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					                    Introduction to Cooking Methods
                           Course Outline 6

Conduction           is the passage of heat through a solid, or from one solid to another
                     Solid provided they are in contact (sauce pan on hot plate)

Convection           is the passage of heat through liquids or gases (when water is heating in a
                     saucepan the bottom is heated first it rises to the top because it is lighter
                     And heavier colder water takes its place on the bottom of the pan.
                     Circulating air in convection oven by means of propeller.

Radiation            is the passage of heat in straight rays from a hot object ( gas grill electric
                     grill) Broiler

                     1) These methods can be used combined or in their own right.
                     2) The choice of equipment & tools is very important for the
                     successful application of each method

For spit roasting
                     use large joints or whole animals ideally heat source should be on the side
                     to prevent fire from dripping fats & juices dripping pan underneath

Pot roasting         use no lid
                     Use lid for part of the cooking time
                     Baste during cooking process
                     Sit roast on mirepoix
                     Deglaze pot (residue) to make sauce

Foods suitable for roasting (oven or pot roasting)
                     All good Quality joints & meats boneless or on the bone (Oven prepared)
                     Game poultry & vegetables can be roasted

Sauces & Accompaniments
                  Deglaze residue & mire poix with brown stock or wine or both, reduce,
                  strain. They should be fat free and of concentrated flavor, which is called
                  Jus slightly thickened Jus lié

                     Vary from region to region & newer combinations being used
                     Lamb          mint sauce& gravy
                     Pork          Fruits dried or fresh, stuffing, flans, and gravies
                     Veal          Mushrooms, butter sauce, stuffings gravy
                     Beef          Yorkshire pudding, Horseradish, & jus
                     Chicken        various stuffings, gravy,
                     Duck          sage & onion stuffing applesauce, gravy
                     Roast turkey Stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy
                     Game          Game sauce ( Grand veneur) Sauce crème

                 Introduction to Cooking Methods
                        Course Outline 6
Dry meats may be barded or larded

Meats & poultry may trussed or netted

Testing for doneness
                          Rare                           ----
                          Very rare                      15&
                          Med rare                       20%           weight loss
                          Medium                         25%           through cooking

                          Well-done                      30%

                          Meat is first sealed
                          Seasoned before roasting
                          Good quality meats
                          Raised off bottom of the pan
                          Oven preheated
                          Needs to be basted
                          Needs to rest before carving

Gratinating               Fish & meats under the broiler

Papillote                 Food item in Paper bag

Baking                    Most foods are suitable for baking, however they may need to
                          wrapped, in pastry or paper covered in foil or salt crust.

Boiling                   Foods are completely immersed in liquid & cooked at boiling point
                          Corned beef, pasta, rice, pulses, dried & fresh vegetables.

Simmering & blanching
                          Simmering Below 100° C
                          Rapid boiling & refreshing cooling in ice water

                          Blanching is a preliminary cooking process, for foods to be further
                          Cooked. Bones need to be blanched before making a stock
                          resulting in a clear product.

Poaching                  Shallow poaching & deep poaching
                          Court bouillon, Essences, Stocks, (Fruit) Milk, Cream
                          Small fish items start in hot liquid
                          Large whole fish in cold liquid

                Introduction to Cooking Methods
                       Course Outline 6

Today’s cooking
     Tilapia en Papillote
     Roasting or broiling to correct doneness
     Batonettes for Papillote
     Baked chicken legs
     Cornish game hen stuffed
     Baked pie
     Baked apples
     Stuffing
     Potato crust
     Making brown stock