words, Michael Bradley ’78 Bus, summed up the                  This man of boundless energy is matter of fact
many reasons why he supports Penn State Brandywine.             about his generosity. “My parents taught me about
    A true blue and white Penn Stater, Bradley started          giving back,” he said. “I can’t say enough about how
a family tradition when he became a freshman at what            much this campus helped me when I needed it. I knew
was then Penn State Delaware County. The eldest of              that someday I would try to help others get the same
eight children, he was followed by two brothers, Dennis         opportunity I was given.” To that end, he has held
and Tom, and his sister Kerry, who also attended the            basketball competitions and golf tournaments to raise
Brandywine campus, and two other sisters, Bernadette            money for student scholarships. During summer breaks
and Maureen, who attended University Park all four              he hires Penn State students at his business, M.J. Bradley
years.                                                          Co., Inc. He also speaks to prospective students and
    As the first in his family to go to college, he had a big   their families at campus admissions programs. He is
decision to make. “My parents expected me to go to              very proud to represent Penn State not only as an alum
college,” he said, “but affordability was the driving force.    and advisory board member, but now as a Penn State
I knew about Penn State football, Joe Paterno, and the          parent as well. His son Mickey is a sophomore at the
University’s great reputation. But to my surprise, I found      Brandywine campus.
Penn State was also located in my own backyard, right              “As a proud alum, I had hoped my son would choose
here in Delaware County.”                                       my alma mater, but I also wanted him to make the
    Bradley’s decision was an easy one. “I was able to          choice that was right for him,” Bradley said. “Mickey did
have the best of both worlds,” he said. “I could remain         decide to attend Penn State Brandywine, and he has not
at home, work, and help my family while getting a Penn          regretted that choice. He has enjoyed his classes, made
State education.” He spent his junior and senior years at       new friends, and even travelled to Ireland with the study
University Park. But he never forgot the campus where it        abroad program.”
all began.                                                         Mickey, who is leaning toward a major in speech
    “I always felt and still feel a connection to the campus    communication, saw several familiar faces when he first
that gave me my start,” he said. “The professors here are       started at the campus. “A few of my good friends from
wonderful, and the staff is exceptional.”                       [Cardinal] O’Hara High School are here,” he said. “That
    Bradley’s Penn State story did not end with his             was a big advantage. But I’ve made a lot of new friends,
graduation. He is a member of the Mt. Nittany Society,          too, especially on the Ireland trip.”
the Penn State Nittany Lion Club, the Penn State                   The small class size is great, he said, and he has
Alumni Association, and the Penn State Brandywine                enjoyed getting to know faculty—an easy thing to do
Advisory Board, on which he served as president                    at a campus of this size. He also has a part-time job
and remains an active member. He also received                       in the IT department, where he is “learning about
the prestigious Alumni Fellow award in 2001.                            fixing computers.
    But that only scratches the surface of what                               “I would definitely recommend that high
he does for the community. He is actively                                    school students take a look at this campus,”
involved in development and fundraising                                           Mickey said. “It’s the same curriculum,
for Cardinal O’Hara High School, the                                                the same Penn State education as any
Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and                                                        other campus.”
the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s                                                                  Bradley and his wife, Linda,
Day Parade. He is well known                                                                       have started the college
for his involvement with                                                                            search process again
many Irish organizations.                                                                           this year. Their son
This year he was honored                                                                            Colin is a high school
as Philadelphia Emerald                                                                              senior at Cardinal
Society’s Man of the Year.                                                                           O’Hara. No surprise:
    He characterizes his                                                                               Penn State is his
21 years on the Advisory                                                                                    first choice. The
Board as “a wonderful,                                                                                      Bradley legacy
enlightening experience.                                                                                    continues.–HB
I’ve gotten a look at
the big picture and

                                                                                   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010    25
       Alumni & Friends

