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									             December 2006
             January 2007

    Sooner Star News
    The newsletter is sponsored by
    Mercedes Benz of Oklahoma City and
    G W & Son.

President’s Message
Here we are approaching another year end           Charlie’s diagrams of cleaning the air and    donated to our club by Mercedes-Benz of
holiday season. This year certainly has passed     fuel injection systems on gasoline engines    Oklahoma City. These cars will be sold
quickly. Our chapter completed many fun            were first class. We also learned about the   with proceeds being donated to automo-
events in 2006. Thanks to all who helped           new Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuel. Charlie     tive programs. Lunch will be provided.
and attended. Be sure your Mercedes-Benz           is an outstanding guest speaker. Thanks       Several knowledgeable people will be in
is prepared for winter. Check your tire pres-      to Tom Davis for acquiring these BG Prod-     attendance to answer technical questions
sures, anti-freeze, and battery acid levels. All   ucts representatives. BG Products are         you have.
of these can become costly if neglected.           available from Mercedes-Benz of Okla-
                                                                                                 Wishing all of you a happy and safe
                                                   homa City where their technicians are ex-
The October Member’s meeting was held              perienced with these services. Please visit
at Old Germany Restaurant in Choctaw.              their service department and ask about
We filled the Wine Cellar room. As always          having these services performed on your
                                                                                                 Thanks, JD
their authentic German food was outstand-          Mercedes-Benz.
ing. It was a pleasure to have Tom Davis and
Cynthia McCoy from Mercedes-Benz of                Please join us on Tuesday, December 19th
Oklahoma City in attendance. Ed and Peggy          at Twelve Oaks in Edmond. Last year
Hoag provided a review of their Route 66 trip      we had 47 in attendance. Our Christmas
to California and back to StarFest in Las Ve-      parties are always fun. Each couple brings
gas. Ed presented an impressive slide show         a $25-35 wrapped gift and we play Dirty                 What’s Inside
on a big screen. Richard and Peggy Kirk gave       Santa. Registrations must be submitted
us a review of StarFest in Las Vegas. Con-         to Bobbye Van Horn by December 12th.            Events                  Page 2
                                                                                                   Presidents Msg           Page1
gratulations to Richard for placing 1st in the     The January 16th Member’s meeting will
                                                                                                   Thank You Note          Page 2
Time Trials, 2nd in the Autocross, and 3rd in      be held at Hideaway Pizza. Our guest            Christmas Party         Page 3
 the Acceleration Run.                             speaker will be Carlton Thompson from           Election           Page 2, 11
                                                   Color Tech. His presentation will be about      Classified Ad          Page 7
The November 21st Member’s meeting was             interior repairs.                               New Members            Page 7
held at Los Amigos Mexican restaurant in                                                           Route 66 photos Page 9, 10, 11
                                                                                                   Officers & Board     Page 12
Warr Acres. Charlie Polston and Bob Mattea         Gary Wano Jr. of GW & Son Auto Body,
from BG Products educated us on the advan-         will host a technical session on January
tages of proper fluid changes for Mercedes-        13th from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. This
Benz power steering and brake systems.             session will include working on three cars
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    2006-07 Events Calendar                                 IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                           It has been brought to the Board’s attention that it overlooked
                                                           Central Oklahoma Section’s procedure to call for nominations
                                                           and the subsequent election of Members to the Board for a two
                                                           year term. Since new terms were to begin November 1, 2006 and
                                                           run through October 31, 2008, the Election Notification to
                                                           Section Members should have been published in the August issue
                                                           of Sooner Star News.

          All Club Meetings start at 7:00 PM
                                                           Ballots are included with this December issue of the Sooner Star News
                                                           and must be returned to the Section Secretary by no later than January
December 19th         Christmas Party, Twelve Oaks         10, 2007.
340-1002              6100 N. Midwest Blvd. ---
                      in the large room downstairs         Please note that for the convenience of the entire Section Membership,
January 16th          Hideaway Pizza                       the Ballots list the names of the current Directors running for re-election
840-4777              6616 N. Western                      and provide additional lines for Write-in Candidates (All Central
                                                           Oklahoma Section members are eligible). But before you “write-in” a
February 20th         Grand House
524-7333              2701 N. Classen Blvd.                Candidate, please contact them to be sure they want to serve.

            Christmas Party Menu                           Winning Candidates will be notified in time to attend the next Board
                                                           meeting, to be held in Oklahoma City on January 13, 2007.

Steak filets $37.25                                                                See Ballot on page 11

                                                                                      Thank You Note
Salmon          $26.60
                                                           Ed & Peggy,
Chicken         $23.95                                     Thanks YOU for your participation in the Historic Route 66
                                                           Tour. What was important to me is that everyone had a grand
Includes tax and gratuity.                                 experience and from what I have heard so far that is the case.
                                                           Thanks, too, for all the support you provided from the Central
                                                           Oklahoma Section. Your welcome at the hotel to the special
                  RSVP & Pre-Pay
                                                           brass-era vehicles visit prior to the National Cowboy Hall of
                                                           Fame was above and beyond what we expected! It is true beyond
Bobbye Van Horn, 1601 Eagle Dr., Edmond
                                                           any shadow of a doubt that “Oklahomans are OK.”
73034-6070 with food selection and check by
                                                           Best regards,
December 12, 2006.
                                                           Richard Simonds
                                                           2909 Brittan Avenue
If you have questions contact Bobbye 340-
                                                           San Carlos, CA 94070-3520
5919 or email                              650.592.7613 (home/office phone)

