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									      i U1ffwiA
     __      LL-----                       L___L_\-

  VoL 7. No. 14.                                                            Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania                                                 Tuesday, February 29, 1944

  Student                                LATEST CROP OF FROSH TO ENTER INTO                                                                                 Gailmor
   Poll                                  BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY JUNIOR COLLEGE                                                                                 Speaks To
     Although the Student Poll is
  to be conducted mainly on topics
  concerned with current events, it
  was felt that a survey should be
  made concerning student activi-                                                                                                                               February 8th, at the Admiral
  ties. Thus, the question for this                                                                                                                          Stark room of Hotel Sterling,
  time is "What improvements                                                                                                                                 William S. Gailmnor, columnist
  would you suggest in the Student                                                                                                                           and commentator, spoke to the
  Activity Program?" There be-                                                                                                                               combined audience of the Air
  ing more girls around when this                                                                                                                            Crew students and the Junior
  survey was made and boys nat-                                                                                                                              College students.
  urally being the shyer sex, that                                                                                                                              Iii his talk which was most in-
  accounts for more replies listed                                                                                                                           teresting and enlightening, Mr.
  from girls than from the boys of                                                                                                                           Gailmor told the students that
  this school. The people ques-                                                                                                                              the United States was slow on
  tioned differed on their views.                                                                                                                            many matters, and that most of
    J ohanna Yendrick, freshman:                                                                                                                             our pqlicy making was impro-
  "I think that if the Student Ac-                                                                                                                           vised. He held the interest of
  tivity program were to be im-                                                                                                                              the audience as he spoke of the
  proved, we should have                                                                                                                                    present war and attributed our
  sports for girls, such as a basket-                                                                                                                       allied gains on the battlefronts
  ball team."                                                                                                                                                to the fact that the military lead-
     Vivian     Kamen, fresman;                                                                                                                              ers of our countries recognize the
  "There should be more sports as           Bucknell University Junior            Every effort is being taken by        On Tuesday, February 15th,          the fact that history does not re-
  part of the Activity program. I'd      College has taken its fourth class    the faculty and student body to       an orientation problem was held        peat itself, and that military
  like to see the girls play volley-     of college freshmen under the         help the new students adjust          to help explain the purpose of         prowess can not be gained from
  ball and basketball and form           accelerated program since it was      themselves. It is difficult to step   college to the new students. In        textbooks.
  teams."                                 ntroduced last winter. This sem-     from the middle of a senior year                                                 He added that we have not
                                                                                                                     the morning at 9, Dr. Fancy
     Clarice Pearson, sophomore:         ester's new freshmen registered       in high school to the first semes-    spoke to the freshmen in Chase         kept pace on the political front
  "I'd like to see more sports for       on February 15, 1944. Under           ter of college. The students who      Theatre; at 12:30, Dr. Craig and       with our rapid progress in mili-
  the girls too. I think we should       this program high school stu-         entered in this manner last Jan-      Dr. Reif gave them an explana-         tary affairs. We are ignoring the
  try to organize a bowling club,        dents are permitted to complete       uary can understand perhaps           tion on the use of the library,         masses and talking lrgely th
  for instance. I think that it would    their college education in approx-    more clearly than the rest of us,     and at 2:30 the Student Council        "heads", heads like Badoglio in
  be nice."                              imately two and one-half years.       for they faced the same problem.      held a reception in their honor.        Italy. We are more concerned
     Walter Celmer, sophomore,                                                                                                                              with saving the careers of the
  and Gloria Boguszewski, fresh-                                                                                                                            unrepresentative leaders of the
                                                                                                                                                            countries of Europe than with
  man, were aniong those students
  who felt that the Student Activ-
  ity program was already well-
                                         AWEEK IN WILKES-BARREAS CADET                                                                                      providing for the little people of
                                                                                                                                                            the world and securing for them
  rounded and satisfactory, and                                                                                                                             their futures.
  needed no further expansion.              Monday morning dawns bright         (Ed. Note: Anyone understand-         the fellows have datesLucky              "No, it is not history that re-
     When hunted down in the li-         and early with the sound of the       ing this bit of Army lingo, please     dogswhile the rest of us drop         peats itselfit is those who are
  brary, John Dzwileski, sopho-          charge of quarters shouting,          enlighten us.), we have our even-     off at a show.                         responsible for history who tend
  more, confessed: "I think that         "Everybody up!" We all grum-          ing meal. Then comes the time            The cadet in Wilkes-Barre has      to repeat the errors of past his.
  we should have some more sports        ble and get out of bed feeling        the cadet looks forward to all        a wonderful lifehe lives in a         tory. But the victims of those
  dances and other social affairs.       terrible. Most of the boys are        day longrelease from quarters.        hotel, eats the best of food, and     errors are aware of the threat.
  The activities of the school           still a bit under the weather from       During release from quarters       is treated "swell."                   From the caves and cellars of the
  should try to envelop more peo.        a lack of sleep or possibly from      or closed post we all go down to         Editorial Comment:                 underground, from the gallows
                                         a bit too much week-end. After        the soda fountain in the hotel
  plc and they should be things in                                                                                      We have asked one of the           and firing-lines, the peoples of
  which everyone can participate.        a quick shave we all fall out for     lobby and discuss the day's ad.                                             Europe are telling us, repeated-
                                                                                                                     members of the Air Crew to write
  I suggest more get.togethers like      a roll call shivering but enjoying    ventures, current events, and,        a column for us, because we feel      ly, that they aren't going to
  Dr. Reif's party."                     it just the same. After roll call     aheni, other things. Some of the      that every member of the college      starve and bleed and die as hos-
     Ruth Douglas, freshman, said:       we rush to the mess hall for          cadets who are married men            is interested in the way they         tages and in concentration camps
  "I think that we should have           breakfast which is usually a very     spend their free hour with their      spend a typical day. We espe-         itt order that Fascism, by some
  more sports for the girls, differ-     hearty meal because we need           wives who are living at the hotel.    cially confess our ignorance of       other name rule them again.
