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									                              Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                                   Joel Christopher

Armand:   The next speaker I’d like to introduce is Joel Christopher. To kind of give you a
          little bit of background on Joel, I met Joel I guess its been about two or three years
          ago now, in fact where we met we were at a seminar. Now we weren’t on stage,
          we weren’t speaking, in fact he was in about the third row and I was in the last
          row and we were both attendees at that seminar. Since then though what Joel’s
          done is tripled his list, he found out what people were looking for and he tripled
          his Opt-in list in less than 90 days, but more importantly though he went on to
          build a list of over 102,000 people.

          Now those are old figures and I’m going to let Joel tell you what his current
          figures are, but the importance of building a list is very important, as many of you
          know that are marketing on the Internet. What Joel’s going to tell you about is
          how to do that in a simple 12-step formula? He’s known today as the master list
          builder from people from all over the world who refer to him as that, because its
          100% true and he’s the only person I know qualified to teach you on this subject.
          So everybody put your hands together for Joel Christopher.

Joel:     Good morning. Now I can sit. Good morning folks, I want to thank you for being
          here I really appreciate your presence here. I want to tell you a short story,
          remember the Y2K bug? I just finished New Years dinner with my family in the
          year 2000 when 12 midnight struck. I went upstairs hit the submit button and
          send it to 19 people that was my list. Nineteen people whom I begged, pleaded
          and coached to please Opt-in. It was my wife, my sister, my brother-in-law, my
          wife’s still in my list. After months of studying and researching the Internet I
          made a decision to do it.

          I told my wife that it’s a totally new business, totally new career for me, give me
          three to five years and I’ll probably make a dollar or two. A few months later, in
          less than a year I managed to lose $10,000 in my first year online. I went to a
          seminar by Carl Galetti, met the master, because I finally said if success leaves
          clues who are the most successful in this business I want to model them the way I
          model people who were successful in my previous career.

          On August 11, 2000, Friday I came back from a seminar, told my wife I’m not
          going back to work on Monday morning. I’m fed up. I don’t want to work for
          anybody. I’m not going to show up. The whole clinic ran under my license, so
          the clinic shut down. It was a moment that I told my wife I’m going to go full
          time with this business. I don’t know where the money will come from, and she
          was a registered nurse making good money at that time, but I said mark my words
          give me three to five years, when our first baby is born if you decide not to go
          back to work I will support you 100%.

          Two weeks before our baby was born 97 days ago she quit her job and now I can
          bring her with me. Again, my name is Joel Christopher, but for those of you
          Americans who can’t roll the “R’s”, and say “R” instead of “A” and “A’s” instead
          of “R’s” its Remandaban. I branded myself as Joel Christopher because 99% of
          the people that I’ve met through my travel could either not say my last name or

                    Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                         Joel Christopher

worse could not spell it. So I’m doing you a favor of naming myself Joel
Christopher. It’s a generous gift.

A week from now I’ll be speaking in LA and I could not believe that three years
and a month later I’ve spoken at nine events with some of the most distinguished
speakers in the world and next week with Ted Nicholas and Joe Sugarman and
David Garfinkel. Folks I am not a speaker. I am not a marketer. I do not have
any writing background, marketing training or even technical background. In
fact, Armand wanted my PowerPoint on a computer and I said dude, I haven’t
learned how to burn a thing on my CD. I didn’t know you were supposed to take
the sticker off the laptop.

What I’m saying is this, the power of the list is what helped me achieve my goals
in this business and I want to share with you how you can get an Opt-in list,
double your online profits in half the time to guarantee yourself a massive flow of
cash every month, month after month. Does that sound interesting? Great, but I
need your help though. If I do this I’d like for you to be interactive with me,
because I love hands on. I was a physical therapist, so raise your hand when I do
this and there’s a joint right here between your head and neck that goes like this.
You can smile too that helps. It takes away my nervousness thank you.

Lets go back to the story here. Before I do that you have to set the note so the
anal retentive, you have everything from my PowerPoint in the manual. For those
that need to cross their “T’s” and dot their “I’s” its right there for you. For those
of you who really want to make a difference in really applying this I have a two-
page handout, which is your action plan. Folks this is the most important part of
the presentation. It’s your participation. What I want you to do as I go through
the 12 steps; I want you to write at least one thing down in every step and when
you’re going to do that one thing for that one particular step. Is that cool?

On Monday morning you’ll have what I call Monday morning misery where you
really don’t know what the heck you’re going to do and what to start. This is a
good start is that cool? How I tripled my Opt-in list in 99 days and how you can
too. What’s the value of having your own Opt-in list of neverending prospects
and leads to sell to? Well before we define the value of the Opt-in list lets define
what an Opt-in list is. For simplicities sake it’s a contact list of subscribers, leads
and prospects. Now how many of you here have your own Opt-in email contact
list? How many of you here would like to have 5,000, maybe 10,000, maybe
20,000 or more Opt-in email lists? Good, I’m in the right room then.

Having your own list is very valuable, because the action that I learned from my
friend Marlon Sanders, your list is your goldmine your money is in your list is
very true. In fact that’s half the truth its really your relationship with your
customer list is where your money will come from and I know my friends Jimmy
Brown and also Frank Garon will expound on that even more. Now we’re going
to talk about how to build your Opt-in list. Now when you’re a master list
builder, you have to remember two golden rules. That is he/she has the gold,

                    Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                         Joel Christopher

which is the list makes the rules and corollary to that, master list golden rule
number two is he/she who makes the rules, the list owners keeps the gold. Here’s
the value of your own contact Opt-in email list.

I was at an Internet marketing lifestyle summit in Hawaii it was a $5,000 event for
seven days with three of the pioneers in this industry. One question from the
audience was asked. If you’re building, your house, if you’re place of business is
burning down right now what is the one thing that you will take with you if
there’s only one thing you can take with you? Guess what the answer was? The
list. (inaudible) says he has a contract that, if any of his employees shares the
databases or messes with the database he will sue that particular employee for
$25M. Who has heard of (inaudible)?

