Knowing When To Save Your Relationship

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					Many are the times when a relationship that has started out almost perfectly eventually end up
with couples feeling that their love for one another is exhausted and gone. Through knowing
about the laws and concepts of love which a couple can rightfully practice, you would be able to
save your relationship and make love stronger. It is essential though that both individuals in a
relationship are willing to work things out so as to make the relationship become stronger.

Love is a mystery to most people. One feels in love time and again. After one relationship,
another will start. Things go smoothly well then obstacles will unexpectedly come and you are
left trying to figure out what went wrong.

However, one should be able to know that there is a difference between falling in love and being
in love. Falling in love is said to be more fun and is more thrilling as compared to being in love
as there is not much change going on. Being in love is staying with your partner through thick
and thin and it can become boring to some people.

It is important that you have a strong foundation on which to build the relationship on. This
foundation will help the relationship to stay alive despite whatever storm that may come along.
We could learn a lot of things in school but learning to love is an innate ability we were all
blessed to have. By knowing the rules that govern love, you will have greater odds to save your

The first law you need to understand is that failure is impossible at love. When one knows what
love really is, you are not likely to fail when it comes to a loving relationship. We may think that
out of love come the mistakes, the losses, the mishaps and the confusions. However it is not love
that creates these troubles but our lack of true knowledge about real love. Being able to accept
each other is going to be a good base. It is also important to accept who you are when you are in
a relationship.

The second law on love is essential in distinguishing real love. We need to acknowledge that
there is real love and there is also counterfeit love. The difference between the two is
instrumental in avoiding the mistakes and difficulties.

In counterfeit love, a person may think that love is merely an emotion or a wonderful feeling
instead of a significant lifestyle. You may feel strongly for a person and you presume that it is
love that you feel. Just like any other feelings, this can also naturally and inevitably change.

When the feelings change, you may think that love is merely going away and not be able to
realize that this is a natural characteristic of feelings. Counterfeit love works this way. To save
your relationship, you need to distinguish real love from counterfeit love, attachment,
dependence and excitement. There is no fluctuation in love; no rejection if our needs are not met.
It is from actions that the real love grows, from kindness, respect and value.

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