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									                             50th Anniversary
                       Boardwalk Art Show & Festival
                   Produced by the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
                               June 16, 17, 18, 19, 2005

The Boardwalk Art Show and Festival is one of the oldest and best outdoor fine art shows
on the Eastern seaboard and this year marks our 50th year. The show is consistently ranked
in the top 40 of Sunshine Artist Magazine’s Top 200 Art Shows. With more than 250,000
visitors during the four-day event, this festival is one of the highest attended events in
Virginia, attracting collectors and artists from across the nation. The show runs
continuously along the Virginia Beach boardwalk from 17th Street to 31st Street,
overlooking the sandy beach and Atlantic Ocean.

Through the support of the local community, the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
(CAC) offers a total of $25,000 in prize money recognizing outstanding artistic
achievement, with a “Best in Show” prize of $10,000.

Please read this entire application carefully as several Festival policies have changed
from previous years.

General Information
Dates and Hours
June 16th 9am – 6pm
June 17th 10am- 6pm
June 18th 10am – 6pm
June 19th 10am – 5pm

Selection and Notification
CAC notifies selected artists by mail after March 15, 2005. A list of accepted artists is
available on our website,, after this date. Selection is by jury only. The
decisions of the jury are final. No phone calls please.

Awards will determined by a panel of three independent judges, selected from across the
country for their in-depth knowledge and expertise in multiple art media. Our judges will
review the work of all exhibitors, and then select one work from each of these outstanding
artists for final judging. Thirty five awards are presented for individual works, including
“Best in Show”. A total of $25,000 in prize money is awarded.

Please send two checks (three checks if you are requesting a corner location) with your
application payable to CAC. Application deadline is January 15, 2005.
   1) $40 administrative fee. Administrative fee will be deposited upon receipt and is
   2) $365 exhibitor fee per 10x11 booth.
   3) $75 corner booth fee. This check will be returned if your request can not be
        honored. We cannot guarantee a corner.
Exhibitor fee of selected artists is deposited on March 15, 2005. Exhibitor fee of non-
selected artists is returned with slides not later than March 15, 2005.
A separate application must accompany each category for which you are applying.

Sales Tax
Each exhibitor is responsible for applicable sales taxes. Tax forms are provided at the
Festival and the artist makes payment directly to the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is a
change from previous years.

Preparation of Entries
A completed, signed application is a agreement to show your selected category(ies) and to
abide by Festival rules. No refund of exhibitor fee are made for cancellation after May 1,
2005. All cancellations must be in writing.

Submit five slides: four of individual current work and one of the entire booth with artwork
displayed. All slides must be accurate representations of style and quality of the work you
will exhibit at the show. Slides must be 35mm 2”x2” in clean, undamaged mounts. Do not

To label each slide, hold so the image is seen correctly. Place a red dot in the lower left
corner, the medium in the lower center, and your last name in the top left. Place a number
(1 through 5) in the lower right corner. All five slides are projected simultaneously. The
No. 1 slide will be used for publicity, including the program guide and our website. Slides
of selected artists will be returned on the last day of the Festival.

Digital images
You may submit your digital images on a compact disc. The images must be in jpg format,
1200x900 pixels (3x4inches) with resolution of 300 dpi. Each file will be approximately
400K. Number each image and include your name and medium. The No. 1 the image will
be used for publicity. Package the media carefully for mailing with your application. Please
note that digital imagery may not represent your art as accurately as slides, thus resulting
in non-selection for the show.

The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia reserves the right to use the slides of accepted
artists as well as photographs taken at the Festival for promotional purposes without
notice to the artist.

Return Envelope
For each category entered, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, with adequate
postage for return of slides. Digital images will not be returned.


   o Signed application
   o Two checks or three checks if a corner is requested: - $40administration
     fee, $365 per booth space and $75 for corner request for each category
     entered, payable to CAC.
   o A self-addressed, stamped envelope for each category entered with
     adequate postage for return of slides or digital image.
   o Five properly labeled slides or digital images (four of your work and
     one of your booth with your artwork displayed) for each category
     entered, in a single plastic sleeve.
   o Artist Statement describing the technique, materials and processes used
     in the creation of your entire body of work. Co-artists must describe the

                   January 15, 2005

                               Mail application to:
                        Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
                               2200 Parks Avenue
                            Virginia Beach, VA 23451

                     Direct all correspondence and inquiries to:
                                  BWAS&F Entries
                       Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
                                 2200 Parks Avenue
                             Virginia Beach, VA 23451
                      For more information visit