Now he makes millions of dollars online, he’s somebody I would listen to right?
Now Lonnie Grant said also that you’ve got to build your list as fast as you can
and we have some examples of successful email list campaigns that actually
happened. Who’s heard of Terry Dean? He made $33,445 and some since in 72
hours over a weekend, not a bad weekend would you say. Robert Allen had a
challenge to make $24,000 in 24-hours, made $94,400 and something dollars in
24-hours. Not a bad day and that was only to a list of 11,000.

Bob Gatchell a friend of mine did this thing for about a week and within four days
made $34,000 grand in four days and his headline, if I can remember it right, how
I made $34,000 selling something that someone else delivered, someone else
produced while sitting naked in my hot tub with my wife. Now, who knows Bob
Gatchell here? If you’ve seen Bob that’s classic Bob Gatchell he’s a funny guy.
Then Armand Morin, by the way you don’t have to have a huge list to make a lot
of money. Armand Morin I believe made $4500 over a single day from a list of
2300 a year and a half ago and there’s a guy here, Jeff Walker where are you?
This guy I would take to lunch and pay for the lunch, because here’s the story of
how he made how much? Six figures, $104,000 in seven days, I’d take him for a
day in my own house.

That’s the value of a list, but the challenge is building is just as difficult if you
don’t have the right blueprint, the right system and the proper coaching. By the
way, in case I miss any point here I’ll be available the whole weekend if you have
a question to ask feel free to do that I’ll be available. I won’t be as nervous
because I’ll be done speaking by that time. It took me six months to build a list of
about 400 people, 15 months to get to 5,000 and 22 months to build a list of
10,000, but after I figured it out I was able to not only double, but triple my list in
99 days. Would you like to know how I did that?

Step-by-step in detail I will give it to you. I did a challenge. Marlon Sanders,
who at the time was a distant mentor, barely new me, I was sitting up front here
and he said you you’ve got to do a survey. Who has seen Marlon Sanders speak?
He’s real animated you know and he said ask your customers what is your biggest
problem right now? So I did that, went back home that same weekend and sent an

                    Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                         Joel Christopher

email to my list, before its over like the last day of September and I said what is
your biggest problem right now, one line. About 600 people responded, of the
600, 67% 2/3 of them said how to build an Opt-in list from scratch. So I looked it
up in my notes, I’d been to like eight seminars at the time, read all the books,
bought all the eBooks and there was no specific system to how, because my target
market back then were the newbies. Internet marketing beginners, so I didn’t see
any system, so I said okay I love challenges. I said let me post a challenge,
October third I said I’m going to double my list in 90 days. By December 31,
2000, I’m going to double my list.

In the back of my mind I said I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do, but I
will do it. On my way to Hawaii actually I thought about the plan and there was a
pivotal moment on October 6, 2001, I heard Jay Conrad Levinson and I was rich,
thanks to Mr. Alex Mandossian, but he wrote an amazing sales letter that really
attracted me to be there. He and Jay Conrad Levinson talk about the seven
sentence marketing plan and the 52-week marketing plan. So I said to myself,
using Marlon’s technique of creating a product and then the 52-week plan I said
how can I start my own product and make $200,000 in the process and brand
myself? That was the question I placed October 6, 2001.

So I went about my newsletter issue and I sent an email. I said the first five
people to sign up through me to attend a boot camp in February, four months
down the line, I will give you 12-weeks of coaching, one to two hours a week. I
will show you how I’m going to double my list in 90 days. I said and if you don’t
get 5,101 subscribers in six months or less I will give you back your $1500, you
attend the seminar for free and you’ll get my 12-20 hours of coaching for free. So
I put a lot of pressure on myself.

I was able to do it in 74 days. I said let me push this a little bit further. I met Paul
Myers; he sent me an eBook the Amazing List Machine incredible book. You
ought to buy it from my friend Paul Myers. He sent me this book for review, I
said man this is awesome I’m really going to push my list. I was near doubling
my list at that time, so I read that and did all the techniques. Mike Lanier
interviewed me like halfway through the process, by the way Mike Lanier I still
haven’t met him, he’s the Larry King on Internet radio. This guy is a great
conversationalist. He asks you the best questions and I remember that so well
when he grilled me.

He said how are you doing this? I said I’m still learning the process you know
and finally I was able to triple it in 99 days. Now today this was like two weeks
ago, my Opt-in newsletter list is 102,000. I do sub-listing or list segmentations,
which I’m going to talk about and I know Jimmy is going to talk about later on.
It’s actually about 120 or 125,000 now. Sub-listed into like one to fifty
categories. I’m going to show you how I do that. Now let me give you the basics
first and then we’re going to go bam, bam, bam with the 12-steps is that cool?

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

Basics, five steps to massive Internet marketing success. You’ve got to discover
and sell what you’re passionate about. You’ve got to find out why you are here
on this earth. You know what is your mission? What is your passion? I did a
sabbatical when I was 24 and I wrote down, Boca Raton, Florida, I wrote down
what I wanted to do. For me the biggest thing is, the biggest impact in my life
was when one guy came to our house, which was in the city, my parents lived in
the province on this remote island and this guy said I’m going to take you all to
dinner because your dad has helped my father and put me through school.

My dad never told us about this story. I said you know that’s what I really want
to do, so that year I went to a Tony Robbins event and I said I’m going to send 50
kids to school for the next 50 years. One kid from my town, which was a poor
town, I never experienced poverty but I saw it all around me, because my father
was a medical doctor to the poor and eventually became mayor and I said I want
to send 50 kids to school and this is really what I’m passionate about. This is
what I want to do to make a difference. Its been 10 years now and so far I’ve
produced two CPA’s and the thing is that’s really what I’m about.

