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					            Support for you

  This is Leeds City College’s Disability
               2010 – 2011

The Disability Statement can also be supplied in Braille, CD and in
large print by request. Please see page 5 for contact details.

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Disability Statement 2010 – 2011
Guide to the College’s additional services available for disabled staff
and students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Providing a flexible response to individual requirements.



3       Principal’s statement

4-5     Disability Equality

6-7     Accessing Information – First Contacts

8-9     Admissions arrangements

10-17   Facilities and Support

18      Complaints and Appeals procedure

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            Principal’s Statement
                       At Leeds City College we are strongly
                       committed to supporting disabled students
                       and students with additional learning support
                       requirements so that they can successfully
                       achieve their learning ambitions in a friendly
                       and supportive atmosphere. To assist us in
                       this aim we need to know if you need
                       additional help and assistance; and you need
                       to know the support is available and who to
                       contact in order to get this support
This brochure provides answers to some questions that you may
have and provides details of who to contact, and how to contact
them if you need further information or advice. It sets out ways in
which we support students as part of our commitment to the
development of an inclusive college that meets the needs of all
We can also provide, on request, documents outlining our policies
on: Equality and Diversity, Harassment, Health and Safety, Learner
Entitlement, Learner Agreement, E-Mail, Internet Policy,
Environment, Data Protection and the College Handbook.
The College receives funding from the Learning and Skills Council
(LSC), the European Social Fund (ESF), and Leeds City Council
toward the cost of provision for students with additional support
requirements. We also have sponsors who provide awards for
people with disabilities and /or learning difficulties. We welcome the
provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and the
introduction of the Disability Equality Duty in promoting equality of
opportunity and widening participation in education.
The College finds the social model of disability very helpful in its
vision of a fully inclusive college. We ask ourselves what we can do
to enable all our students to have an equal opportunity to succeed.
As Principal of Leeds City College, I will do my utmost to ensure that
we fully support all our students in order that they achieve their
learning aspirations and have a successful time at the College.
Thank you

Peter Roberts

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Disability Equality
The College will:

 Recognise its legal responsibilities under the Disability
  Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended by the Special Needs
  Education Act 2001) and the Disability Discrimination Act 2005

 Strive to eliminate direct and indirect discrimination on the
  grounds of disability

 Seek to include the advice and expertise of the local community
  and other appropriate external agencies in contributing to the
  College’s Equality and Diversity policies, practices and

 Actively publicise and distribute the policy statement and other
  appropriate information on equal opportunities to existing and
  potential staff and students, College visitors and external
  agencies and individuals

 Seek to include all students and staff in the culture of the College

    making its ethos and environment welcoming and secure;
    ensuring that College signs, publicity materials, displays and
     events reflect and support a variety of needs, interests and
     cultures and demonstrate a commitment to equality and

 Develop and review marketing strategies which promote equal
  access for all potential students

 Embed equality and diversity within curriculum design,
  development, content and review, use of learning resources and
  teaching aids, tutorial support, methods of assessment and
  learning support

 Provide appropriate opportunities for pastoral care and additional
  support for those who need it in order to achieve their potential

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 Deliver the curriculum and student / staff support services in a
  way which respects everyone as individuals and which is
  sensitive to diverse needs

 Provide appropriate grievance procedures and support for any
  student or employee who feels they have been subject to direct
  or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation

 Take disciplinary action against any individual whose behaviour
  has been found not to comply with the College’s Equality and
  Diversity policies and procedures.

