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					                                                                                     SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER

                                 Vol. XXIV Issue 5

     ●      Mercedes - Benz Club of America, Seattle Section                                                                                                     ●

                                                                                                                September 17—19th
AGM & Pizza Party at Griot’s                                                                                 Sunriver Festival of Cars
                                                                                                               Sunriver Resort, OR.
                                                                                                                   Ian Gleadle
AGM & Pizza Party on
                                                                                                                     September 25th
Saturday, September 25, 2010 –                                                                         Annual General Meeting,
3:00 to 5:00 pm at Griot’s                                                                       Board Meeting 1:30, AGM 3:00 pm
Garage New Flagship Store                                                                      Griot’s Garage “Flagship” Store, Tacoma
                                                                                                              Jim Houk
By Jim Houk
Come join the big Pizza Party and the                                                                               October 8—10th
section’s Annual General Meeting                                                                              Tri-Cities Wine Weekend
                                                                                                               Hampton Inn Tri-Cities
(AGM) at Griot’s Garage new
                                                                                                                  Camran Nassiri
headquarters in Tacoma. Come early for a
tour of the new Griot’s facility and pick up                                                                            October 27th
some detailing tips in the new car care                                                           Grand Opening and Tour, 5:00 pm
                                               afternoon to enjoy and chat with old           Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood New Dealership
school. This will give all time to stock up
                                               friends and participate in the Sections                       Ian Gleadle
on your fall and winter cleaning supplies.
                                               annual meeting.
Then depending on the weather we will                                                                                November 13th
meet outside or move to the inside facility    The AGM will be a time to come together
                                                                                                     Third Technical Session — 4Matics
for Tacoma’s best pizza from the “The          where we present 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30              Mercedes-Benz of Fife, Tacoma
                                               year anniversary pins of membership to                         Matthias Zacke
Rock”. This will be a great family fun
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                                                                                                Inside This Issue
Tri-Cities Winery Tour Weekend
Winery Tasting and Exploring
in the Columbia Valley –
October 8 — 10th, 2010
By Camran Nassiri
Wine lovers and enthusiasts, mark your
calendars as we are heading to the Tri-
                                                                                                President’s Message............................................... 2
Cities for a Winery Tour Weekend of fun                                                         Officers & Board Members ................................... 2
                                                                                                AGM & Pizza Party (cont’d) ................................. 3
and good company with your fellow                                                               Next Board Meeting .............................................. 4
MBCA members. We will start off Friday                                                          Welcome New Members ....................................... 4
                                                                                                MBUSA Technician Competition ......................... 4
morning at Krispy Kreme in Issaquah at                                                          Tri-Cities Wine Weekend (cont’d) ....................... 5
9:00 am and drive to Richland, WA.                                                              MB Lynnwood Grand Opening ............................. 5
                                               by 5:00 pm. At 6:30 pm we will meet in a         Show & Shine Recap ............................................ 6,7
arriving at the Hampton Inn Richland on        designated room for a welcome reception          Member Appreciation Review .............................. 8
                                                                                                AMG Driving Academy ....................................... 8
the Columbia River. Along the way, be          and enjoy some wine pairing, appetizers,         Starfest 2010 ......................................................... 10
prepared to stop for lunch and tour a couple                                                    Western States Driving Experience ....................... 10
                                               prizes, and great camaraderie.                   SOVREN Car Coral Update .................................. 12
of wineries. You may also choose to head                                                        SL Enthusiasts Drive to Snohomish ...................... 12
directly to the hotel. Arrival and check-in                                                     Technically Speaking............................................. 14
                                                                      (Continued on page 5)     Classifieds .............................................................. 15
                                                                                                    the Tri-Cities on October 8th-10th appeals to
From the Vice-President’s Deck                                                                      you or Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood New
                                                                                                    Dealership Grand Opening and tour on
                     By Ian Gleadle, Seattle       organize a committee meeting and we called       October 27th. Look for more information
                     Section Vice-President        in “the Calvary” to join the telephone call      and registration forms in this newsletter.

