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Future faces The next generation of engineering talent


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									MADe Sheffield           Issue 003


Festival showcases
manufacturing revival.
Pages 12-17

Meet the city’s
modern makers.
Pages 30-35

ReADY, seT, GO
Multi million sports
programme unveiled.
Pages 44-47

Future faces
The next
generation of
                                What’s inside...

editoRial                       GoinG Global                             Women of SilveR
nicole GReen                    Sheffield takes the reins to drive and   Meet the city’s modern makers.
hannah bRailey                  nurture the ‘export-led’ recovery.       Page 30
Katey dent                      Page 04
claiRe hill
matt heaSon                                                              enthuSiaSm ReapS ReWaRdS
michelle claRe                  Welcome to Sheffield                   Sheffield recruits conference
alex buchanan                   Katey Dent on why she loves Sheffield. ambassadors.
                                Page 06                                  Page 38
david ShoRt
niGel baRKeR                    Sheffield cReateS                        Ready, Set, Go
Steve hoWSe                     Our favourite unique gifts made          Multi million sports
                                in Sheffield.                            programme unveiled.
pRoduced by                     Page 08                                  Page 44
cReative Sheffield in
aSSociation With iRiS
bRendan moffett                 a city of induStRy                       enGineeRinG a diGital futuRe
lauRa SiSSonS                   Nicole Green looks at how Sheffield      Links between Sheffield’s digital
Stephanie baRKeR                is reigniting the heartland.             and manufacturing strengths.
                                Page 12                                  Page 50

                                did you KnoW?                            Sheffield bRand
                                Highlights from some of the world’s      The changing face of the Sheffield
                                most innovative companies.               business brand.
                                Page 18                                  Page 54          adventuRe capital                        cheeRS to beeR
                                Matt Heason on why Sheffield             Alex Buchanan reviews the
                                attracts outdoor enthusiasts.            UK’s brewing scene.
                                Page 22                                  Page 60

                                a hallmaRK of SucceSS                    What’S on in Sheffield
                                Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets            Events Calendar.
                                on rebalancing the economy.              Page 62
Printed in Sheffield by
Evolution Print Ltd.            Page 26

                                pRemieR location foR buSineSS
                                Irwin Mitchell’s commitment
Front cover image: Hannah
Berry, Sheffield Forgemasters   to Sheffield.
International Apprentice.       Page 29

                                iSSue 003 2011/12                                                             03
                      GoinG Global
                      Professor Bill Speirs,
                      The Master Cutler
                      As many sectors across the UK are
                      struggling, December 2010 saw UK
                      manufacturing grow at its fastest
                      rate in 16 years. What’s more, recent
                      research by Lloyds TSB indicated
                      that in January 2011, Yorkshire out-
                      performed all UK regions in terms
                      of business outputs, with the South
                      West being the only exception. Private
                      sector employment also increased
                      most significantly within the region
                      which was primarily driven by the
                      manufacturing sector.

                      Sheffield is at the heart of UK
                      manufacturing and remains home to
                      many of the world’s most innovative
                      manufacturing and engineering
                      organisations such as DavyMarkham,
                      Sheffield Forgemasters and Firth
                      Rixson. The city’s new Nuclear
                      Advanced Manufacturing Research
                      Centre is set to be the power behind
                      the UK’s new build civil nuclear
                      advanced manufacturing programme;
                      and industry heavyweights Boeing
                      and Rolls Royce are the driving
                      force behind Sheffield University’s
                      internationally acclaimed Advanced        With manufacturing and engineering        Given the weakness of the               growth in the sector such as finance,       “With manufactuRinG
                      Manufacturing Research Centre             showing such significant strength         pound, there is no better time for      access to buyers, regulations and skills.    and enGineeRinG ShoWinG
                      (AMRC).                                   in Sheffield, it seems only right that    manufacturing and engineering
                                                                the city should take the reins to drive   companies to export. This is why        This activity has received strong            Such SiGnificant
                      Sheffield is also home to some of         and nurture the ‘export-led’ recovery     Sheffield is hosting the Global         praise from Mark Prisk MP – the              StRenGth in Sheffield,
                      the most innovative developments          which has been outlined by central        Manufacturing Festival in March         Minister of State for Business
                      in environmental energy technology,       government. However, this is set          2011 in order to address these          & Enterprise, the Deputy Prime               it SeemS only RiGht that
                      including ITM Power (hydrogen             to be a challenge given a recent          issues head on.                         Minister Rt. Hon Nick Clegg MP               the city Should taKe
                      power), Pulse Tidal (wave / tidal
                      power) and the Siemens Wind Power
                                                                announcement made by the British
                                                                Chambers of Commerce which
                                                                                                                                                  and some global names from the
                                                                                                          The festival, which runs in association industry who will all descend on the
                                                                                                                                                                                               the ReinS to dRive and
                      Research Centre, and last, but by no      highlighted a shocking reluctance         with EEF, the Financial Times and       city during the festival. Sheffield has      nuRtuRe the ‘expoRt-led’
                      means least, Sheffield is still widely    among manufacturing SMEs to               The Manufacturer, and is sponsored      confidently stepped up to the mark           RecoveRy Which
                      renowned for its unrivalled heritage in   export due to lack of finance,            by Nabarro LLP and Firth Rixon, will    to play its part in the economic fight
                      the steel industry – producing a higher   restrictive regulations and language      become the place where leaders          back, helping the ‘export-shy’ to
                                                                                                                                                                                               haS been outlined by
                      value of steel now than in the 1970s.     barriers. Existing exporters are          gather from the worlds or politics,     break into new markets, and ensuring         centRal GoveRnment.”
                                                                reportedly doing well, however this       education, manufacturing and            that the ‘export-led’ recovery is truly
                                                                has been swamped by the huge              engineering, to discuss, debate and     Made in Sheffield.
                                                                rise in imports to the country.           highlight the burning issues around

04   made Sheffield                                                                                                                               iSSue 003 2011/12                                                  05
                                                 Welcome to
                                                                      By Katey Dent

                          just love Sheffield. I came to the    It is a pleasure to work at one of the   Sheffield has a great co-ordinated
                          city in 1994 to study Hospitality     city’s leading hotels. We believe        and professional approach to
                          at Sheffield Hallam University.       heavily in partnership working, and      organising such large events in the
                          Roll forward to the present           have a great relationship with the       city. The Sheffield Convention Bureau
                     day and I not only live in Sheffield,      city’s stakeholders, including           does a great job of selling our venues
                     but work here too - at the four star       Sheffield International Venues.          and organising and taking bookings
                     Rutland hotel in leafy Broomhill. I                                                 for accommodation. This must leave
                     guess I am one of the statistics that                                               a great impression to event organisers
                     says that more Sheffield students          “Sheffield haS a GReat co-oRdinated      coming into Sheffield – lets hope they
                     stay on and live in the city compared       and pRofeSSional appRoach to            come back again soon!
                     to any other city. I can see why, and       oRGaniSinG Such laRGe eventS
                     am the ‘proof in the pudding’!              in the city.”
                                                                                                         “What Really maKeS Sheffield
                     I have seen Sheffield change so                                                      unique thouGh iS the people. people
                     much over the years, and all for the       There are so many exciting events         have alWayS Said thiS about the
                     better. Over this time, Sheffield has      happening this year and next year.        city, and Will continue to Say it.
                     established itself as a cosmopolitan       The sporting calendar for 2011 is         they aRe the fRiendlieSt, lovelieSt
                     city with its unique array of offerings.   just amazing – National Table Tennis      people i have eveR met. fact!”
                     The redevelopment of the city centre,      Championships, World Snooker
                     the Peace Gardens, Leopold Square          and Yorkshire International Show
                     and the new Sheffield Station are all      Jumping – to name but a few! As          So, on a personal note – would I ever
                     just fantastic. New restaurants and        an accommodation provider we are         head back to living in the Country (I
                     bars just keep opening which makes         looking forward to welcoming visitors    am a farmer’s daughter after all)? The
                     Sheffield a great place to come to,        from around the world to Sheffield.      answer is no. Sorry Mum and Dad but
                     and the shopping is great, both in the                                              I love Sheffield way too much!
                     city centre and at Meadowhall. Being       The Liberal Democrat Spring
                     one of the greenest cities also helps!     Conference and the Global      
                                                                Manufacturing Festival will bring a
                     What really makes Sheffield unique         real buzz and focus attention on
                     though is the people. People have          Sheffield in March – and why not!
                     always said this about the city, and       We already have many visitors
                     will continue to say it. They are the      staying with us for this event, and
                     friendliest, loveliest people I have       many others including The British
                     ever met. Fact!                            Universities Championships and
                                                                MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival.

