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May 2007


   Living Well With Vision Loss
   Online Access to Consumer Products
   Open Road: Touring with Purpose Event
   Research News

CNIB strives to be the leader in promoting vision health and enhancing
independence for people with vision loss.

1929 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON M4G 3E8

Publications Mail Agreement
# 40064124
Canadians Need Increased Awareness of UV’s Danger to the Eyes

Transitions Optical has conducted its first consumer research study in
Canada exploring ultraviolet (UV) awareness and protection habits. The
study reinforces findings of similar surveys worldwide that, while the vast
majority of consumers know UV rays can cause skin cancer, they are largely
unaware of the sun’s danger to their eyes, demonstrating an urgent need for

Compared to other countries, Canadians had higher overall awareness of the
need to protect the skin. Ninety-two per cent of adults mentioned “cancer”
on an unprompted basis as a harmful effect of sun exposure. This number
surpassed what was documented in other countries surveyed.

In addition, when it came to knowledge about other dangers of UV exposure
such as wrinkles and sunburn, Canadians showed an overall higher
awareness than respondents of a similar survey conducted in the U.S. last
year. But despite higher overall awareness, only nine per cent of Canadians
know that UV can harm the eyes, a level on par with other countries

Canadian respondents were also more likely to protect themselves from the
sun: about four out of five report that they apply sunscreen, more than half
wear a hat, and 33 per cent wear clothing to cover the skin when out in the
sun for extended periods of time. However, only one in six mentioned
wearing sunglasses.

Supported by Transitions Optical’s newly established Healthy Sight for Life
Fund, CNIB and Transitions Optical are partnering to raise awareness about
the need to protect the eyes from UV damage as an important aspect of
vision loss prevention. Transitions Optical has pledged a $1 donation for
every pair of lenses registered using the Transitions Certificate of
Authenticity, up to $25,000. The contributions will help fund CNIB’s efforts
to expand vision loss education and prevention programs.

“Protecting our eyes from UV damage is an important aspect of vision loss
prevention, and one that all Canadians should understand,” said Wendy
Gibbs, Vice President, Communications and Development, CNIB. “This type
of information is extremely valuable as we continue to expand our vision
health programs.”

To learn more, visit and
Living Well with Vision Loss

Vision loss can affect anyone, at any age. It can change how a child learns to
spell, read and play; how a young adult prepares for school and a career; or
how a senior interacts with friends, family and caregivers.

But for the most part, vision loss does not mean that you have to stop doing
the things that you like, or need, to do. A few simple adjustments in and
around the home will help you make the most of your vision and stay safe
and independent while continuing to enjoy the things that matter most.

Handy household hints

Inside the home, proper lighting can make all the difference. Consider using
task lighting for writing, sewing and reading, and installing a waterproof light
in the shower or bath for safety. Sensor lights are a great, inexpensive way
to make sure the front entrance to your home is securely lit, and save you
from hunting for the keyhole!

In the kitchen, label canned and dry goods with a thick black marker on a
white label to help identify ingredients. The same method can also be used
for medications and toiletries. Label frequently-used settings on appliances
such as stoves, microwaves and washing machines with a thick black marker
or tactile “bumper dots,” available at CNIB.

Remove throw rugs and tape down electrical cords all through the home to
prevent tripping and slipping, and use a rubber mat in the bath or shower.

For more information, and dozens more practical tips on adjusting to vision
loss, contact CNIB in your community, or visit the Living with Vision Loss
section of our website at For information about more than
1,100 helpful products contact our consumer products and assistive
technology demonstration centre near you, visit us online at or call us toll-free at 1-866-659-1843.

