Parish Pastoral Council Minutes by keralaguest


									SJR    PPC Minutes     Tues    Feb 08, 2011

Attendance: Gary G, Gary H, Gary B, Kathy, RoseLynn, Tom, Dick, Pete, Fr. Peter, Barb,
Absent: Mike H, Lauren, Nick, Keith(exc), Joe(exc)
Staff Guest: Judy Swagler (Religious Education Director / Faith Formation Director)

1. 7:04 pm Opening Prayer led by Gary Granath
2. Minutes approved as written : Tom (1st), Pete (2nd)
3. Comments: Kathy: Perpetual Adoration – some slots not covered – folks gone south
   Parish Book Club led by Jane Rector, 1st Friday @ 1pm has -> 22 members
4. Staff Report: Mrs. Judy Swagler discussed her responsibilities as Religious Ed Coord.
5. Renovation and Enhancement Project – Fr. Peter
   a. Pews, Carpet, Roof will be done with or without a capital campaign – have $$$
   b. 2 Documents [green (needed) and blue (wish list)] from Jan meeting were used.
       A lively discussion followed covering topics like prioritizing, wording, timing of
       parish events, parishioner input (focus groups, meetings, letters, voting), donors,
       justifying items & $$$ (25-> year perspective), storage needs, organ, publicity,
       sanctuary changes, baptismal font, technology upgrades to classrooms & church …
   c. Timing: Now -> Easter – committee approvals (trustees, parish council)
               Easter -> September – various input / refinement from parish
               September -> if go ahead, use professional fundraiser to do campaign
    d. $$$ rule – we will not spend more than amount pledged
    f. Motion – unanimous in favor of going ahead with project
6. Ongoing Business – Fr. Peter
   a. CMA Status – 3 plans to meet shortfall (about 5% of goal):
       (1) letter to former donors still not giving
       (2) letter to non-giving parishioners
       (3) Sunday appeal for $50 each (if necessary)
   b. Parish Night Out: 160 came, 20 homes hosted, met other parishioners, successful
       Pete Clifford (on team) received positive comments; need setup / take down teams
   c. 50th Anniversary Plan Update : Jan 01, 2012 -> Dec 31, 2012
       Chair – Terry and Joanne Rice, Committee (so far) Paul Derleth, MaryAnn Norton
       Will create the proposal soon
7. New Business (time permitting) – postponed to next meeting
   a. Owen Hynes memorial;           b. Process to Review / Update Strategic Plan
8. Closing Prayer @ 9:00 pm

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