06   made Magazine                                              iSSue 003 2011/12                                                            07
Sheffield cReateS

Sheffield is not simply a place              selection of over 50 venues, the
where great ideas take place. It’s           book is a celebration of Sheffield’s
a city that makes them happen,               hidden gems.Designed by Eleven,
it makes ideas real. Sheffield               a creative team that live and work
is a city that favours craft and             in the city, Our Favourite Places
ingenuity, fuelled by a strong               champions independence, focusing
spirit of creativity and innovation.         on unique places that can only be
                                             found in Sheffield. It reveals places
If you’re looking for a unique               that visitors to the city might not
Sheffield gift, then here is a               otherwise find, and that many locals
very small selection of some of              may not yet have stumbled across.
our favourite products made
in Sheffield…                                The book can be found at many city
                                             centre venues including the Site
                                             Gallery, Millennium Galleries and
WilSon cycleS                                Waterstones.
For over 60 years Wilson Cycles
have been building bespoke
bicycles from their Mr Benn style            deSiGnedmade fRuit
shop on Sheffield’s City Road.               boWl and coaSteRS
Upon his return home from the                Okay, so these beauties are not
beaches of Dunkirk, Wilson Cycles            technically made in Sheffield... instead
founder, Jim Wilson opened this              they are laser cut over the border
marvellous bicycle emporium. It has          in Rotherham... but they're just so
now passed to his son, Nigel, who            graphic-fantastic we had to include
restored the beautiful bike shown            them. Plus we love the ethos of
here with the greatest care and              DesignedMade; they are committed
enthusiasm. If you’re a fan of all things    to supporting the UK craft and
carbon, lycra and rubber then do             manufacturing industries by designing
drop in to this wondrous little place.       and making all of their wonderful                       products in Yorkshire. Bravo!
                                             To see the family of products
Sheffield honey company                      and find stockists visit
Mmmmm. In a field on the edge of
the city you’ll find Sheffield bees
busy making Sheffield honey.                 Katey felton
                                             hendeRSon’S ReliSh Set
The Sheffield Honey Company is
an artisan producer of premium               Your Henderson's Relish will now
quality honey. They also offer               be able to take pride of place on the
beekeeping lessons for those who             dinner table as designer Katey Felton
fancy donning the big white suit.            has created an exclusive range of
The company have hives all across            accessories for the bottle, including
Sheffield, producing Blossom,                a silver coaster for the bottle to sit in
Soft Set and (our favourite) English         and a silver lid to top things off nicely.
Heather. So, for a true taste of the
city, pick up one of these beautifully       Each coaster is handmade at Katey’s
packaged sweet treats at PJ Taste in         city centre studio in Britannia
the city centre or Beanies in Crookes.       silver and laser-engraved with the                    Henderson’s Relish logo. To make
                                             them even more special, only 50 will
                                             be made and laser-engraved with it’s
ouR favouRite placeS                         own limited edition number. Each
Our Favourite Places is an                   piece in the range will undoubtedly
independent guide to the best                become a highly-sought after
of Sheffield’s cafés, restaurants,           collectors’ items and antiques of
bars, shops, galleries, parks and            the future.
more. Featuring a handpicked       

08                          made Sheffield                                                iSSue 003 2011/12                         09
                                                                                                              Nigel Barker Photography.
                                             Sheffield cReateS
Nigel Barker Photography.

                                             We live heRe pRint                            See for yourself. Edwin Jagger
                                                                                           products can be found at Fortnum
                                             We Live Here prints and products              & Mason, Harrods Barbershop,
                                             celebrate the buildings and scenes            plus a number of smaller
                                             that define where we live. These              independent shops.
                                             pared-down diagrammatical                     To purchase the products online
                                             illustrations by We Live Here founder,        visit
                                             Jonathan Wilkinson, perfectly
                                             capture some of Sheffield’s more
                                             unconventionally beautiful buildings.         Sheffield muSic
                                             Jonathan’s lovingly illustrated work,         Sheffield has many well known
                                             inspired by the Bauhaus movement,             musical sons – Oakey, Turner, Hawley,
                                             show just how beautiful large                 Fry, Christie and Cocker (Jarvis and
                                             concrete buildings can be.                    Joe). The best place to arm yourself
                                                                                           with a selection from our finest local
                                             We Live Here prints can be found at           crooners is not on the high street but
                                             West End Pictures on Sharrow Vale             in the legendary Record Collector on
                                             Road and Rare & Racy on                       Fulwood Road, Broomhill.
                                             Devonshire Street.
                                                             Beloved by Sheffielders, this Sheffield
                                                                                           music institution has been open for
                                                                                           over twenty five years and embodies
                                             Kettle of fiSh bRoocheS                       the city’s imaginative and diverse
                                                                                           musical pedigree.
                                             These delightful brooches from                233 Fulwood Road,
                                             Kettle of Fish are a recent discovery.        Sheffield S10 3BA
                                             Handmade in Sheffield, Kettle of Fish
                                             create original and unique jewellery
                                             and decorative items made from                david melloR deSiGn tRay,
                                             vintage images and quirky finds.
                                             Think birds, bees, butterflies and
                                                                                           cutleRy and caSt iRon
                                             handsome strongmen... choose                  candle holdeR
                                             from one-offs, limited editions or
                                             something commissioned to your                Sheffield based David Mellor Design
                                             own unique taste.                             is internationally recognised. His
                                                                                           circular cutlery factory at Hathersage
                                             Kettle of Fish jewellery can be found         is a must for design and architecture
                                             at one of Sheffield’s loveliest shops,        fans alike. Mellor’s beautiful and
                                             The Old Sweet Shop in Nether Edge.            elegant cutlery is made here and
                                                            visitors can book a tour of the building
                                             KettleofFish                                  to watch the craftsmen at work.

                                                                                           We feel incredibly lucky to have this
                                             edWin JaGGeR ShavinG Set                      place on our doorstep, it’s one of the
                                                                                           highlights of the Peak District.
                                             Sheffield is world renowned for the 
                                             quality of its manufacturing and the
                                             skill of its craftsmen. Edwin Jagger’s
                                             elegant shaving sets embody all that
                                             is good about the tag ‘Handmade in
                                             Sheffield’. It’s all in the detail. Handles
                                             are polished for 50 hours... brushes
                                             are hand filled with the softest,
                                             finest badger hair... this is why Edwin
                                             Jagger has become Europe’s leading
                                             manufacturer of all things shaving,
                                             and known globally for the quality of
                                             their products.

10                          made Sheffield   iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                      11

                                                                              a city of

Amy Pryce, Firth Rixson Apprentice.   made Magazine
                                                        iSSue 002 2010/11                    13
A                                                                                                                                                                                   eventS liKe the Global
           s part of his mission to “fix            This growing contribution is no          As focus grows on emerging                 years. As a result, government and
           Britain’s broken economy,”               stronger than in the heartland of        markets and renewable energy               industry must focus on replacing
           Prime Minister David
           Cameron has set a clear
                                                    manufacturing. As steel production
                                                    soars by 50% - the opportunities for
                                                                                             sources the industry is evolving at
                                                                                             an unprecedented rate.
                                                                                                                                        highly skilled workers and up-skilling
                                                                                                                                        or re-skilling the existing workforce.“     manufactuRinG feStival aRe
                                                                                                                                                                                    cRucial to impRovinG the
and difficult challenge for the UK’s                this steel city are plentiful.
manufacturing industry.                                                                      However, as the economy lurches            The Festival itself, which is in its
                                                                                             forward, manufacturers need to             inaugural year, aims to reinstate the
It is an industry that, in recent
years, has been left in the shadows;
                                                    it iS no accident that david
                                                    cameRon hiGhliGhted the advanced
                                                                                             hold their nerve and future-proof the
                                                                                             industry by boosting investment in
                                                                                                                                        Sheffield region and the UK at the
                                                                                                                                        heart of manufacturing expertise            Reputation of manufactuRinG
hidden behind the star industries of
technology and financial services
                                                    manufactuRinG ReSeaRch centRe
                                                    (amRc) aS a Shape of thinGS to come,
                                                                                             skills, plants and technology.
                                                                                             Jeurgen Maier is Managing Director
                                                                                                                                        and innovation.
                                                                                                                                                                                    and bRidGinG the Gap betWeen
which seemed to represent the future
model of British economic success.
                                                    a Role model in neW WayS of bRinGinG
                                                    ReSeaRch and buSineSS toGetheR.
                                                                                             of Siemens Industry UK and will come
                                                                                             to Sheffield as part of the Global
                                                                                             Manufacturing Festival: Sheffield,
                                                                                                                                        It will address the key issues driving
                                                                                                                                        the manufacturing debate, drawing
                                                                                                                                        globally recognised industry leaders
                                                                                                                                                                                    education and induStRy.
According to the Minister for Trade,                                                         hosted by the city in March. As a          to the city with speakers including
Lord Green, most people in the UK                   The industry currently accounts for      leading figure in manufacturing, he        Deputy Prime Minster Rt. Hon Nick
“grossly underestimate” the value                   about 12 per cent of gross domestic      understands the opportunities facing       Clegg; Sir Roger Bone, President
of manufacturing and there is a                     product, contributing £140bn per         the industry, as well as the               of Boeing; and Mike Tynan, Vice-
lingering perception gap between                    annum to the UK economy and              challenges ahead.                          President of Westinghouse.
the reputation and the reality of the               making us the world’s sixth-largest
contribution manufacturing makes to                 manufacturer by output.                  “Strong investment in skills and           The city is a natural home for such
the UK economy.                                                                              training is vital for a more productive,   a celebration of industry – South
                                                    As such, the nation’s manufacturers      competitive manufacturing industry.        Yorkshire is a central hub of this sector
However, recent performance within                  have been identified as pivotal in the   However, the skills needed by              and at its heart is Sheffield, where
the UK manufacturing sector has                     Prime Minister’s plans to ‘rebalance     manufacturers are set to be in short       some of the leading businesses
called that viewpoint into question.                the economy’ and the pressure is on      supply in the medium term.                 in the UK scene are building on a
Manufacturing activity in the UK is                 for the sector to deliver tangible and                                              longstanding heritage of expertise,
strong, with recent data showing                    sustained economic growth.               “Manufacturing alone will need at          innovation and quality.
growth at its fastest pace in 16 years.                                                      least 600,000 workers at apprentice
                                                                                             and technician level over the next 10

                                                                                                                                                                                    In no area is the debate more current    The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing
                                                                                                                                                                                    than in nuclear. As pressure grows to    Research Centre (NAMRC) is a
                                                                                                                                                                                    provide renewable energy sources,        unique opportunity for the region to
                                                                                                                                                                                    there is a $2100bn commitment            become the focal point for nuclear
                                                                                                                                                                                    globally to new-build nuclear plants.    supply chain in the UK.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The UK is exploiting opportunities and
                                                                                                                                                                                    the Sheffield region is pivotal in its  Rolls Royce have now chosen South
                                                                                                                                                                                    international offering.                 Yorkshire as the location for their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            $70m civil nuclear factory which will
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            boost the manufacturing strength
                                                                                                                                                                                    “ Sheffield haS been Given a unique     of both nuclear and non-nuclear
                                                                                                                                                                                      oppoRtunity and ReSponSibility to     construction within the region and see
                                                                                                                                                                                      WoRK on the uK nucleaR Supply chain.” the demand for support services soar.

Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

14                                 made Sheffield                                                                                                                                   iSSue 003 2011/12                                                           15
                                                                                                                                    “Alongside engineering and science in       Events like the Global Manufacturing
                                             working hard on an image that pays         about the negative perceptions              general, manufacturing has suffered         Festival, are crucial to improving the
                                             tribute to its manufacturing heritage.     surrounding manufacturing in the UK –       from a poor image amongst young             reputation of manufacturing and
                                             At the heart of this mission is a          it is a concern felt by those in industry   people for many years which has             bridging the gap between education
                                             need to battle myths surrounding           as well as by government.                   resulted in the stark statistic that only   and industry. National debate has more
                                             manufacturing, breaking down barriers                                                  18% of 11-16 year olds see a career         recently written off manufacturing, but
                                             and changing the damaged perception        Jeurgen Maier delivers a similar            in manufacturing and engineering            it is a major component of the British
                                             of manufacturing and the contribution it   warning: “The manufacturing industry        as desirable.”                              economic recovery.
                                             makes to the UK economy.                   needs to work in partnership with the
                                                                                        coalition government to promote the                                                     For recent progress to become a
                                             In particular, the Global Manufacturing    benefits, value and excitement of a         the uK needS to bacK                        trend, rather than a highlight, the UK
                                             Festival will focus on the need to         manufacturing career.                       manufactuReR’S WinneRS and                  needs to back manufacturer’s winners
                                             battle the lagging perception held                                                     Sheffield iS leadinG the pacK.              and Sheffield is leading the pack.
                                             about the industry, and the damaging       “A greater focus is required to attract
                                             effects this will have on inspiring the    the next generation of skilled workers
                                             next-generation of engineering talent.     into manufacturing by promoting the
                                             This year, Secretary of State for          industry to the 11-16 age group and at
Richard Wright, Executive Director of        Business, Vince Cable was vocal            vocational level.
the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
and Chairman of the Yorkshire and
Humber Manufacturing Task Group,
said: “Sheffield has been given a            aS pReSSuRe GRoWS to
unique opportunity and responsibility to
work on the UK nuclear supply chain.         pRovide ReneWable eneRGy
“This delivers a huge inward
investment potential to the region and
                                             SouRceS, theRe iS a $2100bn
we’re as well placed as we have ever
been to exploit the opportunity and
                                             commitment Globally to neW-
deliver the benefits.”
                                             build nucleaR plantS. the uK
Further to its nuclear offering, the
region is home to some of the leading        iS exploitinG oppoRtunitieS
                                             and the Sheffield ReGion iS
performance businesses in the
UK. These are globally recognised
advanced manufacturing companies,
providing specialist skills and
innovative products internationally.
                                             pivotal in itS inteRnational
It is no accident that David                 offeRinG.
Cameron highlighted the Advanced
Manufacturing Research Centre
(AMRC) as a shape of things to come,
a role model in new ways of bringing
research and business together.

In recent years, the city’s heritage has
been bolstered by a new focus on
high-value manufacturing, with first-
class research & development driven
by two major Universities.

thiS RenaiSSance in the city
haS not come With complacency.
Sheffield iS WoRKinG haRd on
an imaGe that payS tRibute to
itS manufactuRinG heRitaGe.

The AMRC is at the forefront of
cutting-edge technologies, acting as
a symbol of the regenerated potential
in the UK for skills and expertise.
This renaissance in the city has not
come with complacency. Sheffield is
                                                                                                                                    Chris Parkin, AESSEAL Apprentice.

16                          made Sheffield                                                                                                                                      iSSue 003 2011/12                         17
did you KnoW?

Sheffield is at the heartbeat of
UK manufacturing and remains
home to many of the world’s
most innovative engineering

18                      made Sheffield   iSSue 003 2011/12   19
CApitAl Of
by matt heaSon

It’s a phrase that bugs me a little
really. How do you qualify as an
‘adventure capital’? Lots of places
lay claim to it. Fort William
                                              Sheffield City Council and a dedicated
                                              group of volunteers (This Is Sheffield /
                                              Ride Sheffield) have massively raised
                                              the profile of biking within the city,
and Keswick to name two. But,                 with a whole bunch of purpose built
because of its modesty, Sheffield             tracks to be built at Parkwood Springs
has never really staked its claim             (not far from the Ski Village).
for the accolade. Well, let’s have
a look at whether it should.
                                              Sheffield’S S7 poStal code iS Reputed

                                              to have the hiGheSt denSity of RocK
                elcome To Yorkshire
                have just produced a
                                              climbeRS anyWheRe on the planet
                                                                                         “the city'S developed a
                massive run of little
                booklets highlighting all     Sheffield's S7 postal code is reputed       Reputation aS the numbeR
                                                                                          one deStination foR
the adventurous things there are to           to have the highest density of rock
do in the county, from climbing and           climbers anywhere on the planet
mountain biking to caving and surfing.        (I certainly moved to the city for the
Add to that the fact that the Peak
District is primarily within Derbyshire,
                                              climbing and I know a whole load
                                              more people who did the same).              outdooR enthuSiaStS and
and there may just be an argument
for a local claim.
                                              The city has 4 nationally significant
                                              climbing walls and the Peak District        alReady attRactS viSitoRS
I've read that the Peaks are generally
considered the best place in the
                                              on its doorstep.

                                              If you're a runner it's got that
                                                                                          fRom aRound the WoRld.”
country to go mountain biking.                covered too. last week
                                              posted an article posing the question

22                           made Sheffield                                                            iSSue 003 2011/12   23
                      'Is Sheffield The UK Capital Of
                      Running?'. South Yorkshire Orienteers
                      have to be among the most active
                      running clubs in the country. Jenny
                      Johnson, one of their committee
                      members also pointed out to me
                      that, in addition to the events listed
                      in the article, Sheffield is hosting the
                      Long and Relay British Orienteering
                      Championships which is a world
                      ranking event.

                      The weekend of March 4-6 is probably
                      the busiest on the outdoor calendar
                      anywhere in the country at any time
                      of year. The Sheffield Adventure Film
                      Festival will be on in the Showroom
                      Cinema, the British Mountaineering
                      Council Youth Climbing Series Regional
                      Final will be on at The Foundry Climbing
                      Centre, the Climbing Works, the world's
                      biggest bouldering facility will be hosting
                      the Climbing Works International
                      Festival, an internationally renowned
                      bouldering masters with a large purse
                      and a great atmosphere, and local
                      mountain biking legend Steve Peat is
                      organising the Steel City Downhill, the
                      city's first ever downhill mountain bike
                      race in Grenoside Woods.

                      “if you’Re a RunneR it’S Got that coveRed
                       too. laSt WeeK poSted
                       an aRticle poSinG the queStion, iS
                       Sheffield the uK capital of RunninG?”

                      The Steel City Downhill is only the
                      first in a series of events planned for
                      the city. Speakers From The Edge
                      and Heason Events are the two
                      biggest speaker’s bureaus in the
                      country, specialising in adventurous
                      speakers and both are based locally.
                      Once this weekend is out of the way
                      preparations will begin immediately
                      for the UK's largest outdoor pursuits
                      event, Cliffhanger. Held in Millhouses
                      Park just on the border of the Peak
                      District, it ties in with the Alpkit
                      Shakeout – a music and camping
                      based event aimed at outdoors folk.

                      “i’ve Read that the peaKS aRe
                       GeneRally conSideRed the beSt place
                       in the countRy to Go mountain biKinG.”

                      So, could Sheffield be the Adventure
                      Capital Of The UK? In my opinion
                      it doesn’t need to brand itself with
                      this accolade. The city's developed
                      a reputation as the number one
                      destination for outdoor enthusiasts
                      and already attracts visitors from
                      around the world. Job done as far
                      as I'm concerned.

24   made Sheffield                                                 iSSue 002 2010/11   25
                                               made in
                                               Sheffield –
                                               a hallmaRK
                                               of SucceSS
                                               Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets Area Director
                                               Tim Pryor describes the elements essential
                                               to Sheffield’s on-going economic recovery.

          s our local economy                  environment in which the private         Advanced Manufacturing Park in
          rebalances, one of the keys          sector can take up the slack.            South Yorkshire, is just one example
          to our recovery is our ability       I believe we’re well placed to achieve   of the high quality industry-focused
          to adapt. It’s a quality that        that. Certainly, from the businesses     R&D underway in the region, enabling
Sheffield demonstrates well.                   I’ve been talking to over the last       local firms to become the suppliers of
                                               couple of months, many are starting      choice to the global nuclear industry.
With the country facing one of the             to look forward again. They’ve done
deepest recessions of our times, it’s          what they needed to do to survive the    In another boost to the local economy,
easy to overlook the fact that this city       recession, and are now starting to re-   Sky is locating a new customer service
has in fact made enormous strides              engage with growth opportunities and     centre in Sheffield city centre, creating
in the last decade; many of the great          longer-term investment.                  500 jobs. Elsewhere in the wider
public and private sector investments                                                   region, German engineering giant
that have reinvigorated the city,              As a bank, we’re really excited by       Siemens has selected Associated
were merely ideas on a business                that momentum. We opened our             British Port’s (ABP) Hull development
plan ten years ago.                            Large Corporate offices here in          to build what will be Britain’s first major
                                               2002 and now have a team of 19           offshore wind turbine manufacturing
                                               colleagues committed to supporting       plant, creating 700 jobs.
“Sheffield’S ability to Reinvent               large corporate businesses in the city
 itSelf haS pRovided a platfoRm                and region, working across a wide        WoRKinG in paRtneRShip
 foR excitinG GRoWth in a diveRSe              spectrum of sectors and industries.      These are all crucial elements in the
 Wide RanGe of SectoRS.”                                                                overall economic evolution of the
                                               expeRtiSe and expeRience                 region. We must all play our part in
                                               Many of those sectors are now            delivering the results. That’s why
Yet here they are, adding real depth           growing into globally significant        at Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets
and breadth to the local economy               flagships for Sheffield, including       we’re delighted to be working with
as we come out of recession.                   the digital and new media industry,      Creativesheffield to raise the region
Equally encouraging is that this               which is home to a significant           and the city’s profile. By taking an
positioning sees the region very               e-learning cluster.                      active role in Creativesheffield’s
well placed to take advantage of the                                                    Entrepreneur Festival, as well as the
macro economic, political and social           And while the city retains its key       exciting Global Manufacturing Festival,
drivers that are in play to rebalance          strengths in areas where skills have     we can play our part in promoting the
the economy towards a greater                  been developed around finance, IT        area’s unique assets and encouraging
manufacturing and low carbon/                  and customer services, there’s a very    investment and economic growth.
renewable focus.                               definite shift back to manufacturing
                                               too. Employment in the sector is         To ensure Sheffield’s success, we
We don’t yet know what the full                one of the highest in the UK, and        need to encourage partnership at
impact of the public sector spending           our significant manufacturing base       all levels. It’s an ethos close to our
cuts on our region will be, but with           has been helped by the comparative       hearts here at Lloyds Bank Corporate
figures showing that employment                weakness of sterling, which is           Markets, and we remain focused on
growth since 2005 has been almost              encouraging export growth.               working in partnership with businesses
totally public sector led, it’s likely to      The region is also recognised as a       to achieve their business ambitions,
be significant. What we need to                Centre of Excellence for Advanced        whatever they may be.
encourage, and what we here at                 Manufacturing and Materials
Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets                  Technologies. The new Nuclear
are focused on, is creating an                 AMRC (NAMRC) facility on the

