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Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award Recipients


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									North Carolina State University
    College of Engineering

Distinguished Engineering
     Alumnus Award

  Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award Recipients
                                Walter Tilford Smith — 1966

                                     This distinguished engineering alumnus joined the
                                 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
                                 following his graduation from N.C. State in 1929 with
                                 a Civil Engineering degree. He has since risen through
                                 various positions to become Executive Vice President and
                                 Director of the company.
                                     He has been a leader for 7 years in the company
                                 that employs more than 20,000 people and does over 250
                                 million dollars worth of business each year. The company
                                 has built some of the world’s mightiest ships including
                                 the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and
numerous nuclear-powered Polaris-armed submarines. He has attended the Industrial
College of the Armed Forces and the Harvard Advanced Management Program.
    He has served his alma mater as a Director of the Alumni Association and as
President of the Tidewater Alumni Club. In his community, he has served in leadership
roles in United Fund and Red Cross affairs, as well as in a number of civic and social
    This outstanding engineer in every way has exemplified the best in engineering
responsibility, using his many talents for the improvement of his country, his community
and his university.

                                John Henry Isenhour — 1967

                                     This distinguished alumnus graduated in 19 with
                                 a degree in Ceramic Engineering. As President of the
                                 Isenhour Brick and Tile Company, Salisbury, North
                                 Carolina, he has been an active leader in endeavors
                                 to bring the brick and tile industry in the Southeast to
                                 a position of national prominence in manufacturing
                                 techniques. Through his professional activities, he has
                                 helped make North Carolina known as the “brick capitol
                                 of the nation,” producing more quality building brick than
                                 any other state.
                                     He has served the University as Vice President of
the North Carolina Engineering Foundation, Inc., and as a member of the Engineering
School Advisory Committee. In addition, he takes interest in this university’s ceramic
engineering graduates, offering them employment opportunities in his company.
    He is a Fellow in the American Ceramic Society and a member of the North Carolina
Sanitation and Stream Pollution Committee. He belongs to the National Board of the
Structural Clay Products Institute and the American Society for Testing Materials. He
has also served as President of the Southern Brick and Tile Manufacturers Association.
Active in community affairs, he was Mayor of Salisbury during 196.

                                James Fredrick Kelly — 1968

                                   A 19 graduate in Civil Engineering, this outstanding
                               alumnus became President of Aeroglide Corporation of
                               Raleigh in 1956 when he was only  years old. The
                               following year he was elected to the Young Presidents’
                               Organization, which recognizes an individual who, prior
                               to his 0th birthday, becomes president of a company
                               doing an annual volume in excess of one million dollars.
                                   His company manufactures machinery and equipment
                               for processing farm products. As an engineer with an
                               interest in the development of engineering equipment
                               for the agricultural processing industry, he has been a
motivating force in his company’s establishing a plant in Emporia, Kansas; joining in a
cooperative venture with Empresa Metalurgica Colombiana in Bucaramanga, Columbia;
and acquiring American Machinery Corporation of Orlando, Florida, of which he is now
   Dedicated to his alma mater, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Alumni
Association and the North Carolina Engineering Foundation. He has served as Vice
Chairman of the Alumni Association and as member and Chairman of the Advisory
Council for the School of Engineering. He is currently President of the University’s
Development Council.

                               Arthur Parks Moss — 1969

                                    This outstanding alumnus, a 192 graduate in
                                Chemical Engineering, has a long and fruitful career
                                in the profession of Chemical Engineering. As Vice
                                President of Production for the Chemicals and Plastics
                                Operations Division of the Union Carbide Corporation,
                                whose staff he joined in 19, he is presently responsible
                                for the operation of nine major chemical facilities
                                requiring the services of over 1,000 technically trained
                                    His early scientific and technological responsibilities
                                involved the development of new chemicals for expanding
world markets, as well as the design and operation of new processes and plants for their
production. He has made contributions to the development of engineering talent, through
active recruiting of young engineers and providing for them the working climate so
necessary for their success.
    He has for many years coordinated the Educational Aid Program of Union Carbide
and has served in a liaison capacity in administering various Union Carbide scholarships
and grants on this and other university campuses.
    His technical achievements, his managerial skills, and his continuing efforts in
enhancing education-industry relations have truly distinguished him as an energetic and
contributing engineer in the service of his industry, his state, and his nation.

                                Henry Marchand Shaw Sr. — 1970

                                      A 1922 graduate in Mechanical Engineering, this
                                  outstanding alumnus has a long and distinguished career
                                  in the quarrying, aggregate production, and concrete
                                  manufacturing industries. As one of North Carolina’s
                                  leading industrialists, he has helped to stimulate the
                                  state’s industrial growth and economy.
                                      He is the Founder and President of North Carolina
                                  Products Corporation and an organizer of the Superior
                                  Stone Company, of which he was the President until his
                                  retirement in 1966.
                                      He has kept in close touch with his alma mater and,
through numerous gifts, has contributed to its growth generously. Through the years,
he has had an active interest in students and their development. He has moved quietly
behind the scenes, continuing to give his time and his support to worthwhile programs.
He has invited engineering students to visit his manufacturing facilities, presenting each
with a valuable hydraulic handbook. For student projects, he constructed test facilities
for conducting full-scale hydraulic experiments.
    In 1966, in recognition of his contributions to the growth of North Carolina and of his
continuing interest in the activities of the School of Engineering, his family and friends
endowed the Henry M. Shaw Lecture Series in Civil Engineering.

                                Katharine Stinson — 1971

                                     The first woman to receive an Engineering degree
                                 from North Carolina State, this distinguished graduate
                                 received a B.S. degree in 191 in Mechanical Engineering
                                 with an Aeronautical Option. That same year, she
                                 joined the Civil Aeronautics Administration (now the
                                 Federal Aviation Administration) where she has been
                                 employed ever since, amassing a distinguished record of
                                 contributions to her profession.
                                     The first woman engineer to be hired by the
                                 Administration, she has been in charge of a variety
                                 of complex engineering assignments. Her versatile
background as a well-qualified pilot and her knowledge of engine and airframe
maintenance have made her an invaluable asset to this nation.
    In 1962, she became Chief, Regulations and Procedures Staff, FAA, where she was
in charge of the Safety Regulation Program for the Engineering and Manufacturing
Division. In 196, she assumed the greater responsibilities of Technical Assistant to the
Division Chief.
    She has devoted untiring efforts to the cause that women must play an ever-increasing
role in the field of engineering. Active in the affairs of the Society of Women Engineers,
she served as National President during 195-55.

                                Francis Perry Wilson — 1972

                                     A 196 graduate in Chemical Engineering, this
                                 distinguished alumnus has a long and notable career in
                                 one of the nation’s leading industries.
                                     As Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive
                                 Officer of the Union Carbide Corporation, he is at the
                                 helm of an organization that employs 115,000 people in
                                 over 100 countries.
                                     He joined Union Carbide as a chemical engineer in
                                 the corporation’s Plastics Operation. He spent a number
                                 of years with Union Carbide Canada Limited and later
                                 became President of the Union Carbide International
Company responsible for all of the corporation’s overseas operations. In 1967 he became
a Senior Vice President of the corporation with responsibility for all operations of the
chemicals, plastics, and olefins divisions. He was elected a Director and President of the
corporation in 1969 and to his present position in April 1971.
   His outstanding record as a leader in his profession and as an able executive has
brought recognition to his alma mater. Through his efforts, significant gifts have been
made to the School of Engineering for strengthening its academic and research programs.

                                Fred Henry Ramseur Jr. — 1973

                                      A 196 graduate in Chemical Engineering, this
                                 distinguished alumnus has over the years advanced
                                 steadily in his professional career to become a key
                                 executive in one of our nation’s leading industries. He
                                 has established a notable record in engineering, operation,
                                 and management activities.
                                      Executive Vice President and a member of the
                                 Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Cities
                                 Service Company, he is also President of Cities Service
                                 Oil Company, the North American Petroleum Subsidiary.
                                      He launched his career following graduation when he
joined Cities Service’s Junior Engineering Training Program. His early assignments were
in engineering and plant operations in the Natural Gasoline Division, of which he was
later named manager.
    In 1966 he was elected Vice President and General Manager of the Natural Gas
Liquids Group of Cities Service Oil Company in Tulsa, and in 1970 he became Group
Vice President of Cities Services Company’s International Operations and President of
Cities Service International, Inc., in New York, a subsidiary.

                                James Arthur Jones — 1974

                                    A 1951 graduate in Mechanical Engineering, this
                                distinguished alumnus has devoted over two decades to a
                                career in the field of electrical power.
                                    He has advanced steadily in his profession and today
                                holds a key position in one of the nation’s leading power
                                companies. He is Executive Vice President of Carolina
                                Power and Light Company for Engineering, Construction
                                and Operations.
                                    His contributions to the engineering profession and his
                                concern for the welfare of his fellow man were recently
                                recognized when he received from the North Carolina
Society of Engineers its Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award.
    He joined CP&L in Raleigh as Senior Engineer. From 195 to 1956 he served as
Plant Superintendent at the company’s plant near Wilmington. He returned to Raleigh
in 196 as Superintendent of Power. Since then he has moved from Assistant Vice
President to Vice President and Manager of Power Supply to Senior Vice President and
Group Executive for Engineering and Operating. In 1971 he was elected a member of the
company’s Board of Directors.