                     The summer heat waves         with great success.      We had members          There is also our Third Technical Session
                     brought about meltdowns       participating from Walla Walla, Silverdale,      for cars with “4matics” in the planning
                     for your Seattle Section      Camano Island, Issaquah, Redmond,                stages for November 13th. This will be held
                     board in more ways than       Portland and more all from the comfort of        at Mercedes-Benz of Fife, but Matthias
                     one.        Frustrations      their own homes. We reviewed the current         Zacke is always on the hunt for other local
mounted at the July board meeting when             status of the event and spread out the action    garages that would be willing to open their
only five members attended. We had two             items to many members instead of just a few.     doors for the next group tech event. Please
major events coming up and our resources for       We believe that it made the event more           contact him if you can recommend a
planning and implementation were stretched         enjoyable for everyone as many hands made        location.
too thin. We’re not proud of it, but several of    light work. With nearly 90 members and 58        There is one event sadly missing from our
us just wanted to throw in the towel and call it   polished-to-perfection cars in attendance this   calendar this year and that is the Annual
quits. We successfully made it through the         year, the Show & Shine continues to be the       Holiday Party. The board has not been able
Member Appreciation event and were                 club’s most popular event of the year. Many      to find a coordinator for this generally well-
gratified to see nearly 50 members and 33          member said the event has just the right         attended event. We will appeal to you, our
beautiful Mercedes attend the BBQ lunch at         ingredients!                                     membership base, to see if there is anyone
Phil Smart’s Airport Way dealership.               The club still has some fun events scheduled     out there who would like to put this event
With the Annual Show & Shine fast                  for the year. We hope you signed up for the      together. You would not have to do it alone.
approaching, we knew we needed more                Sunriver Festival of Cars in Oregon on           The club has financial resources to help
support and a quick and easy way to get            September 17th-19th. Plan on attending the       sponsor the event, and, as we found out
people together if we were to successfully pull    Annual General Meeting (AGM) at                  when all seemed to be going downhill, we
off the event. For the first time as a club, we    Griot’s Garage new location on September         now know how to call out ”the Calvary”.
decided to use teleconferencing technology to      25th. Perhaps a Winery Tour Weekend in
                                                                                                                               (Continued on page 15)

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PAGE 2                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
AGM & Pizza Party (cont’d)
                                                                                          Bill Packard (35), Maurine Murray (35),
                                                                                          Gene Klineburger (37), Siegfried Linke
                                                                                          (37), Arthur Dietrich (46) and Carol &
(Continued from page 1)                      15 Year Award Pin                            Robert McComb (50).
those individuals attending.    Pins and     Jan & Robert Valluzzo, Jennifer & Colin      All active Seattle Section members are
certificates are awarded to attending        Bell, Shea & Dan Unti, Joseph Custode,       entitled to vote. Our bylaws permit only one
members with those years in the Mercedes-    Michael Repass, Inge & Guenter Frahm,        vote per membership. Please complete your
Benz Club. This is also the time for the     Sarah & Greg Eller, Brigitte & Ralph Gier,   ballot below and vote for next year’s Board.
prestigious awards of Member of the Year     Isabel & E.W. Schaffer, Betse & D. King,     Current board members whose term expire
and Officer of the Year. In addition,        Brown Maloney, Lois & Doug Henning,          in 2010 and have volunteered to another
election results will be announced at the    Stephanie & Richard Judy, Evelyn             term on the board are Rick Tuttle, Patti
AGM for new section officers.                & Michael Alphin, Tom Lambert III,           Tuttle and John DeYoung.               Tony
If your name is below, please attend the     Juanita & R. Bowers, Stephen Brazitis and    Andrews is a current active member and an
AGM as we would like to recognize and        Anne & John Boyle.                           MG Club Board member who has expressed
award your membership pin.                   20 Year Award Pin                            interest in serving on our Board.
5 Year Pin Award                             Lawrence Dickmann, Marilyn & Michael         Please check four (4) candidates, or write-in
Jeffery Goddard, Debbie & Rick Everett,      Glosser, Rudolph Beilicke, Fred Moisio       a candidate and either mail your vote with
Rosalie & Joe Kosher, Georgina & Jim         and Sandy & Robert Smith.                    your membership number to Jim Houk, PO
Cone, Virginia Larsen, Barb Drumheller,                                                   Box 810, Silverdale, WA. 98383. Attn:
                                             25 Year Award Pin
Stuart   Morrow,      Colleen   &     Joe                                                 MBCA         Election;   or     email      to
                                             Cheryl May & Jan Johnsen, Diana &
Widden, Timothy Rath, Ronald Walken,                                            ; before September 20,
                                             William Graves, Roger Ellingson, Jessimai
Pamela & Richard Cummings, Blake                                                          2010. Also, we need to know how many are
                                             & Byron Strange, Roger Sherman, Janet &
Hampton & Robert Landre, Jim Combs,                                                       attending, so we can order plenty of pizza
                                             Terry Barnes, Bill Rhodes, Jane & Larry
Michael Gladwell, Faye & John Daly, Lou &                                                 for all attending.
                                             Goldberg and Judy & James Bullis.
Gordon Klatt, David Desertspring, Earlene                                                 The election results will be announced at the
& John Diener and Merilynn & Allan Erhart.   30 Year Award Pin
                                                                                          Annual General Meeting, with the election
10 Year Pin Award                            Edith Friedli, Karen Compton, Gail &         of new officers immediately after the
                                             Robert Goodman and Kazue & Dale Walther      meeting. We look forward to seeing all on a
Charles Kimble, Pam Gilbert, Greg Prokop,
                                             30 Plus Year Pin                             great Saturday afternoon to enjoy the best
Dara & Francisco Martinez, Mary & Joseph
                                             Fred Kaechele (31), Joyce & James Hunnex     pizza in Tacoma, tour the new Griot’s
Wubbold, Ian Dechenne, Pam Bain, Nancy
                                             (31), Betty & Lester Krueger (32), S.        Garage facility, stock up on your car
& Jon Magnusson, Connie & David Hiscock,
                                             Michelle & Dwight Racioppo (33), Mary &      detailing supplies, and best of all connecting
John Deman, Donna & Walter Warren,
                                             Douglas Neves (33), Audrey & Chuck           with old friends and making new friends at
Leslie Leader, John Mulhall, Karen &
                                             Parkyn (33), Robert Cairnie (33), Peggy &    the AGM.
Edward Lerman, Janice & William
Lindeman, Carol & Hugh Murphy, Melissa       James Hilton (33), Virginia & James Pierce   Griot’s Garage is located at 3333 S 38th
& James Rose, Peg & Bud Oberg and Janie      (34), William Blix (34), Norma & John        Street in Tacoma and the phone number is
& Harold Seim.                               Sedlock (35), Diane & John DeYoung (35),     still: 253-922-2400.