Tips for family, friends and caregivers

      Whether you’re working in a facility or assisting someone in their own
       home, be sensitive to the fact that you’re on their “turf.” Try to avoid
       moving things around or making adjustments without consent from
       the person with vision loss – it can be very frustrating for them.
      Identify yourself first to someone with vision loss – “Hi, Andrea, it’s
       Steve” is usually enough.
   Be specific with offers of assistance. Instead of an open-ended offer,
    such as “Let me know if you need anything,” try a more concrete offer
    such as “I am driving to the store. Would you like to come?”
Research in Brief

CNIB study educates seniors and health-care professionals about
age-related vision loss

According to a 2004 CNIB study, patients who are diagnosed with vision loss
are often told that “nothing more can be done,” and consequently, referral to
vision support services is often delayed until their vision loss has become
very advanced.

A new CNIB project aims to change this.

“Yes! Something More CAN Be Done! You and Your Vision Health” will
empower seniors to manage their own vision health, and inform
professionals about the importance of early referral to low vision services.

The project involves distributing a booklet to seniors, providing information
in doctors’ and hospital waiting rooms, and holding a national series of
seminars for seniors and professionals alike, starting this summer.

For the seminar schedule or to download a free copy of the booklet, visit after July 1.

Mark your calendar!

Vision 2008, the world’s largest conference on low vision, will take place in
Montreal, Quebec, from July 7-11, 2008.

Vision 2008 offers a unique, interactive forum where professionals involved
in vision research can share their specialized knowledge and experience with
colleagues from around the world.

Presented by The Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille and the École
d’Optométrie of the Université de Montréal, in partnership with CNIB, the
theme is "Research-Rehabilitation Partnerships" and the focus will be the
delivery of vision support services to people living with vision loss.

To register or to learn more, visit
Consumer Product Spotlight

CNIB opens online access to consumer products

CNIB has made some exciting changes to the way customers browse and
purchase our innovative consumer products.

Our new centralized order and delivery system enables consumers to
purchase products from the comfort of their own homes - by phone, by
email or through CNIB’s new secure online store.

Previously, CNIB's consumer products were sold through CNIB Centres that
stocked a limited selection. Through our new system, there are over 1,100
products at your fingertips. Simply order from home, pay by credit card,
cheque or money order, and have your product choice delivered directly to
you – usually within 72 hours.

You can also visit your local CNIB centre to try out some of the most popular
items, browse the catalogue and phone our order desk. And CNIB staff are
available to do assessments, provide training, demonstrate products and
help you to select the most appropriate items to meet your needs.

A new “Products for Independence” catalogue will soon be available in
multiple formats or online to help you choose what you need. To get your
copy, just call 1-866-659-1843, email or visit your local CNIB

CNIB is committed to providing quality service, and this new process helps
ensures that anyone with vision loss, no matter where they live, can obtain
consumer products and information as efficiently as possible. More than half
of CNIB’s clients across Canada have been using this new system
successfully for the past year, and the results have been overwhelmingly

We invite you to visit the Demonstration Centre nearest you and see the
exciting new changes for yourself. You can also visit us online at, or call us toll-free at 1-866-659-1843 for
more information.
Get Your Motor Runnin’

CNIB proudly introduces CNIB Open Road: Touring with Purpose, an
exclusive motorcycle touring event that will take riders and passengers on
an adventure tour unlike any other.

Limited to 100 riders per location, each tour is designed to showcase the
famous topography of Canada’s rural highways. Over 600 kilometres of open
road are yours to discover.

                         Two dates to choose from:

                              Calgary, Alberta
                            August 17 & 18, 2007

                              Toronto, Ontario
                          August 23, 24 & 25, 2007

Worry-free touring

You only need your bike and adventurous spirit, and we’ll supply the rest.
First-class accommodations, upscale dining, entertainment and more await
you on this premier tour.

Travel by yourself, or bring a friend along to share the adventure. Fees and
pledge requirements vary by tour so be sure to visit us online at Amazing prize incentives are available as well as a
Top Provincial Prize at each event. Participants who raise $10,000 are
eligible to win a High Alpine Tour through the Alps, courtesy of Edelweiss
Bike Travel.

And it’s all in support of CNIB as your pledges fund vision health research,
services and prevention programs.

