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					                                       HI Hostels Guide: Thailand
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Thai Youth Hostels Association
25/2 Phitsanulok Road
Si Sao Thewet
Bangkok 10300
Ü (66) (2) 6287413 / 2802111
á (66) (2) 6287416

 Capital:                                  Bangkok
 Language:                                 Thai
 Currency:                                 baht
 Population:                               66 000 000
 Size sq km:                               500 000
 Phone code:                               66

                             HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                                           Page 1 of 7
Ü Telephone    number        á Facsimile number í E-mail Adress t Web Adress i Reservation recommended b Credit cards accepted v-|Number of rooms containing indi-
 cated number of beds       ê Japanese style beds à Linen included in fee â Linen can be hired H Suitable for wheelchair users X Groups welcome Y Family rooms available A Female only
B Male only F All meals available (unless otherwise specified): B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner (evening meal) Å Self catering facilities provided [ Café/Bar available } Cycle store at
hostel ~ Discounts & Concessions available r Common room(s) in hostel ä TV room in hostel a Library for members’ use j Internet Access at hostel ã Conference room(s) G Laundry
facilities available at or near the hostel d Luggage storage for members K Basic store available at or near hostel ë Lockers available at hostel å Air Conditioning k Lift in hostel E Parking
facilities available at or near the hostel n Tourist Information ^ Currency Exchange at or near hostel ç Garden at hostel é Playground at hostel N Nearest major Airport hAirport bus
O Horbour/Port: Name and distance from City Centre Z Train: nearest Station and distance to hostel M Bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel Ç Tram or
trolley bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel É Underground: Line name, Station Name and distance to hostel Ñ Bus Stop Ö Tram Stop Q Beach at or near
hostel L Skiing area T Hiking area W Swimming at or near hostel V Sports facilities at or near hostel

Ayutthaya - HI Ayutthaya Bangkok - HI Baan                                                     Bangkok - HI Baan                                Bangkok - HI Bangkok
                         Dinso                                                                 Thewet

                                                                                                                                               Bangkok - HI Bangkok
Ayutthaya - HI Ayutthaya                                                                                                                       25/15 Phitsanulok Road,
7 Moo 2. Rojana Road,                                                                                                                          Si Sao Thewet, Dusit, 10300
                                                                                               Bangkok - HI Baan Thewet
Hor-Rattanachai                                                                                                                                Bangkok
                                                                                               25/2 Phitsanulok Road
Ayutthaya                                                                                                                                      Ü 66-2-2820950
Ü 66 35 210941, 66 083 4311945                                                                                                                 á 66-2-6287416
                                                                                               Bangkok 10300
á 66 35 241754                                                                                                                                 í
í                                                                        Ü +66(0)2-2810361
t                                                                            í
                                                                                                                                               8xw 3xx 3xy Directions: N
2xv 6xw Directions: 1 km. from
                                                                                                                                               Suvarnabhumi Airport 35.00km
                                                                                               1xv 5xw 3xx Directions: N
city center N Donmuang Airport (                                                                                                               h A2 - Sanamluang 35.00km
                                               Bangkok - HI Baan Dinso                         Suvarnabhumi International
Domestic Airport ) & International                                                                                                             O Tha Thewet Pier 1.00km M
                                               113 Trok Sin, Dinso Road                        Airport 45.00km h AE2
Airport 80.00km M Ayutthaya                                                                                                                    16, 23, 43, 72, 99, 516 0.05km É
                                               Borvornnivate                                   0.50km M Bus No.3 , 9 , 30, 32,
bus terminal 1.00km Ñ First stop                                                                                                               Hualumphong 2.00km Ñ Thewet
                                               Pranakorn                                       16, 43, 516 0.10km YgXr
past bridge gäÅrànGå                                                                                                                           Market YgäXràGå
j B ^dç}                                       Bangkok 10200                   àGåjdK
                                               Ü +66 (0)26220560-3
                                               á +66 (0) 22241014
                                               4xv 3xw Directions: 0.5 km from
                                               city center N Suvarnnabhumi
                                               International Airport 20.00km
                                               h Bus# AE2 (150 Baht
                                               one-way) 0.20km YgäXr