                          2011 MBCA Seattle Section Board of Directors Official Ballot
  Name (s) _____________________________________ Address _____________________________________________
  City, State, Zip _____________________________________              Phone     (________)    ___________________________
  Email Address: _____________________________________ Number of Guests: ____________________________
                                                    (You will find your membership number printed right above the mailing label )
       Please vote for only four (4):                       Membership Number: __________________
               Patti Tuttle                        Rick Tuttle                     Tony Andrews
               John DeYoung                        ______________________(write in)
   Mail to: MBCA Election c/o Jim Houk, PO Box 810, Silverdale, WA. 98383 . - or - Email to:
                              Must be postmarked by September 20, 2010. One ballot per membership.

SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                      PAGE 3
                                                                                                    Dates and times change as we select
Next MBCA Board Meeting                                                                             restaurants in a variety of locations in
                                                                                                    Western Washington.
                                                 every other month and enjoy the                         Mark your calendar for the
                                                 camaraderie of your club’s Board while                 next MBCA Board Meeting on:
                                                 dining at a g r e a t      restaurant!
                                                                                                       Saturday, September 25, 2010,
                                                                                                                 1:30 pm.
                                                           Griot’s Garage
            The 2010 MBCA                                                                           Directions: Heading north or south on I-5,
                                                         3333 South 38th St.                        take exit 132 (S 38th St West toward
          Seattle Section Board
                                                         Tacoma, WA. 98409                          Tacoma Mall). At the stoplight, bear
   MBCA Board Meetings                                      800-345-5789                            right       onto       S    38th     St.
Coming to a Location Near You!                                                                      Go 3/4 of a mile to Griot's Garage on the
Your MBCA Board Members invite all                                                                  right (white building with red stripes.)
members to attend board meetings! Come out                                                          Last intersection is S Lawrence St.

                                                                                                   July, 2010
Welcome New Members                                                                                •     Ned Provan, Auburn, 1985 500 SEC
                                                                                                   •     Suzanne Morgan, Kirkland, 2000
The Seattle Section welcomes all of its newest
                                                 •    Matti Suokko, Bellevue, 1994 SL 500,               SLK 320
members and their cars to the Mercedes-Benz           2005 E320 CDI                                •     Carole & T. Dennis George,
Club of America these last two months. We
                                                 •    Eric Lee Jensen, Issaquah, 1981 300                Kirkland, 2010 E350C
hope that you will all become active members
and be a part of the activities we plan each
                                                      TD Turbo                                     •     Henry Valentine, Redmond, 2002

month for your pleasure.
                                                 •    Gurjot Tur, Seattle, 2003 SL 500R                  CLK 55 AMG, 2006 R350

                                                 •    William M. Campbell Jr, Seattle 2010         •     Robert Blair, Newcastle, 2008
If you ever have any questions or suggestions                                                            ML350
                                                      GL 320 CDI
please free to call anyone of us on the Board.
                                                 •    Ronald Myatt, Marysville, 2006 SLK           •     Barrett Michael Johnson, Clinton
Thank you for joining and we’ll look for you
                                                      350 AMG                                            2000 CLK 430C
at the next club event!
                                                 •    Caron CJ & Shawn Olen Schroeder,             •     Paul T. Menzel, Coupeville, 1958
June, 2010                                                                                               220SB, 1985 300 SD
                                                      Olympia, 2007 SLK 280
•   Kim & Garrett Ferreiro, Edmonds,                                                               •     Thurman Carter, Tacoma, 1995
    1986 560 SL                                                                                          S320 W

MBUSA Technician Competition                                                                       We wish Ian all the best and hope to hear
                                                                                                   he will be traveling on to Stuttgart.

