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simply by clicking
Previously, I want to apologize if I disturb preoccupation dear reader
in the surf on the internet.


Previously I have stressed here, the way I want to say this is very different under
in ways common (conventional) which is often offered. Here, our initial capital for
followed is Rp.0, - (zero dollars) and even you will be given a free start-up capital of
U.S. $
All you have to do is, in front of a computer, connect to the internet, only
less lebih1 hours / day, depending on your own. You simply click here and there
existing campaign, and dollars will flood your account (Liberty Reserve (LR),
Paypal, Moneybooker or e-gold).
You must have an account Liberty Reserve (LR), PayPal, Moneybooker, or E-Gold
first. Here I tell you how to create an account in Paypal and LR.
=> How to create a Paypal account:
very easy, you just need to and do sign up, then make a
paypal premier account (FREE), when requested information on credit card select
Next follow the appropriate procedure until you get your personal paypal account,
usually your account name the same as the email address you used to register.
=> How to create an account Liberty Reserve (LR) It's also free:
1. Click on this link:
2. Once you enter kesitus Liberty Reserve, you click Create Account
3. After that there are columns for which you should fill:
- Account Name is your name (eg, your name will be written Joko Joko Susanto
- Password written in a mix of letters and numbers for an easy to remember, once you
will appear on screen keyboard keyboard so you just naturally arises klik2 this tsb
for security from hackers, a minimum of 6 characters (eg joko12345, etc. make a reply
Your easy to remember)
- Re-enter password that is repeated again your password.
- Log all 5-digit PIN number
- Re-enter PIN Repeating Login Login Your PIN
- Security Question there are 4 choices, Mothers Maiden Name (Name of Mother), City
of Birth (Place of
Born), High School Name (Name of College), Favorite Pet (Pet),
It's up to you want to choose where
- Or write your own make in Indonesian as you can.
for example you choose City of Birth, create your Nowhere was born? or in bhs
where were you born?
- Answer for the answer to your question earlier, such as Jakarta or Bandung, etc..
- Personal Welcome Message Personal Message you create what you want to make,
write it down Hello
or good luck or love-love you
- First Name is your First Name
- Last Name of Your Second Name
- Company Name aja make your name
- Email Your Email
- Address your home address (example: Jl. Mawar No. 47)
- City The city where you live
- Country select Indonesia
- State / Region province where you live
- Zip / Postal Code Your Zip Code
- Phone number of your phone
- Date of Birth ie birth date, month and year date
which then enter the code shown and click Agree, Easy is not it? Well that day you
automatically registered. After that record all your data. Please note after you
register LR (Liberty Reserve) does not give confirmation to your email so you have
given or should note your account number which begins with the letter U, samples
U6300323, Login PIN and Password, as these need to be when you login.
NEXT! ......
Imagine we are listing on one of WEB private TV channels USA, where this TV revenue
from the advertisers. To attract advertisers, the TV channels should
have a good rating with the viewers a very, very much. Rating the
seen from the number of members who join and actively spreading the site around the
The bigger they are rating the site was getting high value for the
Mounting iklan.Jadi conclusion, we paid dearly for every click the ad (but this is for
size of the Indonesian people because the ratio of dollars and rupiah so far away.)
Immediately YOU SIGN
1. Click
2. Click Menu JOIN> Please enter your Email address to sign-up: Please enter your E-
3. Click Continue
4. Please check your email inbox for an email titled 'boss-mails. com signup URL '.
5. Click on the website which has been passed signup URL '(signup
URL address, letters
long blue, number two from below). Will display a box like this:
Username: Type the name of your alias or pseudonym (min 6 digits)
E-Mail: Enter your email address
First Name: Type your first name (must be based on ID / CARD STUDENT)
Last Name: Type your last name (must be based on ID / CARD STUDENT)
Address: Type your residence address (must match ID / CARD STUDENT)
City: Type the name of your town, for example Jakarta
State: Type the name of the province, such as DKI Jakarta
Zip Code: Enter zip code
Country: Type the name of the country, for example Indonesia
Referred by: fill with anshar (if already loaded "anshar" then let it go)
Select categories of interests to you: Please check all, except that such exotic
Blind clicker, Delete me, I use cheat software, keep all my earnings, Me cheater, nead
No email, etc., do not be checked.