For more information, contact Toronto Tour, Daniela Rodrigo at 416-486-
2500 ext. 7031, or Calgary Tour, Pam Swan at 403-261-7208, email, visit us online at or pick up a copy
of Inside Motorcycles magazine (our media partner) to see a full page ad.

Welcome to the new

CNIB’s website has been completely redesigned and loaded with everything
you need to stay up to speed on vision health issues in Canada and around
the world.

Fully accessible and fully compatible with screen reading software programs,
our new site is as attractive as it is functional, proving once and for all that
aesthetics can work hand in hand with good design. Check us out at

CNIB Low Vision Specialist Elaine Cahill recommends that consumers
purchase sunglasses that have 100 per cent UV A and B protection. Incorrect
information was printed in January’s issue. CNIB Vision regrets the error.
Ask the Expert

Q. I am considering laser eye surgery. How safe is this procedure
and what are the risks?

A. Laser eye surgery is a treatment to correct nearsightedness,
farsightedness or astigmatism. Short pulses of invisible ultraviolet
light remove a small amount of tissue from the front of the eye – the
cornea – to correct the curvature. By correcting the curvature,
images are better focused on the retina and the images are clearer.
The surgery may reduce or eliminate the need for contact lenses or

Millions of people in North America, Europe and Asia have had successful
laser eye surgery.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved. However, the
chances of having vision-reducing complications are minimal. Some potential
complications include dryness, night glare, haloes, under or over correction
and loss of best corrected vision. All these risks should be discussed fully
with your eye doctor prior to the procedure. The best way to help prevent
complications is to choose a surgeon who is experienced and respected in
the community.

People 21 years of age or older with healthy eyes and stable vision are
possible candidates for this procedure. A visit to an ophthalmologist will help
determine if laser correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness or
astigmatism is right for you.

W. Bruce Jackson, MD, FRCSC, Director General,
University of Ottawa Eye Institute

Have a vision-related question?
Let us know! It could be featured in the next issue. Write to

Myra’s Marathon

CNIB Board member Dr. Myra Rodriguez will celebrate her 65th birthday this
fall by setting out to power-walk a half-marathon (21.2 km) in each of
Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories over the course of one year. She
starts with the Newfoundland Provincial Marathon in St. John’s on
September 16, 2007, and ends with the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon on
September 28, 2008.

All funds raised through sponsorship and pledges for Myra’s Marathon will be
given to the CNIB Library to expand its collection of braille and audiobooks
by Canadian authors. For more information, or to make a pledge, call 1-800-
Research in Brief

Signs for the times

CNIB is assisting GO Transit, Ontario’s interregional transit system, with a
study to determine the best lettering to use on signs in their terminals.

The goal is to ensure that terminal and platform signs are accessible to all

Over 100 volunteers with varying degrees of vision loss participated in the
trial over a three-day period. Five different fonts were tested at a variety of
distances, under specific light conditions.

The results will be incorporated into the renovation of Toronto’s Union
Give a gift that won’t collect dust

Jane Beaumont has one of the simplest “wish lists” around. No flowers,
slippers or china figurines for her; instead, the Ottawa library and
information systems consultant prefers that people give a gift to CNIB in her

And for her friends’ birthdays and special occasions, she’s happy to return
the favour.

“My friends and I all had major birthdays and events coming up, and we
didn’t want gifts that just collected dust,” she says. “Boomers tend to have
all the things they want, and many of us just don’t need any more gifts.”

Beaumont, who is president of Beaumont and Associates Inc. in Ottawa, first
became involved with CNIB in the early 1990s, when she began consulting
for the CNIB Library. She joined the CNIB Library Board in 1998 and has
been its Chair since 2004.

She is also active in promoting and implementing the National Network for
Equitable Library Services, a public/private partnership involving the federal
government, public libraries and CNIB.

Beaumont is especially enthusiastic about the fact that Gifts in Honour can
now be made online through CNIB’s secure website. “Being able to donate
online makes it so much easier to do,” she says, “and it’s easier to
encourage others to do it.

“Even giving by phone is easy now,” she adds. “A friend of mine made a gift
to CNIB by phone, and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly the people
were, and how simple the whole process was.”