Alumna Inspires Love of Reading in the Tiniest Tots
                                                                                    likes to say that she got the best of
                                                                                    both worlds with her Penn State
                                                                                    education. “Commuting from home
                                                                                    to Brandywine for my first two years
                                                                                    was a good move for me since I
                                                                                    was still a homebody and enjoyed
                                                                                    the small campus atmosphere. And
                                                                                    then transferring to University Park
                                                                                    allowed me to experience living on
                                                                                    my own for the first time.”
                                                                                        After graduation, she found a
                                                                                    job at the library and quickly fell
                                                                                    in love with the work. “It was an
                                                                                    unexpected dream job!” she said. “I
                                                                                    still remember texting my dad from
                                                                                    my first library conference, telling
                                                                                    him ‘I want to be a librarian forever,’
                                                                                    and I have never looked back since.”
   Squeals of joy and the stampeding       a Splash … Read!” The word spread,           Longbottom continued her
of little feet announce the arrival        thanks to fliers and a display in the    education thanks to a grant offered
of some very excited visitors at the       library, but Longbottom also posted      by the surrounding five-county
Ridley Township Public Library.            information on Facebook and the          library systems: “Growing New
For Lauren Longbottom, it’s all in a       library’s website.                       Leaders Today for the Library of
day’s work.                                    “The ‘Teddy Bear Trips’ was a        the Future.” This grant gave her the
   Longbottom ’05 Com, is head             simple idea that put imagination         chance to gain knowledge in the
of children’s services at the Ridley       to the test,” Longbottom said. “It       field. “I attended the University of
branch and has created a warm,             started four years ago when children     Pittsburgh through online courses
inviting environment where books           were invited to drop off a stuffed       and obtained my master’s degree in
and art and whimsy all mingle. It’s a      animal at the library for a sleepover.   library and information science in
winning combination.                       I took pictures of the bears watching    two years,” she said. “It was such an
   “It makes my day when I see [the        movies, building forts, playing          accomplishment for me!”
children] running down the hallway         games, reading books, and getting            She credits a sixth grade teacher
and into the library just to say hi        ready for bed.”                          as a major influence in her life. “Miss
and give me a hug,” she said. “It is a         The kids returned the next day,      McCullough encouraged me to be
great feeling when you can see how         she said, “to pick up their furry        proud of myself and always do my
much they enjoy visiting.                  friends and receive a CD containing      best,” she said. “She wanted us to
   “When it comes to my activities         photos from the night. They were         have fun while learning, and she
and events, I try to think about the       thrilled!”                               always taught with a smile. I will
kids: What would they like to do?              Since then, Longbottom has           never forget the lessons she taught
What would make the library seem           taken stuffed animals on a camping       me. I want to have the same impact
cool and fun to them?”                     trip and to the beach. “Families         on the kids who walk through my
   In her corner of the library,           really enjoy looking through the         library doors every day. I want
children delight in the goofy              photos,” she said, “and the kids         them to have a positive experience
puppets, stuffed animals, colorful         love seeing what their teddy bears       whenever they come in and to know
puzzles, and paper airplanes.              did while away. I have received          they have someone to look up to
Longbottom creates a fun and               overwhelming support and                 and trust.”–HB
stimulating environment and designs        wonderful feedback. I can’t
programs that will entertain and           wait to see where it will go
inspire these little ones with a love      next!”
of books.                                      Longbottom, who
   Last summer she launched a              attended the Brandywine
“Teddy Bear Beach Trip” to support         campus and spent her last
her library’s summer theme, “Make          two years at University Park,

26   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                Alumni & Friends