                                      HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                                                                    Page 2 of 7
Bangkok - HI Bangkok                                                Bangkok - HI Bangkok                Bangkok - HI Bansabai
Airport                                                             Rama Place

                                                                    Bangkok - HI Bangkok Rama
                                                                    1546 Pattanakarn Road
                                  Bangkok - HI Bangkok              Suan-Luang, 10250
                                  Downtown                          Ü 66-2-7226602
                                                                    á 66-2-7226612                      Bangkok - HI Bansabai
Bangkok - HI Bangkok Airport                                        í             8/137Soi Sahakorn 15
58/203                                                              t                 Ladprao 71, 10230
KingKaew 58                                                         25xv 32xw 10xx 4x{                  Bangkok
KingKaew Road, Bangplee                                             Directions: 15km west from city     Ü 66-2-9329200
Bangkok 10540                                                       center N Bangkok International      á 66-2-5384387
Ü 0859909661 or 0800800450 or                                       Airport, Suvarnabhumi 10minutes     í
0865159444                                                          realtime 20.00km h bus#550 at       t
í                                              Srinakarin road 400.00km O          3xv 25xw 3xx 2xy 1xz
t                                                 Klongton Pier 10mins M 517,         Directions: N Bangkok
7xv 6xw 3xx 3xyYHg                                                  206, 11, 92, 133 0.20km É airport   International 10.00km h
äXrànåjbF^d                                                         link-Phryathai SA CITY LINE         20.00km M 156 É 5.00km Ñ
            Bangkok - HI Bangkok                                    (blue line) 5.00km Ñ sign board     Sahakorn Soi Sib Ha YHâkä
                                  Downtown                          "Bangkok Rama Hotel -               ÅXrànGåjb[F
                                  395/4 Silom Road (Near Silom 7)   Baan-Siri"HgkäÅXrà                  ^dëKçV
                                  Bangkok 10500                     Gåjb[F^dëKç
Bangkok - HI Bangkok              Ü 026368687 or 0800800450 or      é
Centre Sukumvit 25                0840664141
                                  á 026368687
                                  2xv 5xw 2xx 3xyYäXr

Bangkok - HI Bangkok Centre
Sukumvit 25
2 Sukumvit 25
Sukumvit Road
Bangkok 10110
Ü 6689-6881950 / 6689-8235593 /
á 662-3916854
7xv 4xw 2xx 3x{ Directions:
N 35.00km h No. 3 (100 Baht)
O Tak-Sin Pier Ç Near
Skytrain (Asoke Station) É ap
Sukumvit exit no. 3 Ö Near
subway (Sukumvit Station) ~ Y
                       HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                                 Page 3 of 7
Bangkok - HI Chilli                                                 Bangkok - HI Siam     Bangkok - HI Sukhumvit
Bangkok                                                             Classic

                                    Bangkok - HI Lub d                                    Bangkok - HI Sukhumvit
Bangkok - HI Chilli Bangkok         Siam Square                                           23 Sukhumvit 38 Road,
53/15 -17 Soi Charoenkrung 37                                                             Pra Kanong, Klongtoei,
Sipraya Road, Bang Rak                                                                    Bangkok
Bangkok 10500                                                                             10110
Ü +66-(0)-2639-5707                                                                       Ü +66-2-3919338-9
á +66-(0)-2639-5808                                                                       á +66-2-3919339
í                                                              í
                                                                   Bangkok - HI Siam Classic
                                                                   336/9 Chalongkrung Lane1xv 1xw 1xx 1xy 2x{
25xw Directions: 0.5 from city
                                                                   Rama IV Road, Maha Prutharam
                                                                                          Directions: N Donmuang 20.00km
center N Suvarnaphumi Airport       Bangkok - HI Lub d Siam        Bangrak                h A3 (Donmuang
25.00km h Airportbus stop on        Square                         Bangkok 10500          Airport-Sukhumvit) O Klong
Silom Road about 0.5 km to Hostel   925/9 Rama I Road
0.50km O 0.3 0.30km Ç
                                                                   Ü +66(0)26396363       Toei 4km; Tak Sin Bridge 10.00km
                                    Wang Mai                       á +66(0)26396363       M 501, 508, 511, 2 É ap Asoke
Underground and Sky Train M         Pathumwan
Bus number 45 0.30km É
                                                                   í reservation@               YäÅXrànGåjF^
                                    Bangkok 10330        
Hualampong MRT Station 0.50km                                                                   dëKç
                                    Ü +66 (0) 2612 4999            t
Ñ Jaroenkrung Road Ö                á +66 (0) 2612 4449            8xv 7xw 1xx ~ YgràG
Hualampong ~ äXàGåj                 í
[ B ^dëKç}                                                         åjdKç
                                    20xv 8xw 22xy Directions: N
                                    Suvarnabhumi (su-wanna-poom)
Bangkok - HI Far East               Airport 45.00km É Silom MRT
Inn                                 2.70km äXrGåjb[