                                William Davidson Alexander III — 1976

                                     This outstanding alumnus, with a significant
                                 record of achievement in the design, construction, and
                                 management of some of the world’s most complex
                                 engineering systems, received his professional degree in
                                 Civil Engineering in 195. Following a distinguished
                                 career in the United States Air Force, which culminated
                                 in his assignment as Chief of the Facilities Design Office
                                 responsible for the Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
                                 Launch Facility Program, he began a notable civilian
                                 career upon his retirement as Air Force Colonel in 1962.
                                     Among large projects he has managed are the design
and construction of the launch facilities for the Apollo Project and the design and
construction of the 299 BEV Proton Accelerator, the world’s largest atom smasher.
    He recently retired as president of the New York-based engineering firm of Seeyle,
Stevenson, Value and Knecht, Inc. He is currently responsible for the property
acquisition, design, and construction of the $1.6 billion Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority System.
    Dedicated to his profession and to furthering engineering education, he contributes
significantly to the goals of N.C. State as a member of the Engineering School Advisory

                               John Sullivan Mayo — 1977

                                     The distinguished career of this outstanding
                                 alumnus is marked with significant contributions to
                                 the development of electronics. Since joining Bell
                                 Laboratories in 1955, he has held several key positions
                                 and is now Vice President of Electronics Technology.
                                     He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in
                                 Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State in 1952,
                                 195, and 1955, respectively.
                                     Notable among his career achievements are his work
                                 on the command decoder and switching unit for the
                                 Telstar Communications Satellite and his involvement
in developing methods for transmitting picturephone signals. As executive of the Ocean
Systems Division during 1971-197, he directed development of electronic systems
for use in the ocean. As Executive Director of the Toll Electronic Switching Division
during 197-75, he was responsible for the first electronic system to switch long distance
telephone calls. Among his current responsibilities is that of directing the design and
development of efficient, low-cost, high reliability electronics components and associated
technologies for use in the telecommunications industry. He holds 12 patents and is
author of numerous technical papers.

                               Charles Eugene Branscomb — 1978

                                    This distinguished alumnus earned his B.S. degree in
                               199 and M.S. degree in 1950 in Mechanical Engineering.
                               His knowledge of engineering, high degree of innovation,
                               and keen judgment in the decision-making process
                               have placed him in a top position with the International
                               Business Machines Corporation, whose staff he joined in
                                    In his long career with IBM, this outstanding engineer
                               has moved rapidly through a number of engineering
                               posts to the position he now holds: Vice President of
                               Development and Manufacturing, General Systems
Division, Atlanta. IBM positions he has held include Director of Instructional Systems
Development; President of the Systems Development Division, consisting of eight
domestic and six European laboratories with more than 1,00 employees; Assistant
General Manager-Operations, Data Processing Group; member of the Corporate
Technical Committee, IBM’s chief internal technical advisory group; and Director of
Engineering Programming and Technology. He holds an IBM Outstanding Invention
Award and an Invention Achievement Award.
   He has long, and significantly, supported his alma mater as a member of the Century
Club. Through his accomplishments, he has brought distinction to the engineering
profession and to North Carolina State University.

                                Paul Noble Howard Jr. — 1979

                                     This 19 graduate in Civil Engineering is
                                 Chairman of the board of the Paul N. Howard Company,
                                 Greensboro, an engineering and contracting firm
                                 specializing in the construction of water and waste
                                 treatment facilities.
                                     He has a long and distinguished record of service to
                                 the construction industry, to this university, and to his
                                 community. Among his company’s major projects is the
                                 installation of 70 miles of water mains in Abu Dhabi on
                                 the Arabian Gulf, a $52 million project.
                                     He is national President of the Associated General
Contractors of America in which he has been active for many years, serving on numerous
committees and holding leading positions on local, regional and national levels. He was
AGC’s representative to President Ford’s Economic Summit.
    He has actively and significantly supported this university. He has served as President
of the Alumni Association, as a member of the Board of Directors of the North Carolina
Engineering Foundation, and as President of the Guilford County NCSU Alumni Club.
He has an abiding interest in the education of young people, and his company sponsors
annual scholarships.

                                Edward Exum Hood Jr. — 1980

                                    This outstanding alumnus earned his B.S. and M.S.
                                degrees in Nuclear Engineering in 1952 and 195,
                                respectively. Following service in the United States Air
                                Force, he joined the General Electric Company in 1957
                                as Design Engineer in the Flight Propulsion Division. At
                                General Electric, he has established a record of original
                                achievements which placed him at the top of one of the
                                nation’s largest corporations. He was recently appointed
                                Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Officer of the
                                General Electric Company.
                                    Since his first assignment, he has held the following
key positions: Head of the Supersonic Transport Project with responsibility for directing
the design and development of this advanced technology engine; General Manager of the
commercial Engine Division (in this assignment leading GE’s re-entry in the commercial
airline engine market) and Company Vice President; Vice President and Group Executive
with responsibility for the company’s International Group; Vice President and Group
Executive of the Power Generation Business Group; and Senior Vice President and Sector
Executive, Technical Systems and Materials Sector.
    He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Throughout the years, he
has maintained close ties with his alma mater through the Alumni Association, which he
actively supports.

                               Marcus Bowman Crotts — 1981

                                    A loyal and devoted alumnus of this university, he
                                received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in
                                195. He has distinguished himself as an outstanding
                                mechanical engineer in private practice and as a dedicated
                                supporter of engineering as a profession.
                                    He is a partner of Crotts & Saunders Engineering,
                                Inc., of Winston-Salem, a consulting firm recognized
                                throughout this country and abroad for its impact on
                                manufacturing processes through improved basic design
                                methodologies in the machine tool and manufacturing
   He has been awarded the Society of Manufacturing Engineers International Award
of Merit, the California Society of Professional Engineers “Archimedes Engineering
Achievement Award,” and the University of Illinois Distinguished Graduate Award.
   He has served as President of the NCSU Alumni Association and as a member of its
Board of Directors. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina
Engineering Foundation, Inc., and as a member of the Engineering School Advisory
   He is currently serving as a trustee of North Carolina State University.

                               Thomas William Lambe — 1982

                                    This outstanding alumnus, who earned his B.S.
                                degree in Civil Engineering in 192, has made major
                                contributions to the knowledge of earth structures,
                                settlement control, foundation performances, and soil
                                structure and behavior.
                                    He is Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil
                                Engineering, Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of
                                Technology, and a consultant in geotechnical engineering.
                                He retired from MIT last year, after 6 years on the
                                    During his tenure he served as Director of the
Soil Stabilization Laboratory, Head of the Geotechnical Division, and Professor of
Geotechnical Engineering. He developed the Integrated Civil Engineering project
concept, combining applied research with engineering practice to improve design and to
advance research. He has conducted pioneering research in soil mechanics and is author
of Soil Testing for Engineers.
    NASA has twice recognized his contributions to the Apollo Program for which he
shaped the exploration project of the surface of the moon. He has also received the
Norman Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the American Society of Civil Engineers,
and the Society’s Terzaghi Award for his geotechnical engineering contributions. He has
been honored with election to the National Academy of Engineering.

                                Paul Eliot Green Jr. — 1983

                                   This distinguished engineer earned his M.S. degree
                               in Electrical Engineering in 198. He is Staff Member
                               of the International Business Machines Corporation’s
                               Corporate Technical Committee, and his major
                               interests are centered on speech and signal processing,
                               network performance modeling, decentralized network
                               architectures and protocols, and fault monitoring in large
                               computer networks.
                                   Prior to joining IBM in 1969, he was on the staff of
                               the Lincoln Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of
                               Technology. This outstanding electrical engineer has
made major contributions to a number of communications and radar innovations. He co-
invented and developed the RAKE antimultipath technique, performed early radar studies
of Venus, and invented planetary range-doppler mapping. He also led the Laboratory’s
development of an experimental Large Aperture Seismic Array.
    A Fellow of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, he has
served as Chairman of the IEEE Information Theory Group. He is recipient of the
1980 Aerospace Pioneer Award. He was honored in 1981 with election to the National
Academy of Engineering.

                                James Acra Hackney III — 1984

                                   This outstanding alumnus earned his B.S. degree in
                               Mechanical Engineering in 1961 and his B.S. degree in
                               Industrial Engineering in 1962. He has attained eminent
                               distinction in the direction of engineering work in his rise
                               from Chief Engineer to President and Chief Executive
                               Officer of Hackney Industries, Inc., Washington, North
                                   Under his leadership, this North Carolina corporation
                               is developing a growing network of subsidiaries in several
                               states in the manufacture of beverage truck bodies and
                               trailers, electrical power generator controls and solid
waste handling equipment. He has been a leader in the implementation of engineering
innovations and high quality manufacturing technology.
   He is a Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and Kansas.
   He has made significant contributions to the University’s goals and activities. A
member of the NCSU Board of Trustees since 1979, he is currently serving as Vice
Chairman of the Board. He has been a member and Chairman of the School of
Engineering Advisory Council and has served as Director and held offices in the Alumni
Association and the North Carolina Engineering Foundation.

                              William Finch Troxler — 1985

                                   A 1952 graduate in Electrical Engineering, this
                               outstanding alumnus began a one-man electronics
                               operation in 1956 that today has grown into a more than
                               $6 million international business — the Troxler Electronic
                               Laboratories, Inc., of which he is Chairman and President.
                               Following graduation, he was a research engineer with the
                               U.S. Army Research Laboratories at Fort Belvoir. In his
                               one-man operation he designed and fabricated complex
                               test equipment for leading manufacturers and special
                               devices for NASA for use in the early satellites.
                                   In 1959, he began designing and building portable
equipment for measuring the moisture content and density of engineering materials with
radioactive materials. In 1962, his operation became a corporation, which is now a world
leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of nuclear gauges for construction,
roofing, and agriculture. Increasing international demand for its products has led to the
formation of two wholly owned subsidiaries, Troxler International, Ltd., and Troxler
World Trade Corporation.
    He is honored for his dedicated service to his alma mater as a member of the Board
of Directors of the Engineering Foundation, as Chairman of the Engineering School
Advisory Council, and for his contributions to the industrial growth of North Carolina.