                          T ec h Suppo r T
    It is a well-known fact that Penn Staters help Penn Staters. So when three
  Penn State alumni met with Brandywine students to talk about their careers in
  Information Systems Technology (IST), the students were able to get straight
                   answers and solid advice from the professionals.
   Peter Lechner ’03 IST, the former president of          key. “The firms that you are looking at want to see your
the IST Alumni Society, and Brian Freas ’04 IST, the       experience,” he said. “I did a project with Raytheon
alumni relations chair for the IST Alumni Society,         one summer, and put that on my resume.” Now an
made Brandywine a stop on their visit to all Penn State    information security engineer at Lockheed, he said, “My
campuses that offer the four-year IST degree.              dream job was to get to Lockheed. Having Penn State
   Joined by Shawn Manderson ’03 IST, of ARAMARK,          on my resume carried such weight.”
currently president of Penn State Brandywine’s Alumni         An IST student asked what the best time was to get
Society, Lechner and Freas shared their experiences with   an internship. “Do internships as soon as you can,” Freas
approximately 40 current students and new graduates        advised. “I got one after my second semester working
looking for employment in a                                                        for the Department of Defense and
competitive market.                                                                then did a second internship there
   “You’re all in a similar boat,”                                                 the following fall. I feel it is never
Lechner told the students.                                                         too early to start.”
“Companies need to see what sets                                                       Lechner explained that the IST
you apart.” He cited the CCSA                                                      Alumni Society is there for current
(Check Point Certified Security                                                    students to provide mentoring and
Administrator) certification                                                       other connections. He encouraged
as a way to get a jump on the                                                      the students to check out the
competition. Manderson noted                                                       group’s website,,
that having the CISA (Certified                                                    and to ask for advice when needed.
Information Systems Auditor) certification helped him         “You should all understand the value of a Penn State
maintain a competitive edge in the IT profession.          degree,” Lechner said. “There’s nowhere I go that
   Adding an academic minor to your curriculum can         people haven’t heard of Penn State. The Penn State IST
be beneficial, too, according to Manderson. “I did a       program has helped students get jobs. One of the most
business minor, which enhanced my degree. It got me        powerful things in IST across the University is the great
in the door at Ernst and Young, where I got my first job   faculty that can teach you and mentor you.”
after graduation.”                                            Despite the recession’s effect, all three alumni felt
   Manderson advised students to list their core IST       certain that there are still hundreds of available jobs.
classes and what they were about on their resumes.            “There are a lot of opportunities out there.
“Companies want to know what you learned, and going        I’m not just talking about helpdesk or computer
through this program will give you plenty to tell them.    technician work,” said Freas. “I mean there’s a need
Penn State’s IST program is distinctive. It is second to   for professionals in information security, application
none.”                                                      development,                IT governance, IT auditing,
   Freas agreed that               relevant IST               disaster                    recovery planning, security
experience on top of the             coursework is            risk analysis,              telecommunications, and

                                                                               Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010    27
        Alumni & Friends / Advisory Board