  ent kinds of games like basket-        plenty of nutrition to sustain us     During this time, needless to say,    what goes on in a cadet's life,       From under the crushing heel of
  ball. But I also think that we         for this day's classes and physical   telephone booths are JAMMED           having always limited it to travel-   the Fascist oppressors, the peo-
  should have more parties like          training ahead of us.                 After release from quarters we        ing from the hotel to Conyng-         pies of Europe are voting.
  the one that Dr. and Mrs. Farley          Our classes consist mainly of      return to our rooms and prepare       ham, Kirby, or Chase, attending       They'd like to elect us as their
  gave or another one like the Bea.      mathematics and physics with          for the next day's work which is      classes, and singing like mad         guides to total freedom, if we
  con party." (The plug for the          some navigation and history           very much the same routine, con-      every Tuesday and Thursday A.         but offered them a clear-cut hon-
  paper is appreciated, Miss Doug-       thrown in to assist us when we        tinuing until Saturday.               M. about eight o'clock while we       est program of democracy, and if
  las. We think that we give nice        reach our next base. After about         Saturday morning everyone          are diligently trying to study la     we but showed that we mean it."
  parties too).                          seven hours of classes we return      gets up feeling very gay because      espanol in Chase 204. Our                              V
     Rita Wertheitner, sophomore:        to the hotel, make a quick            in a few hours Open Post will be      powers of concentration become
                                         change of clothing and double                                                                                       A   REMINDER-- BUY         MORE
   '1 feel that we should have more                                            declared and we can all go out        greatly limited when the gentle
                                         time over the bridge for physical                                                                                 BONDS AND STAMPS.
  activities for the girls in the line                                         and relax for a day and a half        breezes waft a mighty roar of
  of sports. Personally, I would         training. About an hour later we      without a worry in the world.         "As We Go Marching Home" or
  like to see a Riding Club and a        run back to the hotel, take a         Social life in Wilkes-Barre is        words to that effect through the      above, or we would gladly have
  Tennis Club established here at        quick shower and get dressed for      very pleasant to say the least.       windows. Unfortunately we do          given them public acknowledge-
  school."                               retreat and military drill. When      Each cadet can find something to      not know the name or names of         ment. The manuscript was mod-
         (Continued on Page 4'           we return to the hotel about 1800     do that he enjoys most. Some of       the cadets who composed the           estly unsigned.
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 Page Two                                                               BUC KN E LL                        BEAC   0N                                  Tuesday, February 29, 1944

        ]EDi1[61[ U                       RIAL4                                       CRACKING
                                                                                          THE QUIP
                                                                                                                          CAMPUS HASH       By RITA WERTHEIMER

                    THE BUCKNELL BEACON                                                                                  Feeling somewhat like a roll-      roceeded to correct English
                                                                                                                     ing stone, we have been finally       hemes as long as the light last-
                                                                                 By JACK P. KARNOFSKY                pulled into port. And we do           d. Dr. Reif's Alpine climbing
  Vol. 7.              Wilkes-Barre, Pa., February 29, 1944         No. 14
                                                                                 No No! Not again. We re-            mean pulled. Chased by indig-         mutfit (green with white irim-
                              EDITORIAL STAFF                                 tuse to begin another column           nant editors, we are now trapped      ning) complete with knee socks,
 Co-Editors                                Marcella Novak, Jean Donohue       with "Welcome Freshmen", we            in tile Lieacori room with no         -as really something to behold.
 Assistant Editor                                             Phyllis Smith   do welcome you, but we will            means ot escape until Organic         -us mountaineer's hat, care-free
 ReportersNancy Hogan, Mary Kenney, Ruth Punshon, Ruth Holtzman,              leave this honor to our esteemed       class. Due to a typewriter being        eather included, enlivened our
      Rita Wertheimer, Caryl Thomas, Jack Karnofsky, Gifford Cappellini.      desk-mate. At least this will give      waved at our hearts at this point,    treet car journey no end because
 Photographer                                             Rita Wertheimer     lier something to say.                 we have come to the conclusion        of the sundry remarks passed by
 dusiness Manager                                           Jeanne Kocyan        We see Mr. Edwin Cobleigh is        that it would be expedient to be-     the youngsters that congregated
 Business Staff               Marian Ganard, Ruth Young, Jean Franklin        back in school again. Poor Miss        gin writing our column.               at every car stop and passed per-
 Typists                  Beatrice O'Donnell, Irene Koniecko, Aileen Carr     rrankiin, every time she opens             Something that is always good     tinent remarks. To wit: "Chee,
 Honorary Associate                                       Dr. Charles Reif    tier mouth, Cobleigh sticks his         for fond tears and laughter is a     mister, ain't your knees cold,
 Faculty Advisers   .....           Dr. E. S. Farley, Dr. Robert Nicholson    root In. We hope she doesn't de-       student's Freshman days in col-       huh, ain't they?" The classic an-
                                                                              velop a case 01 toelnain poison.       lege. Herewith, we will try to         swer Dr. Reif gave was:
                                                                              111g.                                   give a short sketch of our year         "I'm never cold above my
                                                                                 Vie used to laugh at the story       in particular, and that of the so-   icnees because   I wear my *cen
                                                                              ot Sampson s strength being in          called upper, upper Freshmen in      sored."