                              Donald Henry Roy — 1986

                                   This distinguished alumnus, who has made significant
                                contributions to the nuclear power field, earned two
                                degrees in Nuclear Engineering from this university: the
                                B.S. degree in 1958 and the Ph.D. degree in 196. He
                                earned his M.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from the
                                Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
                                   His entire professional career has been with Babcock
                                and Wilcox. His outstanding record of technical and
                                managerial skills has led him to his present position
                                with the company as Vice President of Engineering
                                and Systems Development in the Power Generation
Group at Barberton, Ohio. He is responsible for the Departments of Fossil Systems
Engineering, Design and Equipment Engineering, Engineering Design Graphics, Systems
Development and Integration, Automation and Advanced Systems, and Engineering
   A leader in his profession, he was major technical contributor to the thermal-
hydraulic models used to evaluate the emergency core cooling systems of Babcock and
Wilcox nuclear power plants. He served this university as a member of the Engineering
Foundation, the Engineering School Advisory Council, and the Nuclear Engineering
Industrial Advisory Group.

                                Eli Sternberg — 1987

                                      One of only a few who have been elected to both
                                  the National Academy of Engineering and the National
                                  Academy of Sciences, this distinguished alumnus earned
                                  his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from this
                                  university in 191. He earned his master’s degree in Civil
                                  Engineering and his doctorate in Mechanics at the Illinois
                                  Institute of Technology.
                                      His entire career has been spent in academia, where
                                  he has had a major influence on the fields of elasticity,
                                  thermoelasticity, and viscoelasticity through his
                                  significant fundamental contributions to these areas. He
is currently Professor of Mechanics in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science
at the California Institute of Technology.
    When he received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from this university in 196,
he was cited for the achievements that brought him to a “position of eminence in the field
of applied mathematics which few can match.”
    His honors are many, among which are the Honorary Doctor of Science degree
from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and the Timoshenko Medal from the
American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

                                Edgar S. Woolard Jr. — 1988

                                    Following a lifetime career of management and
                                leadership positions with the E.I. duPont de Nemours and
                                Company, this distinguished 1956 Industrial Engineering
                                alumnus was named President and Chief Operation
                                Officer of the company in 1987. Responsible for all
                                DuPont operations, he is also a member of the company’s
                                Executive and Finance Committee.
                                    This outstanding industrial leader has been described
                                as one with “an affinity for people . . . an ability to work
                                effectively with them . . . even when tough goals are met.”
                                He has helped guide the company’s efforts to diversify
into electronics, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and other high technology
    In addition to his remarkable professional record, he serves on many boards and
committees, making contributions that enhance the quality of life.
    A staunch N.C. State University supporter, he is a trustee of the University and a
director of the North Carolina Textile Foundation. He is a long-time supporter of the
North Carolina Engineering Foundation and has served on the Advisory Council for the
College of Engineering.

                                G. Smedes York — 1989

                                     An outstanding graduate who earned his B.S. degree
                                 in Civil Engineering in 196 with high honors and his
                                 MBA degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1968 with the
                                 Dean’s Scholar Award, this distinguished alumnus has
                                 risen rapidly in engineering and business management
                                 to become one of the most dynamic leaders in the
                                 construction industry and the business sector of North
                                     In addition, he has made his mark in public service
                                 and is recognized for his contributions to the planning
                                 and development of Raleigh, Wake County, and the
Research Triangle. From 1979-198 he was Mayor of the City of Raleigh, having served
also on the City Council. He is President of York Construction Co. of Raleigh, Inc., York
Properties, Inc., and other corporations. His professional affiliations are many, including
first vice president, Board of Trustees of the Urban Land Institute and member of the
Institute of Real Estate Management.
     Active in many charitable and educational organizations, he is immediate past
president of the NCSU Alumni Association. He serves as a member of the Engineering
Advisory Council, the Development Board and Executive Committee, and the Student
Aid Association Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Watauga Club. Among
his many awards is the 1977 Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

                                Tuncer Cebeci — 1990

                                     This distinguished alumnus received his doctorate
                                 in Mechanical Engineering in 196. Soon thereafter
                                 he joined Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach,
                                 California, where he became Technology Advisor to
                                 the company’s Vice President of Strategic Business and
                                 Technology Development. He is also Chairman of the
                                 Aerospace Engineering Department, which he founded in
                                 1988 at California State University, Long Beach.
                                     A graduate of Roberts College, Turkey, with a
                                 B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical
                                 Engineering, he received his M.S. degree in Mechanical
Engineering from Duke University.
    His research concerns boundary layer computation, turbulence modeling and
interaction of viscous and inviscid flows leading to the development of accurate methods
for high-lift systems and wing design. In 1982 he was named Senior Fellow in Fluid
Mechanics and Heat Transfer as the first recipient of the McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Engineering and Research Fellow Program.
    He was named the first Distinguished Professor in the California State University
System, and he received numerous awards including Fellow of the American Institute
of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also received the Presidential Science Award from
                                C.E. Vick Jr. — 1991

                                     This distinguished engineer received his M.S. degree
                                 in 1960 and his B.S. in 1956 in Civil Engineering. As
                                 President of Kimley-Horn and Associates of Raleigh
                                 since 1972, he has overseen his company’s continual
                                 expansion of its consulting engineering services and has
                                 been called upon for his broad transportation experience
                                 in areas ranging from planning and transit to parking and
                                 private development.
                                     In his 0-year career, he has developed transportation
                                 plans for central city areas and directed master and
                                 functional planning for parking facilities in major cities
across North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida. He also has provided traffic
engineering consultation, conducted safety and operations studies, and contributed to
the design of signal systems for cities throughout the Sunbelt. More recently, he has
served as Kimley-Horn’s principal-in-charge for master development planning at NCSU’s
Centennial Campus. He is a registered professional engineer in 15 states and is a member
of the American Institute of Certified Planners. A superb volunteer, he has been president
of the North Carolina Engineering Foundation, Inc., for the last two years, during
which time the Foundation’s fund-raising has reached record levels. He also has been
instrumental in assisting the College of Engineering in obtaining funds for the proposed
Alumni Association and was a key figure in the development of the Caldwell Scholarship

                                James K. Ferrell — 1992

                                     This outstanding alumnus has contributed significantly
                                 to shaping the course of engineering technology at this
                                 university through his energetic teaching, research,
                                 extension, and administrative duties. He received his
                                 doctorate in Chemical Engineering in 195. He earned
                                 his B.S. and M.S., 198 and 199, respectively, in
                                 Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri.
                                     He joined the NCSU faculty upon graduation and left
                                 in 1956 to work in industry. Returning in 1961 as a full
                                 professor, he served as Chemical Engineering Department
                                 Head from 1966-80. In 1967 he was appointed Alcoa
Professor of Chemical Engineering. Between 1980 and 1991, he served as Director of
Energy and Environmental Research Programs in Engineering, Interim Head of Chemical
Engineering, Associate Dean for Research, and Interim Dean of Engineering.
    A pioneer in computer systems development, he helped initiate the Triangle
Universities Computation Center, a system linking NCSU, Duke University, and UNC-
Chapel Hill. More recently he provided leadership for development of Eos, the College’s
state-of-the-art distributed computing system. He has made important contributions
to energy conservation and pollution control, focusing his research on heat transfer,
transport processes in porous media, coal gasification and gas cleaning, process control,
and hazardous waste treatment and disposal.
                                Worley “H.” Clark Jr. — 1993

                                    This outstanding alumnus earned his bachelor's degree
                                in Industrial Engineering from this university in 1956. He
                                continued his education at Northwestern University and is
                                a graduate of the Stanford University Executive Program.
                                    As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nalco
                                Chemical Co., he heads one of the largest specialty
                                chemical companies in the world. Nalco is also the
                                world’s leading producer of water, process, and waste
                                treatment chemicals.
                                    Since he became Chief Executive Officer in 1982,
                                Nalco sales have grown from $60 million to more
                                than $1. billion in 1991. As Chairman of the Office of
the Chemical Industry Trade Association, he is a strong advocate of trade policies that
remove obstacles to free trade and encourage world leaders to reach agreements that
foster global prosperity.
    His strong leadership and exemplary career have brought honor to his company and to
his alma mater.

                                 Kent B. Foster — 1993

                                       This outstanding alumnus earned his bachelor of
                                   science degree in Electrical Engineering from this
                                   university in 1965. He received his master's degree in
                                   Management from the University of Southern California
                                   in 1969.
                                       In 1989, he was elected President of GTE Telephone
                                   Operations. This is the largest business unit in GTE, with
                                   approximately 128,000 employees worldwide and with
                                   1991 revenues of almost $16 billion. GTE is the largest
                                   local telephone company based in the United States,
                                   serving more than 20 million access lines in portions
of 0 states, as well as in British Columbia, Quebec, Venezuela, and the Dominican
    He is a member of the GTE Board of Directors and the GTE Policy Committee.
He also serves on a number of additional boards of directors at telephone companies
worldwide. His outstanding achievements not only bring honor and credit to this
university, but they also serve as an example of excellence to our present and future

                                William R. Garwood — 1993

                                     This outstanding alumnus earned his B.S. in Chemical
                                 Engineering in 1960. He received his M.S. in Industrial
                                 Management from the University of Tennessee in 1967.
                                     As President of the Tennessee Eastman Division of
                                 Eastman Chemical, Co., this Cooleemee, North Carolina,
                                 native manages the largest single chemical plant site in
                                 the United States. In 1992, more than 9,000 employees
                                 of Tennessee Eastman Division produced 50 kinds of
                                 chemicals, plastics, and fiber products, with sales in excess
                                 of $2 billion.
                                     Under his leadership, Tennessee Eastman established
                                 the world’s only commercial-scale “chemicals from
coal” gasification facility. Included in the company plans is a commitment to act as
an “exemplary steward” of the land, water, air, and raw materials. In recognition of its
leadership, commitment, and achievements, Industry Week magazine named the company
one of the ten best manufacturing firms in 1991.