Greetings from the President                                               Advisory Board Members
of the Penn State Brandywine                                               James Bonner
                                                                           Advisory Board President
Alumni Society                                                             Physical Therapy Physicians
                                                                           Michael J. Bradley Jr.
                           Hello fellow alumni and friends,                M. J. Bradley Co., Inc.
                                                                           Robert S. Buxton Jr.
                                 Eight years ago when I was a student      NovaCare Occupational Health Services
                             at Penn State Brandywine, I learned
                                                                           Edmond D. Costantini Jr.
                             an important lesson from one of my            TEEM Development Management Co., Inc.
                             mentors: the power of encouragement
                                                                           Mark H. Dambly
                             keeps the human spirit alive and it kindles
                                                                           Pennrose Properties
                             a belief that anything can be done. Those
                             words have helped me get through              Joanne F. Finegan
                                                                           ReMed Recovery Care Centers
                             some of my most difficult challenges so
                             far in my life. More importantly, it was      Lawrence Gallone Sr.
                             the encouragement from my mentor              Siemens Medical Solutions, USA
that helped me become confident, diligent, and responsible in              Peter Gilligan
achieving my goals.                                                        Wawa, Inc.
    Today, I find myself in the same position that my mentor was in        G. Michael Green, Esq.
eight years earlier, except now I have a platform where I can help         District Attorney, Delaware County
encourage others on a larger scale.                                        Jennifer McKee Hannon
    For the first time ever, the Alumni Society decided to host            The McKee Group
a graduation dinner for our spring 2010 graduates last April.              C. David Hoffritz
The Alumni Society saw this as a perfect opportunity for alumni            Raymond J. Hunter
to network with our graduating seniors, to encourage our new               John P. Iannacone
graduates to give back to Penn State, and to recognize three               Giannini Jeweler’s Inc.
special graduates.                                                         Robert Judge
    We were honored to have Paul deGategno, director of                    Exelon Generation
academic affairs at Penn State Brandywine, as the guest speaker for
                                                                           Joseph W. Linker
the dinner when we honored these students, who best exemplified            Advisory Board Vice President, Development
excellence in the areas of citizenship, extra-curricular activities, and   Conner Strong Companies, Inc.
                                                                           Joseph C. Miller
    The Penn State Brandywine faculty nominated students who
deserved to be recognized at this wonderful event. After reading           Gerald J. Parsons
                                                                           CTDI, Inc.
a lot of outstanding recommendations, the Alumni Society was
proud to present certificates of recognition to Nancy Perone ’10           Ernest L. Repice
Com, for citizenship; Teron Meyers ’10 Com, for extra- curricular          Karr Barth Associates Inc.
activities; and Rahel Teklegiorgis ’10 Com, for scholarship.               Anthony D. Scanlon, Esq.
    Congratulations to the graduating class of 2010 and good luck!         District Justice, Springfield Regional Court
    Finally, I would like to say thank you for staying connected with      Sara B. Schukraft
the campus and the Alumni Society, and for being the best alumni           Peggy Sharp
in the world.                                                              Advisory Board Vice President
    If you would like to join our e-mail list, have ideas, or want         Arkema, Inc.
to be a member of the Alumni Society, please feel free to look us          Douglas R. Smith
up at www. or contact us at alumni-society@               Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc.                                                                Andrew P. Stimmler
                                                                           Laboratory Corporation of America
Let’s Go State!                                                            John D. Unangst
                                                                           Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Shawn Manderson ’03 IST                                                    Sophia Wisniewska
President, Executive Board                                                 Advisory Board Secretary
Penn State Brandywine Alumni Society                                       Penn State Brandywine

28   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                 In Memoriam

landon c. Burns, “A Gentleman and a Scholar”
By Joe Biscontini

  Landon C. Burns, 80, a college professor described by colleagues as a true
“gentleman and a scholar,” and the author of a book of literary criticism on the
works of novelist Pat Conroy, died April 15 following a long illness.
      Mr. Burns, as he asked to be called by students, was
   professor of English at Penn State Brandywine from 1969
   until his retirement 20 years later. Within two years of his
   arrival there, he became the first faculty member at any
   branch campus of Penn State to achieve the rank of full
      Mr. Burns was born in Westminster, Md., and
   completed his high school education at St. Andrews School
   in Middletown, Del. Between earning his bachelor’s and
   Ph.D. degrees in English at Yale University, Mr. Burns
   served in the U.S. Navy for four years, leaving in 1955
   with the rank of Lieutenant JG.
      He taught English at the University of Pennsylvania
   for nine years, and served as Provost and Dean of the College at Washington College,
   Chestertown, Md., prior to joining the Penn State campus near Media (then called Penn
   State Delaware County).
      Mr. Burns’ faculty colleagues there described him as both a gentleman and a scholar.
   George Franz, director of academic affairs emeritus, said “During Don’s last years of
   teaching, an era of encroaching casual attire by students and faculty, Don wore a jacket
   and tie to every class. He addressed his students as Mr. and Miss, not by first name,
   yet this touch of formality merged seamlessly with his gentle, patient, and soft-spoken
      Mr. Burns published numerous articles in scholarly journals, and in 1996 published,
   through Greenwood Press, Pat Conroy, A Critical Companion. The book is in use in
   many schools and recently became available electronically on Amazon’s Kindle Reader.
      A lifelong devotee of literature and the arts, he was a member and patron of the
   Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, the Pennsylvania
   Horticultural Society, the Philadelphia Athenaenum, and other organizations.
      He is survived by his companion of 44 years, Russell Fulton, of Drexel Hill, and one
      Through the Pennsylvania Humanity Gifts Registry, Mr. Burns donated his body
   to Jefferson Medical College for research purposes. Contributions may be made to the
   Landon C. Burns Scholarship Fund at Penn State Brandywine campus.
      —Joe Biscontini is a longtime friend and colleague of Don Burns.