            A WORD OF WELCOME                                                 his hair, but after seeing IViary       general. tor you see, we are now        * (Brought to you through the
                                                                              renney being followed         by two    Sophomores. But it was a path        courtesy of Carol Ruth).
    We want to take this opportunity to welcome the                           hundred air students the day            covered with "blood, sweat, and
 new freshmen who have entered our midst. Realiz-                                                                                                             There were some memorable
                                                                              alter she had her hair cut we be.       tears" that we left behind us.       happenings in Chem. Lab., too.
 ing that they probably felt a little lost this past week,                    gan to wonder. Boy! did they               Being odd, we decided that as     Mixing things together with
 we would like to assure them now that we ourselves                           see red?                                soon as high school was finished     reckless unconcern, Dave Hart
 went through that experience and sympathize with                                So Heddy Williams is being           last June, we would start college.   caused more than one student to
                                                                              rushed by a freshman and a              And we did. Three days later.
 them. The new class is the fourth to enter Bucknell  sophomore, may the best man                                     Parenthetically we might here re-
                                                                                                                                                           eye the windows with measured
 University Junior College within a year. We know                                                                                                          glance. The day that Claire
                                                      win, or shall we say, Goodman?                                  mark that F. Mackiewicz gradu-       Harding made just one gosh-
 that under the accelerated program everything is        Well, now that we got our                                    ated from high school three days     awful mess and scared everybody
 speeded up and that they will often be pressed for   marks back we see we had noth-                                  after she started college. But to    for a while won't be forgotten
                                                      ing to worry about.                                             go on. Coming to Bucknell, full
 time. But we want to urge them now to learn to par-                                                                  of the hopes and the high sense
                                                                                                                                                           quickly either. The place was
                                                         As far as ntusical back ground
 ticipate in all activities and enter into the life of the                                                                                                 enlivened also when a cerlain
                                                      goes we think we can go Miss                                    of well-being that we had accum-     Wall decided to investigate the
 school. After all, going to college is more than a   Wertheimer one better. For at                                   ulated in our senior year in high    possibilities 0f acetylene. Of
 matter of classes and books. It is learning to meet  the age of six months we crawled                                school but still wet behind the      course, in tile inidst of all this
 and understand other people, and it is in college that
                                                      up to our piano and began to                                    ears, we were informed that a        travail, we had some fun. Last
                                                                                                                     time-honored custom called haz-
 we form friendships and associations that shape our  play with our toes. Then at the
                                                                                                                     ing, dogging, Freshman Week,
                                                                                                                                                           summer, poor Dr. May would
                                                      age of sixteen months we played                                                                      come into the Lab. with an an-
 later lives. So while we are welcoming the new       cn the linoleum. It was not until                              or what have you, had been            ticipatory gleam in his eye, only
 freshman class, we also want them to know that we    we were twelve and a half years                                 called forth from its lair to        to fiqd that the birds had flown.
 are going to expect a lot of them, but then, we expect
                                                      old that we got down to real                                    plague us. We were really given      On tiese occasions much of the
 a lot of every class.                                work on the trombone. After                                     the business. Dressed or "decked     surrounding country was visited
                                                      spending four years of serious                                  Out", if your please in such a way   and enjoyed. Namely, Tilbury
                                                      study on this instrument we be-                                 as to cause nuch concern on the      Terrace, Nanticoke, Plymouth,
                                                      gaii to leave it slide. Our par-                                street cars and buses that we were   Glen Lyon, Croop's Glen, and all
      TURNING OVER                          A NEW
                                          LEAF        ents offered to send us abroad                                  wont to frequent, life became
                                                                                                                      beautiful. We didn't really mind
                                                                                                                                                           points south. Since then, due to
                                                      to study, but we thought we knew                                                                     the depletion of our gas coupons,
     Someone once made the sage remark that these all about women. Ha! Ha!                                            when we were told to measure         we have been forced to stick to
  are changing times and that the person who could Have you noticed Cappellini's                                      the lawn from Kirby to Chase         the lab and have come to be im-
                                                                                                                      with a toothpick, we didn't really
  adapt himself quickly to new situations was the one new greeting is, "How you Bee!"                                 mind when we had to yell out
                                                                                                                                                           mune to all of the dulcet odors
  who would succeed. We feel that this is a very apt or "Where you Bee!"                                              the alphabet backwards as we
                                                                                                                                                           that are wafted about in that seat
                                                                                                                                                           of scientific pursuit.
  bit of advice and we pass it on to you. We have just                                             V
                                                                                                                      tripped madly up to Conyng-
                                                                                                                                                             But to go      onHistory   class
  begun a new semester and are finding that these are                                 DEAR DIARY                      ham, we didn't really mind about
                                                                                                                                                           was interesting, too. Dr. Nichol-
  changing times indeed. We have to welcome new                                                                       the Inquisition that never took
                                                                                                                     place, but we were more than          son kept us awake and scribbling,
  students and teachers this semester as well as say                          Dear Diary:                            slightly perturbed when we hap-       by his eloquent lectures. The
  good-by to those who are leaving. All of us need to                            I was wondering whether or          pened to see our high school          only sad point was the time when
  remember that these are not normal times nor is this                        not you noticed how dead in            principal watching us with an un-     we endeavored to read and write
                                                                              "Earnest" Carey seemed to be                                                 reports on nine hundred pages
  a sane and normal world in which we live. However                           about someone . . Then there is
                                                                                                                     believing glint in his eye, as we
                                                                                                                                                           of outside reading in two nights.
  it is not necessary to bewail our fate.                                                                            blithly did a conga up the street
                                                                              J can Williams, who seems to be        with one foot in the gutter and       Note to people taking History
                                                                              getting along smoothly with an-                                              99:   Don't wait.