26                            made Sheffield
pRemieR location
foR buSineSS
                              As one of Sheffield’s largest              committed to growing our business
                              private sector employers Irwin             and have set out our intentions by
                              Mitchell is committed to the               bringing in high quality commercial
                              growth of its home city.                   lawyers such as Paul Firth. This
                                                                         determination to hire the best in the

                                                                         business marks an integral part of our
                                        heffield has long held a
                                                                         national drive to grow the firm and
                                        reputation for producing high
                                                                         develop into a significant operator
                                        quality products and the
                                                                         within the corporate market place.”
                                        professional services on offer
                              in the city are no different.
                                                                         Alongside the Business division sits
                                                                         the Personal Injury practice, which
                              Leading international law firm Irwin
                                                                         has become the biggest and most
                              Mitchell is a prime example having
                                                                         respected in the UK, with its specialist
                              started out in the city in 1912. The firm
                                                                         lawyers regularly challenging in the
                              is now the fourth largest in the country
                                                                         highest courts in the land on behalf
                              employing more than 2,300 people
                                                                         of their clients. Irwin Mitchell is also
                              across its nine UK offices, and a further
                                                                         proud to have won the prestigious
                              two abroad in Malaga and Madrid.
                                                                         Rehabilitation First Award three years
                                                                         in a row for the work its lawyers do in
                              The firm has grown rapidly,
                                                                         helping clients recover from serious
                              exemplifying the authentic,
                                                                         injuries. It is this ultimate dedication
                              independent and quality values that
                                                                         to their clients that sets the Irwin
                              Sheffield is famous for. Irwin Mitchell
                                                                         Mitchell teams apart from others.
                              is now a full service firm with specialist
                              teams covering every aspect of law
                                                                         As one of Sheffield’s largest private
                              through both its first class Personal
                                                                         sector employers Irwin Mitchell is
                              Injury teams and its expanding
                                                                         equally committed to the growth of its
                              Business and Private Client division.
                                                                         home city and plays a vital role at the
                                                                         forefront of economic development
                              In recent years Irwin Mitchell has
                                                                         of the region. The firm has been
                              been involved in some of the region’s
                                                                         heavily involved in setting up the
                              biggest corporate deals, including
                                                                         Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise
                              acting for the buyer of Sheffield
                                                                         Partnership (LEP), and has recently
                              engineering giant DavyMarkham.
                                                                         led a delegation of leading Yorkshire
“Sheffield iS unique in itS   The firm’s Corporate team is highly
                              regarded, having this year been short-
                                                                         advisors to India to attract investment
 offeR. it iS a fantaStic     listed for the Corporate Law Firm of
                                                                         and drum up business for the region.
 city to both live and        the Year award at the South Yorkshire
                                                                         John Pickering also sits on the
                              Insider Dealmakers awards, a title it
 WoRK and that iS Why         won last year.
                                                                         Sheffield Business Panel which
 iRWin mitchell haS been                                                 will champion the city and provide
                                                                         leadership for economic growth. He
 able to GRoW aS it haS.”     The business team’s expertise
                                                                         added: “Sheffield is unique in its offer.
                              in working with manufacturing
                                                                         It is a fantastic city to both live and
                              businesses has been extremely
                                                                         work and that is why Irwin Mitchell
                              important over the past few years
                                                                         has been able to grow as it has. As a
                              with the specialist sector knowledge
                                                                         firm we’re fully committed to Sheffield
                              key in enabling Irwin Mitchell to
                                                                         and South Yorkshire and want to see
                              provide advice on the pertinent
                                                                         the region at the heart of the UK’s
                              industry issues.
                                                                         economic recovery and future.”
                              John Pickering, Managing Partner, says
                              recent senior appointments point to
                              the firm’s ambition. He said: “We are

                              iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                 29
                     “many female SilveRSmithS and
                      JeWelleRS bRinG an aeSthetic
                      SenSibility and uSe mateRialS
                      alonGSide the SilveR that
                      aRe the conSequence of theiR

                      expeRienceS aS Women.”


 By Michelle Clare

                                    iSSue 003 2011/12   31
                                                                                       “it Seemed to me that
                                                                                        neatly encapSulated in
                                                                                        that Small Room WeRe,
                                                                                        not JuSt the toolS of
                                                                                        the tRade, but SeveRal
                                                                                        hundRed yeaRS of
                                                                                        Sheffield’S hiStoRy.”

                                                                                                                                              aria Hanson graduated          wearable punch cup - and pass them        “The tradition of the city filters
                                                                                                                                              from the Royal College         around for others to experience.          into the course, which is important
                                                                                                                                              of Art in 1991, and has                                                  because it is teaching that will sustain
                                                                                                                                              been living in Sheffield       Her choice of city was dictated by        the profession. And the relationship
                                                                                                                                  since 1995, when she relocated from        the desire to work in a location with     with the city is part of a much bigger
                                                                                                                                  London. She combines her work              a traditional basis in silversmithing.    picture. Our work in Sheffield goes out
                                                                                                                                  as a designer-maker with a career          “There is a sense of community, and       to a much bigger audience, and on the
                                                                                                                                  in teaching, and took up the post of       there are lots of connections between     course we encourage students to see
                                                                                                                                  Research Reader at Sheffield Hallam        the different organisations involved      their place in a much bigger world.”
                                                                                                                                  University in 2003, where she is           with silversmithing, such as the Assay
                                                                                                                                  also subject tutor for MA students         Office and Sheffield Hallam University.
                                                                                                                                  in Metalwork and Jewellery. Her            The city is known worldwide for its       “ouR WoRK in Sheffield GoeS out
                                                                                                                                  work is held in numerous public            making, and people are generous with       to a much biGGeR audience, and
                                                                                                                                  collections and she is a Freeman of        their time and experience. There is a      on the couRSe We encouRaGe
                                                                                                                                  the Goldsmiths Company and City            sense that people want to retain the       StudentS to See theiR place
                                                                                                                                  of London and of the Company of            tradition here.”                           in a much biGGeR WoRld.”
                                                                                                                                  Cutlers in Hallamshire.
                                                                                                                                                                             This sense is reflected in one of her
                                                                                                                                  Maria’s work encapsulates her roles        favourite commissions - a cream jug       She believes that it is part of her role
                                                                                                                                  as a teacher and a designer-maker,         that she made in 2007 for the Master      as a researcher to bring people into
                                                                                                                                  combining an intellectual approach with    and Mistress Cutler of the Company        the city to see what is being done,
My connection with Sheffield comes         that neatly encapsulated in that small      work to laser cutters, electroplaters      a high level of craftsmanship. The items   of Cutlers, Ellen and Alan Reid. “I       and the Beneath The Skin exhibition
via Hong Kong. Working there as            room were, not just the tools of the        and polishers, as well as calling on the   that she creates blur the boundaries       was honoured to make this piece in        (which she has curated for the
a journalist from 1992-1997 my             trade, but several hundred years of         highly skilled traditional craftsmen to    between jewellery and silversmithing       the year that I became a Freeman          forthcoming Galvanize festival) she
interest in metalwork was initiated        Sheffield’s history. I didn’t know what     expand their knowledge.                    (traditionally regarded as functional      of the Company, especially since          brings together the work of a group
when I met a silversmith who had           all these tools did but I knew that I                                                  domestic vessels) in order to examine      there are not many females to have        of makers from all across the country.
trained at what was then Sheffield         wanted to find out and I was back at        In October last year I took up my place    what objects are and how they relate to    become Freemen, but also touched
City Polytechnic. I went and bought        university by September that year.          on the Silversmiths Starter Scheme         the people that use them.                  that the clients were adamant that        She hopes that, “In the future
some basic tools, then did no more                                                     at Persistence Works in the centre of                                                 the engraving should have my details      silversmithing continues to flourish
about it.                                  While studying at Sheffield, I quickly      Sheffield, and have become aware                                                      on it as well as theirs. Sheffield’s      and what I contribute to ensures

