Feeling Sorrow For Yourself and Others

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					                      Feeling Sorrow For Yourself and Others

   In this article I will discuss the harm you can do to others and yourself by feeling
sorry for either them or you. I will also discuss with you what the foundational root of
self pity really is and why it feels like humility but is not. Also, compassion is different
than pity. Compassion is moving by understanding to aid the spiritual development or
true betterment of another soul without any form of self gain. Compassion is seen in the
acts of Christ. He healed all who came to Him and He still does that today. He didn't
charge them a dime or demand flattery for aiding them. He spoke the truth to them to
help them and He was not cruel, unkind, or impatient with their lack of understanding.
He had compassion on them.
   Self pity is not compassion and I will help you to see the difference. First of all, self
pity is not kind. Have you ever noticed that a person who is full of self-pity beats
themselves up over and over? They are also very harsh on others. Why? They believe in
abuse (mental generally but can be physical) and practice it on themselves. They spend
many hours feeling great sorrow over their own selves. They rehearse for hours, days,
and years all the horrible things everyone has done to them and they cry over their own
self on a consistent basis. This is not an act of kindness and this act helps no one grow
   It is a form of false humility because of the constant beating up of the ego. You lower
yourself momentarily but you don't stay there very long because the next step is to raise
yourself above others and say, “how could those awful people treat wonderful me like
that!?”. Then you proceed to stick your nose up in the air and like magic, you are now
better than them all! You don't owe them anything and they owe you everything! You
can spend your time looking at their sin instead of yours. See why people play the
game? It is an instant way to be completely in love with yourself(ego) and justify all
kinds of evil in your own life. You can always look at the other person's guilt and
overlook your own because 'you are just a victim'.
   Those who play this game to the hilt eventually die from it. Cancer is the result of
self pity and an inability to forgive someone is a must because you need that
unforgiveness to fuel your self pity.
   Suicide is the act of a completely selfish person. They seek to punish the world
(really annihilate it) by removing themselves from it. They secretly believe that the
world will fall apart without them and that they are taking everyone out as they destroy
themselves. This of course is the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, someone may sob
momentarily over your dead carcass , throw a flower on two on your grave, and repeat
some poetic nonsense but do you really think that they will give up their selfish life for
yours? They didn't when you were alive, did they? It won't change a thing when they see
you gone.
   Nope, if you die, the world just goes right on as it was. Sorry ego, you aren't what
you think you are which is why you are suffering so much in the first place. If you want
to find joy, stop thinking about yourself! Put yourself aside and trust it to the Creator and
go out and do something good for someone who can't help themselves. Feed a hungry
child, open a door for someone at the supermarket, volunteer at the Library, go visit the
nursing home, fast for someone else, pray for others who are really hurting, forget you
and you will begin to quickly see where your misery was coming from. Try it out for
yourself and see if I do not speak the truth.
    Self pity comes from a self centered heart. It demands homage and when it doesn't
get it, it mourns. It is busy taking care of 'itself'. This cycle can only be broken by
understanding God's provision for you is enough and is present to all who lean upon
Him. When it finally sinks in you will be astounded as you realize that you actually have
'no' problems. For a moment you may even panic and try to grab one! I hope you will
see the truth about self pity because you are being robbed of true peace which fruits
forth from 'real' humility.
    Feeling sorry for other people is wrong too. Let me explain. If God is really God and
taking care of the world and all things are His and He is in control, what is there to feel
sorry about? What are you saying about God? Are you saying that you know better than
Him? If He moves through you to help someone and have compassion on someone,
should you take it upon your ego and take credit for that feeling or that move of
emotion? Is there any reason to feel sorry for anyone? The price of sin is death and those
who love it die and that is the law of God. Do you have more mercy, wisdom, strength,
and goodness than the Father? Not hardly! So.....stop feeling sorry for yourself and
others. There is no reason to do such but to build up the failing ego and assert yourself
on the throne and demand homage!
    When others tempt you to feel sorry for them, just don't. You don't have to be mean
about it but listen and don't go there because it isn't good for them that you help them
hurt themselves. It is wrong to encourage other people into sin(wrong thinking) and you
will harm them. Real love doesn't do that. Selfish love does because it seeks to use
others to boost its own failing ego. It wants someone to also feel sorry for it. Misery
loves company. Now you know why.
    When you stop feeling sorry for people and yourself you discover something
amazing! Guilt tripping doesn't work on you anymore! Also, you will ashamedly
discover how you used guilt to get what you wanted out of other people. It is really an
effective evil tool on the proud who must believe they are good. All you have to do is
present what you want in a package that makes them look bad if they don't comply and have whatever it is that you want! This will always eventually backfire
though, as all sin does, and you will find yourself being guilt-tripped as well for having
used guilt to trip them up. Those who practice wrong thinking become the servants of
wrong thinking.
    The way to really help people is not found in pity but in compassion. Compassion is
based upon doing what is best for someone no matter how they treat you and to do so
without regard for yourself. Devils try and trip us up by telling us what the horrible
outcomes of our behavior and obedience to the truth will be. They often get us by
causing us to move from fear of reprisal and such things. See that the Father only does
what is best for you and don't listen to the voices who would suggest you move against
what God has shown you.
    Helping people that cannot help you back is the way of the Father. Jesus showed us
the way to peace and wellness. He taught us to give without asking anything in return.
Who can help God? God doesn't help to get help....He doesn't need any help. His love is
pure. Who has more power than Him to come to His aid? You'd be surprised how many
people feel 'sorry' for God. It is an arrogant act.
    God doesn't need our homage to be who He is. He was God along time before we
came along and our refusal to recognize or serve Him only harms us. Many people try to
inflict punishment on God as they do others who won't give them what they want. They
tell God they won't believe in Him anymore if He doesn't comply and they threaten to
pull all their love/support for Him away in their lives. This is foolish nonsense. You
cannot make God suffer nor can you just stop believing what you honestly believe. What
will happen is that you will suffer. He is life itself. What happens when you give up
Life? Death, of course! So mankind dies in his pride thinking foolishly he has harmed
and nearly destroyed God's heart. God isn't like that and He doesn't weep endlessly over
spirits that despise Him. Real love is not like that.
    We should seek to have His frame of mind. We must not feel sorry for people but
actually help people by doing what is best for them. We must speak the truth in love and
not just speak words that they want to hear so we can receive a feeling or relationship
that is advantageous to ourselves. We must do what is best for others in sincerity and not
worry about what happens to us. God will always take care of His own and He always
has. To feel sorrow for another is to say that you have more pity than God. Instead, ask
the Father what you can do to help them and then proceed from there. Do not assert
yourself as over Him in helping others.
    He wants us to help others and says so in His Word. We are to feed the hungry, help
the 'true' widows and to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out unclean spirits, and
preach/speak the truth to all who come to us. These are all action words. Things we are
supposed to be doing daily. Feeling sorry for people is not on the list. It is not helpful to
anyone and leads to many misfortunes.