       We should realize that in a way we are very for-                       other WilliatnsArt . . . Gr-r-r-
                                                                                                                      one foot on the curb. We'll now
                                                                                                                                                              There has been an interesting
                                                                                                                     get on to a later chapter.
  tunate. We are standing on the threshold of a new                           either we're slipping or else we           After this interval was passed    flavor to our life here also. Any-
  era, in a sense. We are the generation whose job and                        don't have the connections we           and we began to use front doors      cne examining our notes would
  privilege it will be to have a hand in the building of                      used to have . . . C'est Ia guerre,     again, we began to study. This       be amazed by the quantity if not
                                                                              vous savez.
  a post-war world, a world which ought to be bright                             We know you've been aware of
                                                                                                                      was occasionally interrupted by      the quality of the French, Span-
                                                                                                                                                           ish, German, Polish, and occa-
  and new and offering peace and justice to all. How-                         George Rader's preference for a
                                                                                                                      teas, eurythmics, archery, and
                                                                                                                                                           sional double-talk, that liberally
                                                                                                                      hikes into the country. When we
  ever only those who are ready and prepared will be                          red head for weeks, but just            do write our memoirs, we shall       decorates the pages.
  able to succeed in achieving these high aims of the                         thought we'd mention it.                certainly include the memorable         As you may have surmised, we
  future. There is a stirring challenge that faces to-                           Although Irma and Bob seem           happenings that occurred when        have not had any sort of reason
                                                                              to dote on quibbling, they've im-
  day's youth.                                                                provedonly two fights in a              we were enticed into going out       or logical sequence to this ram-
                                                                                                                      on the lawn during eurythmics        bling. (Mr. Faint, please do not
       So at the beginning of this semester, let us all re-                   week now.                               class, and hopping for about one     note). We've just been mum-
                                                                                 That silver bracelet Jean Don-
  solve to make a fresh start. Undoubtedly we have                            chue has been sportingyes--
                                                                                                                      hundred yards on one foot, for       bling in a maudlin sort of way.
  all made mistakes in the past, and certainly we shall                                                               the general edification of the Air   There are so many people leav-
                                                                              you guessed         itNo
                                                                                                     need to re-      Crew students. And when that         ing school that we're sort of up
  make more in the future, but let us not make the                            peat    -  Wonder what's up be-
                                                                                          .   -
                                                                                                                      leg fell off, we were cautioned to   in the air, on the Beacon Staff
  same ones. If only we will all resolve to do our best,                      tween Hogan and that much.              use the other one. Oh, cruel         anyway. Our columniLst, Miss
  and try to be sincere in what we do, what a lot we                          heard-about cadet, Paul?               world! We'll never forget those       Yaremko, has deserted us for the
                                                                                 By the way, we might bring up
  can accomplish. We repeat, there is a challenge                             the subject of one Gloria Bogus-
                                                                                                                     sessions in Archery when we felt      U. of P. and we're in a bad way.
  facing the generation of today. Will you be ready to                                                               like a combination Robin Hood         Dr. Reif is leaving and we guess
                                                                              zewski. We saw her the other           and a cartoon from "Believe It        we'd better stop right now be-
  accept it? We hope so.                                                      day sitting in the library, sur-       Or Not".                              cause some of his prize students
                                                                              rounded by four (no more, no                "We shot some arrows into        in Zoo are dripping down the
       The new semester is as fresh and clean as the                          less) males, new students at                  the air                        back of our neck as we write this
  blank pages in a new notebook. Let's see to it that                         Bucknell. We noticed they all                They fell: we still know not    cclunln and it's not raining out
  it is filled with good times and work well done.                            were doing more talking than
                                                                              studying, naturally.
                                                                                                                            where!"                        either. We'll all miss him a great
                                                                                                                        And we still howl when we          deal personally. We'll have an
                                                                                 Well, so long, dear Diary;          think of that short hike up to        impossible task in trying to find
                                                                              we'll be back next issue with          Prospect Rock to which Miss San-      someone who can take his place

  BUY WAR BOl DS                                                              some more over-turned sod.
                                                                                             Your Gal, Sally.
                                                                                                                     guiliano came attired in fetching
                                                                                                                     red slacks and coolee hat and
                                                                                                                                                           on the Beacon and in all the cam-
                                                                                                                                                           pus life.