To find out more about giving a gift to CNIB in honour of a friend or loved
one, call us toll free at 1-800-563-2642 or visit
Get Involved

There are solutions to improving quality of life for any of us living with vision
loss – but it takes experience and a helping hand.

We invite you to get involved with CNIB. Volunteer, donate or learn more
about our programs and services. And if you or someone you know might
need CNIB’s help, we’re here for you.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-563-2642.
Advocacy Highlights
Elections Canada aims to increase accessibility

Elections Canada is on the road to making the electoral process more

With the help of CNIB and the Canadian Council of the Blind, Elections
Canada is producing a new plastic template to assist people with vision loss
who choose to vote in private. This tool will include raised numbers and
braille for easy identification of candidate names. The template, along with
large print lists of candidate names, will be available in all polling stations for
the next federal election.

Web accessibility has also become a priority for Elections Canada. Web
pages on the site are currently designed to be compatible with screen
readers – a screen reader allows a person with vision loss to access
information on a computer screen by synthetic voice output, magnifying
software or through electronic braille display. Special hidden links have also
been added to almost every page on the site to allow for easy navigation
with a screen reader.

The next major upgrade for the site will be the implementation of scalable
fonts. Scalable fonts allow the user to increase or decrease the text size on a
web page according to his or her needs.

For more information about Elections Canada, please visit
Dr. Keith Gordon

CNIB extends a warm welcome to its new Head of Research, Keith Gordon
Ph.D. Born in South Africa, Dr. Gordon came to Canada in 1967.

Dr. Gordon has helped establish eye clinics in Ghana, Africa and in St. Kitts.
He currently serves on the Board of Operation Eyesight Universal, an
organization dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness in India and Africa.

Dr. Gordon brings to CNIB a wealth of experience in scientific and clinical
vision research. In a career that has spanned more than 30 years with Alcon
Canada Inc., Dr. Gordon has a distinguished record of achievement and
leadership in both research and administration.

His goal at CNIB is to ensure the development of ongoing, evidence-based
program improvements, and to provide the research data that is essential
for developing and influencing public policy initiatives.
Research in Brief

Canadians value sight more than sex, money or power

In a survey conducted last year, 70 per cent of Canadians said they would
not give up their eyesight for anything – not to win the lottery, become
Prime Minister, or even to enjoy a lifetime of great sex.

Not only that, 97 per cent of Canadians wouldn’t want to live to 100 – even
if they were otherwise healthy – if they had to give up their vision.

But most Canadians lack the foresight to protect what they value most. Less
than 40 per cent said they were very likely to get an eye exam soon, even
though 81 per cent recognized that vision loss can be prevented by early

The national survey of 1,121 adult Canadians was conducted by Ipsos-Reid
on behalf of the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
Thumbs Up!

   To Lions Clubs throughout Canada, for their unwavering support of people
    with vision loss, including programs providing eyeglasses for kids and
    funding for guide dog training.

   To WestJet, for making its online flight reservation system more
    accessible to people who use screen reading software, and for donating to
    CNIB two per cent of all fares booked through the
    WestJet link on

   To CNIB Library volunteer narrator Ann Saunders, for her dedication in
    making each new Harry Potter book available in audio format in record

   To Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who announced in Budget
    2007 a Registered Disability Savings Plan to take effect starting next
    year. Individuals eligible for the Disability Tax Credit are also eligible to
    establish an RDSP.


May 24, 2007
Medicine Hat
Walk Towards
1 pm. at the Chinook
Village Terrance Room. Entertainment by The Hillbilly Band.

May 27, 2007
Walk Towards
Independence in support of seniors’ programs. Hosted by the Wainwright
low vision group. For information or pledge forms, call 842-3059.

June 3, 2007
Camrose Walk Towards Independence in support of seniors’ programs.
Hosted by the Camrose low vision group at the Bill Fowler Centre. For
information and pledge forms, call 672-7420 or 672-1408.