                                 Overcoming Self Pity

    You will find that at the base of the pity is the refusal to repent and to see yourself in
the Light of Reality. We use self pity to excuse our having to come to the light. You can
see it easiest in small children. When one child hurts the other and the the hurt child
tells, the other child will immediately begin to cry and carry on to, hoping that you won't
pay attention to what it just did and take 'pity' on it. If you ignore the sin and give the
child pity, you will set that child up for spiritual disaster. They will never learn to really
examine their hearts.
    This is why people use self pity. They 'pass' the buck. It allows them to focus on
others as being cruel, unkind, and evil while they maintain their state of perfection and
godhood and false innocence.
    A person who always pities themselves really is in love with themselves. Because all
humans suffer from this symptom to some degree, no one has cause to brag that they
have never experienced it or committed that particular wrong thought.
   What we are in essence doing is slapping God in the face although sometimes we are
not conscious of our intent. It is insulting to Him for us to consider God at fault and not
able to supply for us or grateful for what He has supplied and found wanton in our
greed. To sit around moping and crying and murmuring is exactly what the Israelis did
in their tents and not one of those who did that entered into the promise land and neither
will you or I if we persist in our flesh.

   To overcome it I suggest to:

   1. Stop dwelling on yourself. The less you think of you the happier you will
        become. I dare you to try it!
   2.   Repeat, “He will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. My needs
        are supplied. I need nothing from anyone but You Lord” and one day you will get
   3.   Realize that it is not you who are crying for yourself, but the 'not you' behind
        the scene. They are lost and crying for themselves. You are fine and in Christ. All
        your needs are met in Him and He is all you will EVER need.
   4.   When you don't get something you had hoped for, let it go and repeat the
        words in number 2. Why? If God is supplying, do you want to insult Him? Be
        thankful and wait. He knows what you have need of 'before' you ask Him and
        most often we ask for things that would destroy us. God only does what is best for
        us so if you don't get it, something 'better' is on the way!
   5.   Realize that happiness only exists in obedience to Him in us. Not in anything
        else. Not in a spiritual gift, not in your mate, not in a bank only exist
        in a right answer to a good conscience. Stop looking for it outside of you and you
        will find Him in you and He really is all that you need. He is all the wisdom, love,
        joy, energy, strength, protection, Savior, and healer that you will ever need.
        However, if you do not look to Him and seek your own ways and thoughts as if
        they were above His, you will suffer. For you have pulled away from the Light
        and sought the advice of the minds of the dark again and that brings immediate
        pain to your soul...or sorrow in other words.
   6.   Let things happen naturally. Quit trying to force situations or people to do
        things or for things to happen in your life. We even try to guilt trip the Father!
        Look at all your struggling as if you were not well or as if your wellness existed
        some where else. Watch your fake ego 'self' move from wrong thoughts and you
        won't repeat them because you will see them and not get caught up in the thoughts
        that you are aware of. God wants to surprise you, lead you, and loves you greatly.
       All of creation is loved immensely by Him. No one is excluded but when we pull
       away from Him and despise Him then we find separation and there is no joy or
       peace or love apart from Joy, Peace, and Love.

