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| Theme : Communication – New possibilities
Addicted An anti-virus An attachment To back up A battery A blog A CD ROM To charge Chat lines To click A computer A collection A cordless phone To cut and paste To crash Dangerous A delivery To download Earphones An e-bay E-commerce An e-mail To email somebody Engaged A firewall A fixed phone A flat battery To forward A games console A handset Hands free To hang on Hardware A hash key A headset To hold on An icon Information Internet Internet service A keyboard To log on Memory A mobile phone A mouse A network (To go) on line To overdo A parcel A phone card Pornography A post office A postman/woman To press A printer To print A provider Reception Research A ring tone To save A screen Skype Software A stamp A star key To subscribe to A subscription To surf To switch off To switch on Technology A text message To text To type A USB drive To use Voice mail A virus A web cam A web site

Useful sentences and expressions
• I’m interested in new technology. • Some internet sites are against the law. • I think chat lines can be dangerous. • The internet saves time. • I spend loads of time surfing on the net. • Can you burn a CD for me? • Our football club has got a blog. • Texting is much cheaper than phoning. • My mum has a hands-free phone for the car. • Mobile phone masts might be dangerous for the health. • My dad uses skype to speak to us when he’s abroad and we also keep in touch by e-mail. • Did you get my e-mail? • My computer crashed last week. • What’s your e-mail address? • I’ve just got a new ring tone. • I can’t phone because my battery’s flat. • I’ve got no money on my phone. • Type in your password, first. • Sending letters by post is a waste of time. - Me too! - But people still use them. - You should never agree to meet someone you’ve met on line. - Yes, one day everyone will be on-line. - You can easily become addicted to it. - Yes, sure! - So has ours. - Yes, but we shouldn’t overdo it! - But it’s still dangerous! - Yes, I’m afraid of things like that. - Yes, but I haven’t read it yet. - How awful! - I’ll send you a text with it when I arrive. - Let me listen to it.

1. Keeping in touch a. I think we soon won’t have fixed phones at home any more. b. Maybe, but using a mobile all the time can be expensive. a. Not if you text. b. That’s true. But then people are still not sure if the radio waves aren’t dangerous for your health. a. I don’t believe all that rubbish. I think it’s more dangerous to phone while driving. b. Yes I agree. It’s against the law. a. Hey, can I borrow your mobile a moment to send a text? b. Sure, but why can’t you use your own? a. My battery’s flat. I’ve got to charge it and I haven’t got my charger with me. b. Okay, here you are. a. Thanks. 2. The Internet - advantages and disadvantages a. I think you can waste a lot of time looking for information on the internet. b. I disagree, I think it saves time. You’ve got all that information available at home, at the click of a mouse. It’s great ! It helps me with my homework. a. Yeah, but how can you be sure that the information is correct or not? b. You should use reputable sites. a. But there are so many. How do you choose? b. How do you choose a book or newspaper? It’s the same thing. a. I don’t think so. 3. What about Skype? a. How do you keep in touch when you’re away? b. I chat on line and I use Skype. a. Yes. Skype’s great because it’s free. b. Yes, but it’s no good if the other person doesn’t have it, too. a. That’s true.

Listening (blog)
A telephone conversation

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Sam Smith’s shop stocks short spotted socks

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