SNC2D Climate Change - Greenhouse Gases by hedongchenchen


									Climate Change - Greenhouse
 Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases
• Historic stability in greenhouse gases indicates
  what kind of feedback mechanisms?
  – Negative feedback
• What effects would be expected from the rise
  in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
  – Increased global temperatures
 Canadian Greenhouse Emissions
• Canada generates
           “CO2 Equivalent?”
• Methane, nitrogen oxides, and ozone are
  much more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse
• See chart, p. 386
• We standardize GHG emissions against CO2 to
  make it easier to compare things
              Why so much?!?
•   *Don’t write this down, it’s in your textbook
•   Energy Production – 324 million tonnes of CO2
•   Transportation – 190 MT CO2
•   Fossil fuel extraction – 67 MT CO2
•   Agriculture – 62 MT CO2
•   Industry, waste management, forestry – 95 MT
               OPG Handout
• Since we generate so much greenhouse gas
  from electrical generation, let’s take a closer
               Next topics…
• Evidence for climate change, historic climate,
  ice ages
• Natural causes of climate change
• Impacts of climate change
• Predicting future climate
• Limiting climate change / what we can do
• Global/political initiatives (Kyoto, etc)

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