Hot Graphics - Boosting Your Online Profits by ElAffa


									Any good website needs good images and your site is no exception. Prepare to be enlightened
and amazed as you read the secrets to incredible internet images!

Don't Be Cheap!

A good website should have amazing graphics which should add to the value and feel of the
entire site. Shoddy, cheap, poorly designed and produced graphics look like just that and people
will instantly get the impression that you are not an authority in your field. Graphics include any
illustrations, photographs or banners which are present in your site. You don't need to be a
graphic designer to have high quality images present on your website. You don't need to go to
the trouble of learning to be a graphic designer in order to get hold of these images.

I would recommend that you just bite the bullet and hire a graphic designer to do the job for you.
Sure, you will have to pay him but the quality that you get in return should pay for itself over
time as more visitors to your site are impressed and stick around for long enough to actually hear
what you have got to offer. Anyway, we aren't talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars here.
You can get a great banner designed for under $50 if you look in the right places and I think that
is great value for money. You have to be prepared to invest in your own website.

Use Relevant Images!

Do you write a blog or is there a blog on your site that you get someone else to write? If so,
make sure that you are including pictures in your blog posts. Pictures and photographs are a
killer tool in creating amazing blogs. People are simply more likely to read a blog with
interesting pictures than one without. They say "a picture speaks a thousand words" and this is
also true when it comes to your blog posts. You would be foolish to ignore this seemingly
obvious fact but many people do. They go to all of the trouble of drafting, writing and re-drafting
a blog post only to cut corners at the last minute and forget to even consider adding a
photograph. Some of those that do add a picture often choose any old picture that they have on
their hard drive. This is crazy.

Beat The Bloggers.

When you beat these other bloggers by adding a picture to your blog make sure that the picture is
relevant to your topic. This is because readers will soon leave anyway if they see that your
picture doesn't relate to the content and it creates a bad user experience which will be bad for
your image. Also, Google and other search engines have algorithms that can assess whether the
images that you include in your blogs are relevant to the topic. Don't ask me how they do it
because I haven't got the foggiest but it is clever and powerful technology so don't try to fool it.

Jackass JPEGs.

Lastly, let's talk about you JPEG images. I have seen too many JPEG images just stuck into the
middle of web pages or in widget sidebars that look "stuck on" and out of place. I see these
colourful JPEGs with flashy graphics but they just end up looking cheap and unprofessional.
Why is this? The back ground is all wrong! Consider how it looks when your image is inserted
into a widget side bar and it is just stuck onto a glaring white background in the square field.
Does that look professional? Was that really what you had in mind when you set out to create
and insert that image? I doubt it so here's the trick. Once again, hire your friendly graphic
designer (remember that you don't need to learn all of his specialist skills and he's not that
expensive either) and ask him to convert your JPEG to a PNG file which he can then modify to
match the background to the colour or pattern of your site's background.

You have just learned about why images are central to the success of your website and how you
can boost profits by avoiding the common mistakes made by so many others.

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