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									              Converting a a .PDF to a .jpeg

Step 1: Open the .PDF

Step 2: Go to File → Saves as

Step 3: Select de JPEG Format (As shown in the image)
        Converting your Writer Document to .PDF

Step 1: Finish your work and save it normally.

Step 2: Click the PDF icon in the menu and save the file with
a new name.
         Converting Writing Doccument to .Jpeg

Step 1: Open your writer Doccument

Step 2: Go to “Page Preview”

Step 3: Zoom in it.

Step 4: Press the button “Impr Pant PetSis”

Step 5: Open MS Paint and right-Click and click on Paste
(You will see the screen shot pasted on Paint)

Step 6: Go to file → Save as and put a name.
                   Uploading to the blog

Step 1: Go to your Blog Host and enter to your account

Step 2: Click on the option “Nueva Entrada”

Step 3: Click on the option “Insert an Image”

Step 4: Browse de .Jpeg
Step 5: Click on Open and put a description

Step 6: Click on “Save”.

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