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									FERMANAGH                               COMHAIRLE


Minutes of the meeting of the Development Committee held in the
Council Chamber, Townhall, Enniskillen on Monday, 19 July 2010 at
7.30 pm.

PRESENT:              Councillors Bernice Swift (Chairman), Harold
                      Andrews, Alex Baird, Alison Brimstone, Pat
                      Cox, Tom Elliott Gerry Gallagher, Robert
                      Irvine, Bertie Kerr, Breege McSorley, John
                      O’Kane, Paul Robinson and Patricia Rogers.

APOLOGIES:            Councillors Cyril Brownlee, Frank Britton,
                      Phil Flanagan, Stephen Huggett, Bert
                      Johnston, Ruth Lynch, Brian McCaffrey,
                      Fergus McQuillan and Thomas O’Reilly.

IN ATTENDANCE:        Chief Executive and Committee Clerk.

D75/10    MINUTES

          The minutes of the meetings held on 14 June 2010 were
          approved and signed.


          D63/10 Flooding Taskforce

          It was noted that the recommendations put forward in
          this regard were awaiting consideration by the Executive.

          D63/10 Quinn Insurance

          The Chief Executive gave an update on the current
          situation with regard to Quinn Insurance. It was noted
          that the interest in the voluntary redundancy offer was
          such that no compulsory redundancies were needed.
          Fifteen employees would leave, under VLCR, in August
          and a redundancy clinic would be held for them on Quinn
          Insurance premises on Tuesday, 27 July. This clinic had
          been arranged by DEL and would include representatives
          from INI, DARD, Fermanagh Enterprise and South West
          College. It was noted that DARD had been contacted

         seeking a re-opening of Measures 3.1 and 3.2 of the
         Rural Development Programme in the Autumn for Quinn
         employees who were considering self-employment; a
         response was being awaited on that.

         In terms of the sale of the company, it was noted that
         approximately 50 different parties had expressed an
         interest in the matter. It was not known at this stage
         how long this process would take and the bank had not
         set a target.

         D63/10 Enniskillen Town Traders

         The Committee was informed that the next meeting of
         the Enniskillen Town Traders would take place on
         Tuesday, 7 September 2010 and they would be advised
         of the roles and responsibilities of the various statutory
         agencies, etc.

         The Committee enquired about the possibility of
         representation on this group being extended to include
         traders/businesses from all parts of the town. It was
         proposed that the Chief Executive should meet with the
         group’s co-ordinator in this regard.

         RECOMMENDED:- Accordingly.


         The Chairman welcomed Mr John Treacy, Manager,
         Fermanagh Enterprise Ltd, to the meeting. Mr Treacy
         made a presentation on the Review of Local Enterprise

         The presentation addressed the following:

          Background to Study undertaken by BDO on behalf of
           Invest NI
          Study Objectives
          Origins and historical development of LEAs with
           particular reference to Fermanagh Enterprise Ltd –
           workspace/business support
          Key Points identified
          Tables showing Fermanagh Enterprise Ltd’s positive
           outcomes re Business Starts (01-09), Business Plan
           Conversion 2009-10 and Completed Business Plans

            The impact of RPA
            Current situation/LEAs’ future role
            Study Recommendations
            Fermanagh Enterprise – way forward

         In his presentation, Mr Treacy said that Fermanagh
         Enterprise welcomed the Review as an opportunity to
         reflect on future strategic direction and outlined
         development plans for the future and to address the
         recommendations in the report.

         Following discussion, the Chairman thanked Mr Treacy
         for his presentation and he left the meeting.


         The Committee noted the report of the Liaison Sub
         Committee (Housing) meeting held on 28 June 2010.


         (a) Erne Hospital Site

         The Chief Executive reported on the work carried out to
         date to bring forward a proposed project for the
         development of a Public Services Centre on the Erne
         Hospital site when vacant. It was reported that a group,
         involving various statutory bodies, had met to consider
         the matter and were supportive of the concept. Arising
         from this, it had been agreed that the Council should act
         as the lead body to take the development of a Business
         Case for the project forward and to work with the
         Strategic Investment Board in this regard. The Chief
         Executive reported that, having recently visited a similar
         type development in Livingston, it was important to get
         the proper profile of services on site to ensure proper
         integration for the benefit of users. Reference was made
         to meetings with Health Estates and WHSS Trust on the
         matter and the role of LPS regarding the disposal of the

         The next stage in taking the project forward would be the
         development of a robust Business Case and the Chief
         Executive reported on the draft Terms of Reference that
         had been developed with SIB for the above; he outlined
         the process and stages involved in this regard.

         It was reported that SIB had agreed to assist the project
         by providing technical support and up to £50,000 (50%),
         subject to the Council providing the match funding. The
         Chief Executive indicated that he had already approached
         some of the other statutory agencies with a view to
         securing a financial contribution towards the Council’s
         match funding requirement. After discussion, it was:

         RECOMMENDED:- That the Council act as the lead body
         to take forward a project for the development of a
         Business Case for a Public Services Centre on the Erne
         Hospital site when vacant and confirm to SIB that it
         would provide match funding to a maximum of £50,000
         for the project.


         (a) 2010 La Touche Legacy Seminar

         The Committee considered attendance at the above
         Seminar to be held in the Charlesland Golf & Country
         Club Hotel, Greystones, Co Wicklow, from 1-3 October
         2010. It was agreed that this be noted.

         (b) 15th Annual Northern Ireland Economic Conference

         The Committee considered attendance at the above
         Conference to be held at the Culloden Hotel, Belfast, on
         Wednesday, 29 September 2010. The cost, including
         travel, would be approximately £370.

         RECOMMENDED:- That approval be given to the
         attendance of the Chairman, Councillor Bernice Swift, at
         the above.

         (c) Rural Lift for South West Fermanagh

         The Committee considered a request from Rural Lift for
         the use of the Townhall for the launch, by the Minister for
         Agriculture, of its new low floor accessible minibus on
         Friday, 30 July; an invitation had been extended to all

         RECOMMENDED:- That the above be approved.

(d) Cuts in Planning Service

The Committee considered a request from NIPSA for a
meeting to discuss cuts in the Planning Service and the
likely implications of this on the community.

RECOMMENDED:- That a meeting, involving the
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Chairman of Development
Committee plus a member from each Party, be arranged
with representatives of NIPSA to discuss the above.

(e) SWaMP

Members were reminded that representatives from
SWaMP would attend the Environmental Services
Committee meeting on 20 July 2010 to make a
presentation on the future of waste processing; a list of
issues and questions for Members to consider in this
regard was circulated.

RISING:- The Committee rose at 9.20 pm.

All the Members named were present at the
commencement of the meeting except Councillor Breege
McSorley who arrived at 7.35 pm, Councillor Patricia
Rogers who arrived at 7.45 pm and Councillor Tom Elliott
who arrived at 8.00 pm.

All the Members named were present at the end of the
meeting except Councillor John O’Kane who left at
8.30 pm.

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