     Self pity is so engrained in some that it will take many hours of meditation before
the seeds of it come to the surface. They cannot or will not see the parts that they have
played and the egocentric self.
    We are only complete in the Truth. When we try and establish 'another' truth, our own
way, we loose everything. You must die to the thoughts and ways that are not of God to
live to the Truth and be with God. Peace and true joy can only come to those who have
unity with the Truth in their hearts and when we run from what is right, from seeing the
truth of our own existence, we are really running from God.
    To hate the Truth in you is to hate God in you and to feel sorrow for yourself is your
way of not looking at the Truth. You may say you serve God but if you don't obey the
Truth in your heart, you are not telling the truth. You are speaking falsehoods.
    Truth is that which is. It is that which does not change according to your perception.
We like to think we come up with the Truth, that we formulate it and that we are the
source of it. We also like to egotistically believe that we come up with all the wrong
thoughts in us and that we are 'bad' for having bad thoughts and 'good' for having good
    All this type of thinking has its roots in pride---the belief in a creature that is not real.
We have formulated who we are and excitedly cultivate this creature we love. We groom
it, stuff it full of rote knowledge, and even teach it to walk and talk in special ways. We
take a quiz with great anticipation to prove to ourselves how amazing and unique we are.
We teach our children that they too must 'believe in themselves' and that they are
amazing just like us. Meanwhile, we aren't. We somehow let that little piece of
inconvenient data slip through the cracks.
    What are we really? Let's take a look? We are born in sin, full of demonic entities that
hate God/Truth, we hate Truth, and are headed for eternal death if we don't turn from our
love of lies and give our hearts to discovering the Truth. What is there to glorify? Did we
create ourselves? Do we keep the planets in their orbits or put life into a seed in the
ground? Show me a person worthy of noticing? I haven't seen one yet. Every person I've
ever known, including me, have incorrect data in their hearts, minds, and souls that they
move from.
    God has never had 'one' incorrect thought. Who is worthy? He is! He has never made
'one' mistake. That's a pretty good track record if you ask me.
    We come to Him, ladden with filth and stench and 'demand' things. We complain, lie,
steal, lust, and kill and then curse Him and demand that others worship us instead of
God. We hate people who see the truth about us. We kill the innocent. They have eyes to
see. We corrupt who we can and abuse, wound, and degrade the children till they have
no goodness left in their souls and we 'raise' them up to be twice the child of hell that we
are and say...., “now...see how great I am?”.
     Self pity is the stinking rotten side of humanity. It is man running from God, from
the truth in his soul that his heart knows but his head hates. It is you and me and that
other guy that we all know that cries over things so we won't 'really' have to cry over
what really matters.
    We cannot face Reality because we would have to see that we are nothing without
God. Without Him giving us life we would have none and we falsely think our spirits are
our own. They are not. We are afraid to know the truth. We are afraid of death because it
is real. We know that it is and we know that we are disgusting in our sin. We feel it
because we are apart from Him already and our hearts know it.
    We seek for ways to forget it. We try and become gods at all cost. The dark spirits
assure us that we are indeed gods like them. They lie to us...we listen. We listen because
it is what we want to hear. We look for the center stage, the lime-light. We do what ever
it takes to 'stand out'. We worship others to make ourselves believe the lie we love but it
only serves to deepen our lust of what is not real and as our lust grows stronger so does
our unhappiness. We cry ourselves to sleep trying to be what we cannot.
    If we would awaken we would see many things we so easily overlooked. If there was
another truth there would not be just one God. If you were god, don't you think you
would be able to do 'godly' things? You can't even make toast properly half of the time. I
mean really, look at yourself. Why are you wasting your life trying to play god to
yourself? Why are you trying to make yourself happy, heal yourself, save yourself, make
yourself a 'well' person? That's is God's job. Up until now you did not understand that.
You thought the thoughts of those minds in the dark. You believed that it was 'up to you'
to make your way in the world and that you must look out for number one and if you
didn't, no one else cared.
    Your mind needs reborn and renewed unto the Truth. You need to discover that your
Father does honestly care and He is there for you in all measures if you will only stop
running away from Him. You will never find peace and wellness as long as you keep
processing incorrect data and move upon bad directions. You can never function as you
were designed by your Creator if you move from other minds that His. You did not
create yourself. You only function properly as He designed you to function and there is
nothing you can do about it. Feel that helplessness and know that you are not god but a
creature that He made..... whether you like it or are His. He will do what He
desires with you and you live according to his laws. Thank goodness He is just, kind,
and merciful!
    There is great peace in releasing your heart to the Father. In submitting to the Truth of
your own existence. In realizing that you are His and feeling true remorse for having
believed otherwise. Realize that it doesn't matter if others agree or disagree with you.
God doesn't take votes. God will put all spirits where He desires and all souls will go to
their destinations...regardless of how they feel about it. His decisions will be just and He
alone is God. Look up to the heavens and feel your smallness and see the Truth.
    Self pity must fall to the way side and it will do so in proportion to the revelation that
you have concerning who you really are. God's gave you the gift of life, gave you a
moment in time to seek Him...... don't be a fool and waste it on sin (wrong thinking)
believing that you can perfect your ego and truly be god one day because if you do that
you will have thrown away the most precious gift you have ever received from your
Father.....your very soul.

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