                                 Johnie H. Jones — 1994

                                    This distinguished engineer earned his B.S. degree in
                                Civil Engineering in 195. He is Chairman of the Board
                                for both J.A. Jones Construction Company and J.A. Jones,
                                Inc. Headquartered in Charlotte, J.A. Jones, Inc., operates
                                11 regional offices throughout the United States and in 8
                                countries across the globe.
                                    The firm was founded in 1890 and during the past
                                50 years has built facilities in 60 nations from the Arctic
                                to the Tropics. The company continuously ranks among
                                the top construction firms in the United States. With a
                                permanent staff of more than 1,600 employees and labor
support of up to 5,000 people, the company’s current annualized volume is more than
$2 billion.
   He started his career with J.A. Jones Construction Company in 1965 as Vice President
and Corporate Sales Manager. He is past President of the North Carolina Engineering
Foundation, Inc., at North Carolina State University and Cochairman of the Charlotte
Area Dean’s Cabinet for the NCSU College of Engineering. He is a Past President and a
member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

                               Donald R. Paul — 1994

                                     This distinguished engineer earned his B.S. degree in
                                 Chemical Engineering in 1961. He earned his M.S. and
                                 doctorate degrees in 196 and 1965, respectively, from the
                                 University of Wisconsin. He holds a prestigious Regents
                                 Chair at the University of Texas at Austin, where he
                                 directs the Center for Polymer Research.
                                     An expert in the fields of polymer blends, fibers,
                                 polymer membranes for gas separation applications,
                                 barrier materials, and polymer-concrete materials, he was
                                 appointed to the National Academy of Engineering in
                                 1988 at the age of 9. An invited lecturer in 1 countries,
Paul has received numerous awards and honors for his outstanding contributions to
engineering education.
   He also has held more than 20 appointments related to service for national
professional societies, such as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the
American Chemical Society, and the Society of Plastics Engineers. He is currently a
member of the National Materials Advisory Board and the editor of the leading Industrial
and Engineering Chemistry Research journal. He serves on the editorial boards of five
other journals.

                               John J. DuPlessis — 1995

                                    This outstanding engineer, a native of Winston-Salem,
                                earned undergraduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering
                                and Metallurgical Engineering in 1958 and a master’s in
                                Metallurgical Engineering in 1960.
                                    As a technological and business consultant for
                                Crucible Materials Corporation, he searches the globe for
                                new sources of strategic metals and technologies. During
                                his 1 years with Crucible, he served in positions of
                                increasing responsibility culminating with his tenure as
                                president from 1985 to 1991.
                                    While he was president, the company’s business
doubled, and it increased its export market from less than one percent of total sales to
over forty percent.
   Research and consulting activities have taken him to the far corners of the world,
and recently he returned from his third trip to Russia. Additionally, he is active in many
professional organizations and civic activities. Highly regarded for his business acumen,
he has served for the past seven years on the Advisory Council of the NCSU Department
of Materials Science and Engineering and has been pivotal in fund-raising efforts for
materials engineering scholarships.

                               C. Michael Walton — 1995

                                    This distinguished alumnus received his master’s
                                degree and Ph.D. in 1969 and 1971, respectively, in Civil
                                Engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil
                                Engineering from Virginia Military Institute in 196.
                                    A Professional Engineer, he is chairman of the
                                Department of Civil Engineering at the University
                                of Texas at Austin and holds the Ernest H. Cockrell
                                Centennial Chair in Engineering as well as a joint
                                academic appointment in the Lyndon B. Johnson School
                                of Public Affairs.
                                    The recipient of numerous honors including Fellow
of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Transportation Engineers,
he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 199 and was named the
Transportation Research Board’s Distinguished Lecturer in 199 for his career research
    Actively involved in research related to transport policy and engineering analysis
for approximately 29 years, he has contributed substantially to the transportation field
through hundreds of publications and technical presentations.

                               Edward I. Weisiger — 1995

                                    This outstanding 195 Mechanical Engineering
                                graduate is chairman of Carolina Tractor and Equipment
                                Company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina,
                                and has held that position since 1991.
                                    As an active member of Charlotte’s business
                                community, he has served as a director for Wachovia
                                Bank and Trust Company in Charlotte for almost 25
                                years and is now a director for both the University of
                                North Carolina at Charlotte Business Advisory Council
                                and the Presbyterian Hospital Foundation.
                                    This dedicated alumnus is past president of the
Wolfpack Club, a past chairman of the Board of Trustees, and a past member of the
North Carolina Engineering Foundation, Inc. Currently he holds memberships on
the Development Board and in the Chancellor’s Circle and serves on the Trustees
Endowment Fund Board.
    A long-time contributor to his profession, he has been a member of both the
Associated Equipment Distributors and Associated General Contractors since 1957, as
well as a member of numerous other organizations.

                                Norvin A. Clontz — 1996

                                     A dedicated N.C. State alumnus, this outstanding
                                 engineer earned his B.S. degree in 1965, his M.S. in 1967,
                                 and his Ph.D. in 1969, all in Chemical Engineering. His
                                 illustrious career with Milliken and Company began in
                                 1969, and he is currently president of Milliken’s largest
                                 division — Fashion Apparel and Specialty Fabrics. He
                                 also holds responsibility for Corporate Engineering,
                                 Operations Research, Dyeing and Finishing Technical
                                 Services, and Corporate Environmental and Energy
                                     A member of the American Institute of Chemical
Engineers and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, he is active
professionally but also finds time to assist his alma mater. He serves on the N.C. State
board for the Southeastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education
(SUCCEED) and on the Chemical Engineering Alumni Advisory Board at N.C. State.
Among his operations’ many honors and awards are DuPont Fiber’s First Quality Partner
Award, the Exxon Specialty Polymer Division’s Vendor of the Year Award, and the
Chemical Manufacturers Association Best in Safety Award.

                                William F. Morris Jr. — 1996

                                     This outstanding 191 Mechanical Engineering
                                 graduate is founder and president of Morris and
                                 Associates, Inc., of Raleigh, North Carolina, a
                                 refrigeration equipment company in operation since
                                 199. A World War II veteran of the European Theater of
                                 Operations, he received the Bronze Star for service above
                                 and beyond the call of duty, and his unit, the 9th Bomb
                                 Group, was decorated for extraordinary service.
                                     After returning from the war, he completed two years
                                 of postgraduate work at N.C. State before returning to
                                 private business. His company manufactures refrigeration
products for the poultry industry and a line of ice makers for commercial markets. His
continual development of new products has earned him nineteen patents, and in 1990 he
received the Governor’s New Product Award for his thermal storage ice harvesters.
    A registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina, he is a member of the North
Carolina Society of Professional Engineers and a lifetime member of the American
Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers. Graduating third in
his class in engineering, he has been a longtime friend of the university, often hiring N.C.
State engineering graduates for his business.

                               Robert H. Transou — 1996

                                    This distinguished alumnus received his bachelor’s
                                degree in Mechanical Engineering from this university in
                                1962 and a master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the
                                University of Michigan in 1966.
                                    He began his distinctive career with Ford Motor
                                Company in 1962 as a research technician and engineer
                                and is now the group vice president of manufacturing,
                                Ford Automotive Operations. He heads up the largest
                                of three activities in the global automotive organization
                                and directs more than 25,000 people in 180 plants on 5
                                continents. Selected by the chairman of Ford to lead a
group of management through an important structural change, his team developed a plan
to achieve global organization and led the “Ford 2000 Study Team” in working out the
overall pattern that Ford automotive operations would follow into the 21st century.
    An active member of the Engineering Society of Detroit, he also serves on the
Georgia Tech Advisory Board. He has been elected to two prestigious engineering honor
societies, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma.

                               Joseph P. Archie Jr. — 1997

                                    This outstanding alumnus earned his BS degree in
                                1960 in mechanical engineering, his MS in 1962 and
                                his PhD in 1968 in engineering mechanics from NC
                                State. He also received his MD in medicine from the
                                UNC-Chapel Hill in 1968. In addition to post-doctorate
                                training in medicine, he has held various academic
                                appointments including instructor of engineering at NC
                                State, assistant chief of vascular surgery at Wilford Hall
                                US Air Force Medical Center, and adjunct associate
                                professor and professor of mechanical and aerospace
                                engineering at NC State.
                                    He is a vascular surgeon with Carolina Cardiovascular
Surgical Associates in Raleigh. One of 78 vascular surgeons listed in The Best Doctors
in America, 199-1995, he is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the
American Heart Association Stroke Council.
    He is a dedicated NC State alumnus, serving as a member of the Graduate School
Board of Directors. In the College of Engineering, he serves on doctoral committees
and collaborates with researchers. He contributed significantly to the development of the
Biofluid Mechanics Program, part of the new Minor in Biomedical Engineering.