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Accessing Information
First Contacts
Who is my first contact?
All of our support team will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Please contact:
●   for any of the Leeds Park Lane Campuses:
    Telephone (0113) 216 2182
    Fax           (0113) 216 2020
    Post          Carolyn Johnston
                  Leeds City College
                  Park Lane Campus
                  Leeds LS3 1AA

●   for Keighley Campuses
    Telephone (01535) 685011
    Post         Amanda Park
                 Leeds City College
                 Keighley Campus
                 Cavendish Street
                 Keighley BD21 3DF

●   for Technology Campuses
    Telephone (0113) 297 6463
    Post        Martin Hall
                Leeds City College
                Technology Campus
                Cookridge Street
                Leeds LS2 8BL

●   for Thomas Danby Campuses
    Telephone (0113) 284 6529
    Post       Margaret Hearn
               Leeds City College
               Roundhay Road
               Leeds LS7 3BG

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There are many people across the College who are involved in
providing support for you. Further details are provided in the ‘Other
Contact’ section later in this brochure. These staff will also be
pleased to help address any questions or queries you may have.

We are happy for you to visit us. You can have a look around and
discuss your needs. Just get in touch.

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Admissions Arrangements
How can I apply?
Full time courses
 Complete an application form and tick the box to show that you
  may need support because of a disability or additional support

 Application forms are available from Course Enquiries by
  telephoning 0845 045 7275 or 01535 685000 (Keighley Campus).

 Please ask if you need assistance completing the application.

 Return the completed form to College Admissions.

It is important that you declare any disabilities in order that we can
contact you to discuss your support requirements.

We are always happy to put adjustments in place while maintaining
Part time courses
 Details of how and where to apply appear in the part-time
  prospectus and vary according to the type of course and the
  venue of the course.

 Tell us if you have a support requirement or if you require
  particular adjustments or equipment so we can arrange for you to
  discuss your needs with an appropriate person. Please tick the
  support needs boxes on the enrolment form as well. A member of
  staff will contact you to discuss your requirements or support
Higher Education courses
 Advice on HE Admissions is available from:
  HE Admissions Officer (Park Lane and Technology Campuses)
  0113 216 2406 or 0113 216 2563
  or (Thomas Danby Campus) 0113 284 6301

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 Advice on accessing the Disabled Students Allowance (HE
  students) is available from:
  HE/DSA Co-ordinator 0113 216 2593

Additional general information

 Booklets outlining the College’s courses are published annually
  and may be requested from Course Enquiries / Information.

 Course Enquiries / Information at the main campuses are staffed
  during office hours all year round.

 Pre-entry careers counselling and educational guidance is
  available all year round. Members of the College Careers
  Guidance Team have particular knowledge of the needs of
  disabled students and students who require support for learning.

 Regular open evenings are held for prospective students and
  visits are made to many local schools, including special schools.

 It is helpful if people declare a disability at the application stage,
  so that we can begin planning support.

You may bring anyone you like with you to any interviews at the
College to help or support you.

 If you have a difficulty in coming to see us at College let us know
  and we will try to make alternative provisions.

 All students enter into a Learner Agreement with the College.

 If you have identified support needs the information will be
  treated confidentially and support plans or adjustments
  negotiated with you.

 In very rare cases the College may not feel that it is able to offer
  the necessary support for a satisfactory learning experience and
  may have to reject an application on these grounds.
  Any such applicant would have access to the College Complaints
  procedure if they wished to appeal such a decision.

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Facilities and Support
What support can the College offer you?

Staff expertise

The College employs staff with a wide range of skills and expertise.
We provide support in the following areas:

   physical and medical conditions
   learning impairments
   visual impairments
   dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties
   moderate learning difficulties
   severe learning difficulties
   emotional and behavioural difficulties
   mental health issues
   the College has partnership arrangements with RNIB, Deaf

Medical, Mobility and Access Issues

 Personal Care
       ● Most sites have accessible toilet facilities. Electric
           hoists and changing facilities are available at Thomas
           Danby Campus, Technology Campus, Park Lane and
           Keighley Campus.
       ● Trained staff can help you with personal care including
           eating and drinking.
       ● There is a qualified nurse at the Thomas Danby
           Campus on Roundhay Road (accessible to students at
           this campus only).