                                                                                          Bangkok - HI Udee

Bangkok - HI Far East Inn
20/8-9 Soi Bangkokbazaar,
Chidlom Road,
Patumwan, 10330
Ü 66-(0)-2255-4041                                                                        Bangkok - HI Udee Bangkok
á 66-(0)-2253-8813                                                                        49 Soi Pradiphat 19
í                                                                    Pradipath Road
t                                                                       Samsennai, Phayathai
18xw 3xx Directions: N                                                                    10400 Bangkok
Bangkok International 15.00km                                                             Ü +66(0)2-279-2595
h Al to Central World Plaza                                                               á +66(0)2-279-2598
1.00km O Pratunam Pier                                                                    í
0.20km M 0.20km gXrG                                                                      t
åjb[F^dëKç                                                                                6xw 2xx 2x{ ~ YgäÅ

                       HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                       Page 4 of 7
                                                                Chiang Rai - HI Sabun          Chonburi - HI Bangsaen
                                                                Nga                            Hostel

Chiang Mai - HI Center           Chiang Mai - HI Five          Chiang Rai - HI Sabun Nga       Chonburi - HI Bangsaen Hostel
Place                            Stars                                                         108/5 Liab Talay Bangsaen Road
                                                               226/50 Sankhong-Noi Road
                                                               Muang                           Muang Chonburi
                                                               Chiang Rai                      Bangsaen
                                                               57000                           Ü +66- (0) -8-1839-6857
                                                               Ü 66 53 712290 / 716440         á +66- (0 ) - 2391-6854
                                                               á 66 53 711869                  í
                                                               í hisabunnga@                   t
                                                     ,yuvanit@            15xv 15xw 2xx 1xy 1xz
                                 Chiang Mai - HI Five Stars                     Directions: at city from city center
                                 72/66-67 Tippayanet Road,     t             N Suwanabhum Bangkok airport
Chiang Mai - HI Center Place     Mung Chiang Mai.              5xv 10xw Directions: N Chiang   75.00km h 75.00km O not
17/2 Soi l Loykroh Road, Muang   Chiang Mai                    Rai 7.00km M 2.00km Ñ Bus       popular travel by boat. 15.00km
Chiang Mai 50100                 50000                         Station äXrànGåjb               M 1km. 1.00km É no ~ YH
Chiang Mai                       Ü 053270091                    [F^dK}                         gkäXrànGåjb
Ü 66 53 271169                   á 053270091                                                   [F^dëKçéV
á 66 53 206323                   í nanachart-chiangmai@
t              t                                           Kanchananaburi - HI
10xv 4xw 4xx Directions: N       5xv 6xw 2xx 3xy 1x{Hä                                         River Kwae
Chiang Mai 3.00km ~ YäÅX         Xràåj[F^dç

Chiang Mai - HI Chiang

Chiang Mai - HI Chiang Mai                                                                     Kanchananaburi - HI River
54 Papraw Road                                                                                 Kwae
Moo Ban Oon - Ruen                                                                             4 Moo 2 Tarnakham, A.Muang,
Chiang Mai 50100                                                                               Kanchananaburi 7100
Ü +66(0)53276737 , HP:+66 81                                                                   Ü +66-(0)-81857-8201,034-
8842055                                                                                        518153,66-(0)-83982-7083
á +66(0)53204025                                                                               á 034-625048
í                                                                       í
t                                                                            t
8xw Directions: 900m from city                                                                 5xw Directions: N Suvarnabhumi
center N Chiang Mai 3.00km                                                                     Airport 180.00km M
h No.L6 or R6 M 5 mins                                                                         Kanchanaburi 0.80km Ñ near
4.50km ~ äXànGåjF                                                                              River Kwae Bridge HgärG
^dëKçé}                                                                                        åF^Kç
                    HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                                   Page 5 of 7
                                                                                                   Prachuab Khirikhan - HI
                                    Phetchaburi - HI                                               Hua Hin