                              Darrell V. Menscer — 1997

                                   A dedicated NC State alumnus, this outstanding
                               1960 electrical engineering graduate of NC State retired
                               as President and Chief Operating Officer of PSI Energy
                               in 1990. After distinguished service in the US Air Force
                               from 1952 to 1956, he began his career with Carolina
                               Power and Light Company in 1960. In 1980 he left his
                               post as Senior Vice President of Power Supply at CP&L to
                               work with PSI Energy Inc. in Plainfield, IN, as president
                               and chief operating officer and to serve as a member of the
                               board of directors of PSI Resources Inc.
                                   He was appointed a member of the Electric Power
Research Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, the major policy-setting body for
electric power engineering research and development in the US.
    A leader of volunteerism at NC State, he has served as chair of the NC State
Foundation Board, NC Engineering Foundation Board, the College of Engineering
Advisory Board, the Century II Campaign Committee and the Executive Committee
of the NC State Development Board. An avid Wolfpack fan, he is a member of the
Wolfpack Club and participates in the Alumni Adopt-A-Scholar Program. He is a
Caldwell Scholarship benefactor and a member of the Leonidas Polk Lifetime Giving
Society and the Chancellor’s Circle.

                               Claude A. Verbal — 1997

                                    This distinguished alumnus earned his BS degree
                                in mechanical engineering from NC State in 196. He
                                was the third African-American to graduate from North
                                Carolina State University.
                                    His distinguished career with General Motors
                                Corporation began in 196 in the Buick Motor Division.
                                He quickly rose through the ranks, and in 1977, he
                                became the first African-American to hold an executive
                                position in the Buick Motor Division.
                                    He has served the company in many capacities and
                                currently holds the position of plant manager of the
Service Parts Operations for General Motors Corporation.
    He has been an active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers International
since 1966. In 1996, he was the first African-American to be elected president of the
society. He is a dedicated member of his community and his church, founding both the
Flint Inner City Lions Club and the Flint Environmental Action Team. He also has served
as vice president and president of the Detroit Conference of United Methodist Men. He
has served on the Flint Community Development Board for the past 20 years, and he is
currently involved in a Tech-Prep Consortium developing curricula with a school-to-work
emphasis for grades K-12.

                               E. James Angelo Jr. — 1998

                                     This outstanding alumnus received his BS degree
                                 in electrical engineering from NC State in 199. After
                                 graduation, he worked for Southern Bell Telephone
                                 and Telegraph Company in Louisville, Kentucky. He
                                 reentered academe in 191 as an instructor and later an
                                 assistant professor at Tulane University in New Orleans.
                                 In 197, he moved to the Massachusetts Institute of
                                 Technology as an instructor and graduate student and
                                 received his SM and ScD degrees in 199 and 1952
                                 respectively. After serving as assistant professor at MIT
                                 for one year, he accepted an associate professor position
in 195 at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and was promoted to full professor in
    While at the Polytechnic Institute, he served as a visiting lecturer in electronics at
Cairo University and Ain Shams University in Egypt for a year as part of a Fulbright
Commission Assignment. In 1968, he returned to industry, taking a position with
Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey. He is the author of three textbooks. His
Electronic Circuits textbook is used worldwide and is one of the most popular texts of its
kind in print.

                                James M. Davis Jr. — 1998

                                    This distinguished alumnus earned his BS degree
                                in mechanical engineering from NC State in 1958.
                                He is a graduate of the Harvard University Advanced
                                Management Program and is the senior vice president of
                                Power Operations for Carolina Power & Light Company.
                                Following service as a reserve officer in the United States
                                Air Force from 1958 to 1961, he became a test engineer
                                in the Experimental Engineering Department of Pratt
                                and Whitney Aircraft in Connecticut. In 1965, he joined
                                Carolina Power & Light Company as a heating and
                               cooling engineer. He rose through the company holding
various positions, including manager of Rates and Service Practices, vice president of
Fuel and Materials Management, and senior vice president of Operations Support before
taking his current position.
    A leader in volunteerism, he serves as vice president of the North Carolina
Engineering Foundation and has worked with the Campaign for NC State Students. He
is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, and a
former president of the Episcopal Laymen of the Diocese of North Carolina.

                                Allen F. “Fred” Gant — 1998

                                     This dedicated alumnus received his BS degree in
                                 industrial engineering from NC State in 1955. After
                                 graduation, he worked with U.S. Vitamin and Miles
                                 Laboratories, Inc., before moving into executive positions
                                 with Merck and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. In 1980, he was
                                 named vice president of Key Pharmaceuticals in Miami,
                                 Florida, and served on the Board of Directors of Key
                                 Pharmaceuticals of Puerto Rico, Inc. He was senior vice
                                 president and a member of the Board of Directors of
                                 Granutec in Wilson, NC. He has designed and built high
                                 technology pharmaceutical plants throughout the nation
and directed the process development of transdermal sustained release products and
prescription and over-the-counter drugs that sold worldwide.
   He has served on the Board of Directors of the South Florida Manufacturers’
Association and is a member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society
and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. He is active in the North
Carolina Engineering Foundation and the Campaign for NC State Students.

                                Glenn E. Futrell — 1999

                                    This dedicated alumnus received his BS degree in
                                 196 and his MS degree in 1965 in civil engineering from
                                 NC State. After graduation, he began his career as a staff
                                 engineer for Law Engineering and Testing Company of
                                 Charlotte and was soon promoted to branch manager of
                                 the Raleigh office.
                                     In 197, he formed Soil & Material Engineers
                                 (S&ME), a company that grew to more than 1,000
                                 employees in 5 branches.
                                     In 1986, S&ME was featured on the cover of
                                 Engineering News Record as one of the most successful
engineering firms in the United States. At that time, S&ME had become the fifth largest
geotechnical engineering company in the US.
    He is active in a number of business interests and most recently has focused most of
his energy on Pirate’s Cove, a resort development on the Outer Banks of more than 600
acres located in Manteo, NC. He assumed majority control of the development in 1990.
    An active alumnus, he has been a member of the North Carolina Engineering
Foundation’s Board of Directors since 1990 and served as president of the board in
1996-97. He has been a strong advocate for the College and University and an important
solicitor for, and generous contributor to, the Campaign for NC State Students.

                               Franklin D. Hart — 1999

                                     This distinguished alumnus earned his BS degree
                                 in 1959, his MS in 1961, and his PhD in 1965 in
                                 mechanical engineering from NC State. Before receiving
                                 his doctorate, he was appointed assistant professor of
                                 mechanical engineering at NC State. He established the
                                 Center for Acoustical Studies with funding from NASA
                                 and served as its founding director. He was promoted to
                                 full professor in 1970. His research in acoustics brought
                                 renown in academe, and his team’s development of the
                                 “Gorilla Goal” brought recognition among basketball
                                     In 1980, he was promoted to associate dean of
engineering research programs, and was named the vice chancellor for research at NC
State in 198. In 1990, he was named interim provost and became provost in 1991. Six
years later he was honored with NC State University’s Holladay Medal for Excellence.
An important figure in the history of NC State, he co-chaired the team that originated the
concept for the Engineering Graduate Research Center. In 199, he was named president
and CEO of MCNC. His leadership guided the center from an academic world to that of
private industry. He retired in 1998.

                                Larry K. Monteith — 1999

                                     This outstanding alumnus earned his BS degree
                                 in 1960 in electrical engineering from NC State. He
                                 received his MS in 1962 and his PhD in 1965 in electrical
                                 engineering from Duke University. He began his career
                                 as a technical staff member of Bell Telephone Labs in
                                 1960 and, later, Research Triangle Institute while also
                                 serving as an adjunct assistant professor in electrical
                                 engineering at NC State.
                                     He joined the University as an associate professor of
                                 electrical engineering in 1968 and was promoted to full
                                 professor in 1972. In 197, he became head of electrical
    In 1978, he was named dean of the College, a position he held for eleven years.
    He served as interim chancellor of the University from 1989 to 1990, when he was
named the eleventh chancellor of the University. Under his leadership, the University
became an internationally recognized research institution, establishing partnerships
with business and industry and developing the Centennial Campus, and the Engineering
Graduate Research Center developed from a concept in 1980 to a reality in 1997.
    His commitment to developing scholarships for students led to the Campaign for NC
State Students, with gifts and pledges of approximately $100 million. He retired in 1998
and remains actively involved with the University.

                               Hugh M. Duncan — 2000

                                   This loyal alumnus received his BS degree in industri-
                               al engineering in 1955. A native of Shelby, NC, he served
                               in the US Marine Corps from 196 to 198. His career
                               involved a wide range of engineering work for Industrial
                               Piping, Inc., Pneumafil Corporation, Luwa Corporation,
                               and Southern Precision Spring Co., Inc., which he pur-
                               chased in 196 and changed from financially troubled to
                               profitable in one year.
                                   Over the next 0 years, his many innovations in qual-
                               ity control, cost accounting, and the computerization of
                               manufacturing operations made SPS Co., Inc. one of the
most successful companies of its kind. He retired in 199.
    In 1997 he established an endowed professorship in mechanical engineering in honor
of his father, Dean F. Duncan (BSME ’2). This was the first time that a professorship
had been endowed in the College by an individual. He also endowed a merit scholarship
in industrial engineering.
    He has been a long-time supporter of Junior Achievement and United Way. He is a
former member of Rotary International and is a sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America.

                               Michael D. Killian — 2000

                                   This active alumnus is vice president and general man-
                               ager of Ashland Specialty Chemical Company’s Foundry
                               Products Division.
                                   A native of Waynesville, North Carolina, he earned a
                               BS degree in chemical engineering from NC State in 1968
                               and an MBA from Tulane in 197.
                                   He joined Ashland Chemical Company in 197 and
                               transferred to Ashland Inc. in 1976. In 1981 he was
                               promoted to administrative vice president of Ashland
                               Inc.’s APAC division. He returned to Ashland Chemical in
198. In 1989 he was appointed vice president and general manager of the Petrochemi-
cal Division and was named vice president and general manager of the Foundry Products
Division in 1996.
    He is a member of several University associations, is on the board of directors of
the Engineering Foundation, and is a key member of Chemical Engineering’s alumni
industrial advisory board, where he was instrumental in the establishment and success of
a five-year fundraising campaign to renovate Riddick Laboratories. He also is a member
of the American Foundrymen’s Society and the Institute of British Foundrymen.