                                           became aware that it was a special          that at least one of the industry’s        “theRe iS a SenSe of community, and        heritage is important to her not only     a continued role for today’s silver
         ast-forward to January 2006       experience. Not only is the hammer          traditions is slowly changing. Whereas      theRe aRe lotS of connectionS             as a designer-maker but as a lecturer:    in society.”
         and I had finally started         room a rare teaching facility – there are   once the silversmithing industry            betWeen the diffeRent oRGaniSationS
         making jewellery.                      few other collections of hammers       was almost exclusively male, I join         involved With SilveRSmithinG.”
         By then I was                                and stakes of its size that      the ranks of increasing numbers of                                                     “the city iS KnoWn WoRldWide foR itS maKinG,
studying Art and Design                                  are open to students –        independent female silversmiths
at evening classes                                         the course has long         and jewellers cultivated by the city.      “I was always concerned with the             and people aRe GeneRouS With theiR time and
in London and                                                associations with         Sarah Stevenson, Charlotte Tollyfield,     relationships between objects and the        expeRience. theRe iS a SenSe that people Want
went to Sheffield                                             the city’s industry,
                                                               having been set
                                                                                       Victoria Kershaw and Rebecca
                                                                                       Joselyn are just a few of the young
                                                                                                                                  body, and try to push the boundaries         to Retain the tRadition heRe.”
Hallam University                                                                                                                 of what jewellery is. At some point I
on an open day                                                 up in the               silversmiths working here – and            became conscious that I was creating
with the vague                                                 Victorian era           there’s even a female apprentice in        vessel forms at a scale that went
idea that I might                                              as part of a            the trade: Niki Byrne, who works at        beyond jewellery, but which was still
return to full-                                                government              British Silverware.                        interlinked with the wearer.”
time education at                                              drive to improve
some point in the                                             design within            While all agree that creativity and        It is an approach that perhaps many
future. Then I saw                                           manufacturing.            making skills are related to the           outside the world of designer-making
the hammer room,                                                                       individual not to gender, many female      will be unfamiliar with, but one that
with row upon row                                         The traditions and           silversmiths and jewellers bring an        is vital to pushing design forward in
of hammers lined up on                                 practice of the metalwork       aesthetic sensibility and use materials    the worlds of jewellery, silversmithing
the walls, thousands of stakes                   industries infuse the course,         alongside the silver that are the          and beyond. The resulting objects are
(the metal formers used to shape           and from the very beginning students        consequence of their experiences as        beautiful, intriguing and sensual, and
the silver), and ancient tree stumps       are encouraged to exploit the skills        women, which has led to a distinctly       you can’t help but want to pick up and
scattered around. It seemed to me          that the city has to offer, outsourcing     feminine shift in design.                  hold items such as Decadence – a

32                        made Sheffield                                                                                                                                     iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                33
K                                                                                                                                                             Jennie
            atey Felton came to              Her choice of chasing (in which relief   that are needed. As her career has
            Sheffield after graduating       patterns are created in the surface of   progressed, with an accompanying
            with an MA in Jewellery,         the metal with a series of punches)      increase in workload, she has allowed
            silversmithing and Related       stems from her personality. She says,    local technology to inform her
Products from the School of Jewellery        “My work is part of me. I get fidgety    manufacturing processes, and now
at the University of Central England in      if I’m not making something and I find   outsources the making of the vessels
Birmingham in 2001. She was one of           chasing very therapeutic, as well as     to local craftsmen so that she can
the first participants on The Yorkshire      being a technique which gives me         concentrate on the chasing.
Arts Space Starter Studios Scheme            most control over the metal.”
for Silversmiths, and since leaving                                                   She also credits the Sheffield Assay
the scheme has built up a successful      Being in Sheffield has proved               Office with helping her establish her

business making and selling hand-         invaluable to the development of her        career, saying “Ashley Carson [the
chased vessels for private clients and    skills and career. She initially arrived    Assay Master] has been a big part of                                          ennie Gill first came to          etching to the Sheffield Assay Office
public collections.                       expecting the city to have a bustling       my success. He is very supportive of                                          Sheffield in 1988 to study        as well as using a local craftsman
                                          silversmithing district, and says “I        the trade and introduced me to many                                           Metalwork and Jewellery at        for engraving work. Like many other
                                          expected it to be like Birmingham,          of my early clients.”                                                         Sheffield City Polytechnic. On    craftsmen, she enjoys the feeling that
“the cRaftSmen heRe KnoW eveRythinG with its Jewellery Quarter. The level                                                                                   graduating, she found herself applying    she is part of the heritage of the city,
 about eveRy aSpect of the tRade,         of activity is not immediately obvious      She works mainly to commission, and                                   for jobs in the midst of a recession,     and says that this heritage still carries
 and i Would talK to them foR houRS.”     but once I’d scratched the surface and      one of her favourites was creating a                                  and unable to get work she decided        a kudos that helps to sell her work.
                                          found the ‘Mesters’, I realised that        50cm silver salver for the Friends of                                 to set up her own business making
                                          the value was in the people and their       Nostell Priory, which is now housed                                   jewellery so that she was able to work    But she says, its not just companies
Katey’s upbringing on the Lincolnshire depth of knowledge.                            at the Priory in Wakefield. She spent                                 with just basic hand tools.               related to the silver industry that are
coast led to an early interest in natural                                             five days in the house sketching, and                                                                           useful, “There are a lot of cross-over
forms. Her vessels are inspired by        “The craftsmen here know everything         designs from the building are reflected                               She is driven by the making process       trades, such as powder coating, who
the lines and creases to be found in      about every aspect of the trade,            in the finished piece.                                                and designs by “drawing in metal” at      are willing to help – all you have to
skin, leaves and flowing water, and       and I would talk to them for hours.”                                                                              her jeweller’s bench, creating 18 carat   do is knock on the door. Companies
Sheffield’s location at the edge of       One in particular, Bill Richardson,         She loves the collaborative process                                   gold and sterling silver jewellery that   involved in the heavy industries, such
the Peak District provides her with a     a well-known chaser and master              and the clients for the Nostell                                       combines hand forging, enamel and         as Sheffield Forgemasters can also
nearby plentiful source of inspiration    craftsman became a mentor to Katey,         Priory salver, as with many other                                     hand-faceted rough, natural diamonds      be receptive to doing small jobs – it’s
for her designs.                          helping her with her technique and          commissions, visited the workshop to                                  and fancy coloured stones with cast       their way of giving back.”
                                          knowledge of the numerous tools             see the piece being made. She says                                    elements made from objects she
                                                                                      that commission work “allows me to                                    has found.                                This willingness to help has also been
                                                                                      create a piece that is personal to the                                                                          invaluable to a number of Jennie’s
                                                                                      client, and they get to see the work                                                                            large-scale public art projects, such
                                                                                      evolve from the seed of an idea.” This                                “i Get Joy fRom cReativity and fRom       as a 4.5m high cast-iron sculpture on
                                                                                      attitude has gained her a large client                                 people WeaRinG my WoRK, and my           Hoyle Street, inspired by the original
                                                                                      base in the area, and over the years                                   ambition iS to be able to caRRy          engineer’s blueprint for the crucible
                                                                                      Katey says she “has enjoyed thinking                                   on maKinG.”                              chimney that once stood on the site.
                                                                                      about the people of Sheffield and
                                                                                      letting them inform my work.”                                                                                   Jennie currently works part-time, and
                                                                                                                                                            Her work is characterised by natural,     says that the lifestyle in Sheffield helps
                                                                                                                                                            organic feel and she has built up a       her balance her work as a designer-
                                                                                                                                                            loyal clientele in both Sheffield and     maker with caring for her two young
                                                                                                                                                            further afield who are attracted to the   children. “Sheffield is a very easy place
                                                                                                                                                            subdued qualities of her jewellery.       to live and bring up a family. It enables
                                                                                                                                                            She says, “In my work the diamond is      me to work around the children and
                                                                                                                                “Sheffield iS a veRy eaSy   a secret and I have discerning clients
                                                                                                                                                            who are prepared to spend thousands
                                                                                                                                                                                                      helps me maintain a business without
                                                                                                                                                                                                      taking a career break.”
                                                                                                                                 place to live and bRinG    on a diamond that doesn’t look like
                                                                                                                                 up a family. it enableS    one.” Her most memorable sale was
                                                                                                                                                            to a Sheffield client who bought a 16     “in my WoRK the diamond iS a
                                                                                                                                 me to WoRK aRound the      carat rough diamond necklace for his       SecRet and i have diSceRninG
                                                                                                                                 childRen and helpS me      wife as a stocking filler.                 clientS Who aRe pRepaRed to
                                                                                                                                 maintain a buSineSS                                                   Spend thouSandS on a diamond
                                                                                                                                                            She began her career in one of             that doeSn’t looK liKe one.”
                                                                                                                                 Without taKinG a           the Little Mesters workshops on
                                                                                                                                 caReeR bReaK.”

                                                                                                                                                            Milton Street sharing space with
                                                                                                                                                            two knife makers who helped her           Her aim for the future is simple. She
                                                                                                                                                            with her tool making, showing her         says, “I get joy from creativity and
                                                                                                                                                            how to temper steel. She believes         from people wearing my work, and my
                                                                                      “my WoRK iS paRt of me.                                               that being in Sheffield has facilitated   ambition is to be able to carry on making.
                                                                                       i Get fidGety if i’m not                                             the manufacture of her work and           I don’t hanker after any other job.”
                                                                                                                                                            makes use of a variety of companies
                                                                                       maKinG SomethinG and                                                 based in the city. She still uses the
                                                                                       i find chaSinG veRy                                                  same casting company she used
                                                                                       theRapeutic.”                                                        as a student, and outsources laser

34                          made Sheffield                                                                                                                  iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                 35

                        aRmed With a team of 200
                        ambaSSadoRS, Sheffield iS
                        leadinG the Race to become
                        the numbeR one deStination
                        foR confeRenceS and eventS.