Another thing that I want to do is I want to help the people from my town because
they helped us a lot. We had this island across from my parent’s house, where
you can see about a mile away from the coast and I’ve always wanted to buy that
island. I want to bring rich folks like you so my people from the Philippines can
have some jobs and make them productive. The point is, what is it that you want
to do and you want to be and you want to have five, ten, twenty or fifty years from
now begin with the end in mind and be passionate about it.

Really the business is a vehicle to support that kind of lifestyle. Your business
exists to support you, instead of you existing to support your business. I mean
why is that feeling; we’re like man I’m working for my business in my business
not on my business. Now I’m very passionate about self-employment. I was an
employee of 60 therapists and it was not cool. A lot of headaches lost 1,000 hairs
because of that and I was an employee and didn’t like having a boss. Didn’t like
it, I enjoyed self-employment though and I want to share that passion with the
world and I thought the Internet would be a great vehicle.

This vehicle that can help the other big plan, because folks when the going gets
tough, when you’re losing $1,000 to $10,000 or even $100,000 in the business as
you’re going through the learning curve the passion will let you make it through
the pain and go through the success cycle. Then the second thing is targeting your
marketing to a niche market; get rich in your niche. You have a got here who’s
really great at search engine tactics with niche markets Don, yeah Don talk to Don
he’s going to talk about niche marketing here too.

Then you find the lead product or products that you’re target market belongs, go
for a product preferably under $100, even better if its under $50 especially online.
Then you build and develop your own prospect pipeline. This is your wealth
funnel. Create an effective leads and sales generation system to build your own

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

high quality Opt-in list as fast as you can and milk it for everything its worth.
Think about this, the more leads that go through your funnel chances are the more
customers that come out of the funnel right? Remember the funnel that Fred
(inaudible) was talking about? It’s a great model. What made the profit pipeline
is, if you were to draw, in fact draw this right now on a piece of paper, two lines,
horizontal lines about an inch apart.

On top is your profit pipeline, underneath line number one put products, below
line number two put promotions. To the left in between the two lines put
prospects, to the extreme right in between the two lines put profit. Here’s the
profit pipeline, is your follow-up system to bring prospects, introduce them to
your line of products through your promotion or marketing and at the end of the
pipeline you get profits. By cementing the list by the way, which I’m going to
talk about later, you create multiple pipelines like the oil pipeline.

Lastly and many direct marketers who already know the business, really vouch for
this. Up sell your customers with your medium costs and high profit back-end
products. On the Internet rages between $100 to $500 and high-ticket item
products like $500 or more in my book I tested this, I prefer to sell $1,000 to
$5,000 product. If you sell $20 items how many $20 items do you need to sell to
make 1-$5,000 sale? A lot. The money is in the back-end. If you haven’t read it
yet, go get it by Marlon Sanders. It’s a great outline of
how to really do this business.

There are many benefits of having your own huge Opt-in list. Number one, you
build your credibility as an expert in your field or niche market to have this
massive list. Second, you build a strong relationship with a huge number of
people. I call it auto humanization, which is automation with humanization.
Automation is the email marketing, the websites and the recorded teleseminars.
The humanization is the phone call you made, the postcards you sent, the personal
touch, the live phone call, the live teleseminars and the live events. If you really
want to sell high-ticket items online you’ve got to humanize the process, but
you’ve got to combine, generate leads online, pre-sell them online and then back-
end sell them with a combination of online and offline marketing. I call that the
auto humanization process.

For example, how many of you here have been my subscribers for more than a
month? For more than two months? More than three months? More than four
months? More than a year, wow, two years? I love you man, great wow. Who
remembers the time when I launched that on the website, a picture of my daughter
Simone Lauren? Who remembers the time when I wrote at 2:30 in the morning
where we had the three-hour walk with Marlon Sanders in the middle of the
night? Who remembers the time when I wrote about the illness of my father
around Christmas time? Tatiana how did you, because I know you told me about
this email about me talking to Marlon at 2:30 in the morning? How did that make
you feel?

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

She wants to talk to me right away. See we have like a personal relationship, but
we haven’t talked on the phone. It’s fascinating when you post pictures. Like go
to, it shows most of the people that I’ve met and
have pictures with at seminars I’ve been to. I’ve been to 21; this is my 21 st,
because I have a confession to make. I’m an Internet marketing (inaudible). I
believe in the process of modeling. Success leaves proof. I have been to these
experts’ homes; some of them have stayed at my house, because I wanted to pick
their brains.

In fact one of them actually moved four doors down from me and again it’s all
about relationships that you build. If you have a system to generate and follow-up
on leads and prospects that makes them buying customers because we’re in
business, so you want buying customers not just readers or subscribers. In fact I
have a list of 191 people that I sold more than $250,000 last year. These people
know my cell phone, know my private email, some of them like a guy, I won’t
mention the name, but he’s kissing my daughter right now would probably at
11:00 at night, she hadn’t heard that.

You earn more money by developing multiple streams of income for your
products; to invent programs, resell rights, everything. Your insured of a monthly
income as long as you regularly provide good content and good offers. Frank
Garon can attest to that. Jimmy Brown can attest to that. Ted Ciuba, Frank Kern
can attest to that. Its instant cash flow and its like Terry said, you know Joel,
Terry Dean, whenever I want some money, like a pretty good chunk of change I
just send an email to my list. Instant cash flow on demand.

You also are able to do free market research. Perform a survey and generate
results immediately at no cost to you. My whole product line from my audio
eBook, to my old master list builder workshop, to my videotape/audiotapes were
generated because of three surveys. My whole business, the master list builders
system came out of a one-question survey. I knew the answers within 48-hours,
would you like to do your own survey and create a six-figure income product?
That’s the thing its free market research.