                                John T. McCarter — 2000

                                     This distinguished alumnus is president and CEO
                                 of GE Latin America of Sao Paulo, Brazil. A native of
                                 Philadelphia, PA, he came to NC State from his adopted
                                 home of Hickory, NC, and received his BS degree in
                                 nuclear engineering in 197.
                                     He began his lifelong career with General Electric
                                 as technical director of installation for the nuclear steam
                                 supply system at CP&L’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant.
                                     After serving in a series of developmental marketing
                                 positions in the power generation industry, he was a sales
                                 engineer for GE’s Power Generation Business. Later he
rose through several positions for GE’s Power Systems in Schenectady, NY, ultimately
serving as general manager of customer service and later GM of North America sales to
electric utilities and power generators.
    After taking over the Latin America operations for GE’s Power business, he became
president and CEO of GE Latin America.
    In 1997 he endowed the Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCarter Sr. Scholarship, named for
his parents. He currently serves on the board of the Engineering Foundation and is GE’s
executive liaison to the University.

                                Joseph S. Colson Jr. — 2001

                                     This distinguished alumnus earned his bachelor of
                                 science degree in electrical engineering from North
                                 Carolina State University in 1968 and his master's degree
                                 in electrical engineering from Stanford University in
                                     He began his career with Bell Laboratories and served
                                 in numerous positions until becoming president of the
                                 AT&T Affiliates sales division.
                                     He was one of the founding leaders of Lucent
                                 Technologies, ultimately serving as president of
                                 International Regions and Professional Services until
his retirement in 1998. Under his leadership, Lucent became one of the leaders of the
    He has remained active in engineering at NC State and serves on the Board of
Directors of the NC State Engineering Foundation. He made a significant contribution
to the College by establishing the Dr. Joseph S. Colson Engineering Scholarship in his
father’s memory. He has received numerous honors, including an honorary doctorate of
humanities from North Carolina A&T State University and honors from Black Enterprise
magazine and Black Engineer magazine for his professional achievements.

                                Edward P. Fitts — 2001

                                    A 1961 graduate in industrial engineering, this
                                distinguished alumnus began his career with Sunoco
                                Products Company, where he remained for 18 years,
                                eventually becoming vice president of paperboard
                                    In 1979 he led a management team that purchased
                                a paperboard packaging operation from Sunoco and
                                renamed the company Dopaco.
                                    During his 2-year tenure as chairman and CEO,
                                Dopaco grew from a company of 115 employees to a
                                company of 1,500 employees across nine plants with
sales of more than $00 million annually. Dopaco is well known in the industry for its
strong commitment to environmentally friendly packaging and processes, earning the
company the prestigious McDonald’s Earth Effort Award and awards from numerous
other companies for its contributions throughout the years.
    An active supporter of the Department of Industrial Engineering, he endowed the
Edward P. Fitts Scholarship, one of the department’s largest.

                                Dade W. Moeller — 2001

                                     The distinguished career of this outstanding alumnus
                                 is marked with significant contributions to environmental
                                 health and radiation safety.
                                     He received his BS degree in civil engineering and
                                 his MS degree in environmental engineering from the
                                 Georgia Institute of Technology in 198, and he received
                                 his PhD in nuclear engineering from NC State in 1957.
                                     He served as a commissioned officer in the US Public
                                 Health Service from 198 to 1966.
                                     While at Harvard University, he chaired the
                                 Department of Environmental Health Sciences and
served as associate dean for continuing education.
    A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he served on the US Nuclear
Regulatory Commission, the International Commission on Radiological Protection, and
the National Research Council. He was a consultant for the World Health Organization
and is past president of the Health Physics Society. He is a fellow of the American
Nuclear Society and the American Public Health Association, a registered professional
engineer, a diplomate in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, and is
certified by the American Board of Health Physics.

                               S. Frank Culberson — 2002

                                   This distinguished alumnus earned his bachelor’s
                               degree in chemical engineering from NC State in 1960.
                               He received an MBA from University of Houston in 1966.
                                   A native of Siler City, he began his career with Shell
                               Oil Company/Shell Chemical Company and later worked
                               with the Pace Company.
                                   In 1987 Culberson joined the Rimkus Consulting
                               Group in Houston, Texas, where he now serves as
                               president and CEO. The Rimkus Consulting Group is a
                               forensic consulting company that performs engineering
                               and business assessments concerning accidents; injuries;
structural and mechanical failures; fires and explosions; energy, chemical, and mining
problems; and hazards to human health posed by molds and environmental releases.
    He has been instrumental in building the company from a small firm with eight
employees in 1987 to its current size of over 00 employees in 18 offices, including more
than 200 engineers. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida, Arizona and
Texas and a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

                               Ross W. Lampe Sr. — 2002

                                   A 1951 graduate in chemical engineering, this
                               distinguished alumnus has served as president of Guy C.
                               Lee Manufacturing Company since 1959.
                                   Guy C. Lee Manufacturing Company comprises Guy
                               C. Lee Building Materials, an independent millwork and
                               hardware distributor, and Lampe & Malphrus Lumber
                               Company, an export lumber company. He has been a
                               leader and innovator in the lumber and building supply
                               industries for several decades.
                                   He is part of a lasting legacy at NC State as the son
                               of J. Harold Lampe, who served as Dean of Engineering
from 195 to 1962 and who was pivotal in the early planning of Research Triangle Park.
   A native of Johnston County, North Carolina, he is an active member of the
community, serves on several boards, and has been an officer in several professional
   This staunch supporter of education has served as chair of the Engineering Loyalty
Fund in 1989 and chair of the NC State Forestry Advisory Council in 1988. In 199 the
Lampe family, led by Ross Lampe, established the J.H. Lampe Engineering Excellence
Fund, an unrestricted endowment to the College of Engineering at NC State University in
honor of Dean Lampe.

                                Jerry S. Lee — 2002

                                    This outstanding graduate earned two degrees from
                                NC State — a bachelor’s degree in 196 and a doctorate
                                in 1967, both in mechanical engineering. A native of
                                Pamlico County, he began his career as an assistant
                                professor of mechanical engineering at NC State.
                                    He joined Goodrich Corporation as manager of
                                engineering science in the Engineered Products Group
                                in 1979. He assumed his current position as senior
                                vice president of technology and innovation in 1998.
                                Goodrich has sales of $5.5 billion and is a worldwide
                                developer and supplier of aerospace systems that span the
range from aircraft landing systems to optics for space telescopes.
    He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Aerospace Institute; president
of the nonprofit research organization Glennan Microsystems Initiative, Inc.; and chair
of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Technology and Innovation Campus at the
University of North Carolina, Charlotte.
    He serves on the advisory boards of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering at both the Ohio State University and NC State.

                                Keith Collins — 2003

                                     A 1982 graduate in computer science, this
                                 distinguished alumnus has served SAS Institute Inc., the
                                 largest privately held software company in the world,
                                 since 198. He has held several leadership positions,
                                 including manager in the research and development host
                                 division, the first research and development strategist
                                 for the company, and vice president of research and
                                     As senior vice president and chief technology officer
                                 for SAS Institute, he oversees operations for global
                                 research and development, customer support functions,
                                 and corporate information systems and plays an essential
role in planning corporate strategy.
    He has maintained a strong relationship with NC State through the years. A
former NC State Engineering Foundation Board member, he is currently chair and a
founding member of the advisory board for the Department of Computer Science. He
has coordinated contributions from SAS Institute to NC State over the years and was
instrumental in establishing the Center for Knowledge Discovery at NC State.

                              Anna Clyde Fraker — 2003

                                   This distinguished alumna was the first woman
                               to receive a doctorate in engineering from NC State
                               University. She received her bachelor's degree in
                               chemistry from Furman University in 1957 and began her
                               career at NC State's Department of Engineering Research.
                               When she received her master’s degree in metallurgical
                               engineering in 1961, she became the first woman at NC
                               State to receive an advanced degree in engineering.
                                   During 1962-6 she pursued studies at the Institut fur
                               Allgemeine Metallkunde und Metallphysik, Technische
                               Hochschule in Aachen, Germany. After receiving her
                               PhD in ceramic engineering in 1967, she worked at the
National Bureau of Standards — now the National Institute for Standards and Technology
(NIST) — until 1996 as a research metallurgist. During her years with NIST, she actively
promoted the careers of students and other scientists, especially women and minorities.
   A native of Greeneville, Tennessee, she is acknowledged as a leader in the field of
biomaterials. Her honors include the US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal in
198 and election as Fellow of the American Society for Metals, ASM International, in

                               Gerald Davis Mann — 2003

                                   This distinguished graduate earned his bachelor’s
                               degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina
                               State University in 1952 and his master’s degree in civil
                               engineering from Purdue University in 1956.
                                   A native of Newport, Carteret County, he began his
                               career in 1956 as chief geotechnical engineer for Moble
                               Drilling and Engineering Company, Indianapolis, Indiana.
                                   In 1958 he purchased the engineering and drilling
                               services division of the company, which became the
                               basis for American Testing and Engineering Corporation
                               (ATEC Associates, Inc.). He served as founder, owner,
                               president, and chairman of the company from 1958 to
1996. Under his leadership, ATEC expanded internationally to include 52 locations and
more then $120 million annually in fees by 1990.
   In 1972 he founded Mann Realty and Development Company, now known as Mann
Properties, LLP. A dedicated sponsor of NC State, he is a member of the Department of
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering advisory board and is chair or co-chair of several
board committees.

