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ginny geiger ppt by liwenting


									Welcome to Second Grade at
Heritage Elementary School
    Mrs. Geiger’s Class
   The following is a quote from Linda Holt that I truly believe and try to
                           remember each day.

    “A student’s success in school starts in the
    heads and hearts of his or her parents and
    teachers. The way we see them, the way they
    see themselves, is what they will become.” -
    Linda Holt

 I believe communication is essential. If you would like to contact
me during the day the telephone number at school is 454-3424.
You can leave a message on my voicemail and I will call you
back. Also, you can write a note on your child’s Self-Manager or
send me an e-mail at .
English Language Arts
• The balanced literacy program that I use helps all children to become better readers
   and writers through systematic, multi-method, multi-level instruction.

•   Reading Workshop – I will expose children to a wide range of literature experiences
    with a focus on building comprehension. This reading instruction uses a variety of
    reading formats and before and after reading activities. A critical part of the Reading
    Workshop is to inspire children to be lifelong readers through teacher read-alouds
    and opportunities to read self selected books at their own level.

•   Writing – I will develop children’s writing skills through mini-lessons, where I model
    things that good writers do, as well as focused and self-selected writing. I will
    conference with students about ways that they can improve their writing and allow
    share time.

•   Working with Words – I will teach children to read and spell words though interactive
    activities that build phonemic awareness and help children apply phonics. Activities
    include Word Wall, Guess the Covered Word, Rounding up the Rhymes, and Making
  Our school district has adopted the Trail Blazers
  Math program. The Delaware standards for
  mathematics put problem solving at the center, as
  does this curriculum. The curriculum is very
  engaging for the students. There are many games
  and activities. The students need to be able to
  develop mathematical strategies and apply their
  knowledge to real-life situations along the way to
  create a strong mathematical foundation.
 I will be teaching science using the
 Smithsonian Science Kits. The second
 grade curriculum encompasses Cycles of
 Life, Soils, and Balancing and Weighing.
Social Studies

 In social studies the students will be
 learning about economics, map studies,
 holidays around the world, colonial times
 and other countries and their culture.
      Our Special Schedule
Monday – Music

Tuesday – Physical Education
(Please wear sneakers!)

Wednesday –Art

Thursday – Library

Friday – Music
We will be celebrating the following
holidays in our classroom this year,
Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s
Day, and Spring Fling. Also feel free to
send in a special treat for your child’s
birthday if you choose to.
Your child will receive a red homework folder. Please look for it
each night and help your child empty the papers that should stay
home and return the folder with any homework or notes for me. For
your convenience, each Monday I will send home a weekly
homework sheet along with all of the homework for the week. At the
bottom I always write a note to parents to make you aware of things
going on in the classroom and important school events. I will collect
all of the homework for the week on Friday. However, please
monitor the completion of your child’s homework every night and
make sure to sign the packet. Homework should take your child
around 20 minutes each night. Please let me know if the homework
is taking longer and becoming frustrating. The main purpose for the
homework is to develop responsibility and supplement daily
            Please take note…
• Spirit Day – School-wide Spirit Day will be on the first
  Friday of each month. Please encourage your child to
  wear red, white and blue on these days. Our first Spirit
  Day is this Friday, September 5th. We will wear these
  colors on Thursday, September 11th, also.
• PTA – Don’t forget to support the PTA by joining and
  attending the monthly meetings!
• Box Tops for Education – Please save your Box Tops
  and Campbells soup labels send them in so that we can
  raise money for our school!
• We also collect soda can tabs to raise money for the
  Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington.

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