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					Northern Hills PTO Minutes
Monday, Dec. 13, 2010, 6 p.m.

Attendees: Laura Davy, Jan Thomas, Curt Rees, Eric Engholdt, Debra Kroll,
Mr. Rees’s Report
Mr. Rees reported that the 5th grade choir will perform at Rotary Lights in Riverside Park on Dec. 21.
The book fair at Barnes and Noble bookstore went well and raised roughly $700. Testing is done
throughout the grades and students are working hard and in the normal routine. The Watch D.O.G.S.
dads are a welcome sight at school. The Scentsy fundraiser chaired by Krista and Eric Engholdt raised
$435 for the 5th grade field trip. Thank you Engholdts!
Ongoing/Old Business
  1. Fall Fun Fair – The Fun Fair was a great success. Thank you to the many volunteers who
     helped make it great and to those who donated items or services for the silent auction. The
     committee has met and discussed ways to improve it next year. After expenses, the PTO made
     a profit of approximately $2,655.
  2. The Barnes and Noble book fair was also a hit. The fifth grade choir did a great job singing. As
     mentioned, about $700 was made.
  3. The student’s holiday gifts from the PTO will be distributed a day or two before the break.
  4. Minds in Motion chairperson Colleen Dixon dropped by with a thank you note and check for
     Northern Hills for $500. She thanked Northern Hills for our support of the bike tour. Anyone
     interested on being on the planning committee for 2011 should contact her. The tour will be
     June 18.
  5. The Applebee’s fundraiser will be Dec. 16. Flyers are available on the school website.
  6. The fourth grade coffee and tea sale will wrap up on Dec. 14.
  7. Scrip gift cards – Ann Garrity has an inventory of frequently requested cards to such places as
     Kwik Trip, Woodman’s, Festival Foods and many others. Many, many additional cards are
     available to order. Each card purchased helps NH. Think about buying gift cards to use for your
     weekly grocery and gas purchases as well as your fast-approaching holiday shopping.

New Business
  1. Mrs. Kroll asked the PTO about holding an activity in conjunction with a Title I reading night. It
      will be combined with the Fazoli’s night in February. Watch for more details.
  2. Laura D. will look into the can recycling companies to find out if there are other businesses
      willing to buy our recycled cans.
  3. The PTO will buy a recycling waste can for water bottles to use during activities such as the
      Fun Fair and other times when recyclables are used.
Meeting Adjourned.

Next meeting: Monday, January 10, 6 p.m.

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