                                                                          Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010   29
       Honor Roll

Honor Roll 2009
Friends of Penn State Brandywine (January 1–December 31, 2009)
Thank you for your support of our campus and our students.
$10,000+                      John and Carol S. Wixted    David and Maria Dychala    Jim and Karen M. Clyde
Harold and Jean Schaeffer     Steve I. and Caryn Retter   Katherine Westover Gerst   Paul R. Amaya
The Estate of Ralph B.        Glusman                     David W. and Valerie R.    Rasheed O. Amoo
D’Iorio                       Michael and Linda Bradley   McClung
                                                                                     Michael D. Arlen
                              Lynn M. Johnson             Patrick J. and Kathy L.
                                                          Meehan                     Elizabeth Buckmaster
$5,000–$9,999                 Robert E. and Wendy C.                                 Timothy F. and Lori
                              Dubois                      David Polnerow
John and Christine                                                                   Coffey
Iannacone                     Randall and Gillian         Nancy L. Turnbull
                                                                                     Brian Daniel and Marie
Robert and Marian Stonis      Hannum                      Willis S. White            Daniel
Suburban West Realtors        Joan H. Impagliazzo         Douglas R. and Sue         Justin M. Di Matteo
Association                   Doris K. Kahmar             Zimmermann
                                                                                     Fidelity Investments
                              John and Martha Kolln       Richard and Cynthia        Charitable Gift Fund
$2,500–$4,999                 Sophia T. Wisniewska                                   Robert B. Finucane
                                                          Djuradj Stakic
Boeing Company                                                                       John and Kathie Furgele
                                                          Nannette D’Imperio
Penn State Chapter            $250–$499                                              Lawrence and Bernadette
of Delaware County,                                       Adam J. Sorkin             Gallone
                              A. A. Markley
Pennsylvania                                              Joseph and Mary Jane       Theodore and Emily
                              John Tierney                Linker
Ernest and Angela Repice                                                             Gunther
                              Richard T. and Gwendoly     Arthur T. Beer
Schwab Fund for               M. Barrett                                             Alfred R. and Cynthia
Charitable Giving                                         Mark A. and Marianne C.    D.W. Haight
                              Terry D. Ernest             Hellerman
Thomas J. McKelvey                                                                   Robert L. and Linda L.
                              Joseph and Kathleen         Rosemary O. Hughes         Hennel
$1,000–$2,499                                             David and Lee Krah         Paul M. Hurych
                              Gerald and Eleanor
Kenneth and Mary Gergen       Parsons                     Gregory and Danielle       Julie A. Gallagher
                                                          Pratico                    Philip L. Kurland
Michael and Maria Zuccato     Gordon and Diane
                              Crompton                    John Spychalski            John and Robin Landino
Ted D. Hadley and Betty
Ann Hadley                    James L. and Margaret L.    Scott E. and Christine     Phillip and Rosemary
                              Gastner                     Allen                      McGavin
Vanguard Charitable
Endowment Program             Stephen Jones               Stephen J. and Elizabeth   James J. Mollica
                                                          A. Cimbala
National Woodcarvers          Don and Sara Taylor                                    William W. and Jacalyn
Association, William Rush                                 Lisa R. Yerges             Moyer
                              Paul and Gale Stimmler
Chapter                                                   Patrick J. Bradley         Carol A. Nordo
                              Keith Amann
James and Rochelle                                        Gordon B. and Kathleen     Paul E. Petroll
Morgan                        Paul V. Latimer             E. Burkett
                              Andrew and Terri Lynn                                  Robert E. and Jeanette G.
John R. Terrell                                           Barbara LaRosa-Martini     Rieck
                                                          Nolan-Fidale Funeral       Albert J. Socha
$500–$999                                                 Home, Ltd.
                              $100–$249                                              Theresa I. Stollsteimer
David and Dianne Elderkin                                 Deborah J. Erie
                              Sean D. Nichols             Edmund A. Grafstrom
Greg Nolan and Laurie
Nolan                         Wayne J. McMullen           Paul A. Orlov
Elaine M. Gorman                                          Joseph G. Biscontini