 38    made Sheffield                                 iSSue 003 2011/12   39
Shelagh Cowley, the Duke of Devonshire and
Gemma Bradshaw at a recent ambassador event.                                                                                             “theiR enthuSiaSm to
                                                                                                                                          ShoWcaSe the city and
                                                                                                                                          itS StRenGthS Really doeS
                                                                                                                                          help uS to SecuRe moRe
                                                                                                                                          national and inteRnational
                                                                                                                                          eventS to the ReGion.”

          hree years ago Sheffield                 Back in 2009, one year after               City Council,” she explains.               academics play a fundamental role       Bradshaw goes on to explain,              — For anyone interested in
          launched an innovative                   the programme was launched,                Sheffield was also shortlisted alongside   in driving business to the city.        “Another example is Dr. Jeff Breckon,     finding out more about the
          scheme to help support and               introductions made at a conference         Shanghai to host the International                                                 Reader in Exercise Psychology at          programme, please call
          grow business tourism within             in Liverpool were vital in securing the    Congress but unfortunately missed          Shelagh Cowley, Training, Marketing     Sheffield Hallam University, who,
the city. The aim was simple: to                   annual event in 2011.                      out. “To be shortlisted was a fantastic    and Events Coordinator for the          along with the help of our team           Gemma Bradshaw,
recruit professionals in business who                                                         achievement and the European               Polymer Centre at the University        and his colleagues, successfully          Ambassador Manager
can help attract more conferences                                                             Society of Glass Technology Congress       of Sheffield became a Conference        bid to host the 2011 Motivational         on +44 (0)114 201 1015
and events to the region.                          “i have WoRKed With Some fantaStic         will attract just as many delegates, if    Ambassador two years ago. “Since        Interviewing Network of Trainers          or email ambassador@
                                                    and paSSionate ambaSSadoRS on             not more, across a whole week.”            Shelagh’s role already involves         Conference which moves annually 
The task is in the capable hands of                 Such an aRRay of confeRenceS.”                                                       organising events, she immediately      between North America and Europe.”
the Sheffield Convention Bureau                                                               Bradshaw is confident that it is the       recognised the potential benefit                                                  Further information is available at
and on the shoulder’s of one woman                                                            networking opportunities with other        of being able to access a support       More recently the programme     
in particular, Gemma Bradshaw,                     “One of our ambassadors, Martyn            ambassadors and the invaluable             network that would help her with        has helped colleagues from both           ambassador
manager of the Ambassador                          Benson, was keen to showcase               knowledge the Sheffield Convention         the time-consuming task of finding      Universities to secure the Annual
Programme. It is Bradshaw’s role                   Sheffield’s entrepreneurial and digital    Bureau can provide, which makes the        appropriate venues and negotiating      Conference for the Business
to engage with local academics and                 credentials and bring the annual           programme a success.                       the best rates on the venue,            Librarians Association which will take
leading business professionals, and                ISBE [Institute for Small Business                                                    accommodation and discounted rail       place in July this year and attract 100
equip them with the knowledge                      and Entrepreneurship] Conference           “It really is a team effort and thanks     travel,” says Bradshaw.                 members to the city.
they need to persuade conference                   to Sheffield,” she explains. “Martyn       must be given to Welcome to
organisers to bring their events                   introduced me to the organisers            Yorkshire who significantly support        “Shelagh is busy this year organising   Although they may not appeal to
to Sheffield.                                      following the ISBE 2009 in Liverpool,      the Ambassador Programme,” says            the Shine International Conference      everyone’s interests, it is estimated
                                                   and after further discussions resulted     Bradshaw, diverting the praise.            2011, a showcase event for the          that these niche events, combined,
“Since we launched the programme                   in us securing the event for 2011”.                                                   University of Sheffield addressing      will have an economic impact on the
we have attracted over 200 members                                            “The programme forms part of the
                                                   The annual ISBE Conference, to be                                                     the science behind food and energy      city of over half a million pounds. A
in the region, 131 from Sheffield                                             overall business tourism strategy
                                                   hosted later this year will attract over                                              sustainability. It is taking place at   welcome boost to the local economy
alone and generated event enquiries                400 delegates to the city. for Yorkshire and is a vital element                       Sheffield City Hall in September        during times of austerity.
worth over £3million to the regional                                          of the business tourism strategy for                       and hopes to attract some 300
economy”, Bradshaw proudly explains. Another great success for the team       Sheffield.” A strategy which intends                       delegates.”                             “I have worked with some fantastic
                                     was winning the bid to host the          to grow the existing 2 million business                                                            and passionate ambassadors on such
With a 200 strong team and over      European Society of Glass Technology delegates, who gather in the city each                                                                 an array of conferences,” Bradshaw
£2.5million confirmed to date, it is Conference in 2016. A niche event        year, bringing £168million to the local                    “Since We launched the pRoGRamme        concludes. “Their enthusiasm to
without doubt that the scheme is     which would leave many of us             economy. Making sure Sheffield is                           We have attRacted oveR 200             showcase the city and its strengths
proving a success. “Thanks to our    bewildered, but an event none the        firmly placed on the conference map.                        membeRS in the ReGion, 131 fRom        really does help us to secure more
ambassadors, more and more national less that will be at the forefront of                                                                 Sheffield alone and GeneRated          national and international events to
and international associations are   the industry. “Last year we helped       It is evident to see that key drivers of                    event enquiRieS WoRth oveR             the region.” In her own words, that
choosing to host their annual events Professor John Parker from the           the programme reside within the two                         £3million to the ReGional economy.”    is, quite simply, the essence of the
in Sheffield.”                       University of Sheffield to write his bid universities. With both universities                                                               programme.
                                     presentation, and obtained a number      strong in a multitude of sectors, local
                                     of letters of support from Central
                                     Government, Visit Britain and the

40                                made Sheffield                                                                                                                                 iSSue 003 2011/12                                                               41
“thiS pRoGRamme iS one
 the city Should be
 pRoud of.”
                                                                         on tRacK: Sheffield’S
                                                                         multi-million pound
                                                                         SpoRtS eventS
                                                                         pRoGRamme maKeS

                                                                         a flyinG StaRt.
                                                                         2011 is yet another busy year for Sheffield. The city is
                                                                         hosting a major sports event programme which will provide
                                                                         a multi-million pound boost to the local economy and
                                                                         position the city as one of the key UK sporting destinations
                                                                         as the countdown to the 2012 London Olympics gathers pace.

Jessica Ennis, World and European Heptathlon Magazine
44                                   made Champion.       iSSue 003 2011/12                                                        45
T                                                                       “the value of
        he line-up, one of the most impressive and diverse                                 More than 20 Olympic and Paralympic sports will be contested
        in any UK city outside of London, features; eight                                  as part of the programme – making it one of the biggest outside

                                                                         the eventS
        world championships or world level events; three                                   of London in the countdown to 2012.
        european level championship events; twenty national
championships; and four mass participation events with more                                Clifton acknowledges Sheffield has worked hard over the last
than 25,000 participants.
                                                                         pRoGRamme to      two decades, by investing in sporting facilities and building an
                                                                                           infrastructure which allows the city to attract and host world
One man who has played a pivotal role in developing the
programme is Gary Clifton, Sheffield’s Major Sports Events and           the local         class sporting events. “This programme is one the city should
                                                                                           be proud of. It will contribute £6million to Sheffield’s economy,
2012 Programme Manager. Over the last decade, Clifton has
worked on a number of bids and secured numerous events for the           economy haS       bringing a welcome boost to hotels and other businesses. The
                                                                                           media coverage allows us to showcase the city to an international

                                                                         been eStimated
city, including the prestigious 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the                         audience and benchmark Sheffield as an International sporting
Year. “I think I’ve got the best job”, says Clifton. “We bring major                       destination of choice.”
sports events to the city, allowing us to showcase Sheffield to
the world.”
                                                                         to be in exceSS   Six of the events being staged are directly related to the fact that
                                                                                           the Olympics are coming to London in 2012 – which shows how

moRe than 20 olympic and paRalympic SpoRtS Will be conteSted             of £6million.”    Sheffield is leading the rest of the country in taking advantage of
                                                                                           the opportunities presented by the Olympics.
aS paRt of the pRoGRamme – maKinG it one of the biGGeSt outSide
of london in the countdoWn to 2012.                                                        Clifton is keen to point out that the 2011 programme is testimony
                                                                                           to the work of a number of organisations including – Sheffield
                                                                                           City Council’s Major Sports Event Unit, Activity Sheffield,
The value of the events programme to the local economy has                                 Sheffield International Venues, Welcome to Yorkshire, UK
been estimated to be in excess of £6million – further recognition                          Sport, Marketing Sheffield, Hospitality Sheffield and the city’s
that the sport, leisure and tourism sectors are some of the                                Universities.
keys to unlocking growth and wealth for the region. “Ten of the
events will receive national and international television coverage –
projecting Sheffield, its facilities and brand to millions across the                      Six of the eventS beinG StaGed aRe diRectly Related to the fact
globe,” explains Clifton.                                                                  that the olympicS aRe cominG to london in 2012 – Which ShoWS
                                                                                           hoW Sheffield iS leadinG the ReSt of the countRy in taKinG
“So far this year the city has hosted the high profile $172,000                            advantaGe of the oppoRtunitieS pReSented by the olympicS.
English Open table tennis championships – one of only four major
pro-tour events in the world featuring the sport’s leading players,
and the returning two-day Aviva Indoor UK Athletics trials and                             Speaking to Clifton it is clear to see that there is a collaborative
championships at EIS Sheffield.                                                            approach to working – a common trait which is seen throughout
                                                                                           the city. Both on and off the sporting field, there is a real sense of
“In addition, Sheffield will once again play host to the Betfred                           team spirit and drive for business and success. The 2011 major
World Snooker Championships at The Crucible Theatre and the                                sports events programme is just one example of Sheffield’s
six-day BUCS (British Universities) Championships.”                                        ambition and ability to make things happen.

                                                                                           To view the major sports events 2011 visit:
“ten of the eventS Will Receive national and inteRnational                       
 televiSion coveRaGe – pRoJectinG Sheffield, itS facilitieS
 and bRand to millionS acRoSS the Globe.”

