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Parent Portal letter


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									Dupo School District has opened the parent portal for parents/guardians of students in
the school district. The parent portal is an on-line resource for parents that is now
offered by the Dupo School District. Parents will be able to access their child’s grade
book, homework, lunch charges, attendance, and medical information online.

To be able to view the Parent Portal parents will:

      Need an e-mail address.
      Fill out the required information on the sign up sheet. (Children’s names, e-mail
       address, etc.)
      Send the signed sheet back to the school with one of their children.

The school:

      Will input the required information.
      Send an e-mail to the parent with a system generated password included.
      Does not have a copy of the password.

After receiving your password to access the portal:

       Type the following web address- https://sdm.sisk12.com/du/
      Put the e-mail address that you supplied on the sign up sheet on the user name
       line and your system generated password on the password line.

Once logged into the portal:

      The screen will appear as the figure below.
The “Select Student” menu allows you to select which one of your children’s records
that you would like to view.

      The “Select Data Area” menu allows you to select from different information for
       that child. Examples that will be included in this menu would be attendance,
       discipline, medical, and lunch.

      The “Change School Year” menu will allow you to view past year’s information
       when we have more years utilizing SIS. This year, you will only be able to view
       the current year.

             The Home icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen will take the
       user back to the home page of the portal.

Your child’s name will appear on the bar in the middle of the page.

      Bulletins are links in the middle of the page which could have been created by
       district or building administrators. The “Medical codes” link is the only bulletin
       showing right now.

      The “classes” side of the page has links for homework and the grade book for the
       student selected. Be sure to select the correct semester.

   If you have any question regarding the parent portal please e-mail Dan Ragen,
   Technology Coordintor, at dragen@dupo.stclair.k12.il.us
                           DUPO SCHOOL DISTRICT #196

                             Parent Portal Sign Up Form

*Note: A parent only has to sign up once for an entire family.

Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________

Student Name and Grade:





e-mail address: _______________________________________________________

______ Please check if you signed a portal agreement last year and currently have a

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