NDRRMC Update Sitrep No. 7 re Effects of TS DODONG 11June2011_ 6PM by pengxuebo


									          08June2011 and was                 Batangas City
          recovered in the river
          near Tiera Verde
          Subdivision on 09June
          2011 at 1:00 PM)
                                                             Drowned / Carried away
          Alejandara Mortel y                                by strong current while
  IV-B                                56     Brgy. Carmen,
          Marifil                                            crossing the Kabangan
                                             San Agustin,
                                                             River on 08June2011

 Region           Name             Age                  Cause/Remarks
                                           Crew of the barge loaded with soya beans
                                           reported missing on 08June2011 due to a
  IV-A    Jenson Teruel                    sea mishap which drifted along the coast of
                                           Barangay Talaan and Castanas, Sariaya,
                                           Quezon / Sustained Minor Injury

 Region                Name                 Age             Cause/Remarks
                                                   Crew of the barge loaded with
                                                   soya beans reported missing on
                                                   08June2011 due to a sea mishap
          Marcel Baroga
                                                   which drifted along the coast of
                                                   Barangay Talaan and Castanas,
  IV-A                                             Sariaya, Quezon
                                                   On-board unnamed motor banca
          Pedro Flores                       47    (with color white and orange) that
                                                   departed Dalahican, Lucena City.
                                                   Reported missing since 07June
          Nakor Rizo                         44    2011
          Rone Velasco Rojas                 20
                                                   Fishermen from Brgy.
          Lucito Macailao Perjes             43
                                                   Makawayan, Torrejos,
          Jason Llante Madlangbayan          27
  IV-B                                             Marinduque on-board two (2)
          Christopher Velasco                29
                                                   motorized banca reported missing
          Edgar Solo                         30    since 07June 2011
          Jay-Ar Velasco                     20
                                                   Non-motored banca reported
                                                   missing since 4:30 PM, 09June
    I     Charito Tabisola                   52    2011 while venturing into the sea
                                                   10 miles west of Brgy. Lucero,
                                                   Passengers of F/B Billy Martinez
          Arsenio Quila                            (Brgy. Victory Bolinao) reported
                                                   missing since 8:00 AM, 09June
                                                   2011 while venturing out into the
          Henry Casta                              sea. Said boat has not returned as
                                                   of this reporting time
                                                   F/B Sandrine-Sunshine reported
                                                   missing while venturing out
          Gabriel Vista                      30
                                                   from the coast of Barangay
                                                   Concordia, Bolinao

 Region               Name                                 Cause/Remarks
          Felix Loterte                         Crew of the barge loaded with soya
          Alberto Custosa                       beans reported missing on 08June
          Godofredo Rivero                      2011 due to a sea mishap which drifted
          Atizano Roda                          along the coast of Barangay Talaan
          Reymundo Canon                        and Castanas, Sariaya, Quezon / Crew
  IV-A    Ricky Kimenez                         members were able to swim to safer
          Judy Piscarda                         ground
                                                Fishing boat incurred mechanical
          Larry Fajardo                    48
                                                defect while at the vicinity of Pagbilao,
                                                Quezon / Rescued by Team Energy
          Rommel Padnian                   37
          Jonathan Picoro                       Fishermen from Pinamalayan, Oriental,
          Jhandel Jason Estrada                 Mindoro on-board two (2) motorized
          Orlando Moncada                       Banca (Princess Carla). Two (2) of
          Elias Estrada                         them returned to Pinamalayan while
          Erning (surname for                   the three (3) others remained in
          verification)                         Odiongan, Romblon