                                    Jeff Leatherock
                      Office: 943-5657943-5657                                          NATIONAL
                      COLLISION REPAIR & REFINISHING                         M.R. “BUD” NORMAN
                            FOR FINE AUTOMOBILES                             AUTO - HOME - LIFE - HEALTH
                      904 N. Miller - OKC, OK 73107
                                       Fax: 943-3852
                                                             1000 W. WILSHIRE BLVD. SUITE 207            BUS. PHONE: 405-848-3393
                                                             OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73116-7031                      HOME: 405-842-6780

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                                                                           J.D.’s Car

                                                                                 JD’S Car

                                                                         Pete’s new Baby!
                                                                          1983 SEC500-AMG

                      A RUSH, UNLIKE ANY OTHER

1225 N. Broadway    405-236-1224     800-657-2582

                                       Central Oklahoma Section - Sooner Star News

                                                      by Henry E. Bloch

Some Route 66 travelers from the UK were so impressed with             Don and his wife Grace live on a 5-acre estate in northeast
Mr. Boulton’s collection they wanted it to be included in their        Oklahoma City. Just north of the red sandstone home site is
Newsletter                                                             an 8,500 square foot metal building that shelters Don’s
                                                                       collection and repair facilities.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Don began his restored automo-
bile collection in the early 1950’s. His first purchase was a          His oldest “original” is an 1899 Knox three-wheeled runabout.
1903 Northern. Presently his collection consists of autos built        It was called the “Porcupine” due to scores of 3/16-inch metal
from 1899 to 1915. This period of time featured autos with             pins poking out from the one cylinder engine block to radiate
heavy brass accents and acetylene gas lights. The 1903                 heat.
Northern is gone, traded for a 1911 Auburn. Don’s current
collection stands at 23.                                               Don’s only claim of a favorite car is “the one that is running
                                                                       best,” he said.
All are in working order, including an early electric car, the
1904 Pope Waverly. Powered by 800 pounds of electric                   Again, we want to thank fellow MBCA member Don Boulton
batteries, the Waverly can travel up to 50 miles at a maximum          for allowing us to visit his wonderful antique automobile
speed of 25 miles per hour.                                            collection.

One of the autos in the collection is a 1907 Columbus Auto
Buggy which was a horse drawn buggy with an engine and
brake system added later. This auto was designed by World
War I flying ace, Eddie Rickenbacker.

Of all the 23 autos in Boulton’s collection, only one originated
in Oklahoma: A Selden Roadster purchased in 1910 by
Charles Petrasck for $2,000.

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  Classified Ad—1993 Mercedes-Benz                                          New Members
  300E Sportline, blue with gray leather, 49K
 miles, this pampered garage queen has always
  been kept in like new condition. Must see to                    Roy C. Farley, Fayetteville, AR
 believe. $17K obo. Marty Frith 805-968-3065
       (Santa Barbara),                           James & Suzanne Fentriss, OKC

 She is a member of the Channel Island Section,
                                                                         Welcome to MBCA,
                                                                       Central Oklahoma Section

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                                 Route 66 Anniversary Tour
                                               Photos by Ed Hoag
                                                                                Ed & Peggy Hoag
          Route 66 Map

                                                                        Ed Hoag in Clinton,
         Peggy Hoag and Honest Abe                                      Oklahoma Musuem

Mary Rogers, Jim Sehl, Ed & Peggy Hoag, and Bill      Eric Goodrich (Cincinnati), Nora Ochwat, Ed Hoag, Jim
        Denton--MW Regional Director                  Sehl, Mary Rogers and Doug Ochwat (New Jersey)

                       Central Oklahoma Section - Sooner Star News

Insert Jackie Cooper

                                                        Route 66 Anniversary Tour
                                                         Photos by Ed Hoag

                                                         Ed Hoag at Cadallic Ranch, Texas

 Fran & Charles Boyd and Ed Hoag

                                MBCA - CENTRAL OKLAHOMA SECTION – SOONER STAR NEWS

                           NOMINATIONS FOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 2007 & 2008

Please use this form to nominate members you would like to see serve on the Board of Directors for MBCA Central Oklahoma
Section for the period ending October 31, 2008. The nominees must be current members in good standing.


Henry E. Bloch                                     Richard H. Ruth

Thomas H. Davis                                    Gary Wano, Jr.

Peggy J. Hoag                                      Mary F. Williams

Jeff Leatherock                                    _____________________

________________________                           _____________________

________________________                           _____________________

These nominations must be sent to the Section Secretary, Bobbye Van Horn, 1601 Eagle Drive, Edmond, OK 73034-6070 not later
than January 10, 2007. Ballots will be tallied by the Secretary & Vice President and no voter information will be disclosed to the
nominees. The newly elected Board of Directors will meet on January 13, 2007 to select the Section’s Officers, who will serve
concurrently with the Board.

                                                                           More photos by Ed Hoag

                                                                                                 Merry Christmas

      Ed Hoag & 1955 Chrysler 300 in

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Officers, Central Oklahoma Section
President: J. D. Ogle                                                   Directors
(405) 390-9125 or                               Central Oklahoma Section
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Vice President / Treasurer: Ed Hoag
                                                               Henry Bloch            (405) 842-3557
(405) 341-3578 or edhoag@
                                                               Mary Williams          (405) 525-0633
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