                               Albert Carnesale — 2004

                                     Currently the chancellor of the University of
                                California, Los Angeles, this outstanding alumnus
                                received his bachelor’s degree from Cooper Union in 1957
                                and his master’s degree from Drexel University in 1961,
                                both in mechanical engineering.
                                     He earned his doctoral degree in nuclear engineering
                                from North Carolina State University in 1966 and was
                                awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters in 1997.
                                     As a faculty member, he served as head of the Division
                                of University Studies and as university coordinator for
                                Environmental Studies.
                                     A native of New York, he began his career at Martin
Marietta Corporation. At Harvard University he held the Lucius N. Littauer Professorship
of Public Policy and Administration, served as academic dean and dean of the John F.
Kennedy School of Government, and was provost of the university.
    An expert in national security, he represented the US government in high-level
negotiations on defense and energy issues and served as a consultant to US government

                               Calvin H. Carter Jr. — 2004

                                    This distinguished alumnus is a recipient of the 2002
                                National Medal of Technology presented by President
                                George W. Bush.
                                    A native of Statesville, NC, he received his bachelor’s
                                degree in 1977, his master’s degree in 1980, and his
                                doctoral degree in 198, all in materials science and
                                engineering. He served as a visiting assistant professor in
                                the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at
                                NC State from 198 to 1987.
                                    He is director of materials technology for Cree Inc.,
                                a company he cofounded in 1987. An expert in crystal
                                growth, thin film deposition, impurity doping, and
                                materials characterization, he has been instrumental in
the perfecting and commercializing of silicon carbide semiconductor wafers for both the
military and consumer markets.
    His innovative research opened the doors for the development of blue and green light-
emitting diodes, energy-efficient white light generation, high power solid-state microwave
amplifiers, and high quality manmade gemstones.

                               Thomas R. McPherson Jr. — 2004

                                    This distinguished alumnus earned his bachelor’s
                                degree in 1976 and his master’s degree in 1977, both
                                in electrical engineering from North Carolina State
                                University. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in physics
                                from Davidson College in 1976 and an engineer’s degree
                                from George Washington University in 1981.
                                    A native of Mebane, NC, he began his career at
                                Digital Communications Corporation.
                                    He cofounded Pel Corporation and later led Network
                                Equipment Technologies through its initial public offering
                                in 1987. He then joined Hughes Network Systems
                                and started DirecPC. In 1996 he formed Rapid City
Communications. His most recent venture was launching Hatteras Networks Inc., where
he was president and CEO. He continues to serve on the company’s technical advisory
    He currently has a consulting firm based in Potomac, Maryland. A dedicated NC
State supporter, he serves as Achieve! Campaign cochairman for the College and sits on
the advisory board for the NC State Entrepreneurs’ Program.

                                Herbert A. Fishel — 2005

                                      This distinguished alumnus earned his bachelor’s
                                  degree in mechanical engineering in 196. A native
                                  of Winston-Salem, NC, he is CEO of the Business of
                                  Motorsports and is recognized as one of the dozen most
                                  influential people in racing.
                                      He began his career at General Motors and in 1969
                                  joined the Chevrolet Product Performance Group.
                                      In 1991 he was named Executive Director of GM
                                  Racing. His leadership in 1996 helped form the new
                                  open wheel series in racing known as the Indy Racing
                                      Under his guidance, in 2001 GM became the first
                                  automaker in more than three decades to win racing’s
Triple Crown in the same year: the Daytona 500, the Indy 500, and the GTS class win in
the 2 Hours of Le Mans. He retired from GM in 200.
    In 2001 he participated in the Italian Mille Miglia driving a 195 Ferrari 250 MM.
He was awarded the Spirit of Le Mans award from the Automobile Club de l’Ouest
and drove the pace vehicle in the Indy 500 in 200. He was inducted into the Specialty
Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Hall of Fame in 2005.

                                John Turner Whitted — 2005

                                    This outstanding engineer earned his PhD in electrical
                                engineering from NC State University in 1978. He
                                received his bachelor’s degree in 1969 and his master’s
                                degree in 1970 in electrical engineering from Duke
                                    He is a senior researcher and area manager at
                                Microsoft Corporation. Elected to the National Academy
                                of Engineering in 200, he is known as one of the
                                pioneers in three-dimensional computer graphics and the
                                originator of the use of ray tracing for global illumination.
                                    He began his career in the computer systems research
                                laboratory at Bell Labs. In 198 he co-founded NDL,
a company that provides D graphics tools and engines for developers of video games,
online D applications, and simulation and training applications. He was president of the
company until 1996 and continued to serve as a director until NDL’s recent merger with
Emergent Game Technologies.
    From 198 to 2001 he served as adjunct professor of computer science at UNC-
Chapel Hill. He is a named inventor on eight US patents for Microsoft. An active
alumnus, he is a strong supporter of the departments of Computer Science and Electrical
and Computer Engineering.

                                Robert G. Wright — 2005

                                   This distinguished alumnus earned his bachelor’s
                                degree in civil engineering–construction from North
                                Carolina State University in 1968 and an MBA from
                                UNC–Chapel Hill in 197. He is chairman of Kimley-
                                Horn and Associates Inc.
                                   From 1969 to 1972, he served as a captain in the US
                                Army Corps of Engineers, and in 197 he joined Peat,
                                Marwick, Mitchell, and Company as an accountant. In
                                1979 he joined Kimley-Horn and Associates and was
                                named president in 1992.
                                   A dedicated alumnus, he is a member of the NC State
                                Engineering Foundation Board of Directors, serving as
                                president of the board from 2002-0.
   He was a generous donor to the college during the Achieve! campaign for NC State.
He is also a founding member of the Lampe Society level of the Dean’s Circle and is an
active member of the Economic Development Coalition 2000.
   He is an active supporter of the college and the Department of Civil, Construction, and
Environmental Engineering.

                               William E. Angelo — 2006

                                     A native of Forsyth County, N.C., William E. Angelo
                                 received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering
                                 with honors in 192 from North Carolina State University.
                                 After graduation, he joined the General Defense
                                 Corporation in Point Pleasant, W.V., as a chemist. He later
                                 transferred to Edgewater, N.J., where he was a foreman
                                 in a sulfuric acid plant. Following transfers to East St.
                                 Louis, Ill., and Chicago, Bill joined Algonquin Chemical
                                 in Dubuque, Iowa, another sulfuric acid manufacturer.
                                 In 198, he moved to Bristol, Tenn., where he met and
                                 married his wife of 5 years, the late June Hicks, and
                                 began work at S.E. Massengill, a pharmaceutical company
that was bought by Beecham in 1971. For most of his career, Bill led the engineering
department overseeing major projects, including moving the penicillin compounding
and packaging facilities from Piscataway, N.J.; remodeling the animal vaccine plant in
Whitehall, Ill.; and managing the design and construction of an office building at the
Bristol site. Bill retired in 1985 with 7 years of service. In 1996 Bill and his brother,
Jim, established the Ernest James and Ethel Hudgins Angelo Memorial Scholarship
in memory of their parents. The endowment supports scholarships for four students
pursuing engineering degrees with an interest in environmental engineering. He lives in
Bristol, Tenn.

                                Charles R. Manning Jr. — 2006

                                     A native of Erie, Penn., Charles Manning was head
                                 of the Materials Engineering Group in the National
                                 Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley
                                 Advanced Materials Research Program from 1958 to
                                 1967. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics
                                 and geology from Florida State University in 1958 and
                                 his master’s degree in metallurgical engineering from
                                 Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1967. He completed his
                                 Ph.D. in ceramic engineering at NC State in 1967 and
                                 joined the College of Engineering faculty as an associate
                                 professor in the Department of Mineral Industries, which
                                 later became the Department of Materials Science and
Engineering. He was promoted to professor in 1972. In 1981 he left the university to
develop his private company, Accident Reconstruction Analysis, Inc., an engineering
consulting firm that performs failure analysis and accident reconstruction. He has
remained involved with the university through serving as an adjunct professor and a
generous supporter, funding an endowment that supports two students and establishing
the Charles R. Manning, Jr. Enhancement Endowment Fund. He has also contributed
unrestricted funds to support research. He lives with his wife, Peggy, in Raleigh, N.C.

                                Barbara H. Mulkey — 2006

                                     A native of North Carolina, Barbara H. Mulkey has
                                 used her skills in structural engineering and marketing and
                                 business development to build a successful engineering
                                 firm, Mulkey Engineers & Consultants, which she started
                                 in 199. She serves as chief executive officer of the
                                 firm. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees
                                 in civil engineering from NC State in 1977 and 198,
                                 respectively, and holds Professional Engineer licenses in
                                 six states. She was appointed by the Lieutenant Governor
                                 to the NC Code Officials Qualification Board and was
                                 vice chair of the Raleigh Convention Center Steering
                                 Committee. She is an active alumnus, serving on the
NC State Engineering Foundation Board of Directors; the NC State University Board
of Visitors; the Board of Trustees of the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology
and Science; and the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) Board
of Advisors. She is also a past president and national director of the board of directors
for the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina. She and her
husband Jim are benefactors of the Mulkey/General Hugh Shelton Leadership Award.
They live in Cary and have three adult children who also live in the area.