                 Name                Previously named as     Age
                                                              31      Rescued by
                                                                      fellow fishermen
                                                                      at 32 nautical
     Jesus Pungad                    Jesus Pagud                      miles away of the
                                                                      shoreline of Brgy
                                                                      Mantanas, Sta
                                                                      Cruz, Ilocos Sur
    Dominiano Centeno (Captain) Dominador Centeno             49
    Gregorio Majadas                                          34
    Samuel Granada                                            40
    Andres Gastardo                   Dondon Bastardo         31
    Rolledo Calvez                                            22
 R Wilfredo Gobalanid                 Dodong Gobalani         38
 e Jomar Labu-Labu                    Jomar Lapu-Lapu         22
 g Glenn Estremos                                             32
 I Edrin Ambo                         Efren Ambo              39    24 Fisherman
 o Oscar Caranay, Jr.                 Oscar Caranay           26    and crew on-
 n Juanito Masayon                    Juanito Masajon         57    board F/B 3M’s
    Nestor Bibal                      Hector Bibal            52    WOLF reported
 I Cresencio Bohol                    Cris Bohol              51    missing since
    Allan Majadas                                             39    5:05 PM,
    Argie Reyes                       Art Reyes               25    09June2011
    Joseph Basig                      Joseph Basil            22    (All Survivors)
    Julmar Roque                      Jomar Roque             23
    Juanito Caranay                                           41
    Mark Centeno                      Mark Centino            23
    Gene-Boy Orlanda                                          29
    Angelo Barrientos                 Balong Barientos        23
    Vicente Masayon                   Vicente Masajon         57
    Zalday Bautista                                           38
    Alfredo Centeno                   Alfredo Centino         47
∗ Nine (9) of the 24 survivors felt weak and opted to stay in the Medicare Hospital
  located in Sampaloc, Bolinao

 • A total of 325 families / 1,151 persons from the fourteen (14) barangays in
   Batangas City (8 barangays), Bauan (4 barangays), Tagaytay City (1 barangay),
   and Taguig City (1 barangay) evacuated to the following evacuation centers:
    Barangays Affected Families         Persons          Evacuation Centers
    Batangas City
           Pallocan West       29         129       Pallocan Elementary School
            Gulod Labac        13          60       Gulod Itaas Elem. School
                     Libjo     88         115       Libjo Central Elem. School
                     Cuta      42         154       Brgy. Hall and Brgy. Chapel
             Cuta Journal      10          41       Lingap Pangarap Center
              Barangay 6        4          17
        Kumintang Ibaba         1           5
                 Tabango       20         100
       Manghinao Proper        39         195       Multipurpose Hall
                  Aplaya       14          70       Aplaya West Elem. School
                Poblacion       5          25       Bauan Technical H. S.
              San Roque        35         175       San Roque Elem. School
    Tagaytay City                                   Pre-emptive evacuation
         Maharlika West        20          40       Barangay Hall
    Taguig City
            Bagumbayan          5          25       Gawad Kalinga Bdlg
           TOTAL              325        1,151
       All evacuation centers were already closed except in Gawad Kalinga Bldg.,
   Bagumbayan, Taguig City which still houses 3 families / 15 persons.
 Region III
 • Seven (7) barangays in Balanga City, two (2) brgys in Hermosa and one (1)
   Brgy in Dinalupihan are flooded with floodwaters ranging from 1 – 1.5 feet deep
 Region IV-A
 • Brgy. San Rafael 3, Noveleta, Cavite is flooded due to the continuous rains and
   high tide while the floodwaters in some of the areas in Batangas have already
   subsided. Water in Taal-Lemery bypass road overflowed
 • Marcos Highway in Brgy. Masinag, Antipolo City and Ortigas Extension, Cainta,
   Rizal experienced flood reaching up to knee-deep in some portion which caused
   heavy traffic
 Region IV-B
 • Flooding incident occurred in Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
   due to the swelling of the Alongpong River which caused the stranding of three
   (3) passenger buses bound for San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. As of reporting
   time, all roads in MIMAROPA are now passable.
 • Taguig City - flood waters has subsided in Laura Drive, Bagumbayan but
   the area is muddy.