Standards and Rules
The intention of the Boardwalk Art Show & Festival producers is to encourage and support
the creation of original art.
All work must be attributable solely to the exhibitor. Artists working in a true collaboration
must have both names on the application.
All displays will be visited by our Standards Committee during the Festival to ensure
compliance with Festival rules. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work
that is not in compliance. Non-compliance will result in expulsion and ineligibility for
judging, awards and future Festival participation.
Only work in the style and medium stated in the application may be exhibited.
The artist must be at their booth during all hours of the show.
Nothing may be sold for under $20 and at no time during the show will sale or discount
signs be allowed.
This is a rain or shine event and no refunds will be given for cancellation due to weather.
The decision to close the show due to weather is at the sole discretion of the Boardwalk Art
Show and Festival Committee.
CAC reserves the right to remove any artist from the Festival for any reason.

        Commercially manufactured or reproduced items
        Jewelry made from commercially produced parts or purchased beads
        Any item that employs the use of commercially available molds or patterns.
         The final interpretation of commercial/reproduction status will be made by the
         Standards Committee.
        Items that have been purchased and then embellished
        Photography editions over 250 in quantity
        Drawing or painting that is reproduced photo-mechanically or digitally

Categories are to be used for jurying purposes. It is the artist’s responsibility to enter the
appropriate jurying category.

Clay: Original, non-jewelry clay and porcelain work; may not be machine-made or mass produced. All pieces
must be signed by the artist.
Drawing: Original two-dimensional work including pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, wax crayon, inks and
washes. Prints manually created by the artist using plates, stones or screen, which have been signed and
numbered. No portion may be photo-mechanically or digitally produced or reproduced.
Fiber: Original work created by the artist from fibers, including leatherwork, basketry, papermaking,
weaving, etc. No machine tooling, machine screening or any form of mass production is permitted.
Furniture: Hand crafted from any materials.
Glass: Original work created in glass by the artist. No part of the finished pieces shall be the result of mass
production.. Pieces must be signed by the artist. Pressed glass objects are not permitted.
Graphics: Printed works for which the artist crafts the plates, stones or screens and pulls the prints. The
limited edition results of such endeavors must be signed by the artist and documented as to the number of
pieces in the edition and where each piece falls in the edition sequence.
Jewelry: Original jewelry regardless of medium that is created without commercial casts, molds or use of a
production studio. Loose stones may only be sold by a certified lapidarist. No strung pearls.
Mixed Media: Includes non-sculptural work incorporating more that one type of physical material or process
in its production. For example, an etching which is then painted or a collage combining handmade paper and
Sculpture: Nonfunctional, three dimensional work in any medium.
Paintings: Original two-dimensional work created in oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc. No portion may be
photo-mechanically or digitally produced or reproduced (no photo offset, gravure, letterpress, giclee, etc.)
Photography: Signed, limited-edition prints from the artist’s own original images. The edition shall not
exceed 250 of any one image, inclusive of all sizes. If the work is hand-printed, each piece should be signed
and numbered.
Wood: Wood crafts, excluding furniture and sculpture that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, machine-turned
or machine-carved. No work created in a production studio.
Other: Includes work that does not fall into the above categories.


I hereby make application to exhibit in the 50th Annual Boardwalk Art Show and Festival. I agree to abide by
the Festival rules and regulations as established by the Festival Committee and the City of Virginia Beach.

By signing this application, I hereby and forever discharges the Boardwalk Art Show and Festival, CACV
and the City of Virginia Beach, VA, or and from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims and demands
whatsoever in law or equity, from any loss and damage to the undersigned’s property while in the possession,
supervision or auspices of the Boardwalk Art Show and Festival, CACV,the City of Virginia Beach, their
agents, representatives, or employees.

I also warrant that the artworks submitted for jurying and the artworks to be shown were produced solely by
myself or in collaboration with the co-artist in the category in which selected. I also authorize use of
slides/digital images submitted with my application or duplicates thereof for Festival publicity or
A completed application is a agreement to show in my selected category(ies) and to abide by the Festival
rules. No refund or exhibitor fee will be made for cancellation after May 1, 2005






CITY                                                 STATE                               ZIP



Check your jurying category. Use separate application for each category:


Requested Location (not guaranteed) _________________________________________________________

    _______________ $40 administrative fee

    _______________ $365 exhibitor fee per 10x11 booth

    _______________ $75 corner booth fee (not guaranteed)

    Please make separate checks payable in U.S. funds to CAC.


________________________________________                  ____________________________________
SIGNATURE OF ARTIST                DATE                   SIGNATURE OF CO-ARTIST       DATE

BOOTH # _______


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