The seventh reason is you’re able to help others, like my friend Mike Litman
wanted to be number one in Amazon last year. I helped them; some people in this
room have helped them. Randy Gilbert, another one who wanted to be a best
seller at Amazon. Mark Joyner did, you know, some people that wanted me to
promote their stuff because we have a good relationship I helped them. It’s a
good feeling and then there’s another one, reason that’s not in your notes but for
the anal retentive, you can write this down, number eight. Jeff just said it to me
today, he said you know building a list, by the way he made six figures in seven
days with a relatively small list of 22,000, not a million and that’s pretty good

He said Joel, you know the reason why I want to do this is because I get a massive
amount of people that I really want to talk to and brainstorm with on a regular

                    Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                         Joel Christopher

basis. That’s a great reason to have a list. If you have 100,000, 50,000, 20,000
people to choose from to be a mastermind with wouldn’t that be better than one or
two choices? Now remember, who read Rich Dad Poor Dad? Remember he said
your net worth equals your network remember that? That’s it and that’s your list,
its your circle of influence. Now here’s the part that you really want and I have
enough time. How you do can build your own Opt-in contact list and triple it in
99 days or less.

Now please note when I say Opt-in list, contact list, email list, technically they’re
not really one in the same, but for the sake of simplicity versus refer to them as a
list or e-zine or follow-up systems is that cool? Okay, now I want you to work
with me because I’m going to have you write fast, because I’m going to go fast
with this step. Again, as I go through one step at a time make sure you have your
handout where you do at least one thing you will do as soon as you get home in
every step. Lets all stand up first, stand up, do a quick stretch up, up, up, up to the
side, to the other side and then backwards and say ahhh.

I have to practice some physical therapy. Here’s the first step, here’s how you can
target your market. Again you start with your passion, you actually use the five
principles. P.I.E., passion interest, expertise, look at yourself what you’re
passionate about, what you’re interested in and what are you considered an expert
at. The greatest secret in the world, but Aug Mandino said you don’t have to be
super fast or super smart to really succeed in the world, you only have to be a
small measurable amount better than mediocrity than you’ve got it made.

So when I say an expert, you have to know just a little bit beyond what the
average person knows, in fact that’s how I targeted my market. I figured I was
near beat up; I was frustrated I couldn’t see any site that talked my language,
because I’m not a writer, techy or marketer. I figure anybody who started a
month after me I’m more of an expert right. That’s how I targeted my market, but
you can do better than that. Do your market research. Go to search engines like and check what’s being searched the most. Check for the most
public keywords at I used to recommend them, but somehow they
had some problems recently so I go to and

Another way to check this is check the best selling books in Amazon, Borders,
what’s selling right now. You not only want target market about that, that you’re
passionate about or interested in or an expert at in terms of topic, but you’ve got
to make sure there’s money, the people have money to pay. I had this client that
wanted to target people who wanted to be debt free and he had a hard time
because he didn’t have a steady list to buy his product. There’s another software
that makes your research easier, the company is called Niche Market Research at or, it will make your search
easier by cutting your time by at least 1200%. It’s a software that you can use
pretty inexpensive.

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

Now once you have decided your target market and topic, come up with a catchy
name for your list. Make it relate to your domain name, like in my case, I really wanted access to success, but that was taken and at
that time the most popular way to build your list was through directories. When
you see a phonebook what letter comes first? So I reversed it, success access
nothing creative. Write an attention grabbing tagline. Your USP is your unique
selling proposition; this was my tagline for that e-zine. No nonsense net guide for
newbie netpreneurs. As bad as my accent is I still like illiterate repetition of
words, so half the time I could even say no nonsense net guide for newbie
netpreneurs, but its targeted and attention grabbing.

My USP for my master list builder system is how to triple your Opt-in list and
process in half the time. Right now, what I’m going to have you do is think of
five to seven words that’s benefit laden to your target market. I’ll give you 20
seconds to do that. This is like the crash course in creating your benefit laden
USP. Your USP is your unique selling proposition, what I would do is with those
benefits find a keyword that you want to, the biggest firearm you can have in
terms of the benefits to your target market and create a sentence out of it. That’s
one way of doing it from an inductive medal from small to big.

I’m going to show you how you can write a whole sentence or paragraph and then
you can just cram them into like seven to ten words. The shorter the better that
would grab the best. I like what Jay Abraham said, suggests that not only should
(inaudible) you offer a unique advantage over your competitors, but stated as
such that you are perceived as the only viable solution to your target markets
problems. For example, when I say marketing with postcards, who do you think
of? When I talk about a software creator genius who do you think about? Viral
marketing? Relationship building? Master list builder?

So make it such that when people think of that topic you’re the only one that
comes up. It took me a whole year to brand that name the master list builder it
was like, I have George Callens to thank for that because one day we were doing a
seminar and he called me, I said man let me go to and check it out. is where I get domain names for $8.95 real cheap for a year and it
was available and I just created a USP around that. You know you can do the
same thing for your target market. Now what you do is you decide which of the
five formats that you want. We’re going to talk more about that in the third step,
but there are different formats.

It could be a regular e-zine, it could be e-zine in a box, it could be just an
announcement list, weekly tips, it could be lead generation systems, it could be
web-zine where we can see it online. It could be a pdf file, it’s a system to do
follow-up and I’m going to talk about it in step three. The key thing here is this,
you’ve got to target your market and decide that you want to get started. I met
George Callens on May 4, 2001, and I was promoting high-ticket item seminars at
the time and he called me out of the blue and said why would I buy from you
instead of somebody else. I said well I guess because you know you can talk to

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

me about anything for about an hour and he said okay I’ll get back to you. I did
get back with him the following week and he actually purchased a $1500 seminar
and he said okay here’s what I want to do.

