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					                                                                                                         September 2006
                                                                                                        Vol. 16 Issue 9

           Published by Texas Cooperative Extension, Bexar County for the Bexar County Master Gardener Volunteers & Its Partners
                                David Rodriguez, Bexar County Extension Horticulturist and MG Coordinator

                         EUPHORBIA MILII: CROWN OF THORNS
  The Crown of Thorns, also        foot tall single stalks OF ORGANIC GTROLLING of the time this only occurs
commonly called Christ Crown,         the size of a soccer ball.      Some   on weak or sick plants: then I use
      One (Corona) Espinas, proponents ofaeach side plant for hanging 2 Beck and Jerry Parsons.
and Rosa are the opinions of is a     make      perfect of the issue—Malcolm tablespoons of liquid soap in a
member of the Euphorbiaceae           basket because they cascade down.      qt of water. Plant in well drained
(Spurge family).       Its scientific    Flowers range in color from deep    soil. If roots stay too wet they
name is Euphorbia millii (old         red to white to multicolor and in size will drop all leaves and die.
name E. splendens)                    from tiny, less than size of a BB, to    Caution: This plant is in the Eu-
                                      ½ inch. On some of the older type      phorbia family and is a mild poi-
                                      you may find red spots on the          son. It bleeds a white sap that
                                      leaves. Leaves are found mostly on     when comes in contact with some
                                      the tips of the plant where flowers    people reacts like poison ivy.
                                      appear either single or in pairs. In   When in contact with eyes, wash
                                      China where it is called “PoySean”     with running water and see a doc-
                                      “Poy” means 8 and “Sean” means         tor. Never plant near a fish pond,
                                      saint.   Eight flowers in a bundle     as the exudates from broken
                                      means good luck.                       roots will kill fish.
                                                                               For more information about this
HISTORY: King Juba 11 (50 BC to                                              plant, contact Claude Townsend
19 AD) of Numidia (now Algeria)                                              at C&E Cactus (210) 655-8959 or
was the first person to collect                                    
succulent-type Euphorbia and                                                 Reference: T. Ombrello-UUC Biol-
named the plant after his Greek                                              ogy Dept.
physician Euphorbus.
   Milii. Was names for Baron Mil-                                                         In The Scion
ius once governor of the island
                                                                                Crown of Thorns .................. 1
of Bourbon, who was responsible
                                                                                President’s Letter................. 2
for introducing the plant into cul-
                                                                                Water Restrictions ............... 3
tivation in France about 1821.
                                                                                MG of the Month.................. 3
   The common name refers to
                                      For many years I have had these           Product Review.................... 4
legend that a crown of thorns
                                      plants in my collection and find it is    Cactus Society .................... 4
was placed on Christ head at the
                                      quite easy to propagate from seeds,       Legendary Gardener ............ 5
crucifixion. It could have been
                                      grafting or cuttings. Rooted cuttings     Treegator ........................... 5
used as it was introduced to that
                                      are quick and easy. Take the cut-         Proposed By-law changes ..... 6
area from Madagascar some
                                      tings from the top portion of the         Youth Garden Symposium..... 7
years before the time of Christ.
                                      plant, remove most of the leaves          Help the Needy.................... 7
   Temperature       range:     Well
                                      add root tone and let dry for a cou-      September Garden Chores .... 8
above frost.
                                      ple days in low light then place in a     Lifetime MG Award............... 9
Light: Bright light to full sun
                                      50% mixture of potting mix and            Volunteer Opportunities.. 10-11
Water often in summer 2 or 3
                                      sand, keep damp in the shade and in       Announcements..................11
times a week in the sun, winter
                                      a couple weeks and you have flow-         General Meeting .................12
inside less often
                                      ers.   As for insects Scale, mealy        Plant of the Month ......... Insert
   The Euphorbia milii is a woody
                                      bugs, and sometime aphids.        But     Webworm ..................... Insert
Succulent with thorns, ranging in
height from a few inches to 6-7
Sandy Justice
Vice President                      I don’t know about you but the hot weather sure makes gardening hard. Just keep-
Lou Kellogg                        ing the plants alive is a challenge. However there is still plenty to be enjoyed in our
210-647-4985                       Gardens. Recently went outside early one morning to do some weeding and water                   some plants – well, very few weed were pulled that day. As the morning warmed the
Treasurer                          profusion zinnias were soon covered with what looked like Monarchs but I suspect
Barbara Hall                       they were Viceroy butterflies, there were also Cloudless Sulphur and Cabbage butter-
830-606-1636                       flies on the penta, shrimp plants and duranta, Swallowtails on the honeysuckle and                 bird of paradise. The butterflies were in numbers far greater than I have ever experi-
Secretary                          enced – it was better than being in a butterfly exhibit. Best of all it was in my own
Lyn Plunkett                       backyard and it made for one of those gardening experiences that makes all the hard
210-492-6794 (before 9PM)          work worth while. Tried to get pictures, boy do I appreciate the nature photographers             who get those great pictures – butterflies just won’t pose for pictures especially the
Assistant Secretary                Swallowtails.
Margarita Thompson
210-366-6397                       This leads me to another subject. Do you have some good digital pictures of any of               our projects that you would be willing to share to be used for making PowerPoint
                                   presentations of our various projects? If you do please let either Lou Kellogg or me
Planning Director
Mary Ann Johnson
                                   know, we have several MGs who are willing to make the PowerPoint presentations
210-497-5446                       once we have the needed pictures.