Seattle Section member Ian Dechenne who is       in the final 32 technicians from dealers          Also, up to the last 100 technicians in the
a master technician at Mercedes-Benz of          across the entire United States. The tests will   United States competition, Mercedes-Benz
Lynnwood will be traveling to New Jersey to      take all week and the winner will continue        of Lynnwood had 3 of their technicians
the MBUSA headquarters the week of August        on to Stuttgart Germany to compete for the        still in the running. Congratulations to the
23 to participate in the Technician of the       United States in the world wide competition.      whole Lynnwood team, they should be
Year competition for Mercedes-Benz. Ian is                                                         very proud.

PAGE 4                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
Tri-Cities Winery Tour (cont’d) MB Lynnwood
(Continued from page 1)         Grand Opening
Saturday morning, after breakfast, we will
board our tour bus at 9:30 am to tour the
WINE Country!!
                                                                                                Private Grand Opening and
                                                                                                Tour with Hor devours—
We will visit Prosser Vintners Village
                                                                                                October 27th, 5:00 — 7:00 pm
which has 14 different wineries for tasting,
                                                                                                By Ian Gleadle
lunch at Picazo717 and visit Kiona on Red
Mountain among our days events. Once                                                            Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood is moving into
back at the hotel, we can relax and get ready                                                   a brand new dealership and service center.
to dine in a nice restaurant like Sterling
Seafood or Anthony’s on the river.               person, not including dinner Saturday
                                                 night and lodging. Please complete and
                                                 send in the reservation form below.
                                                 Hotel rooms have been reserved, but
                                                 please call to confirm a reservation in your
                                                 own name. The Hampton Inn Richland
                                                 phone number is (509) 943-4400, and they
                                                 have set aside 20 rooms at $115/night for
                                                 river view and $99/night for city view.
                                                 They will accept your credit card and give
                                                 you one of the reserved rooms in the
Sunday morning breakfast and check-out.          MBCA section.
                                                                                                That's right! After 5 years at our current
For those dedicated wine enthusiasts, you        As in the past, our winery tour weekends
                                                                                                location (20515 Highway 99 Lynnwood,
can tour more wineries on the way home, or       seem to sell out fast, so book early.
                                                                                                WA 98036) we'll be moving 2 miles north to
there are other optional tours around the Tri-   Looking forward to another fun filled
                                                                                                our brand new Mercedes-Benz dealership.
cities that are available. If anyone is          weekend, and seeing you in the Tri-Cities.
                                                                                                Effective September 1, 2010 the new
interested, I can forward some information.
                                                                                                address will be: Mercedes-Benz of
The entire package for Friday reception and
                                                                                                Lynnwood, 17800 Highway 99,
Saturday wine tour will be $75.00 per
                                                                                                Lynnwood, WA 98037
                                                                                                All of our current phone and fax numbers
                                                                                                will remain the same. If you have any
             Tri-Cities Winery Tour Weekend Registration                                        questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
                                   October 8 – 10, 2010                                         at (425) 673-0505.

  Name (s) _______________________________________________________
  Address ________________________________________________________
  City, State, Zip __________________________________________________
  Phone       (________) _____________________________________________
  Email Address: _________________________________________________
  Number of attending Friday Night Reception: _____________________
  Number of attending Saturday Winery Tour: _______________________
  (Reception is included in Winery Tour) $75.00 per person = ________
                                                                                                Thank you to Seattle Section MBCA Club
             Please make checks payable to MBCA and send this
               registration and payment by October 1, 2010 to:                                  Members who have contributed over 80
                                                                                                canned and package good items at recent
    MBCA c/o Camran Nassiri, 3256 E. Cambridge Dr., Hayden Lake, ID. 83835                      events. The items were recently donated to
                                                                                                the Stanwood / Camano Island Food Bank!

SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                            PAGE 5
                                                                                                    …Diane DeYoung for selling $410 in
Show & Shine Recap                                                                                  drawing tickets – that money will go to the
                                                                                                    food bank along with about 50 cans and non-
                                                                                                    perishables donated today, $8 in the magazine
Another Beautiful Car Show!                                                                         jar and $50 in the charity jar too!
By Matthias Zacke
                                                                                                    …Tony Andrews for arranging Saturday
This year 88 Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts
                                                                                                    night’s drive to XXX Drive-In in Issaquah
came to have fun and to present their 58 cars.
                                                                                                    from Phil Smart Airport Way facility – a
With “Most Cars in the Show” Emmanuel
                                                                                                    great idea and well executed. Also, appreciate
Athans got rewarded with a special Mercedes
                                                                                                    the trophy presentations.
S-Class shirt. He had to activate his fellow
“Mercedes Friends” as drivers for his cars                                                          … Jose Senior and Jose Junior from XXX
                                                                                                    for their gift cards and T-Shirts. Additional
who might become a member one day. This is
                                                                                                    they helped with a special offer combination
a great contribution.
                                                 Best of Show: Heinz Streng 1958 190 SL             that included a Saturday dinner at their place
For the record, here are the results of 2010’s
                                                 Thanks to the generous donations from the          and discounted accommodation at the new
Show and Shine People’s Choice Awards:
                                                 Barrier Motors (Mercedes Benz in                   Hilton Hotel in Issaquah.
Early Models: 1st Place – Mark Chestnut
                                                 Bellevue), Duncan Ostrander, we awarded
1964 230 SL, 2nd Place – Dan Unti 1969
                                                 Rick & Patti Tuttle with a nice bucket and
280 SE Convertible (same as last year), 3rd
                                                 car washing supply for their farthest travel and
Place – Jerry Schimke 1971 300 SEL 6.9
                                                 the longest ride to the show. Additional we
Mid Year Models:     1st Place – Ed Stern        were able to announce some other 20 door
1995 E320 Convertible, 2nd Place – Yogi          prizes.
Song 1999 320 SEL, 3rd Place – Bruce
                                                 Thank you to everyone who contributed to
Harlow 1994 SL 600
                                                 another great Show and Shine today at the
Current Models: 1st Place – Bob Young
                                                 Nile Country Club. Many hands make it all
2005 SL 55 AMG, 2nd Place – Jack Watters         work!
2011 E350 Convertible, 3rd Place – Klaus
                                                 Thank you to ….
Hartmann 2010 GLK350

PAGE 6                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
Show & Shine Recap (cont’d)
(Continued from page 6)                        Benz for bringing out cars and donating
… Ian Gleadle for organizing the new tents,    items for door prize – much appreciated.
taking lots of picture and pulling together    …Terry Richards of Mequiars for
the registration packets and give-aways        donating sample Mequiars products in all the
…Heinz Streng, Ken Hill, David Glass,          bags and door prize and raffle items for the
David Benson and Rick Tuttle for helping       car care baskets.
park and arrange cars with exacting            … Eric Haga again for doing an excellent
precision! Heinz best of show – way to go!     job every year on the trophies and dash        …John DeYoung and Rick Tuttle for
…John and Diane DeYoung for donating a         plaques and for Ken Hill arranging and         sequestering themselves and tallying all the
very nice wine basket for the raffle and       picking them up.       Congrats to all the     “people choice” votes
bringing the wonderful dessert cookies and     people’s choice trophy winners!                …Joe Lee for donating the key chains for
those delicious M&M peanuts snacks             …Rick and Patty Tuttle for helping setup       the door prizes – nice hat too!
…Jim and Lee Houk for bringing ice,            and breakdown everything.                      …and of course Stacy Rollins, NW
coolers and pop and water to keep everyone                                                    Regional Director, for driving up from
hydrated and cool as we hit 95 degrees                                                        Portland to support our regional event –
…Linda Gleadle, Diane DeYoung and                                                             good attendance by Portland and Vancouver
Patti Tuttle for checking in everyone and                                                     sections too!
handling all the onsite registrations
                                                                                              For next year, I would like to encourage all
…Shea Unti for doing his usual great demo                                                     of you who didn’t have the time last year or
of Griot’s products and the donation for the
                                                                                              this year to register their “winning cars”, we
raffle too – see you all September 25th at
                                                                                              would enjoy seeing you and your cars at this
Griot’s new flagship store in Tacoma
                                                                                              annual show.
…Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood, Barrier
Mercedes-Benz, and Phil Smart Mercedes-                                                       See you on the beautiful green next year!

SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                          PAGE 7
                                                                                                     Members who attended also received a