30   Brandywine Pride • Fall/Winter 2010
                                                                                        Alumni Notes

Call for Distinguished Teacher Award Nominations!
   Please consider nominating a current faculty member at Penn State Brandywine who makes an outstanding
contribution to students through exceptional teaching. All full-time faculty members and librarians are eligible for
the award, with the exception of members of the selection committee: Kathy Meehan, Seongeun Kim, and Arnold
   Fill out the nomination form at Use the drop-down menu for the “Distinguished
Teacher Award.” In the text box that appears, please indicate clearly in your statement of nomination why the
nominee deserves the award and provide evidence to support your nomination. The awards will be presented at the
campus’ Honors Convocation in April 2011.

Alumni Notes
W. Jonathan Comisiak ’93 LIR, of Baltimore County,
Md., wed Michele Driscoll on April 24, 2010.

Mariejel (Luistro) Weber ’03 Bus, of Lansdowne, Pa.,
wed Brandon Weber in the Phillipines on November 28,
2009. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter
Ariel Marie, on March 18, 2010, and moved into a
brand new home last August. “I feel very blessed that I
was given so many joys in life one after the other ... all
before I turn 30,” she said.

                                   Last Name: ________________________ First Name:____________________ M.I.: __
                                   Maiden Name: ______________ Degree: ________________ Graduation Year: _____
                                   Home Address: __________________________________________________________
                                   City: _______________________ State: ____________________ Zip: _____________
                                   Phone: _____________________ e-mail: _____________________________________
                                   Occupation: ____________________________________________________________
                                   Class Note Information: ___________________________________________________

                                   Please send me information on:   o   Brandywine Volunteer Opportunities
                                                                    o   Brandywine Alumni Constituent Society
                                                                    o   Brandywine Awards Programs
                                                                    o   Please sign me up for Lion Bytes,
                                                                        the monthly e-newsletter
                                   Please send to:
                                   Penn State Brandywine, University Relations, 25 Yearsley Mill Road, Media, PA 19063
                                   or e-mail to:
                                   If you would like to include a picture, please e-mail it as an attachment.

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                                                                          Indicia:2009 8/18/09 11

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    Penn State Brandywine                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
    25 Yearsley Mill Road                                                       PAID
    Media, PA 19063                                                       THE PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                          STATE UNIVERSITY

A gift for Penn State’s future—
and your own
Life income gifts allow you to support Penn State Brandywine and its
students and meet your personal financial goals. Through charitable
remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities, you can guarantee the
strength of the programs you care about while establishing a stable
source of income for yourself, your spouse, or loved one, and you may
be able to secure important tax benefits as well. For many donors, life
income gifts are the best way to create a Penn State legacy that will
endure for generations.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Michelle
Johnson, associate director of development, Penn State Brandywine,
at 610-892-1256 or

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