                                   We are now reaching more members than ever by e-mail if you have not been receiv-
Membership Coordinator             ing Master Gardener e-mails please make sure we have your e-mail address. Also
Mary Fernandez
                                   watch for e-mails from Rebecca Cook our new Volunteer Coordinator. If you are look-                 ing for ways to get those volunteer hours give Rebecca a call and I bet she can help
                                   you find something you would enjoy doing. Have you turned in those volunteer hours
Publications Coordinator           for the first 6 months of 2006? We have several MG with “0” who have been seen
Jack Stutts                        doing lots of volunteering.
                                   Let’s get those Birdies for Charity pledges in the as Valero Open is fast approaching.
Publicity Coordinator              We really need to have the pledges by Sept. 14th to allow time to get the pledges
Jan Craven                         turned in.
                                   On a sad note Jim Feighny and his wife will be moving to Maryland where his wife has
Volunteer Coordinator              accepted an appointment to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Jim will be
Rebecca Cook                       missed greatly. Jim we hope you will return to San Antonio and the Bexar County
210-372-0236                       Master Gardeners in the future. Jim has been named a Lifetime Member of the Bexar                 County Master Gardeners.
Development Director
Vacant                             On a positive note the board voted in favor of starting to raise money to fund a college
Members at Large
                                   scholarship. It was voted that we have a plant sale at our General Meetings and pos-
Shanna Ciano                       sible raffles to start raising money to establish a Bexar County Master Gardeners
830-816-2140                       Scholarship. A committee will be established to prepare guidelines etc. for the schol-                arship working closely with the Board of Directors and David. Give me a call if you
                                   are interested.
Clarke Ehrlich
TX Cooperative Extension
                                                                                           Sandy Justice,
BCMG Coord: David Rodriguez                                                                                          President
Hort. Ofc. Asst.: Angel Torres               The information contained in this newsletter is for educational purposes only. References to
                                   products and trade names are for identification only and do not imply endorsement or criticism
BCMG Youth Director: Doris Trot-   of similar products by Bexar County Master Gardeners or Texas Cooperative Extension.
Phone: 467-6575 (BCMG)
Fax: 366-0535                                                  2
                                       These products do not create                     Master Gardener
      Water Restrictions-              the water stress of synthetic
       A Good Thing                    chemical fertilizers, nor do they
                                                                                         Of the Month
                By Bob Webster-        deplete soil organic material like
                                       chemical products do. They also                              Master      Gar-
      Shades of Green Nursery
                                       build microbial soil life rather                             dener for the
    Listening to some people talk,
                                       than destroy it, which leads to                              month of Au-
          you would think that the
                                       healthier plants and more effi-                              gust is Ann
 drought restrictions on yard wa-
                                       cient water use.                                             Marie    Pease,
 tering were going to make it im-
                                           Next time someone you hear            from Class 33 (January 2001).
     possible to garden. Actually,
                                       someone complain about water              Many of you will know Ann Marie
    though, they really are a good
                                       restrictions, just smile and be           as a regular Rodeo shuttle
    thing because they are forcing
                                       glad they are being forced to             driver, having been a rodeo vol-
    people to adopt practices they
                                       change their bad habits. Hope-            unteer since 2001. Others of
   should have be using all along.
                                       fully, when water becomes more            you will recognize her name
     Weekly (or less) watering of
                                       plentiful again they will continue        from the WebWorm page that
turfgrass areas creates health-
                                       to follow good watering habits.           she created in March 2001 and
ier, tougher grass. It must be
                                                                                 has been researching and sub-
done thoroughly, 1-1/2 inches
                                                                                 mitting ever since. (She has
each watering, and this allows
                                                                                 reviewed 417 web sites in 57
the grass to form a strong deep        From David Rod-                           columns.       Most of you don’t
root system. The lighter, three        riguez                                    know that she also has gener-
times a week watering that
                                       Hello,                                    ated the monthly CEU insert for
many people practice creates
                                       Bexar County Master Gardeners:            the past sixteen months.
shallow, grub susceptible roots
                                                                                    Ann Marie and her husband
and encourages weeds like dol-         It’s Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   both retired from the US Air
lar weed and dichondra. A              I hope everyone has had an en-            Force. As with so many, they
yearly top dressing of compost         joyable summer. Look for these            fell in love with San Antonio ear-
(always a good practice) further       events and volunteer opportuni-           lier in their careers and returned
reduces water needs while              ties in the near future. Home             for their final tour of duty. Ann
strengthening turf.                    and Garden Show, September                Marie’s last assignment was as a
     Established shrubs and trees      8-10. Mentors needed for class            Medical Group Commander at
need even less watering, and           #44, Fall Master Gardeners                Kelly when it closed. Both Ann
the price of water is making           Course, please contact us.                Marie and her husband enjoy
homeowners realize that if they        November 16, tour of Peterson             gardening and are in the proc-
mulch these plants with 2-4" of        Brothers bedding plant and                ess of converting to a low main-
living mulch. they can cut their       poinsettia production. October            tenance yard that looks good. A
watering by 50% or more. At            and November’s poinsettia pre-            large amount of shade limits
the same time they once again          booking sale. More information            their options, so they are ex-
strenghten roots and suppress          on these events will be posted in         perimenting       with    different
weeds.                                 the SCION. Also, Master Gar-              plants.