I want to create my own newsletter, I want to build my list and he said what do
you suggest. I said get started. I said I want to see your newsletter on
Tuesday/Wednesday at noon in my inbox here’s the email address. That was the
last week of May George and he has not stopped sending me an email weekly, a
newsletter since then. So George got started, focused on a niche, which at that
time he was focused on newbie netpreneurs also, but now he has sub-niched
himself    into    the   professional   Internet    marketing     segment     at

In my case I have sub-niched myself into the list builder market, which is a key
important point. When you have a much smaller niche, but big enough to support
you and they have money guess what? Your income will be higher, because the
more targeted you are the more you can charge for your product. Now that’s a
first step, so what I want you to do now is whatever I discussed that you’d like to
do, you can do on Monday morning. Write it down and put the date in your
handout right here. To be successful in this business you have to have a bi-action
and if you have a list of things to do that will really help you.

The second step is how to capture the attention of your target market, which also
captures their wallet. Write a (inaudible) in, 30 word, 100 word description of
the benefits that you give your list. This is another deductive method of doing it.
You can write longer paragraphs, longer sentences and they just come from the
compression of that benefit-laden statement whatever that is into seven to ten
words or less. Then using the remaining steps below, which are the remaining 10
steps, your goal now is to convert your subscribers, which are the leads and
prospects into paying customers.

Now third step, here’s how to keep your target market in your profit pipeline.
Remember the profit pipeline I told you about that’s a follow-up system. The
fortune is in the follow-up. Now you choose the proper format and frequency
contact follow-up system. You can write a regular newsletter, folks I’m not a
writer, I can barely type with my two fingers, but I have been publishing since
Y2K, January 1, 2000. Now if you don’t want to write that much you can write a
pre-written e-zine in a box that we talked about. You can also have free report
lead generation systems. I have a (inaudible) used to sell high-ticket items like
$2000 seminars using this technique, because I didn’t really know the how to
write (inaudible) at the time. I had the resell rights to this product.

I put the word out, cut it up into ten parts and created an Autoresponder system
out of it and sold it as a free report. I found out at an information marketing boot
camp that in the direct marketing rolls, a free report is really a sales letter. So I
said how can I fire up online, well create a follow-up system online that’s all I did
and you can do the same thing. Updates or announcement lists, it makes me laugh

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

and I hope you don’t mind when, I remember this was in my workshop in
October, Paul Myers. Who’s heard of Paul Myers? Who doesn’t know Paul
Myers? He said Jimmy Brown is the only guy I know that can send offers and
people look forward to them. Who has bought products from Jimmy Brown?
Don’t you look forward to his emails? I know I do and they’re offers, you can
have this. Jimmy how long did it take you to do that, to write an offer?

And you made five figures per email? Not a bad minute and a half. I wish I’d
talked to you sooner or you can do a combination I have a combination. Again
my follow-up system is now shorter, but I tend to send it more. I used to send it
every two weeks, 30 minute long reading time. Last year it was like 15-minute
reading time, every week now, I send about two a week and its like two minutes,
five minutes tops. You write the three to seven follow-up email messages sent by
sequential Autoresponder. Who hasn’t heard of the word Autoresponder? An
Autoresponder is an email robot. I liken it to a secretary, it doesn’t get sick,
doesn’t complain, doesn’t take time off and your spouse will never get jealous of
it. It also has great memory it remembers when to send the follow-up emails.

It can be automated and personalized. Here are the reasons why you to do these
steps. You want to welcome them, you want to start to build that relationship,
because remember in this business relationship is king. They’ve got to know you,
like you and trust you before they will buy from you. Don’t you agree? Then it
ultimately initiates the sales process by offering now your lead product.
Remember the profit pipeline, the lead product on the left hand side of the paper.
Okay the fourth step, how to harness your website traffic to build your list. This
topic will be dealt with more tomorrow by my friend Alex Mandossian who’s a
master at web topic conversion, so I’m just going to talk about it a little bit.

All you do is put up a sign-in form on your website its as simple as that. Let me
ask you this, how many of you have a website? How many of you here do not
have a sign-up form Opt-in on your website be honest? Okay it’s a few. That’s
the first thing you do. You can also add a Popup box, because of lack of time I
want to demonstrate all this, but because of lack of time I’m just going to describe
them. Type in or auto-subscribe, I like to auto-subscribe because you just click
okay twice and it reads the email number one, number two they can’t misspell.
There’s a problem I have with, you see the stuff about those nasty Popup boxes

You know you can type something, but what if the person who was on the end
typed in the wrong email address. That’s why I like Opt-in automated the guy
who owns the script is here Ryan Dice, good-looking kid. Take him to lunch.
Make him give it to you for free, I’m kidding. You can also learn about Popups
by getting Armand’s, which is free, if you get it from me, I’ll give it to you for
free or I have the rights to it and if you want to learn more
about these amazing Popups you go to I know Jimmy here
has eye-popping Popups and Steven Bates has

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

By the way you may be annoyed by those pesky Popups, but guess what they
work. How to make even more money from your list, which is step number five.
This is now where you start to fill the process on a higher year. Certain
percentages of subscribers receiving your three to seven follow emails and e-zines
will buy and become customers. A small percentage, maybe one percent or less,
now how do you maximize the profit? Learn from Jay Abraham, there’s only
three ways to build and grow your businesses. One is to increase your customers.
Number two is, increase the amount of purchase at the time of the transaction.
Number three is, increase the frequency of them coming back. In short, sell to
more customers, more items, more often that’s it three ways.

Increase your leads, increase amounts and increase the frequency for them to
come back. So the first ways of step number three is to get them in the funnel
right. The more you put in the funnel chances are more of them will come out the
end right make sense? Now how do you maximize that traffic where you up sell
the size of the sale? does it so well that’s why he makes
more than a quarter of a million from that website a year. Offer them an upgrade
on your product like when MacDonald’s asks you if you want fries with that.
Then what you do, which I tend to do more of is write a follow-up email series to
get them to come back.

