Make Him Miss You and Want to Be More Romantic Than Ever Before Right Now

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					Have you ever been frustrated because you're trying to get your man to be more romantic with
you and it's just not happening?

Are you wondering what happened to him and why he seemed to have lost the motivation to
pursue you or be more romantic as he was in the beginning?

This worries alot of women and sadly, they rely on outdated ways to get men to be more

You'd be surprised how easy it is to make a man miss you and be more romantic towards you.
Alot of what women read in magazines won't help them get very far. Men are triggered to
respond differently to romantic stimuli than women are. And you can use some simple strategy
to turn this around whether you're dating or married.

Remember the time when he looked at you with magic in his eyes? The way he touched you left
you breathless, he seemed to be completely intune with your needs and you didn't really have to
try to get him to give you the attention you want?

You can bring this back now and make your man so hot for you it won't matter if you've had a
dry spell for a long time or he just doesn't seem into you at the moment.

The key to making him miss you is knowing how to get inside his body mind. Not just about
getting his attention but actually getting inside the body of his mind in a way he's never
experienced before.

Some call this getting inside a man's spirit.

And I know you want that. You want to enter inside the deepest part of him and grab him from
the inside out.

I want to tell you about how using text messages can create the magic you are wanting in your
relationship right now. I'm not talking about sending out plain and boring messages or trying to
be cute with smiley faces.

I'm talking about a real and easy way to turn up his internal heat to where he's completely
motivated once again to want you over and over again. To where he begins to look at you the
way he did before and want to do anything for you, the way you've always wanted.

And if your relationship is in a dry spell or he's become distant with you, you don't want to make
any mistakes by "trying" something or taking any chances.

Before you try anything, you have to understand what motivates men. What really trigger them
emotionally and why they will or will not respond.

Men view romance much different than what you've been brought up to believe. They want
adventure, you are looking for love. So if one of the key ways men are motivated is through
adventure, then the way you approach him cannot be about trying to talk him into being

You have to "act" instead in ways to will create the feelings of romance in him. Your guy will
respond more to action that talking. As a matter a fact, you should do yourself a favor and don't
even bring up wanting more from it at the moment. Just start practising "doing" the things that
will make him want more instead.

When you come from this approach, you will see an almost instant change in him. Sometimes, it
might take a little more consistency to see him respond in almost magical ways but it will work
for you if you turn the right switch.

The Secret Tip:

1. Tease him instead of talking. Play with him in your exchanges. The more playful you are
with him with the exact word for word scripts you can use, the more addicted he will
become to being romantic with you.

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