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					                               Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center of San Diego County
                                          JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS

                                                                               Contact Information:
PRESS RELEASE                                            Dan Shapiro, Director of Marketing, LFJCC: (858) 362-1334
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   Alma Hadash Geiger, JCC Program Director: (858) 362-1171
Monday, June 13, 2011

                                      KEITANA AT THE JCC
                                Camp in Hebrew arrives this summer
                                         at Camp Jaycee Post Camps
                                             August 20-31, 2007

                           (From Left: Miriam Gabai, Jennie Starr and Sigal Sherman)

    Hiking in Torrey Pines Reserve together, Sigal Sherman and Miriam Gabai were talking about Hebrew
    activities for their children when the subject of summer camp came up. Miriam wondered, “Why isn’t
    there a Hebrew summer camp in San Diego?” Immediately, she called Jennie Starr (Jennie manages a
    Hebrew language immersion after school program in San Diego). Miriam knew Jennie was similarly
    longing for an Israeli Keitana experience for her children. And so it goes. Keitana at the JCC was born.

    Sigal, Jennie and Miriam are friends from Kishkushim, a baby/toddler playgroup for Hebrew speakers in
    San Diego. While the San Diego area has many excellent Jewish programs for children, finding activities
    in Hebrew can be difficult. The three women work hard to create programs in Hebrew. Sigal reads stories
    in Hebrew to children in Carmel Valley through the Sapri Li story time. Jennie, who wanted fun Hebrew
    classes in an immersion setting for her kids, created Ivrit B’Ivrit with her friend Rakefet Benderly. Miriam
    has invited friends to view Israeli movies in her home sharing the cultural experience they all miss by
    living here.

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                             Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center of San Diego County
                                        JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS

The three friends considered the idea of bringing a Keitana experience to San Diego. A Keitana would
provide the opportunity for the children to use their Hebrew skills while participating in fun activities
intentionally similar to the rich experiences their children could have in camp in Israel. With the help of
the enthusiastic Alma Geiger at the JCC, followed by a productive meeting with Sandy Rafner and Judi
Sofer, the plans for a Hebrew immersion summer camp came together.

What: A Keitana with Israeli Madrichim conducted in Hebrew. Two weeks of fun including water play,
arts, sports, games, and music.

When: 8/20-8/31. 9:00 am – 1:00 or 3:30 pm (ages 4-5), Tzaronit (aftercare is available)

Where: JCC, La Jolla

More Information: Contact Judi Sofer at 858.362.1171

Helpful Links: - For more information about JCC camp programs - For more information about Kishkushim, Sapril Li or Ivrit
B’Ivrit. Contact: Jennie Starr 858-245-9375 or – CISD - Community of Israelis in San Diego. Interested in more programs for
Israelis in San Diego? Visit the web site to join CISD. Complete the CISD 2007 survey to provide input
for future programming at:

The mission of the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS is to provide social,
cultural, educational, and recreational programs to individuals and families of all ages, religions, races, and
financial, physical and mental abilities. Likewise, the JCC provides equal opportunity employment to individuals of
all religions and backgrounds. The JCC welcomes San Diego’s diverse Jewish community and the community at
large. The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS is located at 4126 Executive
Drive in La Jolla.

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