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					                          My Hobbies
      Hobbies are a wonderful thing to engage in when you have spare time.
They can be educational in that you learn new things and meet people when
involved in them. Currently and in the recent past I have had a decent
amount of spare time compared to many people. I chose to pursue several
hobbies, although they have changed as my circumstances have

       I used to build and race Remote Control (RC) cars and boats. But, it
became too expensive and, since moving to NAU, I no longer have neither
the time nor the money to enjoy those hobbies anymore.

       I have been successful in selling my boats and cars, which allowed me
to recoup my investments, in addition to having the satisfaction of knowing I
was able to order and build, from scratch, several of my projects. The last
RC boat I built is pictured above. Although it is difficult to see in the
picture, the hull was over six (6’) feet long, over a foot wide and went in
excess of forty five (45) miles per hour. I designed and built the entire boat
and really enjoyed using it on the river and lakes we would visit. I was abler
to keep up with older Sea Doos and smaller boats, to the amazement of those
riding in them.

      Here at NAU, my suite mates are into biking, both road and mountain.
Before coming to NAU, I rode my mountain bike constantly around my
property and the neighboring area. I learned a lot about road bikes by
speaking with them, having already seen my Grandmother’s road bike on a
recent trip to Albuquerque.

       After riding one of their bikes, I rented a bike at a local shop and we
all took a ride a few weeks ago. It was so much fun that I immediately
realized how much I enjoyed road biking. Shortly thereafter, I was able to
acquire a very nice used road bike and that has become one of my main
hobbies. The benefits of biking include not having to pay for gas or
insurance, minimal maintenance, getting into better shape, especially
cardiovascular, and that it’s just fun to do, whether alone or in small or large
groups. Flagstaff has many areas to ride both mountain and road bike, and
riding out to Lake Mary/Mormon Lake, allows me to explore the area and
see breathtaking scenery too.

       When I’m down in Kingman, where I live when I’m not at school, I
like to go to Lake Mohave with the deck boat and the “Sea-Doo.” Boating,
and all related activities, including swimming, water skiing, wake boarding,
knee boarding, tubing, fishing, jumping waves on the “Sea-Doo,” camping
at the beach, and just being out on the water (especially in the early
morning) are all very enjoyable for me. Since moving to NAU, I have not
had the time or ability to enjoy water sports because I do not have access to
either the equipment or the bodies of water to do them on. However, when I
am on break in Kingman, I can enjoy those activities again.

       Dirt biking is another hobby of mine. Living in the high desert area of
Kingman now, and having lived near riding areas in the Los Angeles area
before moving to Arizona, it was natural to get into a desert sport. My Uncle
Clint, who recently died, got me into dirt biking with a 1992 Yamaha RT-
180 (2 stroke) at the age of 12. He rode street and dirt bikes for years and
was very helpful in teaching me the basics of riding. As I got better at riding,
as well as bigger, my father got me a 2004 KTM 250EXC enduro bike.
Although I was not able to ride it that much, on those occasions I did, it was
great fun.
        In 2005, as I was continuing to grow, physically, mother got me a
2002 Suzuki DR-Z400E, which is pictured above. I have a lot of experience
on dirt bikes, and really enjoy jumping and riding with my friends. There is
camaraderie among riders and it allows you to challenge yourself by riding
in terrain which gives you satisfaction when you complete the routes you
have selected to try and master. Unfortunately, again due to my school
schedule, I no longer have the time to enjoy that hobby. But, as with boating,
when I return to Kingman on breaks, I can use my bike and ride with my
friends again.

      Hobbies are beneficial in many ways and have opened up my
appreciation for what various sports and activities involve. They also
change as you mature and find yourself in varying situations. No matter
where I am or what I am doing, I will always have the memories and
experiences of the hobbies I have and still continue to enjoy, as well as
looking for new activities to get involved in.

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