Krabi - HI Krabi                                                         Prachuab Khirikhan - HI
                                                                         Ban-Kruit                 Prachuab Khirikhan - HI Hua
                                    Phetchaburi - HI Kaengkrachan                                  Hin
                                    550 Moo 1, Kaengkrachan                                        5/15 Sasong Street, Hua Hin
                                    Phetchaburi 76130                                              Prachuab Khirikhan 77110
                                    Phetchaburi                                                    Prachuab Khirikhan
                                    Ü 66 32 461244                                                 Ü 66 32 513130
                                    á 66 32 461245                                                 á 66 32 514181
                                    í                                        í
                                    t                                            t
Krabi - HI Krabi                    10xw 4xy 4x{ Directions: N                                     24xw 1xx 2x{ Directions: M
386/7 Moo 2                         Bangkok International 160.00km       Prachuab Khirikhan - HI   0.30km Ñ Bus Station gXr
Ao-Nang                             M 37.00km Ñ Phetchaburi or           Ban-Kruit                   àGå[F^dK
Krabi 81000                         Thayang YgäXràGå                     123 Ban-Kruit Koktahom Road
Ü +66 (0) 7563 7977; +66 (0)        FdKçéV                               Bann-Kruit
8-10975000                                                               Prachuab Khirikhan
á +66 (0) 7563 8199                                                      Ü 66-3-619103
í                                                      á 66-2-7111986
t                                                      í
19xv 2xw 1xx Directions: N                                               t
Krabi International Airport                                              12xv 9xw Directions: M
20.00km h Everyday O                                                     Bangsapan Long Distance Bus
Klong Chilat Port 17.00km M                                              Station 15.00km ~ YHgäÅ
Songthew, Airport Bus, Taxi , Tuk                                        XrànGåjb[F^
tuk , Tricycle 20.00km ~ âXr                                             dëKçéV
ànåjbdëK                                                                                           Rayong - HI Rayong
                                    Phuket - HI Phuket

                                                                                                   Rayong - HI Rayong
                                                                                                   89/4 Moo 1 Maerampueng Beach
                                    Phuket - HI Phuket
                                    73/11 Chowfah Road
                                                                                                   Ban Phe,
                                    Chalong District, Mueang
                                                                                                   Ü +66-38-653374
                                    Ü 66-76-280103
                                                                                                   á +66-38-621805
                                    á 66-23916854
                                                                                                   6xw 4xy 1xz 2x{ Directions:
                                    2xv 15xw 4xx 1xz 1x{
                                                                                                   22 E from city center N 250.00km
                                    Directions: 9 S from city center N
                                                                                                   O Koh Samet Ferry 6.00km M
                                    Phuket 45.00km h Airport Bus
                                                                                                   Mini Bus (Song Taew) (Light Blue
                                    to City Centre O 1.50km ~ Y
                                                                                                   Colour) Ñ Hostel Sign or YHA Y

                         HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011                              Page 6 of 7
                                      Sukhothai - HI at Home

                                      Sukhothai - HI at Home Hostel
Samui - Hostelling       184/1 Vichianchamnong Road
International ibed Samui Tambon Thani
                                      A.Muang Sukhothai
                                      Ü +66-5561-0172
                                      á +66-5561-0173
                                      10xw Directions: 250mW from
                                      city center N Sukhothai Airport
Samui - Hostelling International      27.00km h Airport Limousine
ibed Samui                            0.30km ~ gäXrànG
124/521 Moo 3 Lamai Beach             jF^dKç
Maret, Koh Samui
Suratthani 84310
Ü +66-(0)
á +66-(0) 7795-0308
Directions: 200 m. from city center
N Samui International Airport
12.00km O Nathon Pier
18.00km M Samui Bus Terminal
18.00km äÅXrànGåj
b B ^dëK}

                          HI Hostels Guide: Thailand - 05 May 2011   Page 7 of 7

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