      Even with bedding plants,        dener question and answer                    Ann Marie inherited her love
gardeners are learning that with       “Hotline”, please call Angel if           for gardening from her grandfa-
better bed preparation, using          you want to help out. These are           ther in Pennsylvania. She says
amendments such as compost             a few things to look forward in           she has never forgotten the
and lava sand, watering is once        this year. If you can help out,           peace he found in gardening
again      substantially   reduced.    please contact Angel or myself.           and was her inspiration for be-
And, if these plants need addi-        As always, thank you for every            coming a Master Gardener.
tional hand watering, it makes         ones dedications and loyalties to            In her spare time, Ann Marie
for a good opportunity to ob-          Texas Cooperative Extension               has started a graduate certifi-
serve the garden more closely,         and the Master Gardener pro-              cate program in Homeland Se-
catching any problems earlier,         grams.                                    curity. Her big challenge there
and hopefully enjoying the gar-
                                       Thanks,                                   is to keep up with the younger
den more.
                                                                                 students. Good luck, Ann Marie,
     Finally, water restrictions are
                                                                                 and keep up the good work.
causing more people to turn to                       David Rodriguez
non-burning organic fertilizers.

      Product Review                                     A LITTLE KNOWN CLUB
  Do you see things on the shelf
at the store and wonder if it                      San Antonio Cactus & Xerophyte Society
really works?                          The San Antonio Cactus & Xe-       some very rare plants. If you
  Being a “Gadget” person, I’m       rophyte Society is a little known    are looking for a very rare plant
always drawn to new things.          group of family’s that collect and   called Aztekium ritteri, of which
Disappointment has come my           grow desert flora from all over      there are only two in the family
way more times than I can            the world and use these plants       from central Mexico, one of our
count. Not only with the prod-       in their xeriscape gardens, small    dealers just may be growing
ucts performance but lack of         greenhouses, window boxes or         them from seed.       One good
readable “detailed” instructions     just one or two plants on the        thing about the show is that it is
or limitations on the outside of     patio.                               free and we welcome children.
the package.      This is not in-       The club offers a large variety   At these shows we have an auc-
tended as a product endorse-         of programs, including nine edu-     tion of rare plants open to the
ment. This is only my personal       cational programs a year on          public.
opinion based on my experience       subjects such as photography of
with the product.                    plants, propagation, and grow-
  Recently I have been pleas-        ing of desert flora. At our meet-
antly surprised by two products.     ings, members become involved
1. Cepia 1 touch Multi-Purpose       in programs like showing and
    Motorized Sprayer I pur-         telling of their experiences with
    chased at Home Depot. Its        desert flora.
    use is limited to water based       For several years the club has
    chemicals. Limitations: No       been working with the Botanical
    Orange or Citrus Based           Gardens,      constructing     and
    Chemicals,                       maintaining a Desert Garden,
    Solvents/Degreasers, Seal-       which is an educational center             Exotic Plants for sale
    ers, Bleach greater than         for desert flora that will grow in
    10%, paint products.                                                  We meet at the SA Garden cen-
                                     San Antonio.                         ter the third Wednesday of the
         Just screw it on your          One of our members is in-
    gallon container and squeeze                                          month at 7:00 pm. except June,
                                     volved with the Cactus house at      when we have a picnic at some
    the button. Presto, it sprays    the Botanical Gardens.        Each
    until you left your finger off                                        park, and December, when we
                                     year our club has several field      have a Christmas party. At the
    the trigger! No pumping or       trips to Ranch’s, Garden centers
    constant squeezing and it                                             meetings we have plants for
                                     and nursery’s in search of new       sale, an auction and raffle, food
    worked very well. As with        and unusual plants. We have
    any sprayer, you need to                                              and drink and the program.
                                     several Cactus and Xerophyte         NEXT MEETING: AUGUST 16. 2006
    rinse it when done. It runs      dealers in the club some of
    on 4 AA batteries. We use                                             Travel to the Edge and Be-
                                     whom have over 25 years ex-          yond of Copper Canyon, Mex-
    rechargeable batteries so we     perience in growing, collecting
    don’t have any ongoing ex-                                            ico by Barbara Schulze is a
                                     and selling Desert flora to col-     photo safari and exploration of
    pense.                           lectors and for use in xeriscape
2. The next product which my                                              the bottom of Copper Canyon
                                     gardens.                             Mexico.    See many wonderful
    friend and I (who are both          Another club function is The
    Mosquito magnets) nerv-                                               slide photos of cactus, trees and
                                     San Antonio Cactus and Xero-         succulents and incredible views
    ously tested Sandalwood          phyte show and sale, held each
    Mosquito Sticks I purchased                                           of Copper canyon (Mexico's ver-
                                     April at the SA Garden Center        sion of our Grand canyon.)
    at the Schultze House. This      on N. New Braunfels. The show
    product looks like a large                                              We welcome guests, and if you
                                     has been a San Antonio Fiesta        like what you see you may be-
    stick of incense. We lit it      event for about 25 years, at-
    and stuck it in a plant by the                                        come a member. For more in-
                                     tracting several thousand people     formation contact Claude H
    pool. We are pleased to an-      each year. We have from 150
    nounce we both survived                                               Townsend at C&E CACTUS &
                                     to 250 Judged cactus and succu-      THINGS Nursery, 210-655-8959
    without one bite.       These    lents on display, with 10 to 12
    sticks last 3-4 hours and                                             or
                                     invited dealers to buy plants        UALL COME NOW
    have a pleasant scent.           from.     The plant dealers are       Claude H. Townsend MG class1
         Shanna Ciano, Class 36
                                     from all over the USA, with
                                        Spotlight on:                       Visitors to the Botanical gar-
                                       Master Gadener                    dens may have noticed big green
                                                                         plastic bags around the base of
                                           Extraordinaire                some of the newly planted trees.