Member Appreciation Review                                                                           Seattle Section T-shirt with the Mercedes-
                                                                                                     Benz club logo and can now proudly display
                                                                                                     their club affiliation. Many thanks to Phil
July 24th, 2010                                                                                      Smart Airport Way for allowing us to use
By Linda Gleadle                                                                                     their facility and for washing cars prior to the
A couple of years ago, The Star magazine                                                             photos, to Pam Gilbert for organizing the
featured a cover photo of our then President,                                                        event and supplying the food, to Jim Houk
Jim Houk with his 1972 350SL in front of                                                             for bringing supplies and coordinating our
Phil Smart’s Eric Grohe mural. The editor                                                            cook for the day, to Ian and Linda Gleadle
of The Star actually changed the color of the                                                        for taking, processing and mailing the
sky on the photo that was submitted because                                                          beautiful photos, to David Glass for staging
he said the sky is never that blue or that clear                                                     the cars for the photos and to all who helped
in Seattle. True story!                                                                              clean-up.
                                                   the board decided to do it again. One
If he had attended our Member
                                                   member brought the same car again this year
Appreciation event on July 24th, the editor
                                                   and when asked if his picture last year had
would have had seen it for himself.
                                                   turned out poorly, he said absolutely not, that
Members were treated to a spectacularly
                                                   it was up on the mantel right next to the
clear blue-sky Seattle day as they had their
                                                   pictures of his kids! They get their pictures
own photos taken against the Eric Grohe
                                                   taken every year, right?!
mural. The format for this event was similar
to one held last year that turned out to be        It was the perfect day for our BBQ lunch and
very well received. We had so many                 we greatly appreciated the shade from the
members tell us that they had missed the           new MBCA Seattle Section logo pop-up
opportunity to have their photos taken that        tents that made their debut at this event.

AMG Driving Academy                                                                                  Advanced (two-day course): MBCA
                                                                                                     Preferential Price: $2,695 (Normally:
A special offer for Mercedes-                      of the most legendary US circuits, Road
                                                                                                     •   Two-day program picks up where Basic
                                                   Atlanta and Laguna Seca Raceway. AMG
Benz Club of America                                                                                     leaves off, providing advanced training
                                                   Driving Academy offers three distinct
Members from AMG Driving                                                                                 and technical on-track instruction.
                                                   programs, each of which will push drivers to
Academy!                                                                                             Pro (three-day course): MBCA Preferential
                                                   the limit in select AMG vehicles, including
Mercedes-AMG is very pleased to offer                                                                Price: $2,900 (Normally: $3,995)
                                                   the most-advanced AMG vehicle ever built,
Mercedes-Benz Club of America members                                                                •   The pinnacle of AMG Driving Academy,
                                                   the 2011 SLS AMG.
special pricing to attend AMG Driving
                                                   Basic (one-day course): MBCA                          PRO offers three-days of focused
Academy, AMG’s high performance driving
                                                   Preferential Price: $1,495 (Normally:                 instruction and applied analytics to refine
                                                   $1,795)                                               and perfect driving capabilities.
AMG Driving Academy offers the
                                                   •   Intense, one-day track program focuses        For scheduling, registration and additional
opportunity to develop performance driving
                                                       on performance driving dynamics.              information please visit www.AMGacademy.
skills under the guidance of professional
                                                                                                     com or call 1-800-217-6916. Please mention
racers and instructors and takes place at two
                                                                                                     the code ADAMBCA to receive the pricing.


PAGE 8                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
                         ®                                                                          events, tours and trips are planned for them
Starfest 2010                                                                                       throughout the event.
                                                                                                    StarFest® 2010 starts on Friday, September
September 24-29th,                                  MBCA members, StarFest® 2010 is tailored        24th and goes to Wednesday, September 29th
Winchester, VA.                                     to the Mercedes-Benz enthusiast with events     in Winchester, Virginia. Come for a day, a
                                                    such as; a Mercedes-Benz Concours               single activity, or the entire event! Or just
By Paul Vandenburg, Greater Washington
Section                                             d’Elegance, various driving and social          come and hangout and visit with other
StarFest® 2010 is a celebration of all things       events, as well as Mercedes-Benz technical      members!
Mercedes-Benz. Put on for Mercedes-Benz             seminars and hands on clinics to improve        Registration is in progress and look for more
Club of America members by fellow                   your knowledge of marquee. For those            detail information and registration online at
                                                    attendees not so interested in cars, specific
                                                                                                    driving "awards" at the Friday evening

Western States Driving Experience                                                                   Awards Dinner.
                                                                                                    October 8, 2010 (Friday), we will offer an
October 6-9, 2010                                   The Holiday Inn Express in Willows.             Observation Rally through the valley and
                                                    Come early and play golf at the Glenn Golf      foothills around Willows, Chico, and
By San Francisco Bay Area MBCA Section
                                                    and Country Club.                               Paradise.
Improve your driving skills, learn about
vehicle control, take an observational rally,       October 7, 2010 (Thursday), spend the day       October 9, 2010 (Saturday), we will meet at
show off your car. Win awards for all of the        at Thunderhill Raceway Park learning            Sycamore Park in Willows for a Car
above. Enjoy a lunch, a banquet and a               about how to be a safer driver on the roads     Show. This is a "Show 'n' Shine" event
barbeque. Take tours to historic sites, casinos,    everyday. Hooked on Driving provides            where there will be "People's Choice"
outlet malls. Visit local businesses. All this in   experienced (and patient) coaches to guide      awards.
3 days this fall in and around Willows and the      us in learning about how we can get the         Look for more information and registration
Thunderhill Raceway.                                most from our Mercedes-Benz vehicles and        at:
October 6, 2010 (Wednesday), check in at            ourselves. We will award appropriate            Western_States_DE_2010_Invitation.html

PAGE 10                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
 Get Your Mercedes Ready ...