June 8, 2007
Vermilion Lions Golf Event

June 10, 2007
Grande Prarie
Walk Towards Independence & Barbecue

August 17 & 18
2007 – Calgary
CNIB Open Road: Touring with Purpose
Exclusive motorcycle touring event in support of CNIB’s vision health
research, services and prevention programs. For info, call Pam Swan at
403-261-7208, email or visit

June 1, 2007, 12 pm
CNIB Donor Tea to thank and honour our major donors. Hosted by Board
Chair Charles Mossop. Address by MLA Ida Chong, Minister of Community
Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors’ and Women’s Issues, plus a
display of works by Victoria artist and CNIB client Terrence Finnie.

August 10, 2007. The Second Annual Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf
Classic will be held at the Bear Mountain Golf Resort, Victoria, BC. Contact
Sharon at or 250-519-1108 to register.

Anyone in Nanaimo interested in joining a monthly support group for seniors
with low vision? Contact Dawn Day at 250-595-1100 for more information.

Adjustment to Vision Loss courses are scheduled for Victoria, Nanaimo,
Campbell River, Comox Valley and Parksville this summer. Contact Phil to
reserve your seat at 1-800-563-2642.

June 7, 2007 –
Focus on Seniors
The Schubert Centre
3505 – 30th Avenue
10 am – 2 pm

June 13, 2007 –
Service Day
Penticton United Church
696 Main Street
2 – 4 pm

June 14, 2007 –
Service Day
Executive Inn
540 Victoria Street
2 – 4 pm

June 5
Peer Group Wind-up
Picnic, St. Vital Park,
11 am – 2 pm. Contact
Kathy at 789-0936.

June 13
Scotiabank Golf

July 30 – August 3
CNIB Children’s Camp at Brereton Lake. Contact Naomi at 774-5421.

July/August – Summer Program
 July 3 – “Winnipeg Goldeyes” Baseball Game
 July 11 – Farm Day
 July 18 – Movie Afternoon
 July 25 – Visit Harbourview Park
 August 1 – Pineridge Hollow Teahouse
 August 6 (tentative) – Rainbow Stage – “The Sound of Music”
 August 15 – Lockport – Tour and Lunch
 August 22 – Gimli – Day at the Lake

Please call Kathy Ilg at 789-0936 at least one week prior to the activities if
you would like to attend.

August 31
Scotiabank/Bob Cameron Golf Classic

September 8
Grand Prize Draw for 15th Annual Car Raffle

October 3
Raise A Reader

Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic

The Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic returns to Moncton on August 22. Once
again, the Golf Classic will be the highlight of the day at Royal Oaks, with a
dinner and auction occurring the evening prior to the golf.

“Last year was the first time that the Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic was
staged in Moncton and its return is in appreciation of the very strong
community support which we received,” commented Duncan Williams,
Director, Services and Operations for New Brunswick.

To enter a team or for more information, contact Jackie Biffin, Coordinator,
Corporate and Community Development at 506-458-0070 or

The Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic will be making its first stop in
Atlantic Canada at the beautiful Bally Haly Golf Club in St. John’s on
Thursday, August 16, 2007. The event is in its second year and like
last year is expected to sell out in record time. Proceeds will help
support CNIB & Gretzky Youth Programs. You can be a corporate or
hole sponsor, enter a team, a player or both.

Contact: Carmelita Joy-Bolger at 1-800-563-2642 or

CNIB Atlantic Home Sweet Home Lottery

Check out your local retail outlets and major shopping centres
across Newfoundland and Labrador for your chance to win a Maple
Leaf home, plus $1,000 towards setup costs, or a beautiful 2007
Chrysler Sebring. Tickets are $10 each or three for $20. Early bird
prizes will also be drawn on June 21. For more information or to
purchase tickets, call 1-800-334-2642 x230 or email

The Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic Auction
August 23, 2007 – Halifax, NS
7 pm, Halifax Harbourfront Marriot Hotel – travel packages and other great
items up for auction.

Sixth Annual Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic – August 24, 2007
Chester, NS
For more information, contact Susan LeBlanc at
or 902-453-1480.