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     Tuesday, February 29, 1944                                             BUCKNELL BEACON                                                                                    Page Three

    UNROLLING                              Student                              WE POINT                               Harris Talks On                          Comments On
                                          Activities                                                                   Americas                                 The Starling
    THE REEL                                                                    WITH PRIDE
                                         For the benefit of the new                                                      On February 2nd, there was a           Ce n s us
              PHILLIS SMITH
             By                       treshinen, or should we say sub-                                                 joint assembly of Junior College
       In some recent history classes treshmen, an explanation of the                                                  aents at the rirst Laptist Church          By DR.   CHARLES REIF
    Dr. Nicholson has been discuss- social activities of the college is                                                to hear Mr. Paul Harris who            Those persons who passed the
    ing the movies shown free of repeated through this column for                                                      gave a lecture on South America     First Methodist Church one day
    charge at the Philadelphia Art chose who have not clearly un-                                                     anti the present conflict.           last month were amused by the
     Museum and urging the students        derstood it heretofore.                                                       IVIr. 1-larris is a teacher, writer,
                                                                                                                                                           members of the Zoology class
     to take advantage of them if             There are five outstanding or-                                          and lecturer who has spent 18        who were counting the number
    possible. We pass this advice on       ganizations in the college: 'lihes-                                        years in the field of International  of starlings leaving the church
    to you. According to Dr. Nich-         pians, Glee Club, Beta Gamma                                               nelations. He has spent a great      tower. This question was asked
     olson, the movies are a collection    Chi, the Engineers' organization,                                          UeaI ot time in South America,      by a man: "Why do you want to
     of the best foreign films and are     and the Beacon.                                                            trom where he but recently re-      know how many starlings roost
     shown Sunday afternoons at 1             Thespians is the dramatic so-                                           turned, and he has received a       in the tower?" The answer is
    and 3 o'clock. A list of the films     ciety which is under the direction                                         good understanding of the peo-      simply this: those of us who are
    to be shown can be obtained from       of Miss Sangiuliano. Twice year-                                           ples there who are at present       watching the starlings are adding
    him.                                   ly they present a three-act play.                                          vitally interesting subject to the  a small bit of information to the
        The story that attracted mil-      At present, the production in re-                                          citizens of our country.            general knowledge concerning
     lions of readers in the Saturday      hearsal is "Brief Music".                                                     His opening words were, "Ask     starlings. As we slowly accumu-
     Evening Post as one of the best          Glee Club is a female organ-                                            questions of any one who tries late data about the starling we
    war stories of its kind, "Happy        ization for three-part vocal sing-                                         to make up your mind for you". are contributing to man's knowl-
    Land", by MacKinlay Kantor, is         ing. It meets twice monthly with                                           As he developed his subject, Mr. edge of his fellow inhabitant of
    now a movie. Starring Don              Professor Gies as conductor.                                               Harris stressed the need for this crowded world and how
    Ameche and Frances Dee, it is             Beta Gamma Chi, the girls'                                              friendship and understanding in those inhabitants effect man's
    the story of a small town drug-        sorority, is a society to which all    Ruth Arline Punshon is an-          the relations of the United States welfare.
    gist who learns that his son has       college women automatically be- other sophomore who is a grad.             with other countries after the         For centuries men of many
     been killed in action and of          long. Each Monday at 4 P. M. uate of r-lanover Township High               conclusion of the present world countries each spring watched
    his eventual acceptance of this        meetings are held in the Girls' choo1, class of 1942. For three            conflict. He believes that the with craning necks the long lines
    through a visit from his grand-        Lounge.                             years she also studied piano           world will be a very different          geese flying northward. The
     father, who returns from beyond          The Engineers have a club in organ at Wyoming Seminary.and              place after the war.               same people listened on fall
    the grave. The story has an un-
    usual twist or two (here's hoping
                                           which members are restricted to       it   high school, in addition to
                                           the men of the college in that keeping her scholastic
                                                                                                                         In concluding, he added that evenings to the honking of the
                                                                                                                      war was just an incident in hu- geese as they flew to the south.
    Hollywood didn't mess it up)           curriculum.    Dr. May is advisor high, and graduating withaverage         man affairs, and he cautioned us Until a few centuries ago people
                                           to the club.
    and should be good entertain-                                              tuth participated in many social       to look ahead to the future and thought that geese caine into be-
    merit.                                    The college newspaper, the activities. For two years she was            plan. He admitted that educa- ing from the barnacles of the sea.
        Coming in the near future is       Beacon, appears once monthly. It a member of                               tion had undertaken an acceler- More curious people proved that
                                                                                                Girl Reserves, rep-
     "A Guy Named Joe", with Spen-         is produced by a student staff resenting her                               ation, but he requested that we the birds were going north to
                                                                                                 club on the Inter
    cer Tracy and Irene Dunne, a           under the direction of Dr. Nich- Club Council. In addition she             prepare for the future which is nest during the summer and that
     love story with an aviation back-     olson and Dr. Farley. Meetings was secretary of the French Club            far ahead as well as the iinmedi- they returned to the southland
     ground. This is the film that has     are held on the first and third and a member of the Boots and              ate present.                       in the winter. The nesting Site
     been much discussed by its            Fridays of every month at 3:30. saddle Club.                                  "For", he added, "only as of the great flocks of blue geese
     makers, who finally decided to        New members on the staff are           Of her childhood Ruth says          America is known throughout was found only twenty years ago.
     change its ending for fear that       always welcome.                     and knowing her inclination to         the world because of the attitude      The story of bird migration
     stricken war widows might follow         The Student Council is coin- joke we advise you to doubt the            of being kind, will your sons not Contains facts more wonderful
     the solution offered to their         posed of elected members from veracity of this"I was nick-                 be involved in a third world war. than any fairy tale. Mysteries
     priblems. The title comes from        each class and representatives of named Daisy because I                    For the sake of all that we hold which can be solved only by the
     a legend concerning General          each activity. This body votes got 'lazy as a daisy' after eating".         dear and treasure, think, in these painstaking methods we are us-
     Chennault, who is supposed to        on all matters pertaining to the        In her freshman year at Buck-       days of tremendous regimenta- mmmg on our starling Census in-
    have said when he clime into          students as a whole, holds social nell she was elected female repre-        tion, in the terms of kindness, trigue the minds of curious peo-
     the cockpit of a plane, "When        functions such as dances, and in sentative of her class to the Stu-         brotherhood and wisdom".           ple. Many are those who have
     I'm at the stick, I'm just a guy     general, represents the student dent Council. She was also sec-                                V                made their contributions toward
    named Joe."                           body on all occasions.               retary of the Glee Club.                                                   answering the riddle of bird miii-
        The tale of two famous scien-
    tists is brought to the screen by
                                                                                  This year Ruth has proved an               SOAP SUDS                    grations. But a multitude of
    Greer Garson and Walter Pid-           Reif Holds                          invaluable aide for the dances
                                                                               which are sponsored by the Stu.
                                                                                                                             "Fooled"Jack Karnofsky questions remains to be answered.