 Mobility
       ●     An assessment of your mobility requirements is
             provided and a personal emergency evacuation plan
             prepared if required.
         ●   Enabling equipment is provided (e.g. lift keys, back
             rests, gel wrist rests).

 Parking
        Limited parking spaces are allocated at some sites for
          drivers who are blue badge holders.

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 Transport
       ● We can organise House to College transport for you
            through Leeds City Council / Keighley Council
            Passenger Services if you are under 25 years when you
            start a course, and you have received this service at

 Counselling and Welfare
      ● There is a Counselling and Welfare service available to
            all students. You can receive guidance and support in
            confidence, in respect of issues such as financial and
            personal issues.

Equipment and technical support

 The College has well equipped learning centres. Staff offer
  individual guidance and opportunities to study in flexible ways.

 A range of assistive technology resources are available including:
  specialist software e.g. Read&Write Gold, Inspiration,
  MindGenius, JAWS, SuperNova, and ZoomText; a variety of
  keyboards and trackballs, CCTV magnifiers, Braille printers,
  reading pens and portable note-takers.

Catering facilities and special dietary requirements

 All the main campuses have canteen facilities available
  throughout the day, providing a range of hot and cold meals.
  These include vegetarian and healthy eating options to both staff
  and students. If you have a special dietary need simply speak to
  the Catering Manager. Wheelchair access is available at Park
  Lane, Keighley, Technology and Thomas Danby Campuses.

 The College also provides more limited refreshment facilities at
  some of its smaller sites.

Links with external organisations

 The College has built up a wide range of contacts with local and
  national organisations as part of its community involvement and
  is continually looking to build on these links to promote a strong
  bond between the College and the community it serves.

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Other Support
Staff you may wish to contact

Everyone in the College is committed to supporting student success
and details are given below of a member of other contacts that you
might find useful.

Park Lane and Keighley Campuses

                                Contact Name     Telephone
Access issues                   Fiona Haigh      (0113) 216 2180

Mental Health issues            Fiona Haigh      (0113) 216 2180

Dyslexia and other specific     Jane Perekrest (0113) 216 2183
learning difficulties

Literacy / numeracy / ESOL      Sarah Ellis      (0113) 216 2043

Learning Support for other
(Park Lane Campus)              Steve Brown      (0113) 216 2244
(Horsforth Campus)              Fiona Miller     (0113) 216 2453
(Keighley Campus)               Amanda Park      (01535) 685011

Technology Campus

                                Contact Name     Telephone
Head of Department              Diane Wilson     (0113) 297 6368

Support for Learning Adviser    Martin Hall      (0113) 297 6463

Support for Learning Co-        Sharon           (0113) 297 6453
ordinator                       Stanley

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Thomas Danby Campus

                               Contact Name     Telephone
Learning Support Manager       Margaret Hearn   (0113) 284 6529

Learning Support Co-           Angela Hogarth   (0113) 284 6520

Learning Support Co-           Pauline          (0113) 284 6527
ordinator (Community           Leeming

Assistive Technology Adviser   Sue Bleasdale    (0113) 284 6520

Health Adviser                 Wendy            (0113) 284 6451

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Examination arrangements

It is important that we know as soon as possible about any access
arrangements or considerations that you may need, as we may have
to contact the examination board in relation to the request. Tell your
personal tutor or anyone named on pages 12 &13. If you think you
may have dyslexia you should contact a dyslexia specialist named
on pages 12 &13.They will assess your difficulties and complete the
necessary evidence for you.

The types of support which can be arranged will depend upon your
personal requirements and can include:

 extra time during the examination
 arrangements for wheelchair access, or provision of an
  alternative room
 person to read / write on your behalf in the examination
 individual room with a separate invigilator
 enlarged or modified papers
 use of filters for Meares-Irlen Syndrome
 rest breaks.

Can you offer support to the College and fellow students?