                                                                         These bags are 20-gallon Treega-
             CLAUDE TOWNSEND—OUR DESERT FLORA EXPERT                     tors.
   Claude Townsend is one                                                   I first used Treegators in 1995.
of several active MGs from                                               The bags are 10 mil polyethylene
Class 1, which he says                                                   drip irrigation units. Each bag
“was a long time ago”.                                                   holds 20 gallons of water that
His love for gardening,                                                  drips out through two small holes
though,      came       down                                             in 6-10 hours. This supplies a
through his genes—his                                                    week’s water requirement for
grandfather and his father                                               newly planted trees 1” – 4” in
were bothnurserymen in                                                   diameter.      Two bags can be
the Blue Ridge mountains                                                 zipped together to feed trees 5”
of North Carolina. Since                                                 – 12” in diameter. There is also
there are no known de-                                                   a smaller round brown Treegator
serts in North Carolina, it                                              Jr. that holds 14 gallons and
seems unusual that he                                                    drips out in about 6 hours. Both
would have developed his                                                 units have an added advantage
expertise in desert land-                                                of serving as a mulch ring to re-
scape, but Claude says he                                                duce evaporation and prevent
has always been inter-                   Eula and Claude                 growth of competitive plant. Use
ested in cactus.                                                         of these units decrease labor and
   After two careers, twenty years in the Army and fifteen in Civil      water use, and increase tree sur-
Service, Claude and his wife, Eula, decided to open a nursery. A         vival. From a commercial point
friend, Warren Short (another Class 1 member now deceased) told          of view the Treegator will pay for
Claude about the new MG class, which he thought would help with          itself in a couple months.
his nursery plans. Today, Claude’s nursery is flourishing. He and           These bags were invented in
Eula operate out of their home and ship around the country.              the late 1988 for use in softening
   When asked about his success, Claude said it is a matter of joining   rock hard gumbo soil on a tree
organizations, meeting people, and then networking. Claude is a          farm and sod farm. Scott Cissel
charter member of the San Antonio Cactus and Xerophyte Society,          with the help of his father began
joining thirty years ago. He also belongs to the national society and    selling Treegators in 1991. The
writes articles and brochures. He attends and sells at many shows.       original units were black plastic
   Does he have a favorite plant? Two, actually: the Desert Rose         but were replaced by green plas-
and the white Crown of Thorns (see page 1 for information on             tic in 1995.
Crown of Thorns). Asked about special gardening memories, Claude            Treegators are available on-
laughs and confesses that he made many mistakes early on. Not            line from, and
realizing how much desert landscape would thrive in our climate, he      through catalogs like Foresters
put in his desert landscape at home and in a year or so, had to haul     Supply, Landscape USA, and
away two and a half truck loads from his overcrowded yard.               Gemplers.        They are locally
                                   As for other interests, Claude is     available from Adams Supply
                                 into plant photography, both for        (210-822-3141), Fertile Garden
                                 pleasure and commercially. His li-      Supply (210-688-9435), and 762
                                 brary includes over 3,000 pictures.     Isom Rd (210-340-6303). Prices
                                 He also enjoys trips to Florida to      run from $19.90-24.95 for the
                                 see his two sons and diving with        large ones and $18.25 – 24.94
                                 them for lobsters. “The lobsters are    for the smaller units. There may
                                 delicious, but I don’t dive much        be discounts available.
                                 lower than thirty-five feet any                        Carl Lahser Class 3
        Claude's Front Yard      more.”
                                    Thanks, Claude, for all your many     Turn in Birdies pledges
contributions to the Master Gardeners.                                    before September 19.
                                       Proposed changes to the By-Laws

The Board of Directors passed            removed from the Membership          ARTICLE XII--AMENDMENTS
the following proposed amend-            list.”                               EXISTING LANGUAGE:     “…If the
ments to the BCMG By-laws at                                                  Board of Directors approves the
                                         PROPOSED LANGUAGE:     Members       proposed amendment or change
the August Board meeting.