                                                                                                                      to June Gates,          (Remember How do young birds know where
    geon in "Madame Curie". The
    story of the frail scientist, who,     Party                                dent Councii, being iis oldest
                                                                               member. She is head of the
                                                                                                                      "Bucknell Nite?")                  to go? How do they return to
    through hardships and sorrow,                                                                                            "Hands Across the Table" the same places the following
                                                                               Alumni News                            Problem: How long does it spring? What clock tells them
    including the death of her hus-           Dr. Charles Reif held a party Beacon and department of the
    band, saw her goal and worked          for the students of the college interest in has taken an acttive           take a hand to cross the table? that the time has come for them
    to achieve it, was magnificiently      on the evening of February 15th                  dramatics.                       "The Isle of May"Locat- to start on their long journeys?
    told by her daughter, Eve Curie.
    Now the account of Madame
    Curie's work and discovery comes
                                           in the reception room. Every-
                                                                                  Her favorite recreations are
                                           thing started with a bang when swimming the dancing, her avo-
                                                                               cation is
                                           be began the game of "Ghosts". and her                piano and organ,
                                                                                                                      ed in the Lake of June, no doubt. What compass guides the mil-
                                                                                                                             "Jersey Bounce" Trip lions of nocturnal migrants who
                                                                                                                      across New Jersey.                 travel at night?
    to the sceen. If the cast and ma-      The ice was broken when Al La. someone in       ambition is to become             "Heigh Ho, Heigh       Ho"      Golded plovers accom(plish
    terial are any indication of the       Vie and John Dzwileski began Ruth is
                                                                                               the business world.    "It's off to work I go"Caryl what seems impossible. The
    film, it should rank among the
    all-time best ones.
       Well, now that we have un-
                                           competing for the honor of be. Commerce
                                           ing the Ghost. We are happy to
                                           report that    John succeeded in
                                                                                         seeking a B. S. degree in
                                                                                             and Finance.
                                                                                                                                                    -    young plovers are fledged on the
                                                                                                                             "Tuxedo Junction" Ad- treeless prairies of Canada. The
                                                                                                                      mniral Stark Room at the "Snow birds of the year, making their
    rolled the reels a little way, this
    reviewer will say so long for a
                                          proving that he was the better Reception
                                           man for the job. Unfortunately
                                           he did not share the opinion,       Held
                                                                                                                             "Yesterdays"  -             first journey to the wintering
                                                                                                                                              \CThen the grounds in South America, take
                                                                                                                      homework should have been one route; the adult birds which
                    V                      offering the complaint that he                                             handed in.                         have made the trip before choose
                                                                                  On Tuesday, February 15,                   "Sitting on Top of the a course entirely different from
                                           was "ganged up on".                  1944, the Student Council spon-
    Council News                              After the excitement died sored a reception in honor of the             World"Zoo Lab (3rd floor that taken by the youngsters.
        The last meeting of the Stu-                                                                                  back, Co Hall). \Vell, at least The young birds fly down the
                                          down, pencils and paper were incoming freshmen at 2:30. At
    dent Council was held on Feb-
    ruary 11, 1944, to make plans for
    the freshman reception on the
                                          distributed for the word game, this reception, the new students
                                          "Guggenheim". If the results were given an opportunity to be-
                                          of this were to be used as a meas- come better acquainted with each
                                                                                                                      it feels that way!
                                                                                                                             "A Perfect Day"
                                                                                                                      nightwork to do.
                                                                                                                                                    -    Mississippi Valley (known as the
                                                                                                                                                     No Mississippi flyway since it is used
                                                                                                                                                         by many species of birds), cross
     15th. Ruth Punshon was put in        ure 0f our intelligence, well, other, with members of the fac-                      "Two Little Girls In Blue" to Yucatan, amid travel through
    charge of the affair, assisted by     Ahem! At any rate, the genius ulty, and with the Student Coun-              And two little boys in pink. Central America. They find thei:
    the women members of the              of our group proved to be none cil itself.                                          "Hut-Sut Song" -- "Hut- way over land no one of them
    Council.                              other than Walter Celnier. What In charge of the committee for              Sut! Ralston" for breakfast.       has seen before. But the trip
       A report was given on the pro.     a beating for the B. A.'s.           the affair was Ruth Punshon. She               "Am I Blue"Whenever made by the adult plovers is
                                                                                                                      I think of those marks.            more amazing. The old birds
    gress of the Bond drive. A mo-           Next on the program was Dr. was assisted by Sophie Glowacki,
    tion was made and passed to keep                                                                                          "I'll Never Smile Again" congregate in New Foundland
                                          Peif's rendition of the "Ransom Mary Kenney, Kathryn Hiscox,                Oh,      yes, you will!            and wait for favorable weather.
    the drive open until all members      of Red Chief". Everybody parked and Marcella Novak. Natalie
    of the student body are given an                                                                                          "Memory Lane""I'll see Then they fly from New Found-
                                          on the floor around the fire, and Rosenfeld, not a member of the            you again".                                (Continued on Page 4)
    opportunity to contribute.            alternated between listening with Council, volunteered her services                 "Pennies From Heaven"
       February 23rd, 24th, and 25th
    are the dates voted on for the in-
    itiation of new freshmen. It was
                                          impressive silence and raising the for the occasion.
                                          roof with uproarious laughter.         Tea was poured by Miss Mabel
                                             While we gorged ourselves on Leidy, who is associated with the
                                                                                                                      Dollars from donuts; buy, and
                                                                                                                      eat, more donuts.
                                                                                                                                                                 'Where or "X'hen?"
