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					    Krabi Travel Information

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•   Krabi Festivals
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How To Get There [Go TO Krabi]

There is no direct train from Bangkok to Krabi. Visitors may take a train from Bangkok Railway Station
to Surat Thani and then ride a bus or a taxi to Krabi. For more information, call 1690, 0-2223- 7010, 0-
2223-7020 or visit


Thai Airways operates daily services to Krabi. For more information, call 1566, 66 2628 2000 (Bangkok
Office) or 66 7563 6543 (Krabi Office) or visit

P.B. Air offers flights to Krabi. For more information, Call 66 2261 0220-5 (Bangkok Office), 66 7569
1942 (Krabi Office)or visit

Phuket Air offers daily flights to Krabi and the journey takes only 1.20 hours. Numerous flights time are
available for your kind selection. For more information, call Bangkok office 66 2679 8999 or Krabi Office
66 7563 6393-4 or view at


Travel from Bangkok

Route A: Drive along Highway No.4, passing Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Ranong,
Phang-nga, to Krabi. The distance is 946 kilometres from Bangkok;

Route B: Drive along Highway No. 4 and turn into Highway No. 41 at Chumphon via Lang Suan and
Phunphin, Surat Thani. Continue driving along Highways No. 401 via Ban Ta Khun, No. 415 and No. 4
via Ao Luek to Krabi. This route is 814 kilometres from Bangkok;


Air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal to Krabi every day. The journey
takes 12 hours.
Departure times and fares are as follows:

First class (VIP) bus with 24 seats - 7.20 p.m.(710 baht)
First class bus with 40 seats - 7 p.m.(486 baht)
Second class bus - 7.30 a.m., 7 p.m., 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m., (378 baht)

The schedule mentioned above may be changed. Check current information before booking at the
Southern Bus Terminal, Tel: 0 -2435-1199-200. Lignite Tour (Tel: 0-2435-7428) also operates daily bus
services to Krabi.

Krabi Attractions
The popular Phi Phi Islands consists of 2 separate
islands famed for their spectacular landscapes,
beautiful beaches and spectacular island reefs
teeming with variety of coral fishes. Ideal place to
enjoy scuba diving. Its paradise-like appearance can
best be seen in the movie, The Beach, where most of
the filming occurred. Koh Lanta Yai is a
predominantly Muslim fishing island where many
resorts have recently sprouted up. The island is
covered with forested hills sweeping down to
numerous sandy bays on the western side. A good
alternative for those seeking peace and quiet.

On a smaller scale, an island worth visiting, but with fewer tourists, is Koh Hong (Room
Island), an island encircled on 3 sides by towering limestone formations. The cove inside,
with its crystal clear waters and pristine beach, inspires images of a deserted island. Closer
to the mainland are Koh Poda and Koh Hua Khwan (Chicken Island), ideal spots for
snorkeling and playing in the waters and beaches.

Mountaineers and rock climbing fanatics will love the climbing trails at Railei Bay. With a cliff
wall dotted with deep niches and stalactite hauls, the runs offer various levels of difficulty
satisfying to challenge novice to experts. But the main attractions are the sun, scenery and
the ambience. Nowhere else can you start climbing straight from the beach, with the
promise of a cooling dip into the shimmering turquoise water after mastering a difficult

Slightly north of town is Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) named after a rock formation
resembling a tiger paw. Regarded as one of the most renowned forest temples in the south,
the main hall was built inside the cave, providing a peaceful environment for practicing
meditation. A circular path in the nearby forest offers a pleasant walk and a 300-meters
high staircase leads to a large Buddha image and Buddha footprint perched atop the cliff.
Great view of the province.

Regarded as the symbol of Krabi, the Khao Khanap Nam (Hill Beside the Water) rises high
above the waters before the city. A long tail boat will quickly transport you to the site,
where one has to climb a staircase to see caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Highly
interesting archaeological remains were discovered here, along with some human remains
believed to be earlier immigrants.

Aside from frolicking in the sun and playing in the waters, most sport enthusiasts enjoy the
diverse marine surroundings by partaking in sea kayaking. The most beautiful bay of
mangrove forests in Thailand is at Ao Thalan (Thalan Bay). Towering karst formations and
lovely offshore islands surrounding the bay creates complex channels for maneuvering your

Not far from town is the Noppharat Thara Beach,
a scenic, tranquil beach lined with soft pine trees
and extending for several kilometers. The beach
has a relatively flat slope, being safe enough for
children to play in. At low tide, you can walk to
the rocky island located one kilometer away from
the beach.

Long ago, a fresh water marsh was densely
populated mainly by pond snails, which
multiplied at such great rates that the dead formed a floor for the living. Over eons, the
repeated process created a layer of fossils about 40 cm thick. Scientific tests have proven
that the fossils at the Fossil Shell Beach are about 40 million years old.
A 12-km bumpy ride from Khlong Thom District leads to a hot spring in the forest. Walk
further and discover the rewarding Tung Tieo Forest Trails. Posted signs guide you through
the protected woodlands with ample opportunities for dips in the emerald pools along the

Archaeological buffs should not miss the rewarding finds in Tham Hua Kalok (Skull Cave).
From the entrance, the cave is divided into 2 routes with the left one leading to a vast open-
aired chamber and the right to a closed hall. Archaeologists believed prehistoric people
resided in the right hall. The cave is adorned with 70 plus red and black colored rock
paintings portraying people and animals. Unusually large skulls were also originally found in
this cave.

Krabi Festivals
Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival is annually held to inaugurate the province’s tourist season.
The festival features parades, local products contests, sea Kayak competitions and boat

Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival is a rare festival on Ko Lanta of sea gypsies. The festival is held
annually, on the full moon day in the sixth and the eleventh months of the lunar calendar.
The sea gypsies on Ko Lanta and from neighbouring areas will gather at the beach near Ban
Sala Dan to float boats in the sea in order to bring good luck. The Rong Ngeng, a typical
southern dance as well as traditional music, will be performed around the boats.

Where To Shop krabi


Souvenirs of Krabi are turtle-dove cages, Toei Panan mats made from pandanus trees,
shrimp paste, dried fish, and dried shrimp. They are sold in shops on Uttarakit Road.
Where To Dine

Local Cuisine

Krabi Style Fried Chicken

   •   Krabi Pla Pao : Uthornkit Rd.
   •   Kaew Jai : 256 Uthornkit Rd., Tel: 0-7561-1241
   •   Kodung : Kongka Rd., Tel: 0-7561-1522
   •   Kaomok Kai Bunghem : 7/6 Sri Phang Nga Rd.
   •   Chon Thong : Uthornkit Rd., Tel: 0-7561-1028
   •   Diamond : Nawarat Hotel
   •   Talay Thai : Uthornkit Rd., Tel: 0-7561-1028
   •   Nong Joke : 47 Kongka Rd. (towards the bay's mouth)
   •   Bai Toey : Kongka Rd., Tel: 0-7561-1509
   •   Paknam : Kongka Rd., Tel: 0-7561-2722

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