46                          made Sheffield                                                                                            iSSue 003 2011/12             47
“it iS vitally impoRtant that WoRld claSS
 eventS Such aS theSe aRe SecuRed and StaGed
 in the uK to help pRepaRe athleteS, event
 oRGaniSeRS and volunteeRS foR 2012. bRinGinG
 maJoR eventS to citieS Such aS Sheffield
 alloWS people acRoSS the uK to See WoRld
 claSS action on theiR oWn dooRStep and, aS
 the aGency ReSponSible foR bRinGinG maJoR
 SpoRtinG eventS to the uK, We aRe deteRmined
 that We See even moRe in futuRe yeaRS.”
Simon Morton, Head of Major Events − UK Sport

Some of the

of the pRoGRamme include:

The World shorT Track speed skaTing
(The Motorpoint Arena).

The Fina World diving cup Where BriTish diving
supersTar Tom daley is expecTed To compeTe
(Ponds Forge).

The yorkshire inTernaTional shoW Jumping evenT
(The Motorpoint Arena).

The european synchronised sWimming
champions cup
(Ponds Forge).

The european Fencing championships
(EIS Sheffield).

The Four-day sainsBury’s uk school games
(various venues).

The iTTF BriTish open disaBiliTy TaBle Tennis
(EIS Sheffield).

48                     made Sheffield
EnfutuRe                                     a diGital

gin                                                      Steve Jobs of Apple was
                                                         recently announced as the
                                                         top Manufacturing CEO in
                                                         the world. Job’s phenomenal
                                                         input into the music, mobile
                                                         technology, movie and computing
                                                                                                      the most productive of all the cities
                                                                                                      assessed. This fantastic growth is
                                                                                                      reflected in the take up of office
                                                                                                      space within the innovative Sheffield
                                                                                                      Digital Campus, the latest high profile
                                                                                                      edition being the entertainment and

                                                         industries has changed the                   communications giant Sky to Ventana
                                                         way individuals and businesses               House – creating over 500 new jobs
                                                         communicate across the world.                in the city.

                                                                   his announcement is a far          Chris Stylianou, Director of Sky
                                                                   cry from the heavy industry        Customer Contact Centres,
                                                                   Manufacturing CEOs who             commented: “We’re very pleased
                                                                   have previously topped the         to be coming to Sheffield. It is an
                                                         bill – implying a significant shift in how   exciting time for us as a business;
                                                         the industry is perceived due to the         we are performing well, providing
                                                         increasing links between the digital         excellent customer service and as a
                                                         industry and the manufacturing and           result need more of the right people
                                                         engineering sector.                          to work with us. We have picked
                                                                                                      Sheffield for its pool of talented

                                                         Sheffield is world-renowned as a             prospective employees and its
                                                         manufacturing hub however recent             good transport links."
                                                         research suggests that the city is also
                                                         becoming a clear UK leader within
                                                         the creative and digital industries          the meSSaGe to the buSineSS
                                                         (CDI). The individual strength of            community iS cleaR. conditionS in
                                                         these two sectors, which NESTA               Sheffield aRe Ripe foR innovation
                                                         recently showed as being particularly        and GRoWth. noW all the city
                                                         innovative when co-located, and              needS to do iS capitaliSe on the
                                                         the inextricable links between them          oppoRtunitieS that thiS cReateS.
                                                         provides Sheffield with a unique
                                                         opportunity moving forwards.
                                                                                                      At a time when Sheffield's future is
                                                         The report into the city’s creative          dependent on private sector growth,
                                                         and digital industries showed that,          this investment by Sky shows that the
                                                         between 2003 and 2009, Sheffield’s           private sector has faith in the city and
                                                         CDI sector grew at a faster rate than        that Sheffield has the right support
                                                         the UK average and all 5 comparator          for digital businesses to grow and be
                                                         cities - Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool,       successful.
                                                         Newcastle and Bristol.
                                                                                                      The digital sector in the City Region
                                                         Following a slight decline in line with      contains over 6,000 CDI firms,
                                                         national trends in 2003 to 2006, GVA         employs 20,900 people and creates
                                                         per employee within the CDI sector           a turnover in the city of £1.1bn
                                                         increased significantly between 2006         with a GVA output of £530m. The
                                                         and 2009 in Sheffield, suggesting            largest sub-sector is Hardware and
                                                         heightened productivity. The city’s          Computer Services, followed by
                                                         sector was also found to be more             Software. Sheffield exhibits particular
David Richards, WANDisco.                                productive than the UK average and           distinctiveness in relation to the

50                          made Sheffield               iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                   51
                                             David Fletcher – Creativesheffield; Rob Sargent – Sky; Cllr Paul Scriven
                                             – Sheffield City Council; and Ann Allen – Creativesheffield.

Craft and Design sub-sectors             “Companies like ADL Smartcare                                  European headquarters in Sheffield
– providing a nod to the city’s          are growing with technology driven                             in 2008 helping Sheffield to become
manufacturing heritage.                  products targeted at health and social                         a world leader in replication
                                         care and in the engineering sector,                            software technology.
Toby Hyam, Managing Director of          companies like Eadon Consulting
Creative Space Management, sees          who provide innovative engineering                             Sheffield is also part of the Digital
many companies operating in both the solutions and ITI Energy are finding                               Region – the first major regional
digital and advanced manufacturing       new markets and opportunities                                  deployment of superfast broadband
sectors: “Our specialist centres such    across the UK.”                                                in the UK. This ambitious project
as Electric Works in Sheffield and                                                                      will deliver a next generation
the Advanced Manufacturing Park                                                                         communications service to more
Technology Centre in Rotherham are, at a time When Sheffield’S futuRe iS                                than half a million premises and forty
despite everything, seeing higher        dependent on pRivate SectoR GRoWth,                            thousand businesses in the region,
levels of occupancy than ever before. thiS inveStment by SKy ShoWS that                                 providing Sheffield with a unique
                                         the pRivate SectoR haS faith in the                            opportunity. Therefore, as the city
“There is no doubt that, for many        city and that Sheffield haS the                                quickly becomes the most connected
small businesses, competition            RiGht SuppoRt foR diGital buSineSSeS                           city in the UK and the manufacturing
is particularly tough and trading        to GRoW and be SucceSSful.                                     sector continues to thrive, in an age of
conditions remain uncertain. The                                                                        austerity it seems that Sheffield faces
comment I most often hear is that                                                                       a bright future.
companies are working harder to          The CDI companies within the
achieve the same level of income as      city have achieved some fantastic                              The message to the business
in previous years but they are also      accolades: Zoo Digital, which makes                            community is clear. Conditions in
actively searching new markets in        software for interactive DVDs, is                              Sheffield are ripe for innovation and
order to diversify. Yet despite these    gaining recognition in Hollywood;                              growth. Now all the city needs to do
challenging conditions, it is impressive digital communications from QUBA                               is capitalise on the opportunities that
to see businesses investing in new       has helped organisations like the                              this creates - leading the UK towards
workspace both to improve their          BBC, Channel 4, Land Rover and the                             the “enterprise and export-led
competitive edge and to create           Carbon Trust to embrace the digital                            recovery” outlined by Whitehall.
opportunities for growth.                age; and WANDisco, a world leading
                                         infrastructure software provider based
                                         in Silicon Valley, established their

52                          made Sheffield                                                                                                         iSSue 002 2010/11   53
bRand        2010 was a pivotal year
             for Sheffield’s image with

             the launch of the city’s
             new brand identity.
             Brendan Moffett, Director
to the       of Strategic Marketing at
             Creativesheffield, explains

next level   the changing face of the
             Sheffield Business Brand.
                                     ast year saw the launch of an     There is no question that the Sheffield     “It also seeks to re-position
                                     exciting new brand identity       region is steeped in manufacturing          manufacturing as a positive career
                                     for Sheffield. This new visual    history. Chaucer’s The Canterbury           choice for our talented young students."
                                     style, and ‘authentic and         Tales refers to the city’s knife makers
                           independent’ positioning, is now being      as early as the 14th Century. Towards
                           applied to a series of very high profile    the end of the 20th Century, when the       thiS bacKdRop pRovideS the
                           activities, putting Sheffield firmly back   UK’s competitiveness in mass steel          peRfect platfoRm foR the inauGuRal
                           on the UK and global map.                   production began to slide, Sheffield’s      Global manufactuRinG feStival.
                                                                       production capability survived, mainly
                                                                       during the 1990s through closer
                           “the obJective of theSe feStivalS           ties to local universities. The city        The festival has already received
                            iS to RaiSe Sheffield’S pRofile            expanded its expertise in materials         plaudits from Business Minister Mark
                            in the eyeS of GoveRnment, neW             science and metallurgy and moved            Prisk, who headlined the London
                            and exiStinG cuStomeRS foR ouR             up the value chain.                         launch at The EEF in January.
                            buSineSSeS and fuRtheR develop
                            ouR RelationShip With StRateGic            This canny ability to move on and re-       “As a consequence of positioning
                            inteRnational maRKetS.”                    invent has allowed the city to forge a      the festival in this way, Global names
                                                                       brighter future in exciting new sectors     such as Boeing, Siemens UK and
                                                                       such as aerospace, automotive and           Westinghouse have been attracted
                           “Sheffield has a strong track record        civil engineering.                          to speak at the festival,” explains
                           of delivery, having hosted a series of                                                  Moffett.
                           International events over the past 20       This backdrop provides the perfect
                           years. We felt it was time to pro-          platform for the inaugural Global           “The objective of these festivals is
                           actively use this expertise by creating     Manufacturing Festival. “In keeping         to raise Sheffield’s profile in the eyes
                           a business events programme that            with the ‘authentic and independent’        of Government, new and existing
                           was aligned to Sheffield’s economic         positioning, it was important that we       customers for our businesses and
                           future, but also linked to national and     created events that reflected this,”        further develop our relationship with
                           international opportunities.”               says Moffett.                               strategic international markets.”