                                                                                                                                                         "Don't know where I'm going to
                                                                                                                              "Oh, How I Hate To Get get it done or when.
    agreed that rules for initiation      popcorn and root beer, he then Commerce and Finance Depart-                 Up in the Morning"Amn I kid-
    would be drawn up at a later          read his own creation, "The merit. The valentine motif was                  ding!                                      "What Does He Look
    meeting. After discussion on this     Bucknell Beacon". (Any similar- carried out in the centerpiece and                  "Why"Do we have so         Like?"Frank S. to Mrs. S.
    subject, the meeting was ad-          ity between names was in all table decorations.                             much homework to do?Eternal                "When They Ask About
    journed.                                    (Continued on Page 4)
                                                                                 BUY ANOTHER WAR BOND.                question.                          You"I give them the lowdown.
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 Page Four                                                        BUCKNELL BEACON                                                        Tuesday, February 29, 1944

                                 Pvt. William Hannigan is sta-
                                                               U                      I          N

                                                                     has returned for active duty with
                                                                                                         the U. S. Navy at Coronado,
                                                                                                                                             H. A. Whiteman
                                                                                                                                               & CO., Inc.
    That nemesis of all college tioned at the Recruit Depot of       the North Atlantic fleet after a    California.
 freshmen, "hazing" or Freshman the U. S. Marine Corps at Parris     recent leave.                         Aviation Cadet George I. Rif-
 Week, visited the campus of Island, South Carolina. Cadet
 Bucknell University Junior col- Robert Driesbach of the U. S.          Robert Graham was ordained       endifer has been transferred to
                                                                     into the ministry at the Ashley     the U. S. Navy War Training
 lege once more this week. Our Army Air Corps is awaiting                                                                                    Paper and Stationery
                                                                     Presbyterian Church. Reverend       School at Franklin and Marshall
 new freshmen were so mis-guid- classification at Keesler Field,
 ed as to ask if there was going Mississippi.                        Graham is married to the former     College, Lancaster.                   Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
                                                                     Margaret Wolfe of Kingston.            Donald Kresge and Nicholas
 to be an initiation for them.    Private First Class George
 They got rapid results.                                                Blanche Marie Liddicote is       Marinefli are now enrolled at
                                      Papadoplos has returned to     no wa student at Rider College,     Bucknell University at Lewisburg.
     No, the freshman boys did Camp Adair, Oregon, where he          Trenton, New Jersey.
 not wear aprons to school to is with an Anti-Tank Company.                                                 Private Ray Mechak is sta-
 save their clothes; that was part       Aviation Cadet Lloyd H. Jones  After serving in the Middle      tioned at Miami Beach with the       Gramophone
  of the rules of initiation. How is stationed at the U. S. Navy     East for more than a year, Cap-     U. S. Army Air Corps.
 ever, the February freshmen Pre-Flight School, Chapel Hill,         tain Bernard L. Greenberg has          Lieutnant Justin E. O'Donnell              Shop
 proved to be a most coopera- North Carolina. Other Bucknel-         been transferred to England.        has graduated from Provost Mar-
 tive group, cheerfully doing hans at Chapel Hill are: Victor        Captain Greenberg was promoted      shall General School at Fort        RecordsAccessories
 whatever they rere requested to Patoski, Carl Thomsen, and Rob-     from first lieutenant to captain    Custer, Michigan.
 do, They spent some of their ert Benning.                           in the Army Air Corps upon his         Aviation Cadet John Rudnicki           Record Players
 afternoons cleaning the chein-          Ensign John Bush, a veteran  arrival in England.                of the U. S. Army Air Corps is
 istry equipment of the hosiorable of the Sicilian campaign as an       Ensign Paul Labada is an in-     receiving his primary training at
 upperclassmen in the labs. Also officer on the U. S. S. Barnett,    structor at the amphibian base of   Selman Field, Monroe, Louisiana.     934     S.   Main Street
 the girls took to hitch-hiking
 automobile rides to Conyngham                                                                                   A REMINDERBUY MORE
                                                                                                                                               Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
                                                                                STARLING CENSUS
 Hall from passing motorists.               PASSING BY                            (Continued from Page 3)      BONDS AND STAMPS,
 The non-successful method of
 doing this was demonstrated by          F a s h i o n NewsFeminine land to Brazil, making a three-
 a certain gentleman named styles on the campus seem to thousand non-stop journey en-
                                                                           tirely over ocean waters. What
 Trachenberger who is reported undergo swift changes; for
 to have stood in front of Chase ample, that velvet hair ribbon guides these birds?                             JORDAN                             Trucksville
 Hall thumbing his way and fad so Vogue-ish. It lasted The Arctic tern makes the
 waving dollar bills to lure the about three weeks. But one longest migration of all birds
                                                                                                                        Est- 1871                     Dairy
 drivers of cars   but who met with sophomore is taking this war (but please understand, all birds               MEN'S FURNISHINGS
 no success. What some people conservation really to heart. Is do not migrate). Pausing long                                                  Pasteurized Dairy
 will d0 to save shoe leather!        there anyone who hasn't seen enough in the Arctic to raise a                         and                     Prod ucts
                                                                           family, the graceful Arctic tern
     The "hazing" seemed to have Donahue in her shirt sans skirt? starts southward. Its winter resi-              HATS OF QUALITY
 affected seriously the minds of Quite a job, that, Reaches down dence is Antarctica where it lin-
 some of our poor freshmen.            around her knees. Ver-ry con-                                                                               Trucksville, Pa.
                                                                           gers for a short while before          9 West Market Street
 For instance, Claire Fisher and ventional.                                                                                                    Phone Dallas 35
 Beverly Beech developed a pe-           Then there's Lorraine Rogers starting the long trek back to the            Wilkes-Barre Pa.