                                         who have not met the require-        by a simple majority, then the
These amendments will be
                                         ments for “active” membership        proposed amendment or change
voted on by the general mem-
                                         shall be designated inactive and     shall be published…..”
bership meeting at the Septem-
                                         “placed on an inactive roster.
ber 21 general meeting. A sim-                                                PROPOSED LANGUAGE: “…If the
                                         Inactive and former members
ple majority of those present                                                 Board of Directors approves the
                                         may request reinstatement to
and voting is required for the                                                proposed amendment or change
                                         active membership by signing
proposed amendments to be                                                     by a simple majority of the total
                                         the reinstatement agreement
adopted.                                                                      members of the Board of Direc-
                                         and completing the stated re-
                                         quirements.”                         tors,   then    the    proposed
ARTICLE III—MEMBERSHIP:                                                       amendment or change shall be
EXISTING LANGUAGE: “A member             PURPOSE OF CHANGE: Change re-        published…..”
shall perform a minimum of fifty         flects that inactive members
(50) hours of volunteer service          may request to be reinstated.        PURPOSE OF CHANGE: As presently
per year and obtain a minimum            The change facilitates record        worded there is ambiguity on
of twelve (12) hours of continu-         keeping for inactive members.        whether the simple majority of
ing education every two (2)                                                   Board members approval is of
                                         ARTICLE VI—DUTIES OF OF-             those present and voting or of
years to maintain good stand-
                                         FICERS:                              the entire Board. The change
                                         EXISTING LANGUAGE: None. (New)       specifies   that  a    proposed
PROPOSED LANGUAGE: A member                                                   amendment must be agreed
                                         PROPOSED LANGUAGE: Add “The
“shall perform a minimum num-                                                 upon by a simple majority of the
                                         Secretary is responsible for
ber of volunteer hours and con-                                               entire Board (presently 7 of 12
                                         maintaining a permanent record
tinuing education units as de-                                                votes) as opposed to as few as
                                         of past minutes, which will be
termined by the Board of Direc-                                               four votes if a minimum of 7
                                         archived in Master Gardener of-
tors and approved by the Exten-                                               members present and voting
sion advisor. In no case shall                                                discusses a proposed amend-
the minimum hours be less than           PURPOSE OF CHANGE: The addition
prescribed by the state organi-          will ensure integrity of the offi-
zation. The Board of Directors           cial minutes of the BCMG Inc.
will review requirements bi-             Without the change, responsibil-
annually. Requirements will be           ity is not assigned to anyone.         Did you know?
published annually in The Scion,                                              You can see The Scion in color
                                         ARTICLE VI—DUTIES OF OF-
January issue.”                                                               on the TCE website. Photos and
                                                                              pictures that are published are
PURPOSE OF CHANGE:      The State        EXISTING LANGUAGE: The Publica-
                                                                              in color, so if you want to get a
organization sets the minimum            tions Coordinator is the pub-
                                                                              good look at the plants that are
requirements for members to              lisher of the San Antonio Gar-
                                                                              featured, look at http://bexar-
remain in good standing. This            dener and is responsible for ed-
change will modify By-laws to            iting, printing, distribution, and
                                                                              ardener/BCMGIndex.htm        and
reflect the current state re-            circulation of the publication.
                                                                              click on The Scion newsletter.
quirement of six CEU credits per
                                         PROPOSED LANGUAGE: The Publica-      We are hoping at some point in
year and it will provide flexibility
                                         tions Coordinator is the pub-        the future to have the newslet-
to modify requirements without
                                         lisher of Bexar County Master        ter archived on line and indexed
necessity to amend the By-laws
                                         Gardener official publications       so that you can find previously
each time a change becomes
                                         and is responsible for editing,      published articles. Let us know
                                         printing, distribution, and circu-   what you think of that idea!
ARTICLE III—MEMBERSHIP:                  lation of the publication.
                                         PURPOSE OF CHANGE: The San An-
who have not met the require-                                                  Report August Volunteer
                                         tonio Gardener is no longer pub-
ments for “active” membership
                                         lished. The revised wording cor-        hours now, please!
shall be designated inactive and
                                         rects the By-laws.
                            Youth Garden Symposium 2006
   The American Horticultural       •   “environment-based educa-        outside is also a healthy practice
Society’s National Youth Garden         tion can dramatically im-        for adults!
Symposium was hosted by the             prove standardized test
Missouri Botanical Garden in St.    •   scores, help develop prob-
Louis on July 27-29. Being an           lem solving, and         many
“international center for re-           other skills
search, education and horticul-     •   today’s children are plugged
tural display,” this garden was a       in to technology but out of
wonderful place to visit and at-        touch with the natural world
tend a conference. The garden       •   being “nature-deficient” can
is one of the oldest gardens in         be directly linked to rises in
the United States and is consid-        obesity, Attention Deficit
ered by some to be one of the           Disorder (ADD) and depres-       Mr. Louv praised the 270 con-
top three botanical gardens in          sion                             ference attendees for our efforts
the world.                          •   additional disturbing effects    to teach children about nature,
                                        include    “weaker    physical   the environment and gardening.
                                        strengths and immune sys-        He called our efforts “sacred
                                        tems, emotional stress and a     work.” Classroom gardens and
                                        lack of caring about nature      youth programs have been an
                                        that could alter the way that    important part of our volunteer
                                        future generations relate to     efforts and outreach since the
                                        and ultimately care for na-      beginning of The Bexar County
                                        ture, wildlife and the envi-     Master Gardeners. Thank you
                                        ronment.”                        to each Master Gardener who
                                                                         helps with our youth programs
                                                                         or supports the program in a
Located on 79 acres in the mid-                                          variety of indirect ways. Be-
dle of St. Louis, it features                                            cause Master Gardeners are at
4,000 trees, the Climatron                                               the forefront of community edu-
(world’s first geodesic dome                                             cation, perhaps all of us should
greenhouse), a 14-acre Japa-                                             resolve to focus more on this
nese Garden, and a large home                                            very    important    aspect    of
garden area and display. A ma-                                           enlightening the families in our
jor exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s                                         sphere of influence!