                           In March 2011, the city will host           The Global Manufacturing Festival is
                           the Global Manufacturing Festival,          set to be the centrepiece for a number
                           reaffirming the UK’s position as a          of key issues for the manufacturing
                           global leader in advanced engineering       sector. “It seeks to showcase the
                           and manufacturing innovation.               latest UK Government policy and
                                                                       highlight the opportunities available for
                                                                       UK companies in emerging sectors,
                                                                       such as Nuclear.

“in KeepinG With
 the ‘authentic
 and independent’
 poSitioninG, it WaS
 impoRtant that We
 cReated eventS that
 Reflected thiS.”

56        made Sheffield                                               iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                  57
made: the                                       The Festival was supported by leading
                                                sponsors from Telefonica /O2, DLA
                                                                                        entrepreneurs and Sunday Times
                                                                                        Enterprise Editor, Rachel Bridge,

                                                Piper, Grant Thornton, NatWest to       played to a full house at Firth Hall with
                                                University of Sheffield, Sheffield      her one woman show ‘How to make
                                                Business School and the Business        a Million before Lunch’.
feStival                                        Advantage Innovation Programme.
                                                Leading Dragon, Peter Jones opened      Listen out for exciting developments
                                                the city’s brand new National           as details of MADE 2011 will be
Set to return                                   Enterprise Academy and was then         announced soon.
                                                joined by a leading panel of experts
September 2010 witnessed the                    at DLA Piper’s showcase St Paul’s       For sponsorship opportunities
first ever MADE: The Entrepreneur               office. The Sunday Telegraph            contact Marketing Sheffield on
Festival in Sheffield. The ideal setting        Business Leader Debate, fronted         +44 (0)114 223 2345
for the new Government to sew the               by Business Editor Kamal Ahmed,
seeds of the ‘enterprise led recovery’.         included Doug Richard, Lara Morgan
                                                and the Black Farmer, Wilfred
The city’s entrepreneurial spirit is            Emmanuel-Jones.
captured on the crest of the famous
Cutlers Company. ‘Pour y parvenir
a bonne foi’ reads the motto, which             the city’S entRepReneuRial SpiRit
translates ‘To succeed through                  iS captuRed on the cReSt of the
honest endeavour’. This work ethic              famouS cutleRS company. ‘pouR
is still evident in the city today, with        y paRveniR a bonne foi’ ReadS the
Sheffield regularly topping polls               motto, Which tRanSlateS ‘to Succeed
for the reliability and loyalty of its          thRouGh honeSt endeavouR’.

Attended by Secretary of State, Vince           Other highlights included Doug
Cable and Business Minister, Mark               Richard’s highly successful ‘Made
Prisk – the city was buzzing with               in 48 hours’ – an intense 48 hour
entrepreneurial flair and talent for 4 days.    bootcamp for over 300 talented

58                             made Sheffield
                      “neW bReedS of
                       beeR dRinKeRS
                       appeaR to be
                       emeRGinG; be it
                       Women enJoyinG
                       the deliGhtS of
                       Golden aleS oR

                                                                                to beeR!
                       Wheat beeRS oR
                       dineRS WiShinG
                       to match a beeR
                       to theiR food.”
                                                                                          by alex buchanan

                                                  ick up any newspaper and                                                   twice as CAMRA’s national pub
                                                  you will find little good news    “Sheffield – Which pRoclaimS With        of the year, have made the city
                                                  about the beer industry with       Good ReaSon to be the beeR capital      a mecca for discerning beer drinkers.
                                                  headlines on cheap booze,          of the uK – haS an eveR-GRoWinG         This is underlined by CAMRA, which
                                         underage drinking, pubs closing,            bReWinG Scene With aRound 10            has seen its national membership
                                         brewery closures and takeovers              bReWeRieS noW opeRatinG in the city.”   numbers grow to over 100,000,
                                         proliferating. But I work for a brewery,                                            having selected Sheffield for its
                                         in the beer industry and the world                                                  Annual General Meeting in 2010.
                                         I see is much different – difficult       This is something that, says Sheffield
                                         but different.                            Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)             Our own experience at Thornbridge
                                                                                   Chairman Andy Cullen, has “fuelled an     of opening the Greystones pub in
                                         As marketing manager at Thornbridge increase in interest in cask beers with         Sheffield in November 2010 and
                                         Brewery I have seen our business          drinkers wanting more information         serving 25,000 pints of beer in the
                                         grow from producing 2000 pints a          about where their food and drink is       first 2 months highlights the demand
                                         week to 50,000 and our beers sold         from”. Each year CAMRA conducts           that is there. Even the four star
                                         not only locally but now available        a survey on the number of cask            Mercure Hotel have asked us to
                                         across the world. We have grown           beers that are available in the city on   supply them with craft beers for
                                         from 4 staff to now employing 22.         one day and Sheffield regularly tops      the Lib Dem conference!
                                         And we are not alone as new breweries the national charts with some 240
                                         have appeared across the UK in vast       recorded last year. The Sheffield Tap –   Britain has a great brewing history
                                         numbers, doubling to around 800 in        the refurbished first class refreshment   but I would suggest it is unlikely that
                                         the past 5 years.                         room at Sheffield station – which         we have ever seen before the range,
                                                                                   opened in December 2010 has helped        variety and quality of beers currently
                                         Not only has this increase been fuelled put the city on the map for cask beer       now available from UK breweries.
                                         by the Government’s “levelling of the by winning national awards for its            So fill your glass – with a craft beer
                                         playing field”, through reduced duty      beers. This pub allied to the those in    of course – and raise a toast to a
                                         rates for small breweries in order to     Kelham Island, including the Kelham       great British success story
                                         compete with the large ones, I do         Island Tavern which has been voted        – I give you Beer!
                                         believe demand from customers has
                                         been critical. And the customers are
                                         demanding quality beers and not
                                         the over hyped, tasteless brews that
                                         for so long have been the only ones
                                         we could have. New breeds of beer
                                         drinkers appear to be emerging; be
                                         it women enjoying the delights of
                                         golden ales or wheat beers or diners
                                         wishing to match a beer to their food.
                                         It would be wrong to suggest that
                                         there are not some difficult issues
                                         such as high increases in raw material
                                         costs, heavy discounting of beer by the
                                         multi nationals and under cost selling
                                         by the supermarkets. However, with
                                         a reported 7% increase in sales from
                                         craft breweries during the past 3 years,
                                         the picture is far from the bleak one the
                                         headlines would have us believe.

60   made Sheffield                                                                 iSSue 003 2011/12                                                                  61
What’S on in                                                                           For more information visit

march                                        June-July                                 ocToBer
Galvanize                                    Sheffield Children’s Festival             Grin up North

This festival celebrates the skills of       This two-week festival provides           Born out of Sheffield’s love of a good
the silversmiths and jewellers, the          more than 20,000 children and young       laugh, this month long celebration of
designers and makers who carry               people from more than 130 Sheffield       the very best in UK and international
on a proud tradition in Sheffield and        schools with the opportunity to           comedy includes a rib tickling blend of
includes exhibitions, tours, talks,          develop their creativity and to take      stand up, funny films, comic quizzes,
workshops and events.                        part in a range of cultural activities.   lectures and general larking about.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival            July                                      Off the Shelf
Without a shadow of doubt ShAFF                                                        Sheffield’s annual celebration of
manages to pull together the best line       Cliffhanger is one of the UK’s largest    writing and reading offers over 150
up of adventure films over a single          outdoor pursuits festivals, based         events including workshops, walks,
weekend, anywhere, every year!               in one of Sheffield’s biggest green       talks, readings, poetry, competitions,
What’s more, it takes place in the           spaces. The aim of the event is to        storytelling, exhibitions and
biggest independent cinema outside           inspire and involve.                      appearances by many leading writers.
of London, The Showroom, recently
voted best cultural venue in the region.
                                             Tramlines                                 ocToBer
                                                                                       Fright Night
april                                        Sheffield’s own urban Glastonbury,
Sensoria                                     with free music events across the city. Fright Night is Britain’s biggest
                                                                                     Halloween party, attracting up
Sensoria is the UK’s festival of film                                                to 40,000 people each year to
and music. Sensoria’s natural home           Sheffield Food Festival                 Sheffield city centre!
is Sheffield – a city renowned for its
creative and technical innovation and        The Sheffield Food Festival went
one rich in musical heritage.                down a storm when it was launched         novemBer
                                             in 2010. The event is a celebration of    After Dark
                                             all that is grown and produced locally
april-may                                    with markets, food demos, wine            After Dark is Yorkshire’s top Fireworks
Betfred World Snooker                        festivals and much more.                  Spectacular. Held at the Don Valley
Championships (Crucible Theatre)                                                       Bowl, the event was established in
                                                                                       1996 and now offers live music, a
The climax of snooker’s annual               sepTemBer                                 funfair, bonfire, food stalls, bar, fire
calendar and the most important              Art in the Gardens                        spinners and a massive fireworks
snooker event of the year in terms                                                     display set to music.
of prestige, prize money and world           Art in the Gardens is a unique
ranking points.                              event taking place in Sheffield’s
                                             Botanical Gardens. The Gardens            Open Studios
                                             are transformed into an art and craft
June                                         village, where visitors can enjoy         Every year, Yorkshire Artspace’s studio
Doc/Fest                                     and purchase all the fine exhibits on     holders throw open their doors to the
                                             display. 350 artists and craftsmen        public for their annual Open Studios
This year Sheffield Doc/Fest will take       exhibit more than 4,000 pieces of         weekend. Each year the event proves
place in June. Over five intense days        work attracting up to 20,000 visitors.    more popular with nearly 900 visitors
there will be a film festival, an industry                                             to Persistence Works and Porter Brook
session programme and marketplace,                                                     Studios in November 2009.
pitching opportunities, discussion         MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival
panels and in-depth filmmaker
masterclasses.                             The ultimate gathering of business
                                           owners, aspiring entrepreneurs,
                                           international diplomats, media
                                           and politicians.

62                          made Sheffield

     + 44 (0)114 223 2345

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