                                                                           northern breeding grounds.
 culiar way of walking and and that neat smock she wears Now we have the European
 seemed unable to go to Con- to putter around the theater. It's starling with us in America. The
 yngham without crossing back really got a draped shape. Only habits of the starling are not well
 and forth from one side of the one thing is necessaryabout 50 known. We know that in the                                                    Deemer & Co.
 street to the other, sometimes more pounds of Lorraine to fill Wyoming Valley the starlings                     Frank Parkhurst, Jr. Inc.    School and Office
 encurring the wrath of irate it out.
 motorists. It also seemed that           Never knew there were so gather in roosts at Nanticoke,                   General Insurance             Supplies
                                                                           Wilkes-Barre, West Pittston (we
 we are developing       a group of many discarded clothes in the think), and in several places near              Miners Nat. Bank Bldg.
  conga devotees among the new Lounge. After last week's clean- Scranton. If we check at inter-                                                     GIFTS AND
  class who use that step when up it suddenly occurs to us            that                                          Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
                                                                           vals the number of birds in each                                        STATIONERY
  traveling from one building to we had the makings of a first' roost and then find that suddenly
  another.                             class department store right in
                                                   Lounge.                  an increase appears in the popu-
     Full information had been the girls'                                   lation of starlings at Nanticoke,                                  6West Market St.
  obtained about the dreaded In-
  quisition and it justihed all the ular songs . .    . After a great deal
                                                                            passes on to Wilkes-Barre, and
                                                                                        up the valley, we may
                                                                                                                   SfulI Brothers              Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
  tears. There is something very       of coaxing, Mr. Koval, the Frank moves on
                                                                            safely assume that a wave of mi-
  formidable about an all-male Sinatra of Bucknell, crooned a grating starlings has passed                          Automotive Parts
                                                       "Put Your Arms
  jury of august upperclassmen to few bars of Honey". His ac- through the valley. If no such
  a group ot meek little "frosh." Around Me,                   piano was waves can be detected we are rel-           TiresBatteries
  Anyway, the new freshmen are companist at the                                                                                                For Your Health's
                                                                     Faint  atively certain that the starlings
  proving that they have the stuff Claire Fisher . into Betty
                                                     -      .                                                           Wholesale
                                       sent everyone             gales of we are watching are permanent                                              Sake Drink
  of which sophomores are made
                                                         her two-minute residents.
  and soon will be taking their laughte with Trials and Trib- This account may answer some
  revenge on a bunch of new talk on "The                                                                                 Kingston
                                                                           of the questions concerning our
  freshmen. Well, asi es la vida. ulations of Being a Professor's starling observations. Some day                      Wilkes-Barre
                                                                  to Miss
   (Such is life, for the benefit of Daughter". According and trib- we hope to band the birds, but
  non-Spanish students).               Faint, there are "trials
                                       ulations" in being a professor's that is another
                                                                                              problem and an-                                 Homogenized
      The Inquisition itself was held daughter . . Mr. Trumbath was other story.
                                                                                                                                              Vitamin D Milk
  in Chase Theatre and was con- ordered to measure the distance                               V

  ducted by Gifford Cappellini, around Kirby Hall foot-by-foot                   REIF HOLDS PARTY                     RUDDY'S
  president of the freshman class,          The final event in the theatre         (Continued from Page 3)
  with the assistance of Dave was the "pin.up boy" contest.                                                           DRUG STORE
  Hart, attorney for defense; Jean All the new freshman boys were probability intentional).                His
                                                                                                                   Cor. S. Main & South      Modern Improvements
  Donohue, prosecuting attorney, told to roll up their pants to journalistic talent, however, was
  and Marvin Breslau, the bailiff. their knees and parade in front limited in this issue to pure gos-               Wilkes-Barre, Pa.         Plumbing. Heating,
  With fiendish glee these officers of the new freshman girls, who sip of a fictionalized character                                              Sheet Metal
  sujected the poor new freshmen had to pick out the "pin-up" While the rest of us giggled
   to all sorts of tortures. The boy. After a great deal of de- childlishly, the victims of his
   meeting began with all, except liberation, the girls chose Robert playful pen squirmed and
   the new freshmen, singing the Pernesky, from Hanover, for blushed. Wasn't it so, Loretta?
                                                                            At the conclusion of this, the
   first stanza of the Junior College that great honor.
   song. The new freshmen then            The ordeal of the new "frosh"
                                                                            party broke up.
                                                                               As usual, everyone enjoyed
                                                                                                                                              VanScoy Co.
 'had     to sing the second stanza, was then over. Mr. Cappellini
   which few of them knew in its rose and told the students to              himself tremendously.                                            27 E. Northampton St.
   entirety. This was followed by welcome the new freshman, be'                                                                                     Est. 1871
   the individual tortures . . . Edith cause they were at last part of               STUDENT POLL
   Miller and Jerry Stadulis turned the college. Thereupon, he or-                 (Continued from Page 1)
   Indian for a few minutes and dered everyone to troop outside                Marie Christian, sophomore,              Kingston
   gave a "whooping" rendition of and form a big circle by join- suggested that there be more Fri.                                           CRAFTSM EN
   an Apache war dance. Miss ing hands. Finally, the new day informal get-togethers, and                             Provision  Co.          ENGRAVERS
   Miller then delivered a recita- freshman, accepted at last into some archery and bowling. She
   tion in which she played the the ranks of their schoolmates, concluded with a wise air: "But                                                Town Hall Building
   parts of two different people        united with the others in sing- first I suggest that we all co-
   Irene Sieminski sang by request ing both stanzas of the Junior operate in the activities that are              A REMINDERBUY MORE             Phone 3-3676
   a medley of about a dozen pop- College song.                             planned."                           BONDS AND STAMPS.

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