glass sculptures was featured in       The March 20, 2006 issue of                          Doris Trotter
the Climatron and other loca-       Time magazine addressed this
tions. In April, the brand new      topic with the cover story, “Are
2-acre      Children’s    Garden    Kids Too Wired for their Own               HELP THE NEEDY
opened with a Missouri history      Good?” A 2005 survey by the           Our needy person is Sandy,
theme. The garden’s website,        Kaiser Family Foundation found       who needs the following help:, has a wealth of      that kids, ages 8-18, already
information that I had already                                           CHAIRPERSON & COMMITTEE MEM-
                                    averaging 6.5 hours of elec-
visited and used.                                                        BERS to plan MG Christmas Party
                                    tronic media time per day, were
   It was emphasized over and                                            Dec. 7th and assist with “Adopt
                                    packing 8.5 hours worth of elec-
over again at the Conference                                             a family.”
                                    tronic media into that 6.5 hours
that we are raising a generation    thanks to media multitasking!        MGS TO SERVE ON A RECOGNITION
of children with “nature-deficit       The National Wildlife Federa-     COMMITTEE to choose MG to re-
disorder” which is a description    tion promotes a program to           ceive awards at our November
of the human costs of alienation    counteract “nature deficit disor-    Meeting
from nature. Richard Louv, au-      der” entitled the “Green Hour.”
thor of Last Child in the Woods,                                         MGS   TO SERVE ON ANAWARDS COM-
                                    This program encourages par-
was a key-note speaker. His                                              MITTEE:  help identify MG pro-
                                    ents to make sure that their
book and presentation revealed:                                          grams to submit for State
                                    children are spending at least an
• “direct exposure to nature is                                          Awards, also Master Gardeners
                                    hour every day in outside play
     essential for healthy child-                                        who will help write awards.
                                    and learning. Spending time
     hood development.”                                                   See page 11 for more needs.
                                      SEPTEMBER GARDENING CHORES
Birds and Wildlife                     • Lightly prune roses during the     needs to learn to live in soil you
• Continue to provide fresh wa-        first week of September. They        plant it in.      Add some root
ter for the birds. It is still hot     will begin their heavy fall bloom-   stimulator and water it in well.
outside. Keep bird baths full of       ing season soon. Be sure to fer-     Add 2-3 inches of native mulch
water.                                 tilize roses one last time for       in a circle about 5-6 feet across.
• Watch for ruby-throated, ru-         continual    blooming.         Use   Don’t place the mulch up
fous, and black throat hum-            Orthene for insects and Fungi-       against the trunk of the tree—
mingbirds as they make their           nex for diseases is a tried and      leave about 3-6 inches. Water
way south. Place hummingbird           true combination.                    the new tree once per week for
feeders near a window so you           • Divide perennials like daylily     the first season. Place the hose
can observe them.          Favorite    and iris now. Give half to the       at the base of the tree and let it
hummingbird bushes include             neighbors and replant the other      barely run for a couple of hours
firebush, lantana, petunias, pen-      half.                                so that it approximately fills the
tas, hibiscus, and cape honey-         • Add generous amounts of            hole you dug.
suckle.                                compost to all beds.                 • After     they’re     established,
• Attract butterflies to your gar-     • If you order bulbs for spring,     shrubs normally don’t need any
dens by planting mist flower,          now is the time to order them.       more water than they get from
lantana, butterfly weed, Mexican       Put them in a paper bag in the       rain.
bush sage, and purple aster.           frig for 6-8 weeks before plant-     • If you prune your oak trees, be
Attract hummingbirds by plant-         ing.                                 sure to paint as soon as you cut.
ing cardinal lobelia, trumpet          • Picking flowers frequently en-     Turf Grass
vine, lantana, Turk’s cap, and         courages more flowers.               • Cut way back on the lawn irri-
Mexican bush sage.                     • Plant bluebonnet seeds about       gation this month to avoid
Color                                  ½ inch deep now to allow them        brown patch.        If you already
• Know flowers’ mature heights         to germinate in the fall. Water      have brown patch in the lawn,
and widths and plant for maxi-         thoroughly.                          you can do one of two things—
mum visibility.                        • Firebush and fall asters should    leave it alone as it will normally
• Add compost to your flower-          be blooming this month.              heal itself next spring; or treat it
beds for a little extra kick that      Fruits and Nuts                      with a good fungicide. Be sure
tired flowers need.                    • Keep your pecans watered if        to follow label directions. Brown
• Flowering annuals can be             you want full nuts. One inch per     patch is usually a sign of stand-
transplanted now: alyssum, ca-         week over the area covered by        ing water. Fill in the spot over
lendula, dianthus (pinks), flow-       the crown is sufficient.             the winter.
ering cabbage and kale, mari-          • Cut back the dying canes on        • This is a good month to plant
mums, pansies, petunias, phlox,        your blackberry bushes.        You   Bermuda or buffalo seed or sod
Shasta daisies, snapdragons,           can maintain them at about 3         your lawn to get it established
and stock. If temperatures re-         feet in height.                      before winter sets in. Keep the
main unseasonably hot, garden-         Ornamentals                          seeds MOIST for about 10 days
ers would be well advised to           Caladiums need plenty of water       or so—until the seeds sprout.