Region III
• Landslide incident occurred in Baler-Casiguran along Road Km280+000-
  Km281+000 Dlaned/Pimpolisan Section Dicadi area. The road was rendered
  impassable to all types of vehicles. DPWH Engineering District in Aurora
  mobilized one (1) unit of payloader for the ongoing clearing operations

Sea Mishap
Region I
• On 09 June 2011 at 5:05 PM, a fishing boat F/B 3MS WOLF owned by Mr. Leo
  Caranay, allegedly carrying 26 fishermen was reported missing. Said vessel
  ventured out into the sea on 07 June 2011 and stayed in the vicinity of the
  Spratly’s island to fish, and they were believed to be returning back to Bolinao
  when the incident happened
• 09 June 2011: The F/B Billy Martinez from Brgy. Victory, Bolinao, with two (2)
  passengers on board, ventured out to the sea for fishing which was supposed
  to be back at 2:00 PM but failed to return up to this time
• 09 June 2011: Another non-motored banca ventured out to the sea 10 miles
  West of Barangay Lucero, Bolinao. Said boat was last spotted by co-fishermen
  at 4:50 PM but failed to return up to this time

Region IV-A
• On 08 June 2011 at 5:10 PM, two (2) barges with nine (9) crew loaded with soya
  beans was drifted in the coasts of Barangay Talaan and Castanas, Sariaya,
• On 08 June 2011 at 8:20 PM a motor banca named Luzviminda III ran aground
  while at the vicinity waters of Sitio BIPI, Brgy. San Roque, Bauan, Batangas.
  The said motor banca is now half-submerged. CGS Batangas provided
  assistance to the crew and they are now in safe condition
• On 09 June 2011 at 2:20 PM, an unnamed motor banca which departed
  Dalahican, Lucena City and with 2 fishermen on-board, was reported missing
  since 07 June 2011
Suspension of Classes
• Classes at all levels in Regions III, IV-A, and NCR resumed as of 10 June 2011
Status of Roads and Bridges
Region IV-B
• All roads are now passable
Dam and River Ways/Waterways Monitoring
• Current water level at Sto. Niño River in Marikina, La Mesa Dam, Angat
  Dam and Ipo Dam are still below the spilling/critical levels as of 7:00 PM,
  11 June 2011
• As of 6:00 AM, 10 June 2011, the water level of Binga Dam is 568.35 m and
  Ambuklao Dam is 751.12 m which are still below critical level


 NDRRMC Operations Center
 • Disseminated Weather Advisories, GALE Warning, General Flood Bulletins and
   Severe Weather Bulletin on Low Pressure Area (LPA) and Tropical Storm
   “DODONG” (SARIKA) to all OCD Regional Centers through SMS and fax and
   uploaded same at the NDRRMC website, facebook and twitter accounts for
   further dissemination to their respective local disaster risk reduction and
   management councils (LDRRMCs) from the provincial down to municipal levels
 • Directed RDRRMCs concerned through the OCD Regional Centers to undertake
   precautionary measures in their area of responsibility (AOR) and subsequently
   advised Local DRRMCs to initiate pre-emptive evacuation of families in low-lying
   and mountainous areas if situation warrants
 • NDRRMC Executive Director USEC Benito T. Ramos conducted regular Press
   Briefings (tri-media) at the NDRRMC Operations Center to provide
   updates/information to the general public
 • On June 11, 2011, USEC Benito T. Ramos met with the local officials of
   Bolinao, Pangasinan and assessed the actual situation of the survivors
 Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
 • Pre-positioned PhP25,417,374.17 (Php636,908.02 standby funds and
   Php24,780,466.15 worth of relief supplies) in all DSWD Field Offices along the
   typhoon path, broken down as follows:
       Field Office     Standby Fund         Relief Supplies          Total
     Region I          PhP 121,312.15         PhP 5,312,125.33   PhP 5,433,437.48
     Region III             300,163.37            5,805,349.32        6,105,512.69
     Region IV-A            215,432.50           13,662,991.50       13,878,424.00
     TOTAL             PhP 636,908.02        PhP 24,780,466.15   PhP 25,417,374.17
 • Taguig City SWD has provided food and non-food items to evacuees
 • DSWD NCR in coordination with the City Health Office made an ocular
   inspection and assessment of the situation in Laura Drive, Bagumbayan, Taguig
   City which was reported knee-deep underwater
 Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
 • District Engineering Offices (DEO) in regions affected have mobilized their
   maintenance crew and equipment to conduct field assessment and
   undertake various maintenance activities
 • DEO in Occidental Mindoro dispatched two (2) payloaders and one (1)
   backhoe to undertake clearing/removal of mudslides along Mindoro West
   Coast Road
 Department of Health (DOH)
 • DOH I alerted the Western Pangasinan Hospital, Local Health Offices and
   Emergency Management Teams of the region and dispatched ambulances,
   cadaver bags and medical personnel to the affected area
 • Conducted medical check-up of the 24 survivors of F/B 3M’s WOLF sea
 • EMTs from Region I Medical Center were dispatched to augment local
   medical teams