                                Raymond A. Bryan Jr. — 2007

                                   Ray Bryan received his bachelor’s degree in
                               construction from North Carolina State University in
                               195. A Korean War veteran, he served in the U.S. Army
                               from 195-55. He is chairman of T. A. Loving Company,
                               known for its beautiful construction projects on NC
                               State University’s campus, including the Park Alumni
                               Center and the Wendell H. Murphy Football Center. In
                               addition to running a successful business, Bryan has a
                               long history of dedication to education, having served on
                               the Board of Trustees for Campbell University and the
                               Board of Trustees for the Independent College Fund of
                               North Carolina. He is a past president of the Wolfpack
Club, a past College of Engineering Dean’s Cabinet member, a former director of the NC
State Engineering Foundation Board, a lifetime Alumni Association member, and a Peele
Lifetime Giving Society member. He has served as president of the Wayne County Boys
and Girls Club, and he was named a James E. West Fellow for his contributions to the
Boy Scouts. He and the Bryan Family Foundation established an endowed scholarship in
the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

                              Wayne T. Day — 2007

                                    Wayne Day received his bachelor’s degree in chemical
                                engineering from North Carolina State University in
                                1965. He began a 6-year career at John J. Kirlin, Inc.,
                                a Rockville, Md., mechanical contracting business, in
                                1970, and served as president and CEO of Kirlin from
                                198 until his retirement in 2006. Under his leadership,
                                Kirlin grew tenfold and opened offices in Baltimore,
                                Md.; Raleigh, N.C.; Columbia, S.C.; and in Tampa,
                                Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Notable projects
                                include the White House, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court,
                                and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
The company was honored with a contract to help restore the Pentagon following the
9/11 attack. Day served on the board of the Mechanical Contractors of America and
was its president in 1998. He is a Holladay Lifetime Giving Society member, a Frank
Seely Society member, and a lifetime Alumni Association member. The football field at
Carter-Finley Stadium was named the Wayne T. Day Family Field in recognition of his
generous support of the university. He and his wife, Mary Grace, established an endowed
fellowship to benefit the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

                              F. Neal Hunter — 2007

                                   Neal Hunter earned his bachelor’s degree in
                               mechanical engineering from North Carolina State
                               University in 198. He is a co-founder and former
                               President, CEO, and Chairman of Cree, Inc. Hunter held
                               numerous roles at Cree from 1987-2005. During this
                               time, the company’s revenues grew to $00 million. In
                               2005, Hunter co-founded LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc.
                               (LLF, Inc.) to accelerate the use of LEDs in general
                               illumination applications. LLF has since set world
                               records for LED fixture efficiency and CRI at warm white
                               color temperatures. Funded by employees, suppliers
                               and distributors, LLF’s goal is to bring economical
high-volume LED lighting solutions to world markets. Hunter also develops residential
neighborhoods using custom builders, giving him a unique perspective for applications
of LED technology in homes. He resides in the RTP area of North Carolina and is an
active supporter of UNC Hospitals, North Carolina State University, and the Food Bank
of North Carolina. He is a Peele Lifetime Giving Society member and has established an
endowment for unrestricted general support for the College of Engineering.

                               Bobby Ray Johnson Jr. — 2008

                                    This distinguished graduate earned his bachelor’s
                                degree in computer science with honors from North
                                Carolina State University in 1977. A native of North
                                Carolina, Johnson has built a highly successful 1-year
                                career in the networking industry, including a total of
                                16 years as chief executive officer for three companies
                                and 1 years as chairman for two companies. He is the
                                co-founder of Foundry Networks Inc., a provider of high-
                                performance routers and switches, and has served as its
                                president and chief executive officer since May 1996. He
                                also served as chairman from May 1996 to January 2007.
                                Under Johnson’s leadership, the company has earned
more than 65 corporate and product awards, including “Top Technology IPO of 1999.”
The San Jose, Calif., resident has generated significant support for North Carolina State
University through personal gifts and donations from his company. He and his company
provided major support to the NC State “Red Wolf Tracking Project,” which focused
on the wireless network tracking of red wolves that were reintroduced in eastern North
Carolina wildlife areas.

                               Gayle S. Lanier — 2008

                                    This distinguished graduate earned her bachelor’s
                                degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina
                                State University in 1982. She joined Nortel in 1991 and
                                has held increasingly responsible management positions
                                in technology, business line management, product
                                introduction, and design and development. In her current
                                position as vice president and general manager of Nortel
                                Knowledge Services, she has global responsibility for
                                Nortel’s strategic direction and performance for all
                                training, documentation and certification programs. At
                                NC State, she has given both her time and considerable
                                management skills to advance diversity within the College
of Engineering, including her service as the Nortel representative on the NC State
University National Minority Engineering Programs Advisory Board. In 200, she and
her husband established the Dwain K. and Gayle S. Lanier Scholarship Endowment to
benefit engineering students. In 2007, she received the Distinguished Alumna Award from
the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and was appointed
to the NC State Board of Trustees by Gov. Mike Easley. She lives in Raleigh.

                               Scot Wingo — 2008

                                    This distinguished graduate earned his master’s
                                degree in computer engineering from North Carolina
                                State University in 1992. After graduation, he worked
                                as a software developer for a small start-up company
                                before co-founding Stingray Software. The business grew
                                quickly and was soon acquired by RogueWave Software
                                in 1998. Wingo then co-founded,
                                selling the company after just eight months to GoTo.
                                com. In 2001, he co-founded ChannelAdvisor, which
                                enables leading online retailers to maximize their product
                                exposure across multiple e-commerce marketplaces.
                                Wingo has authored a number of technology and business
books, including the popular “eBay Strategies: 10 Proven Methods to Maximize your
eBay Business.” He was named Ernst & Young’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in
200 and has been named one of the Triangle Business Journal’s “0 under 0.” He has
established a generous endowment for the NC State Engineering Entrepreneurs Program
and serves as chairman of its advisory board. He also serves on the board of the NC State
Engineering Foundation and is a popular speaker at College events. He lives in Raleigh.

                    North Carolina State University
                        College of Engineering

         Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award

    The Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award was established by the
Faculty of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University
in 1966 to honor engineering graduates who have been recognized for
outstanding achievements in

• Planning and direction of engineering work,

• Fostering professional development of young engineers,

• Contributing to knowledge in the field of engineering, or

• Bringing, in other ways, distinction to the University
  through engineering achievement.

   These engineering graduates have received an undergraduate or graduate
degree, or both, from the College of Engineering.

    Nominations for this prestigious award come from members of the
Engineering faculty, and a vote by faculty representatives determines the
recipients of the award.

    Announcement of the annual awards is made by the Dean of Engineering
at the Awards Banquet during Alumni Weekend. The recipient is presented a
bronze medallion and engraved certificate.

    In addition, each outstanding engineer's portrait hangs in Page Hall in a
gallery dedicated to recipients of the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus

Name                                             Page      Name                                                Page

Alexander III, William D. (1976) . . . . . . . . 7         Kelly, James F. (1968) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Angelo, E. James (1998) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2       Killian, Michael D. (2000) . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Angelo, William E. (2006) . . . . . . . . . . . . 5       Lambe, T. William (1982) . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Archie Jr., Joseph P. (1997) . . . . . . . . . . . 21      Lampe Sr., Ross W. (2002) . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Branscomb, Charles E. (1978) . . . . . . . . . . 8         Lanier, Gayle S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Bryan Jr., Raymond A. (2007) . . . . . . . . . 6          Lee, Jerry S. (2002) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0
Carnesale, Albert (200) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2      Mann, Gerald Davis (200) . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Carter Jr., Calvin H. (200) . . . . . . . . . . . 2      Manning Jr., Charles R. (2006) . . . . . . . . 5
Cebeci, Tuncer (1990) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1     Mayo, John S. (1977) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Clark Jr., Worley H. (199) . . . . . . . . . . . 16       McCarter, John T. (2000) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Clontz, Norvin A. (1996) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20      McPherson Jr., Thomas R. (200) . . . . . . 
Collins, Keith (200) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0   Menscer, Darrell V. (1997) . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Colson Jr., Joseph S. (2001) . . . . . . . . . . . 27      Moeller, Dade W. (2001) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Crotts, Marcus B. (1981) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10      Monteith, Larry K. (1999) . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Culberson, S. Frank (2002) . . . . . . . . . . . 29        Morris Jr., William F. (1996) . . . . . . . . . . 20
Davis Jr., James M. (1998) . . . . . . . . . . . . 2      Moss, Arthur P. (1969) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Day, Wayne T. (2007) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7    Mulkey, Barbara H. (2006) . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Duncan, Hugh M. (2000) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26        Paul, Donald R. (199) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
DuPlessis, John J. (1995) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18     Ramseur Jr., Fred H. (197) . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Ferrell, James K. (1992) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15    Roy, Donald H. (1986) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Fishel, Herbert A. (2005) . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Shaw Sr., Henry M. (1970) . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Fitts, Edward P. (2001) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28   Smith, W. Tilford (1966) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Foster, Kent B. (199) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16    Sternberg, Eli (1987) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Fraker, Anna Clyde (200) . . . . . . . . . . . . 1       Stinson, Katharine (1971) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Futrell, Glenn E. (1999) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2    Transou, Robert H. (1996) . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Gant, Allen F. (1998) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2   Troxler, William F. (1985) . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Garwood, William R. (199) . . . . . . . . . . 17          Verbal, Claude A. (1997) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Green Jr., Paul E. (198) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11     Vick Jr., C. E. (1991) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Hackney III, James A. (198) . . . . . . . . . 11          Walton, C. Michael (1995) . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Hart, Franklin D. (1999) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25      Weisiger, Edward I. (1995) . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Hood Jr., Edward E. (1980) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9       Whitted, John Turner (2005) . . . . . . . . . . 
Howard Jr., Paul N. (1979) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9     Wilson, F. Perry (1972) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Hunter, F. Neal (2007) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7    Wingo, Scot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Isenhour, John H. (1967) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Woolard Jr., Edgar S. (1988) . . . . . . . . . . 1
Johnson Jr., Bobby Ray . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8      Wright, Robert G. (2005) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Jones, James Arthur (197) . . . . . . . . . . . . 7       York, G. Smedes (1989) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Jones, Johnie H. (199) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

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