wait until October to transplant       this month. It wouldn’t hurt to      Then back off on the watering.
most of these cool-season flow-        fertilize them with about ½          • Lawns have been expensive to
ering plants.       Keep the soil      pound of        21-0-0 per 100       maintain during the prolonged
moist to ensure proper germina-        square feet of bed.                  heat and drought. Those with
tion and growth. Protect seed-         Shade Trees and Shrubs               lawns still alive will have to be-
lings from pillbugs with baits         • Plant trees and shrubs this        ware of the brown patch fungus
and insecticide (Sevin or Diazi-       month. Check out the require-        which occurs during cool, moist
non granules) dust barriers for        ments for trees and do your          fall conditions. Although several
two weeks after germination oc-        planning before planting any.        fungicides are recommended,
curs                                   Find out the mature height and       the best results have been ob-
• Continue to feed patio plants        width.    Don’t plant any tree       tained using Turficide, which
and hanging baskets with a wa-         closer than 25 feet to any struc-    contains Terrachlor, as soon as
ter-soluble fertilizer such as 20-     ture. Dig the hole the same          damage is detected.
20-20 or Hasta-gro.                    depth as the container the tree      Vegetables
• Rejuvenate heat stressed ge-         came in and 2-3 times as wide.       • Protect young seedlings from
raniums and begonias by lightly        Don’t add anything to the soil       hot sun.
pruning, fertilizing and watering.     when you replace it—the tree                              (SEE NEXT PAGE)
• Tender seedlings and trans-
plants MUST be protected from                          Bexar County Lifetime
the hot sun as well as spider
mites, stink bugs, grasshoppers
                                                         Master Gardener Award
and deer. A protective cover
which provides a bit of sun pro-        Jim Feighny (Class 33) has           regular driver of the Rode eve-
tection is called Grow-Web (also     been granted a Bexar County             ning shifts. He also became a
sold as Plant Guard, Plant           Lifetime Master Gardener Cer-           Master Naturalist in 2004 work-
Shield, ReeMay). Old sheer-          tificate as he is about to take         ing with Jayne Neal at Crown-
curtains do a great job. Mulch-      leave of San Antonio to accom-          ridge Park in mapping and
ing with oak leaves does a great     pany his wife as she takes up           counting endangered species.
job, too. 3-4 inches of leaves       new duties in Bethesda Mary-               Jim and Janet are expecting to
help keep the soil cool, stops       land. Jim has filled numerous           return to San Antonio after her
weeds from germinating, and          positions in Master Gardeners           term in Maryland is over and are
helps hold in the moisture. Use      since completing his classes in         renting their home (Any Master
of the netting will be required to   May 2001. He was Vice Presi-            Gardeners looking to care for a
provide early cold and frost pro-    dent in 2002, working on the            Xeriscaped yard for the next few
tection (protects plants from        budget, took over Landscape             years?) We understand they are
temperatures in the low 30's) so     Chairman of the Schultze House          taking their dogs and cats with
that cold-sensitive plants such      Gardens and was responsible for         them and should be settling into
as tomatoes, peppers and egg-        the expansion and transition            their new digs as we read this.
plants can ripen the fruit before    from Cottage Gardens to more            Jim will probably be making
the first hard freeze (below 32      Xeriscape and Natural use of            several flights back to this area
degrees F. for several hours)        natives, adding beds, pathways          to visit with his son and new
occurs.                              and compost bins nearly dou-            grandson born just this month.
• Fertilize young tomatoes and       bling the size and scope of the         Until we see them, we wish
peppers when they have fruit         original      gardens      designed     them the best of luck and Con-
about the size of your thumb.        largely by Edna Ward Toland.            gratulations on the Lifetime
Use about 1 cup of slow-release      Jim has been instrumental in            Master     Gardener    Certificate
fertilizer for every 10 feet of      organizing class graduations at         which will allow him to remain
row. If you didn’t get your to-      Schultze House Gardens, Satur-          on our rolls until he returns to
matoes in last month, there is       day work details (for Class 35),        hopefully a more relaxed mem-
still time although your produc-     improving irrigation systems us-        bership role.
tion will be severely limited. Be    ing soakers, and recruiting                    Sir Oliver Smith, Class 20
sure to use one of the “hot          many new Master Gardeners
name” tomato varieties because       still active at the site.
they mature quicker.                     His managerial style was re-
• Vegetable crops benefit from a     laxed      and    he     encouraged
side dressing of fertilizer to en-   lengthy lunches from Amaya                        BIRDIES FOR CHARITY
hance their growth and produc-       Deli where he often regaled the
tion potential. Use one cup of       work crew with “Military Ex-                It’s not to late to send in your
Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0) per        ploits”, tales of his solo flights to
                                                                               pledge(s) for Birdies for Char-
100 square feet of planting sur-     various parts of the US, visiting
face.                                his mom in Denver or taking his           ity., but the deadline of Sep-
It’s time to plant squash, bush      grandson to air shows in Wis-             tember 19 is fast approaching.
