Podcamp London 2011: How To Get 10,000 Facebook Fans by voicesdotcom

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If you’ve been wondering how to gain a following on Facebook, all it takes is passion, quality content and leveraging the power of social media! Find out how Voices.com built its fan base, both organically and through paid advertising on Facebook in this engaging presentation.

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									10,000 Facebook Fans
How We Did It and You Can Too!

                         David Ciccarelli
The Challenge
The Challenge: Facing Reality

๏   Businesses have a difficult time establishing trust
๏   Most of the trust was built up with Cofounder, Stephanie
๏   The Voice Acting Hub was a group, but didn’t provide metrics
๏   The Fan Page was new, so we were starting from scratch
Goals and Key Performance Indicators

๏   The goal is the milestone.
๏   The key performance indicator (KPI) lets you know if you are on
    track on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
๏   The KPIs included # of posts daily, # of impressions, # story likes
๏   5,000 Facebook Fans by Sept 1
๏   10,000 Facebook Fans by Jan 1
The Framework
Setting Up The Framework for Success

๏   Write a Social Media Guidelines document
๏   Define appropriate activities
๏   Assign roles and responsibilities
๏   Create a posting schedule
๏   Agree upon metrics and how you measure success
Social Media Marketing

๏ Visually display statistics in
  a compelling and
  meaningful way.
๏ Encourage people to post
  the infographic on their
  blog and share their posts.
Weekly Contests
Scavenger Hunts
๏   We post a question and people answer in the comments.
Photo Contests

 ๏   Upload a picture of yourself that included the Voices.com website on
     a screen in the background.
The Results
Monthly Numbers
Hitting Your Goal
Thank You!
   David Ciccarelli

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