CNIB Golf Tournament
August 18, 2007 – Le Portage, Cheticamp
$500/team or $125/person. Contact Bernadette Johnson at or 902-564-5711 for more information.

CNIB Philip Bower Charity Golf Tournament
August 24, 2007 – Fox Meadow Golf & Country Club
Tee-off at 1 pm. Teams: $500 each. Contact Karen Lamont at or 902-566-2580 for more information.

Annual CNIB Home Sweet Home Lottery
First grand prize is a Maple Leaf modular home, plus $1,000 set-up costs.
Second grand prize is a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. Draw date is August 30.
Early bird prizes of 10 barbecues and 10 digital cameras to be drawn June
21. Contact 1-800-457-0079 to order.

May 2007
Across Ontario
CNIB Door-to-Door canvass campaign
For info, call

May 26 – Toronto
Doors Open Toronto
For info, call 416-486-2500

May 30 – Toronto
CNIB Technology Fair
Find out the latest in assistive technology.
For info, call Elaine
416-486-2500 x8241

June 2-3 – Belleville
CNIB Million Dollar Shootout
Trillium Woods Golf Course. Contact Lori
613-542-4975 x5088

June 12 – Peterborough
CNIB Technology Fair
10 am - 3 pm, Peterborough Lions Centre. For info, call Jennifer 705-745-
6918 x5238

Walter Gretzky CNIB Golf Classic
June 29 –London
For info, call Barb
519-685-8420 x5101
July 16-17 – Brantford
For info, call Sue

August 14 – Ottawa
Xerox 10K
5-8 pm, Experimental Farm. For info, call Jennifer 613-563-4021 x5028
August 23, 24 & 25 – Toronto
CNIB Open Road: Touring with Purpose
For info, call Daniela Rodrigo at 416-486-2500 x7031

For more information about these and other events, visit or call 1-800-563-2642

CNIB Night-Time Golf Tournament
June 20, 2007
Play nine holes in the dark at the prestigious Beaconsfield Golf Club followed
by cocktails, an elegant sit-down dinner, lots of golf stories, silent auction
and games.

NOIR – September 6, 2007
Join us for an evening of fun, flavour and rhythm at the post-performance
dinner-dance soirée following the Gala des Étoiles. Dancing and exotic food
by Java U, and a star-studded dance contest featuring celebrated dancers of
the Gala des Étoiles.

For information and ticket reservations for either event, contact Charles
Martin at (514) 934-4622 x253.

CNIB TechnoVision 2007
October 5, 2007
Join us in Quebec City for our eighth annual vision health exhibit, CNIB
TechnoVision, featuring experts in the fields of vision health, technology
and vision support services. Get up to date with the latest products,
solutions and information for your individual needs. This is your chance to
attend presentations, visit the exhibit hall and meet experts directly.

For information, please contact Dorothée Janet at (514) 934-4622 x 245,
or visit us online at

June 15
Golf Tournament

June 26 – Regina
Clarica-Regina Lions Golf Tournament

July 5
Estevan Lions Golf Tournament

July 25
Lottery Calendar Project begins

July 22 to 27
Summer Camp for Youth
The annual camp for youth ages 12-16 will take place at Arlington Beach.
For more information, please call CNIB Regina.

August 28 & 29
Moose Jaw Lions Golf Tournament

September 14
Grand prize draw for Saskatchewan Car Raffle

October 3
Raise a Reader

CNIB holds Service Days and Low Vision Days in rural communities. CNIB
staff provide services and demonstrate assistive devices. For more
information, dates and locations, call CNIB in your community.

Peer Support
A new peer support group has started for people who are working-age and
living in Regina and area. For more information, please call Lisa at 565-

For more information about these and other events, please call 525-2571 in
Regina or 374-4545 in Saskatoon.
Vision health. Vision hope.

Toll-free: 1-800-563-2642

May 2007
Editor: Catherine Bryant

Charitable Organization
No. 119219459 RR0003

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