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 August 13, 2008

  Prepared by:

    Garry Judy
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                                                     ABOUT VOCUS

The broad and rapid market acceptance of Vocus products has fueled significant annualized growth from our start
in 1992. Our success in meeting the needs of our industry and our customers has earned us industry recognition
including; three-times being named to the Inc. magazine 500 company and seven times to the Deloitte & Touche
Fast 50 company list. Our customers are made up of over 2000 organizations and over fifteen thousand users
operating throughout the U.S and around the world.


Vocus offers your Public Relations department a complete set of web-based tools to manage your company’s media
relation efforts. The core product is Vocus PR, a comprehensive PR automation platform that allows Public Relations
professionals to build and manage media lists, manage communications and opportunities with reporters, track and report
on the full spectrum of PR activities, store and share news clippings electronically, and much more. Vocus PR customers
experience noticeable cost-savings and increased efficiency in day-to-day tasks.

Benefit Summary

With Vocus, organizations are able to:

        Automate low-value, administrative chores
        Analyze, quantify, and demonstrate results
        Manage and share media relationships
        Generate media briefs, clip books, and coverage reports

Professional Services

Vocus Professional Services provides a turnkey consulting service that works with your team using your business
objectives and PR “best practices,” and sets-up your Vocus PR account according to your specifications. Professional
Services also creates user logins, sets your security options and user privileges, and conducts private customer training.
This training ensures that all of the employees will benefit from the application’s full functionality and robust features.

Support Services

Support Services Specialists provide are available to answer any questions users may have. We guarantee that between
the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm EST, all incoming support calls are answered by a qualified support staff member, i.e.
“no voice mail.” Support Services provides an annual curriculum of web based training sessions at no charge to clients.
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                                                  NASC BENEFITS

With the Vocus Professional Edition system, NASC would be able to:

     Leverage technology to reach out to the press and other important stakeholders more efficiently. Our
      technology streamlines daily, administrative tasks (like list building, distribution, and reporting) so that
      NASC staff can focus their efforts on more strategic activities.

     Access a comprehensive research database of over 500,000 media contacts at over 150,000 outlets across
      the US and Canada to ensure that NASC is maximizing exposure for its products across print, online, and
      broadcast outlets.

     Search over 200,000 indexed marketing opportunities to monitor relevant pitching opportunities to ensure
      that NASC never misses an opportunity to get mentioned in feature articles and cover stories.

     Send personalized communications, press releases, invitations, and announcements to as many media
      contacts as needed with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

     Efficiently document, track, and share every interaction you have with journalists in one central system.
      Not only will NASC be able to better manage relationships with the press, but it’ll also be able to generate
      complete activity reports effortlessly.

     Generate comprehensive media briefs with full journalist profiles and relationship histories so that NASC
      executives are fully informed before heading into press interviews.

     Store all media coverage in the Vocus system and generate clip books and coverage reports in minutes
      rather than hours. Instantly distribute relevant product news in an electronic format to key ECNext
      executives and managers.

     Count on being able to use Vocus to its fullest. All new clients are given personalized system setup
         (including list migration up to 1,000 media contacts) and private online training. Vocus also offers ongoing
         toll-free user support (M-F, 9:00am - 8:00pm EST). We have a “No Hold/No Voicemail” policy: Clients
         get a live-person to answer any questions they might have or to walk them through the system step-by-step
         right away.

     Track NACS news coverage electronically from over 48,000 print, online, and broadcast media outlets.
         Our clipping service leverages conceptual and keyword searching to deliver the broadest, most relevant
         array of full-text articles in near real-time. [News On-Demand Premium Capability]

     Track & Measure journalist interaction with distributed press releases. Discover who opens/reads your
         release, who goes to your website, requests additional information, etc. (eMail Campaign Capability)

     Have access to journalist and outlet data from over 150 countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe,
         Pacific Rim, and Latin America. Target your communications and PR efforts wherever you do business.
         (Global Data)

     Analyze your PR efforts and media coverage while demonstrating public relations ROI with Ad Value
         Calculations [Analytics Capability]

     Access to SEO distribution across the #1 Online Wire service- [PR Web capability]
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        Solution Cost - $24,500 ($18,850 for 1 Seat)
                    Professional Edition- 2 Concurrent Seats
                        o Full Access to our International Media Contact database
                        o Full contact management
                        o Unlimited email distribution with personalization
                        o Full standard reporting
                        o Activity management and reporting
                        o Access to our Opportunity database
                        o News management and reporting
                        o Ad Value Calculation
                        o Project management views and reports
                        o Branded customer reports
                        o Ad Hoc Report writing

                    News on Demand Premium Clipping service- Unlimited clips/year
                       o Near Real Time News Monitoring
                       o Unlimited Search Terms
                       o UNLIMITED News mentions per year
                       o Over 51,000 outlets reviewed 24/7

                    Email Campaigns/Press Release Tracking
                       o Track & measure journalist interaction
                       o Associate news & activity to distributions
                       o View results in up to the minute reports
                       o 24 Campaigns per year

                    Standard Analytics-
                        o Access to over 40 charts
                        o Deliver real-time results
                        o Effectively evaluate message adoption
                        o Identify publicity and brand-building opportunities
                        o Track your momentum and that of your competitors
                        o Analyze your PR efforts and media coverage
                        o Demonstrate public relations ROI with Ad Value Calculations

                    PR Web Advanced Online Visibility with AP Distribution 12 releases-
                        o Guaranteed distribution through the Associated Press to top US newspapers and
                          media outlets
                        o Add an embedded video to your press release
                        o Advanced analytics show you where your news is being read
                        o SEO tools including anchor text for search optimized results
                        o Advanced SEO statistics
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