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					History Of Dirt Bikes

 By Don Pimental
                  Who Invented Them?
Daimler and Maybach
Some attribute the invention of the dirt bike, or at least the most notable inspiration
for what would become the modern day dirt bike to two German inventors named
Gottlieb Daimler (yes, that Daimler) and Wilhelm Maybach. In 1885 these two men
created a bike powered by gasoline, but it was much closer to a moped than an actual
motorcycle. This dirt bike precursors was called a Reitwagen, which is German for
"riding car."
Soichiro Honda
Honda is given the nod as the true inventor of the dirt bike as it applies to motocross
racing. In the late 1950s and early 1960s Soichiro Honda transformed the motorcycle
itself from something that only thugs and bikers were riding at the time into a more
mainstream vehicle. Over time, as motorcycles became a daily part of the existence of
more and more people, the urge to ride them off the street and toward fishing spots
and picnic spots and other areas for social congregation became overwhelming.
Although Honda was not the inventor of the dirt bike itself, his design improvements
included a making suspension stronger and adding larger tires with improved tread
patterns to increase traction like never before
 How they became known and popular
• By 1963 small Honda bikes started appearing
  on the backs of campers and RV’s. People of
  all ages where buying these little bikes up by
  the truckloads. Even retired folks who had
  never considered themselves bikers where
  using these little bike to get around
  campgrounds and to take through the woods
  to there favorite fishing hole. Women where
  using these bikes to get back and forth from
  the market. Children were using these little
  bikes to get back and forth to school. This is
  how trail bikes began and the rest is history!
        Why Were They Made?
• Mainly off road services to be able to get to
  places cars or regular motorcycles could not
  go because of the design and size of the
• Dirt bikes could go almost any where a car
  couldnt and today they can be designed for
  the road and off road driving.
         Top Dirt Bikes Created
•   Honda CRF150R
•   Honda CRF450X
•   Kawasaki 450 Enduro
•   Kawasaki KLX110
•   Kawasaki KX250F
•   KTM 250XC-F
•   Suzuki RM-Z250
•   Yamaha PW50
•   Motocross Yamaha WR250F
The engine
 Highest Speed recorded on a Dirt
• "The most powerful dirt bikes have almost 150
  horsepower and top speeds in excess of
  185 miles per hour.
               Brands of bikes
•   Kawasaki
•   Honda
•   Yamaha
•   Suzuki
•   KTM
            Dirt Bikes Today

• Example KX450F Engine
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