Now in your notes I have down there automate six-figures with short listed
member sub-lists. I have 256 sub-lists ranging from 89, 191 to under 2000. I
want to track where my Opt-ins are coming from. Now it says how you can make
more than $22,000 in sales to small lists of 91 people. Real simple, sell them
high-ticket items. Get this, I have a list of 191 people that I sold last year within
11 months, $1,000 to $5,000 worth of products and seminars and services.
Average that and then multiply that. Does that make sense? So the big list is not,
it’s the quality of the list that’s most important does that make sense, but here’s
what’s even more important.

Its called the 3 M’s very simple, message market map. If I send an email to a list
that asks me about seminars I only send emails about seminars to that list. If
somebody asks me about a $500 product, home-study course, I only send
information about that. If people who already made it through the program want
to know more about my program I only send this particular email to that field
program. You’ve got to match the message to the market does that make sense?
Why would I talk to people who are on the seminar list about health care products
that they’re not really interested in? You’re going to kill your list if you don’t
send them the right message. That’s how you make more money from small lists.

You shorten it, cement and sub-list it. All right. (inaudible) visitors of dozens of
high traffic websites and lists in a quest of (inaudible). Two words, e-zine
directory, announcement lists. You can do it manually, the URL is in your notes
or you can talk to the Clark Kent look-a-like before the accident Jason Potash.
Stand up Jason, all right.

                                Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                                     Joel Christopher

Audience:   Applause.

Joel:       I have this guy to thank for because he’s made the miserable life of e-zine
            publishers then resubmitting to directories of bygone because you can now
            automate it. Talk to Jason about it. Seven steps, how to respectively attract
            thousands of targeted subscribers to your e-zine list for free while building your
            credibility at the same time. You profit a little bit, the first six steps are the basic
            steps, you’ve got to be a master of the basics, but you’ve got to do the basics first
            before you go to intermediate and before you go to the event.

            Its like learning Tae Kwon Do or Karate, you’ve got to go white belt first, then
            yellow belt and then lion belt and then on and on before you go to black belt.
            Again mastery is learning basics over and over again. Having said that, you now
            launch your list, your e-zine, your follow-up, and your free report using e-zine
            analysis. How do you increase the rate of your subscription to more? Well you
            attract them for free by doing free publicity. Is Joe Vitale here? Hey Joe.

Audience:   Applause.

Joel:       Didn’t you write a great eBook on writing articles?

Joe:        Several.

Joel:       Can you name some?

Joe:        You forgot a hypnotic article I think, I don’t really remember.

Joel:       He’s done one or two of those and the reason I mention that is because I want to
            edify a product too, because he’s here. I learned from two products such as…

Joe:        (inaudible) so they can videotape me. Now I’m really going…

Joel:       Joe Vitale, go to I believe its There is a
            book by Terry Dean, Internet Xfactor, as well as, by Michael (inaudible), which
            is how to write articles and get free publicity or something like that at
   You submit your articles to publishers again using Jason’s
            software. You no longer have to do it manually now thank goodness. E-zine
            announcers its in your notebook. What you do is how do you get traffic? How do
            you get subscribers? We have a benefit laden resource box, who’s heard of the
            resource box?

            A resource box is also known as a Johnson box, which really describes what you
            do with your next ad. Mike Marino is the expert in free or
            whatever, whatever e-zine URL, its an email link. Its better to use a subscribed
            email link than a URL in terms of website address and the reason for that is
            because you capture them right away. Even more ways to build your list for free,
            the first one is sig files, who has heard of signature files? Who has not heard of

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

signature files? A signature file is a four to six line, sometimes more or
sometimes less, but you write at the bottom of every email that you sent. Include
your salutation, your name, your email address, there could be a phone number
and if you could include your USP that’d be great.

There are different versions. I have best of success, my name, my USP, the URL
and my phone number. I always put my phone number that’s a toll free number,
because I want people to know that they can access me by phone. Again I hate
the sites I’d rather talk on the phone its just me. Yanik and Armand do this where
they have best of success Armand Morin.                        You can go to,    ,     every     fricking He branded that. Viral marketing, give away free eBooks or
better yet sell them with resell rights.

Jimmy Brown will tell you about this technique, so I’m not going to delve into
that because he does it so well. The software that my webmaster uses it was a and I know Jimmy Brown uses You can
also use Now the third free way is use the subscriber for a
program. Go to its free. You can reward your subscribers, by
the time you have built a small, maybe a fairly large database what you do is use
the power of word of mouth marketing, meaning people sending emails saying
you’ve got to read this.

Well you can reward them by giving them free ads in your newsletter, giving
them money, .15, .20, .30 cents a name or you could give them a free digital
product depending on how many you submit it’s a free system to do it. Writing
testimonials is a good thing. Why do you think a lot of the big names like Alex,
Joe Vitale, Frank Kern, why they have their names on other people’s websites.
I’m sure they like the product, but this also helps them get traffic. You can do the
same thing. It’s a good way to be on the good side of experts. Take contests,
Alex San Fran did this with seven or eight publishers, I think it’s a misprint its
2000 right Alex, Alex San Fran in four days, so that was a misprint $2,000 in four

If you want to know how to do contests and have a group of publishers in your
niche market and your target market and get subscribers for free by basically
swapping     each     others   subscribers   talk    to   Alex      San    Fran,          You      can     do      ad      swaps, He’s here. Take him to lunch, dinner, stand up
Alex. Go Alex, all right! You can do free clicks through marketing sites like,,,, some of the
minor ways to do it. I can’t get into them simply because of lack of trying, but
come to me I’m available and you can ask me any questions after the presentation.