Select a payment method: Select the appropriate account that you want, whether
Liberty Reserve, Paypal,
e-gold, or Moneybooker.
Payment account ID: Enter Account No. / id your account
Password: Enter min 6 digit number (which is easy to remember)
Confirm Password: Enter again 6 digit number above (the password)
Click Continue Button Sign Up And automatic money of USD 2,000 directly into your
your To check, try clicking the My Earnings.
To add to your balance every time, try clicking the Paid to Click or my inbox, then
click the banner ads there. Easy is not it?.
One ad is worth U.S. securities 10 000 cents (U.S. $ 100) or US20000 cents (U.S. $
Shortly after you click one of the banner ad, you will connect to the web-site other
(Displayed in a new window), that there will be written in English, which in essence is
you will get some dollars if you are in the web-site for about
30 or 60 seconds. After 30 or 60 seconds, it will display a description of thanks,
and notice that the sum of U.S. $ 100 or U.S. $ 200 has been incorporated into
your account. (Easy is not it??? And the results are really awesome).
Next time the banner was not there, so watch it later, then the banners
It will appear again, and click. New banner will normally appear again after 12 hours
or less (in fact there are only 3-4jam), so I often check my account and
usually ada1-2 new ads in e-mail (Easy is not it?)
In addition, you also will get an added bonus, if you give a reference
this way to others, certainly with refferal address (URL) of your. Way, click refferal
central, you will get your refferal address. Use your refferal address these
to replace my refferal address. Spread the return email that already contains the URL
you to many people. Every single person who signed up new members based on your
you will get an additional bonus of U.S. $ 200 to your account. Use the mailing lists or
Free classified ads on the internet. (Easy is not it!?).
At first I was a bit 'skeptical' when they want to share information about the site "bosses"
to you ... (very understandable, in a situation like this now so many people
suspicious and afraid to be deceived so that tends to 'a priori' and 'hati-hati/waspada',
let alone to
associated with the Internet world that are still a few people touch).
Beyond my expectations, in a few days, had so many dollars that I have
collected with just click here and there. I'm just waiting for the dollar which I collected
reached $ 300,000. Because of our income in Boss-mails can only be taken if we had
Payout (U.S. $ 300,000 for regular members, while only needs $ 1000 for platinum
member) without the completion deadline, if the automatic completion of our money will
be sent to
our account.
You can just do it in the middle of your surfing in cyberspace. It costs nothing
right, rather than just checking email or browsing alone.
The list also here:
How to Withdraw with Liberty Reserve (LR)
If you want to withdraw money (withdrawal) 3., Then the first step you should have
account in one of a trusted money changer, such as in Prochanger, Indochanger
(Http://, or in Tukarduid
If you already have an account and register an account on the LR as well as Money
these, then you can follow the instructions below to perform Withdrawal
Process scheme for the withdrawal of money from your trading account to your LR
account is:
Your Trading Account ==> Liberty Reserve ==> Money Changer ==> Your Bank (USD
1. Entrance to the cabinet personal menu / center account from your Trading Account
2. Select the menu by Liberty Reserve Withdrawal
3. Enter the amount of money you want to pull and also your liberty reserve account
4. Click Submit, and after that your withdrawal request will be processed in time
several hours or 1-2 business days
5. Once processed, then the LR account you will be charged the money you pull from
your trading account
you are
Withdrawal of money from Account How to LR to your bank account:
1. Going to the money changer, and click the menu SELL Liberty Reserve (choose
2. Enter your LR data and a nominal amount you want to melt, and click Submit to
3. Immediately Transferkan money from account to account your LR LR of the Money
(Of course with the login to your LR account first). Do one transfer!
4. Confirm to the Money Changer is about it when you transfer
you are transferring from your Account to Account LR LR from the money changer
5. After that, the Money Changer you process it, and usually within hours or
1 working day then your bank account is charged the amount of money you request it
For services provided will go quickly and smoothly, the contents of your personal data
complete and correct. Use your bank account is already online, for example: BCA,
In principle, this process you can do later when the dollar is on account of LR
But if you use paypal, then you can use your dollar will reply
get to shopping on the internet or even withdrawn to a bank in Indonesia, for
drawdown can be searched out on the site
Good luck ... Good luck always be with us together. Greeting
Principles That Must Be In Yourself:

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