                 For Fall Driving!

       Call the Garage Today to Set Up an Appointment!
                               (425) 462-2090
The Mercedes Garage, LLC
13622 NE 20th Street Suite H
Bellevue, WA 98005
                                                     Come check out our new location!
                                        For directions and information visit our web site at
Toll Free: 1-866-MB-GARAGE
Phone: 425-462-2090                     
Fax: 425-462-2092         *Not affiliated with Daimler Chrysler “Mercedes-Benz” is a registered trademark of Daimler Chrysler for its goods. The Mercedes Garage, LLC uses the name “Mercedes-Benz” or
                                                    “Mercedes” for identification purposes only. The Mercedes Garage, LLC or have no affiliation with Daimler Chrysler

SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                                                                                                      PAGE 11
SOVREN Car Corral Update
By David Glass
Seattle Section racing enthusiasts enjoyed a
day at Pacific Raceways on July 3, watching
the Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage
Auto Races.

                                                                                                close. After the parade laps around the track,
                                               membership recruiting tent, touched up our       we settled in to watch the races and discuss
                                               cars, and wandered off to see some of the        the many classic automobiles.
                                               other 250 collector cars in the corral. The      We look forward to seeing you at the
                                               pits were open to spectators and gave an         SOVREN event next year.
                                               opportunity to see the competitor race cars up
The Society Of Vintage Racing
Enthusiasts (SOVREN), a Seattle-based non
-profit organization, presents the vintage
races for the benefit of uncompensated care
at Children’s Hospital.
Twelve MBCA members in eight beautiful
Mercedes-Benz automobiles participated in
the Car Corral and lunchtime parade laps.
A group started with breakfast in Tukwila
and caravanned to the event. We set up a

                                                                                                 salmon bake. The drive was interesting,
SL Enthusiast Drive to Snohomish                                                                 on roads many had not seen lately.
                                                                                                 If you are interested in email notification
By David Glass                                                                                   about our next Enthusiasts drive, send an
On July 17, an overcast Saturday morning,                                                        Email to and I will
Seattle Section SL Enthusiasts gathered at                                                       put you on the list.
Redmond Town Center for a fun drive.
Seven brave MBCA members, in four
favorite Mercedes-Benz, caravanned through
the Snoqualmie Valley, past the old            pick up a burger. We then proceeded to Hill
Carnation Dairy, around Duvall, and then       Park on Blackmans Lake for a leisurely
north to Snohomish.                            lunch and great discussion. It turns out the
In our continuing theme, we stopped at King    community was also at the park, enjoying a
Charley’s Drive In for those who wanted to

                                                                                        Authorized Bosch Service Center

PAGE 12                                                                                                SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
                                                                                                  a car show. When they decided to get in the
Technically Speaking                                                                              concert business, they stopped having car
                                                                                                  shows on their grounds. Being the persistent
                                                                                                  group that we are, we talked to Columbia
Show and Shine History
                                                                                                  Winery across the street and we held the
By John DeYoung, Seattle Section
Technical Advisor                                                                                 event there for two or three years until they
On August 15th we had our annual regional                                                         expanded their building and parking lot. The
Seattle Section Show and Shine held at the                                                        good thing about Columbia was that we had
Nile Country Club. It was a beautiful                                                             great exposure to the road and had many
day for a car show, the temperature was a bit                                                     passersby stop in and look at the car display.
on the warm side, but we had plenty of shade                                                      From there we went to Marymoor Park in
from the old growth trees and plenty of                                                           Redmond.      The grounds were nice and
liquid to keep hydrated. As usual we had a                                                        we had a large area to park cars, but there was
                                                about 8 or 9 cars as I remember. We did not
wonderful display of 58 cars from 1958 to                                                         little shade and several years we had
                                                know anyone, but I remember Gene and
the present.                                                                                      temperatures around 90 with lots of hot
                                                Betty Klineburger being there as was
As I remembered back over the years, I                                                            Mercedes owners.        Once again we got
                                                Siegfried Linke.     We looked around and
thought of the first Mercedes-Benz Car                                                            bumped out when King County decided to
                                                took membership applications and drove off.
Show that I attended. I think it was either                                                       hold concerts at the location.         I think
                                                That was the start of our MBCA experience.
1972 or 1973. Bill and Linda Packard and                                                          we moved to a couple of one year sites the
                                                Over the years, the car show, which
myself saw a piece in the Seattle Times                                                           next couple of years, one of them being the
                                                originally started as a Concur d'Elegance
about a Mercedes-Benz car show to be held                                                         parking lot at Phil Smart on Airport
                                                with judging has changed. When Chateau
at Fort Lawton, now Discovery Park. It                                                            Way. And as most all members know the
                                                Ste. Michelle opened in Woodinville in
was in a very obscure parking lot that took                                                       past six years have been at the Nile Country
                                                1976 we held the show on their grounds for                                 (Continued on page 15)
some time to find, but once there we found
                                                several years. It was a very nice place to hold