• Alerted hospitals and local health offices, dispatched ambulances, and
  provided cadaver bags
Philippine National Police (PNP)
• Chief, Regional Operations and Plans Division PSSUPT Noel B. Amoyen issued
  memorandum dated 09 June 2011 to all PNP Provincial Directors of Region I to
  monitor the situation and undertake precautionary measures in their respective
  area of responsibility and to coordinate with respective Provincial Disaster Risk
  Reduction and Management Council for updates and prepare respective
  personnel ready to provide assistance in connection with Tropical Depression
• Alerted RDRRMC Opcen that Mr. Pungad, the missing fisherman, has been
• Alerted all PNP stations that are located along coastal areas for possible
  report of any located person or human body in the shoreline
Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)
• BFP Fire Chief Director Rolando M. Bandilla, Jr., issued memorandum dated 09
  June 2011 to BFP Regions I, II, II, IV-A, and NCR re: Tropical Depression
  “Dodong”, with the following instructions:
     All Officers and Key Personnel to be ready anytime and to extend assistance
     in case of emergencies and other eventualities
     All Operating Units to implement their contingency plans and undertake
     proactive steps in partnership and coordination with the respective
     DCCs/PNP/AFP/LGUs and other civil agencies relevant to the delivery of fire
     safety rescue/emergency medical services and disaster-related operations
     Maintain vigilance and ensure prompt and effective delivery of basic fire
     safety/rescue/emergency medical services and relief operations
     Ensure availability of fire/rescue/emergency medical personnel, apparatus
     and auxiliary units to suit the needs of the operations
     To report to the Office of the Director for Operations any untoward incident
     that may happen

Search and Rescue Operations
Armed Forces of the Philippines - Philippine Navy (PN)
• Naval Forces Northern Luzon, PN deployed one (1) islander (PN 312) from
  Sangley Point for the ongoing SAR operations on F/B 3M’s WOLF with 26
  fishermen on board and designated the Open Field of Cape Bolinao High
  School as the helicopter refueling station
• PN I established communication with “SEA PALACE” cargo vessel spotted very
  near the area in order to pick up the victims and ferry them direct to Port
  Luciente, Cape Bolinao which is the designated casualty collection point where
  all emergency medical services (EMS) are on standby
• At 12:00 NN, 10 June 2011, the PN Islander Plane conducted aerial operations
  and spotted the victims at 38 nautical miles NW of Bolinao, all floating and
  wearing jackets
• All 24 survivors of F/B 3M’s WOLF were turned-over to Local DOH Personnel as
  of 8:35 PM, 10 June 2011 at Cape Bolinao, Pangasinan. They were transferred
  by M/V SEA PALACE to PCG DF 325
• The PN detachment in Lingayen assisted in the SAR operations

• A Navy patrol boat docked at the SBMA is ready to augment the SAR
Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)
• Search and rescue operations are being conducted by the PCG
• PCG Air Assets from NAIA Domestic Airport were deployed: One (1) Helicopter,
  DF 352 from Sual, Pangasinan and one (1) SARV 3502 from Manila at around
  6:30 AM today, 10 June 2011 to conduct immediate SAR operations in Bolinao
• PCG Boats SARV 3502 and DF325 will convoy the M/V SEA PALACE and
  effect the transfer of survivors from the cargo vessel
• A PCG Helo 1636, SARV 3502, and an Islander 684 from Poro Point were
  also deployed.
• The PCG District Commander arrived in Bolinao today to meet with the
  local officials to facilitate the search and rescue plan the five (5) missing
• PCG Sual and Bolinao detachments assisted in the SAR operations

