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					P.O. Box 2013, Grand Lake, Colorado 80447-2013 • 970/531-9171, Fax 970/627-3262 •

Dear Friend of the

Enclosed are your application materials for 2011.

This year marks the 23rd year of the Colorado Grand! Our dates this year are September 12-17. We will
be arriving and checking in on Monday and driving Tuesday through Friday. The finish line dinner, benefit
auction and awards will be held Friday evening, with the Concours d’Non-Elegance on Saturday morning.

The Vail Cascade Resort and Spa will be our host hotel on the first and last night of the Grand once
again. We also have a great route planned this year, venturing out of State for lunch for the first time in
the long history of the Grand.

We thank our sponsors for their continued support, especially Mercedes-Benz USA, who joins us for the
16th Year. (MBUSA), not only supports us financially, but provides a fleet of the latest and greatest cars
they have on offer, just in case your trusty steed breaks down. Driving these beautiful cars on the Grand
route definitely helps take the pain away of having to retire your own car during the event. Last year they
even had one of the new SLS’s on hand. Many of our entrants really enjoyed putting it through its paces
on our mountain roads. Chopard and Hyde Park Jewelers are back for a 2nd year. Last year they
donated a wonderful limited edition Jacky Ickx watch that raised a record amount for our charities.
Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, Greenberg Traurig LLC, RM Auctions and Passport Transport all join us
again this year as well.

Our donations last year broke our 20th year anniversary record. Thanks to all of you, we were able to
continue our support of many charities in the mountain communities we visit. Our total donations now
have passed the $3 million mark, with over $1million to our favorite organization, the Colorado State
Patrol Family Foundation.

As you know, we are limited by the Colorado State Patrol in the number of cars we are allowed to run.
There simply isn’t enough room for all of our friends to join us in a given year. Please don’t be
discouraged if you are placed on a waiting list. Entry positions do open up throughout the course of the
summer. The Colorado Grand field is noted for the quality and significance of its entrants cars, and
especially the many pre-war and early cars that come each year. We encourage you to consider applying
with an older racing or sports car if you have the choice.

We are also introducing a new feature for the 2011 Grand. Like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance,
we have decided to honor the development of the Ferrari GTO by allowing a limited number of these
wonderful cars to run on this year’s Grand. If you own a GTO, please consider bringing it to the 2011
Colorado Grand.

We all look forward to seeing you in September!

You may also download the application from our web site:

The Colorado Grand Board of Directors
Tom Horan, Chairman
                          23rd ANNUAL COLORADO GRAND
                                             September 12-17, 2011

                                         Application for Entry
                                     Submission Deadline: May 2, 2011
                                DRIVER INFORMATION (PLEASE PRINT)
City:                                                        State:                              Zip Code:
Telephone: Home (          )                Work (      )                               Cell (    )
FAX Number: (         )                     E-Mail:
Racing and Automobile Organizations and Affiliations

Name of Co-Driver:
Address of Co-Driver:

Are you interested in allowing a member of the media to ride with you on some of the stages?

YES __________ NO __________

                                 WHOM TO NOTIFY IN AN EMERGENCY




Please provide proof of liability coverage when returning your application. If required, we can
assist in obtaining liability coverage.
                                                                                         In the case that an accepted
entrant must cancel his or her entry, all money will be refunded in full until                  , after which the entry
fee and deposit will be non-refundable.

                                                 Vehicle identification number or other authorized identification
certificates must be submitted to the event office prior to any license plates being issued.

                                                                     Drivers must observe all traffic laws.

keeping with the spirit of the event, we [The Colorado Grand] reserve the right to limit the number of crew and
support vehicles.
                                                      Driver’s Name ______________________________________

                                            CAR HISTORY

Type/Model:                                  Chassis Number:
Year Manufactured:                           Color:
Engine Type/Model:                           Displacement:
Manufacturer’s Stated Curb Weight:

Please Note: Providing a detailed car history is required for acceptance.
To assist us in the preparation of the car descriptions for our Route Book, please provide a detailed car
description including racing and/or event history. Please include events entered, position finished,
driver, year, and any other information concerning your car. This information may be used by the media
to prepare articles written about your car or the Colorado Grand event. Please attach a separate sheet.


Please enclose a photograph (preferably an action shot) that may be used for publication in the Route
Book, pre-event publicity, or by the media to produce articles about your car or The Colorado Grand.
Digital submission of photographs can also be accepted at our e-mail address:

                                       PUBLICITY RELEASE

As a condition of entry acceptance, the driver, entrant, owner, and/or co-driver agree to permit the
Colorado Grand, Inc. and its assigns the use of their name, voice and/or likeness for news, publicity,
and feature use including radio, television, and printed media, and in connection with advertising and
purposes of trade. He/She/They further stipulate that no prior agreement with a sponsor or any other
party is in conflict with this agreement.

Driver Signature: _____________________________________                     Date: ________________

Entrant/Owner Signature: ______________________________                     Date: ________________
A deposit of         must accompany your application The deposit will be applied toward the $5,500 entry fee if your
application is accepted. If your entry is not accepted, the deposit of $1,500 will be refunded. We will mail the results of
the review by the Eligibility Committee not later than               so that you can make your plans.
        The remainder of the entry fee ($4,000) will be due on                    Please make all remittances payable to

       Full refunds will be made up to                       after which the entry fee and deposit will then be non-
refundable. If it is necessary to substitute for a previously accepted car, the substitute car must be reviewed, approved,
and accepted by the Eligibility Committee prior to final acceptance of the entry.
          Thank you for taking the time to complete the application for                            The Eligibility Committee
will review the information in the application to determine the eligibility of your car for the event. We hope that you will
be able to join us in September.

                                                   THE COLORADO GRAND
                                                       ATTN: Angie Getchel
                                                          P.O. Box 2013
                                                         255 Tonahutu Dr.
                                                      Grand Lake, CO 80447
                                            Telephone: 970.531.9171 Fax: 970.627.3262

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