Now how to build your profits while building your list, the concept is why not pay
for advertising and at the same time build your list. The three ways I have tested
to do this one successfully are in order pay-per-click search engine and Opt-in

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

mailing lists like He is not here Andy Foss is from Ireland,
but it’s a good product, you can ask Frank about it and me, it’s a great product, but I would go this way. Total advocates of instant and the
reason why I put that atop because it’s easier to control. A pay per click to me
again, because I tend to hire it out, I delegate that and I know from my talks with
Marlon Sanders sometimes doing the pay per click, Overture doesn’t allow those
keywords, but I just don’t want to mess with it. If there’s somebody you would
talk to its John Fields from, a free assist engine of
pay per click search engines is with Alan

Those who will buy your product will go to your customer list. Remember we
talked about sub-lists, okay, now the visitors, the lookers you convert them into
email subscribers by using a Popup box. Yanik Silver increased his rate of Opt-in
by 500% when he did this. Alex will talk about recycling on Sunday he’s going
to go more into detail with that. There is one site I recommend you actually be a
member of its, because Terry Dean tested it for you.
You don’t have to spend the money to test, the e-zine, the pay per clicks, the
Google AdWords and all that; he will do that for you.

Number ten, how to build your list fast (inaudible) for registration. Cooperation
with your competition in building your list, it ties in with making more money not
by going against your competition, but actually by working with them.
Registration is the practice of referring lead subscriptions to memberships that
started with another registration process. I’ll make this simple. Two ways, one is
the three-way you know when you Opt-in to a newsletter and you get a thank you
page. Well if you work in a competition model with another person maybe three
or four publishers in the same target market what you can do is slip them in the
sites and newsletters on that thank you page and they’ll do the same thing for you.

The other way, which is really now what’s more formally known as (inaudible)
are the pay per subscriber directories. These are directories like,
but I’ve tested several other sites. Basically what you do is you pay between,
depending on the quality of the subscribers you can pay as low as .03, .05 cents or
as high as more than a dollar for a subscriber, but the key here is this. You’ve got
to do the basics, the first one to nine steps first before you go into this, because
some people made the mistake of doing this first they have a massive list of
10,000 subscribers and they don’t have a pipeline system to follow up on these
leads and they just go to waste.

They unsubscribe, they don’t buy that kind of thing and generally these are not
frequent buyers. The people are there mainly to inspect you, they’re not the rapid
buyers that you want, but they can help you with the numbers. The important
thing is to do the basics first, go for the quality and then you go for the quantity.
The secret to building your Opt-in e-zine list is by buying some stuff and virtually
not paying for them. You do the math by calculating the ROR, for example if you
sell a $20 product and your conversion ratio is 1%, one of 100 buys and your cost

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

is .25 cents a name. Twenty-five cents times 100 is what, $25.00? Well guess
what you’ve sold one out of 100 in 30-60 days and you lost money right.

Now if you don’t have a back-end as we talked about and the profit pipeline
you’re going to lose money right. So you have to have a profit pipeline system to
follow-up and then bring them to a sub-list of customer buyers so that you can sell
them more of these high-ticket items that make sense? Number 11 create a
supposition by fusion. Fusion marketing as I learned at the Guerilla Marketing
Boot Camp almost a year and a half ago as Jay Conrad Levinson describes it, its
defined as a collaborative marketing alliance with one or more businesses, which
will help you market your business while you help them market theirs and also
known as joint venture marketing.

Two major ways, (inaudible) subscribers targeted by spreading your marketing
(inaudible) you have decreased your advertising costs okay and reducing your
marketing efforts. An example would be, I call e-zine articles to (inaudible) the
push. Do you know when you write articles in step seven you write, you have a
partner, a mastermind partner or a writing partner where he/she writes an article
and then you write an article in the resource box instead of spending the whole six
lines just promoting yourself, you promote him/her too. That’s the same thing
you double your efforts does that make sense?

The second way is what I call triple treat and Paul Myers in his book Amazing
List Machines calls doing the three way. What you do is, lets say for example
Tatiana and Will and Donna have the same target market. They can write a three-
part article and Tatiana publishes part one. In order for subscribers to see part two
and three they have to subscribe to Will and to Donna. Will sends part two, in
order for his subscribers to get one and three they have to subscribe to Tatiana and
Donna. Donna does the same thing you maximize the effort right three times. It
costs you nothing.

Thirdly, syndication this is really almost with the click of a button you can have
your articles all over the Internet and you can have it pasted online in hundreds if
not thousands of websites through syndication like Ann Landers, Dear Abby,
they’re all over the world right they do the same thing and its using a script. The
original script was written by Will I can’t say his last name or one the master
resellers at Now the second one is to decrease your
advertising costs. How to roll over the cost of targeted subscribers in growing
your list fast in a short period of time.

What you do is, you do what George, Ed and I did a year ago where we said okay
we have the same target market we’ll just sell different product lines. Why don’t
we buy subscribers, they’re only .24 or .25 cents apiece and instead of .24/.25
cents apiece you pay a third between the three of you. This idea I got from Dr.
Bob Silber, remember that Bob we tested it, we suggested it to ListBuilder or
PromptInfo the same system, different private label and it worked out great. You
sell a $20 product, the conversion ratio is 1%, and one of 100 buys right. You buy

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

100 subscribers at .08 cents apiece, 24 divided by 8 how much do you pay three
bucks. You sold one, how much did you make?

Again, you have to calculate the return on investment. You’ve got to focus on the
return of investment not the conversion ratio. The higher ticket items are even
better or the residual based membership sites, because they renew every month.
Ed did this, he had eight subscribers before he had his run of the first, I coached
this student, he said Joel I have eight subscribers four of them were mine and I
didn’t like it I unsubscribed all four. Anyway using this technique in three
months he had 12,000 and now he’s at 30,000. He has done the basics, again
don’t focus on this number right here because its step number 11, you’ve got to do
steps one to six for the basics, seven through nine for the intermediate and now
the advanced. That’s the system.