Region I
• RDRRMC/OCDRC I coordinated with PCG and PN-AFP for the conduct
  of search and rescue (SAR) operations on the missing fishing boat with 26
  fishermen on-board; DOH for the preparation of nearest hospital;
  MDRRMC Bolinao and PDRRMC Pangasinan for the preparation of
  staging area, casualty collection point and transport area
• PDRRMC Pangasinan and MDRRMC Bolinao identified and prepared the
  following areas as the main casualty collection point:
      By boat - collection point is in Bolinao, Port Lucente 1st
      By helicopter - collection point is in Cape Bolinao High School in Bolinao
• MDRRMC Bolinao certified that the F/B 3M’s WOLF boarded only 24 fishermen
  and crew and they are all survivors. The estimated of arrival of the survivors at
  Port Luciente, Cape Bolinao is 4:30 PM, 10 June 2011
Region II
• RDRRMC/OCD OpCen is closely monitoring the regional situation and
  continuously disseminating weather updates to member agencies, local
  DRRMCs and media
• RDMMC/OCDRC II coordinated with PDRRMC Batanes, Cagayan, Quirino and
  Isabela regarding situation update
Region III
• DPWH Engineering District in Aurora was mobilized for clearing
  operations at the landslide areas in Brgy. Dicadi area in Baler, Aurora
• CDRRMC Balanga City was convened on 09 June 2011
• LGU has already cleared the uprooted tree and electric post in Brgy. San
  Jose, Balanga City
Region IV-A
• RDRRMC/OCDRC IV-A issued a memorandum to all members of RDRRMC,
  PDRRMCs and MDRRMCs advising them to activate their respective disaster
  operations centers (DOCs) and to be on stand-by alert and ready for

• PIA - IV disseminated RDRRMC IV-A advisory to all local radio stations and
  advised the residents in landslide and flood-prone areas to take precautionary
• PDRRMCs activated: Cavite, Rizal and Quezon on monitor
• MDRRMCs activated: Noveleta, Cavite and Sariaya, Quezon
• MDRRMC Sariaya conducted Search and Rescue (SAR) operations on the
  missing crew of the barge that drifted in the coast of Sariaya
• BFP Batangas City with CDRRMC Rescue Team were stationed in Brgy.
  Poblacion West, Tiera Verde Subdivision and ready to assist in case the
  situation in the area worsens
• PRC Batangas Chapter together with the Batangas City DRRMC Rescue Team
  were deployed to conduct search and rescue operation of the missing crew
• Batangas PPO is continuously monitoring the situation in the area and all its
  personnel are pre-positioned for possible Search and Rescue (SAR)
• Local Government of Bauan, Batangas provided noodles and coffee to the
  affected families. Further, residents coming from the flood-prone areas were
  evacuated as their precautionary measures
Region IV-B
• RDRRMC/OCDRC IV-B is continuously disseminating NDRRMC Weather
  Advisory to the PDRRMO in Region IV-B and RDRRMC Core Group member,
  Deputized Coordinator, Governors and Mayors through fax and SMS and
  closely coordinating with PNP PRO IV-A and DPWH IV-A
• PCG IV-B is continuously monitoring the status of RORO port operations and
  road conditions
• DPWH IV-B mobilized maintenance team at West Circumferential Road in case
  of landslides and conducted clearing operations in Sitio Tibag, Brgy. San
  Agustin, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
• PDRRMC Oriental Mindoro activated its Provincial Response Teams to monitor
  the status of river systems in said province
• The Municipal Government of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro deployed their
  personnel and equipment to help the stranded passenger and to clear the road
  affected by landslide
• Taguig City DRRMC has requested for a water pump to flush-out the water in
  the area
• Taguig City Engineering Department has initiated the flushing-out of flood
  waters and repaired of the drainage system
• Muntinlupa City DRRMC was activated and coordinated with concerned
  agencies to address the problem in Brgy. Putatan which was knee-deep


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