Student Forums

We are keen to encourage student representation in the decision
making process of the College. You could contribute to the
development of the links between students and the College by
considering representing students in the Disability Equality Task
Group, the Equality and Diversity Committee, Disability Forums set
up to look at specific College polices and practices, and Student
Consultative Groups. Please contact the Equality Manager for
further details: telephone 0113 216 2094.

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Other Support
External support

The College accesses skills and resources from:

Tel:     0113 395 1094
Fax:     0113 395 1063
Minicom: 0113 395 1064

Leeds Educational Service for Visually Impaired Young people
Tel:      0113 395 1100

Dyslexia Action
Tel:       0113 288 8144

Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities
Information Service 1.30 – 4.30pm week days.
Tel:         020 7450 0620 (voice / text)
Fax:         020 7450 0650

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Tel:       0845 604 6610 (Helpline)
Textphone: 0845 604 6620

RADAR (disability network)
Tel:     020 7250 3222
Minicom: 020 7250 4119
Fax:     020 7250 0212

Action for Blind People
Fairfax House
Merrion Street
Leeds LS2 8JU
Tel:        0113 274 8855
Email:      actionyorkshumber&

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             Access and Catering Information
Centre                     Car Park     Wheel-    Lift*      Loop**   Accessible   Catering/     Phone Number
                                         chair                          Toilet     Refresh-
                                        Access                                     ments***
Brigshaw Centre                                                                            0113 287 1930
Brudenell Centre                                                                            0113 216 2290
Burton Road Centre                                                              Limited     0113 216 2340
LS11 5EA                                                                           canteen
Carr Manor Centre                                                                            0113 216 2384
LS17 5DJ
Crossgates Learning                                                                          0113 216 2300
Centre LS15 8EU
Deacon House                                                                                   0113 265 7477
Enfield Centre                                                                            0113 284 6315
Roundhay Road
Featherbank Centre                                                                         0113 216 2470
LS18 4RP
Horsforth Centre                                                              Canteen     0113 216 2400
LS18 4RQ
Keighley                                                                                 01535 685000
Cavendish Street
Keighley                                                                                 01535 685000
Harold Town
Network Academy            Limited by                                            Limited
                          arrangement                                              canteen
Otley Centre                                                                                01943 468 800
LS21 3AB
Pakistani Centre                                                                          0113 2351716
Park Lane Campus                                                              Canteen     0113 216 2000
Park Lane House                                                                            0113 216 2000
Pudsey Centre                                                                               0113 216 2311
LS28 7RU
South Leeds Centre                               Stair                            
                                                 lift only
St. Bartholomew’s                                                                          0113 216 2280
Centre LS12 1SF
St. Gregory’s Centre                                                                       0113 260 7427
Technology Campus              By                                                         0113 297 6300
Thomas Danby Campus                                                                      0113 249 4912
Roundhay Road
Wetherby Centre                                                                              01937 523480
LS22 6JS

             ** Lifts cannot be used in an emergency situation as this can restrict wheelchair
             user access to upper floors. Wherever possible, rooms will be allocated on the
             ground floor. Room changes will be made if this is indicated.
             ** Portable Loops are available across the College.
             *** Unless indicated facilities are limited and include drink / snack machines.

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Keighley Centre (Cavendish Street and Harold Town), please contact Amanda
Park 01535 685011 to discuss your requirements.

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Complaints and Appeals
Under the FE Charter you have the right to complain about anything
you are not satisfied with, including the contents of this Disability
Statement. This applies whether you are a student, member of the
community or an employer.

For students, the College’s complaints procedure is set out in the
College handbook.

Support is available to students with disabilities or learning
difficulties who may need help, for example, in putting their case
forward, through the named First Contacts on page 5.

Anyone requiring a complaints form can obtain one from Information
at any of the main campuses.

Review of the Disability
The Disability Statement is reviewed annually by the College
Equality Committee and ratified by the Corporation.

We welcome any feedback through representatives, or direct to the
Equality Committee.

Equality Manager:      John Ryan 0113 216 2094.

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