Podcamp London 2011: How To Get 10,000 Facebook Fans by voicesdotcom

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									10,000 Facebook Fans
How We Did It and You Can Too!

                         David Ciccarelli
The Challenge
The Challenge: Facing Reality

๏   Businesses have a difficult time establishing trust
๏   Most of the trust was built up with Cofounder, Stephanie
๏   The Voice Acting Hub was a group, but didn’t provide metrics
๏   The Fan Page was new, so we were starting from scratch
Goals and Key Performance Indicators

๏   The goal is the milestone.
๏   The key performance indicator (KPI) lets you know if you are on
    track on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
๏   The KPIs included # of posts daily, # of impressions, # story likes
๏   5,000 Facebook Fans by Sept 1
๏   10,000 Facebook Fans by Jan 1
The Framework
Setting Up The Framework for Success

๏   Write a Social Media Guidelines document
๏   Define appropriate activities
๏   Assign roles and responsibilities
๏   Create a posting schedule
๏   Agree upon metrics and how you measure success
Social Media Marketing

๏ Visually display statistics in
  a compelling and
  meaningful way.
๏ Encourage people to post
  the infographic on their
  blog and share their posts.
Weekly Contests
Scavenger Hunts
๏   We post a question and people answer in the comments.
Photo Contests

 ๏   Upload a picture of yourself that included the Voices.com website on
     a screen in the background.
The Results
Monthly Numbers
Hitting Your Goal
Thank You!
   David Ciccarelli

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