PAGE 14                                                                                                   SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010
Classified Ads                                                                                                HOW TO PLACE A
                                                                                                               CLASSIFIED AD

                                                                                                  Ads will run for one issue and can be placed
                                                                                                  free of charge by MBCA members. Non-club
                                                                                                  members will be charged $10.00 per ad, $20
                                                                                                  with a picture.
                                                                                                  The next deadline is October 1, 2010.

1958 190 SL                        $42,000        1992 Roadster 300SL                  $12,995
Red with beige interior, 102,300 miles, in        Rare, classic coupe! Excellent condition, low
excellent condition for sale by original          mileage 98,000, well kept, immaculate,          There are three ways to submit an ad:
owner. Original equipment, except restored
body, re-chromed and new soft-top. White          silver with tan interior. 6 cylinder engine -
                                                                                                     MAIL:       MBCA Seattle Section,
hardtop with large window. European               best engine made for this model – includes                     P. O. Box 2738
delivery in October 1958. All original            hard & soft tops like new. Car has new tires.                  Redmond, WA. 98073-2738
documents of purchase, delivery and               MUST SELL! Please make an offer to Tony
services. Prefer local buyer. Contact Arthur                                                         EMAIL:
                                                  in Bellevue at (425) 260-9806.
at (425) 454-1208.                                                                                   PHONE: Ian Gleadle at (425) 503-5863

Technically Speaking (cont’d)                                                                      As far as numbers, I think the largest
                                                                                                   number of cars we have ever fielded was
                                                                                                   103 at Marymoor. That was a sight to see
(Continued from page 14)                           judging the professional car detailer that      all our wonderful cars together in one
Club.                                              prepared the car would get in arguments         spot. Many years we have been in the 70
                                                   with the volunteer judges. So soon no one       to 80 car entrant area. And this year the car
I mentioned judging earlier. Years ago we
                                                   wanted to judge and be hassled by the           count was about 58.
had volunteers from the club judge the cars
                                                   detailer.                                       If you have not been to a Show and Shine,
under some stricter concur rules.       Every
year we had trouble getting enough people          That was when the concept of an informal        please join us next year. We have people
to judge and, because the judges were              show and shine with the “people’s choice”       from British Columbia and Oregon join us
volunteers,       there      was     always        winners picked by the other owners and          and our long distance award winners are
some variables in the judges scores, But I         public became our standard. And I think it      Rick and Patti Tuttle who come to the
think the one item that stopped the formal         is working well. Every year the winners are     Show and Shine from Walla Walla.
judging was when, either during or after the       very worthy of their plaques.                   Happy Motoring!

                                                                                                   establish a consistent branding and look
From Vice-President’s Deck (cont’d)                                                                for the club.
                                                                                                   We hope you take advantage of the rest of
(Continued from page 2)                            give any one of us on the board a call or       your summer and our beautiful early fall
We definitely need to add more names to            send us an email with your suggestions.         days in the Northwest to enjoy the open
our helper database. If you feel like you          Members are always welcome at Board             roads and explore paths less traveled…
are able to help out in any way, big or            meetings too!
small, we would love to hear from you.             You may have noticed that the Silver Star
The only way that we can keep our events           newsletter masthead has changed to be in
fresh and exciting is to get new ideas and         accordance with new marketing guidelines        Ian Gleadle
support from more club members. Please             that MBCA National is working          to       Vice-President

                               Please support and thank the advertisers of the Silver Star!
                                        Advertising Rates for 1 Issue / 6 Issues Per Year
Business Card: $30 / $150                 Quarter Page: $50 / $250                 Half Page: $62.50 / $375         Full Page: $125 / $750
                           No inference should be made that the advertising in this newsletter implies the approval of
                  advertisers, products, or services by the Seattle Section, its officers, members or by Mercedes-Benz.

SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                             PAGE 15
    Silver Star • September / October 2010                                   PRSRT STD
                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                             P A I D
                                                                           PERMIT NO. 2358
                                                                            PORTLAND, OR
         MBCA Seattle Section
         P.O. Box 2738
         Redmond, WA 98073-2738

          Visit MBCA and
           its new look on         To the owner of the Mercedes-Benz at:

              the web at:
           MBCA Seattle Section:
           *************AUTO**3-DIGIT 971
                                        Steven C Thompson
              MBCA National:
                                        PO Box 2669
                                        Gearhart OR 97138-2669