Ultimate list building systems that will not only automatically build your list for
free, but also create absolutely unlimited profits at no cost to you, a mouthful but
if a Philippino with an accent can say it so anybody can do it. Using two-tier filler
programs anybody who’s not familiar with the filler program? Okay good. A
filler program is a way to have other people promote your products and get paid
on a commission. Two tier meaning you sign up for my program, David signs up
under you and then Luis buys from David, you get a percentage of the sale and
you get a higher percentage if you sell directly to Sherry does that make sense?

Now what I’m talking about here really is what’s commonly known online as
super affiliate marketing. I have a term for it called Coin and I coined the word
pardon the pun, center of influence network its called joint venture offer. Each
one of us has a center of influence of at least 250 people. Some of us have a lot
more what you do is you contact the centers of influence. You have a large list,
build a relationship with them. Get them to know you, like you and trust you and
then you do a joint venture offer and they endorse your product to their list. One
way of locating them is using and there’s another one,
I don’t remember the URL, but I’ll check on that.

By the way these notes will be at for those of
you who really want to see it again. I will have that up probably by next week, in
case you missed some because I went fast. I’ll tell you a story, Mike Litman reads
an omen, I first met them in October of 2001 at the Guerilla Marketing Boot
Camp where I first met Joe actually. They said man; we want to be number one
on Amazon. We’ve contacted 30 people and that’s what they did. Twelve of us,
including you Joe right and Frank, who else was in that campaign who sent an
email to the list, okay there’s 12 of us so forgive that and by the way, I want to
acknowledge (inaudible), the guy you want to talk to because he’s a brilliant
interviewer too.

What they did was they had this massive campaign, they did it in 76 days, they
didn’t even write the book because it was an interview compilation of billionaires
and the book is called Conversations with Millionaires. They went to number one

                    Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                         Joel Christopher

on Amazon within 15 hours, sold more than 2,000 books overnight, built their list
and guess what it’s a customer list, not just Opt-in these are buyers, which are 50
to 100 times better than just Opt-in readers. They grossed more than $30,000 in
less than 24-hours and what did it cost them? Zero, it’s called center of influence
networking. Now its really important to do that, scenario Jay Abraham did this
mastermind marketing paid program. Some of you were there last month
incredible; I mean the most interactive hands-on seminar I’ve ever been too
amongst the 21 I’ve been too.

Paul Turner contacted Marlon Sanders who lives four doors down from me who
said man my list, I don’t know if you know they’ll buy $5,000 seminars from me,
but I now a guy who sold high ticket items to his list. So I found out at this boot
camp who sells the most and his name is Joel Christopher, so three-way him into
it. You know that center of influence networking came to me, but you’ve got to
remember I didn’t get Jay Abraham’s radar and Paul Turner’s radar directly, it
went through Marlon, I was referred by Marlon does that make sense? I sold six
$5,000 seats and about seven $2,000 home study courses. Not a bad day not a bad

Can’t share with you the commission level because it’s confidential, but that’s
pretty good right and the fact that I was there to meet a lot. So that’s the power of
center of influence networking. In here are (inaudible) tiers people, trendsetters
of influence, you’ve got to network. How do you approach them? Right now
you’re doing it. I call it the five “P’s” and one “M”, phone, personal contact,
sending a physical product sample, postcards, photos. Do you notice I bring my
camera every time? Who notices that by the way? Do you know why? I take
pictures of these extras and I say hey, after a week or two weeks I send them
emails, we met, here’s the picture.

So somehow there are relationships going on, like I said to Jay I know you’re
going to Big Seminars, we met about a year and a half ago. He says yeah I
remember you, but I showed him the picture does that help? It builds
relationships okay, now another story, George McKenzie did this where he found
me through Frank Garon, he lives about five minutes from me without even
knowing it. Now we’re writing a book called Mining Online Gold, but Using an
Off Line Shovel, which is online list building for off line marketing. Its our
response to this (inaudible).

Now my circle of influence I’ve introduced him to Alex Mandossian, I’ve
introduced him to Day Poynter, Bart Baggett, and half a dozen more authors and
basically he’s used my center of influence, because I introduced him. So use
center of influence networking, don’t go and directly offer something, its not just
the profits that big lists are interested in its about relationships. So do like George
says, do undo others, as they would do unto themselves if they could. He said
Joel I know you hate to write, you prefer to talk it out, you want to write a book,
well guess what? Lets joint venture, you give me ideas I write the book for you
and I said okay lets take it to number one that’s our campaign for March 6 next

                   Big Seminar 1 – Dallas, TX
                        Joel Christopher

month and I think I’ve given away the CD-rom business card. Who’s got those so
far? Those are the first to capture it and if you want and you don’t have it just ask
George McKenzie.

So use center of influence marketing to approach people in joint ventures, because
this is the best way to build your list of customers. I have accent I’m from the
orient as you can easily see and I have this actionmatic Para doctoral statement,
like number one less is more. If you really want to make money online get less
customers to buy higher ticket items from you and you make more money.
Second, slow is fast, when you slow down and follow the steps, step-by-step do
the basics guess what? You’re going to grow your list fast. Who’s seen a
bamboo tree in pictures or in life? Did you know that they grow like five to ten
feet the first seven years? After the seventh year they grow to 50 to 100 feet
almost overnight.

Well it’s the same thing with your list okay, the last thing if action is the
foundation of success repeated right action of the right system step-by-step are the
building blocks of mastery and again mastery is doing the basics over and over
and over again. I wish you the best and I really look forward to you becoming a
master list builder. Thank you.


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