beans, cucumbers, radishes,          consin.                                     Remember that all donations
carrots, beets, sweet corn, and          Like many Master Gardeners            are returned directly to the
potatoes.Compiled by Tom Harris,     (retired from the military USAF)          BCMG for our educational pro-
Class 13                             he undertook transforming his
                                                                               grams. All donations are tax
                                     Bel Meade home’s landscape
 Special thanks to Kathy Mar-                                                  deductible, and since the BCMG
                                     from St. Augustine to Xeriscape,
 tinez and Jan Craven for gath-      planting numerous trees and               does not have dues, this is a
                                     winning Yard of the Month in              good way to contribute and
  ering Club News each month
                                     2000.                                     take the tax advantage.
   and preparing it for publica-        Jim also was active with Ro-
              tion.                  deo Construction and was a
                                     Shuttle often in the cold, rainy
                                     Volunteer Opportunities

            If no phone number or email appears after contact person, see page 2, left column
       * At the end of each opportunity description the classification number is listed to
       assist in filling out Volunteer Hour Form. Example: (200)
September                                                     12:45pm, 12:30 – 4:30pm need 4 volunteers per
Children’s Organic Vegetable Garden – Fall                    shift. Set up 7:30am need 2 or 3 MGs to help with
Season 8:30 – 10: 30 am, Nancy Heneghan 736-                  set up. Bexar County Master Gardeners have been
6476 / Wassel Beal 710-0400 every Saturday thru               invited to participate in a fundraiser at Mitchell
end of October at the SA Botanical Garden. About              Lake. Our organization will have an MG booth and
14 children are assigned to each section of the               sign up visitors for the SIP program. There will be
garden under the supervision of 2 –3 adults per               3 youth activities. Last shift tear down display.
section. Volunteers may work directly with the                (100) (200)
children or supervise. The Bexar County Master
Gardeners, Men’s Garden Club of San Antonio, Bo-              November 4
tanical Society members and other interested                  Fall Garden Festival @ San Antonio Botanical
adults oversee the program. (100)                             Garden, Doris Trotter, set up Friday, November 3,
                                                              rain date Sunday, November 5. This Master Gar-
Madison School Plant maintenance Nancy                        dener project/fund raiser celebrates the Children’s
Heneghan 736-6476 MGs needed to water and                     Garden fall harvest. The following positions are
propagate plants for plant sales and school garden.           available:
Some of the plants given to teachers at the train-                • Exhibitors – Chairman: Oralia Gerarde 661-
ing workshops are from the Madison school green-                     5763, would like co – chair
house. Madison School is located at 2900 W.                       • Silent Auction – Chairman: Kathy Rice,
Woodlawn at the convergence of Bandera Rd, St.                       496-2791, would like help with getting do-
Cloud and Woodlawn Ave. (100)                                        nations.
                                                                  • Children’s Garden Show: Chairman: Joyce
September thru December, Doris Trotter: MGs                          Felter, 828-4372
use gardening expertise to assist, as needed,                     • Bulb, Bud & Bloom Mart – Chairman needed
                                                                  • Master Gardener Booth – Chairman needed
with Classroom Gardens. (100)
                                                                  • Entertainment & Food – Chairman needed
                                                                  • Hospitality – Chairman needed
September 7 – 10
                                                              For more information contact chairman listed or
Home and Garden Show Master Gardener/SIP
                                                              Doris Trotter (100) (200)
Booth at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
Sandy Justice. Thursday, 7, set up, time TBA. 4 volun-
teers required per shift: Friday 2 shifts: 1:30 –             Rodeo
5:00pm, 5 - 8:00pm; Saturday 3 shifts: 9:30am -               Construction Committee: Clarke Ehrlich will assist
12:30pm, 12:30 - 4:30pm, 4:30 - 8:00pm; Sun-                  in the organization of this committee. He is unable
day 2 shifts: 10:00am - 2:00pm, 2:00 - 6:00pm.                to be on site every day during construction. If you
Last shift Sunday assist with tear down. Admis-               can help as construction chairman or share posi-
sion is free to volunteers by picking up pass at the          tion with another MG, call Doris.
Will Call Counter. When shift is over please return           The Outdoor Classroom Gardens for children in-
pass to Will Call counter for next group of volun-            clude:
teers. Parking is on your own. (200)                              • Cactus and Succulents: Jim and Martha
                                                                      Fleming and Richard Blocker
                                                                  • Insect Garden: Molly Keck
October 2
                                                                  • Plants Marching On: Chairs needed. This
Deadline for Classroom Garden Newsletter Doris
                                                                      garden will feature ways that plants repro-
Trotter, Members are encouraged to contrib-
                                                                      duce seeds, spores, propagation, pollina-
ute to this award winning publication. (100)
                                                                      tors, invasives, etc.
                                                                  • Texas Plants: Chairs needed. This garden
October 14                                                            will include Ladybird Johnson and her work
Mitchell Lake 8:30am - 4:30pm.                                        with wildflowers. Ferdinand Lindheimer the
Rebecca Cook/Doris Trotter, Shifts 8:30am –                           Father of Texas Botany; Tyler Rose Garden;
        Texas Superstars and perhaps endangered
        plants.                                                    ANNOUNCEMENTS
    • ABC Garden: Chairs needed. Texas water
        plants, fish, rivers, lakes, aquifer, etc.                    MG Class 44 STARTING
    • Landscaping of BCMG area: Chairs needed               WELCOME CLASS 44! Class 44 starts classes on
    • MG/SIP area: Chairs needed                            August 30. All of us MGs look forward to meeting
Participants in children’s gardens may want to do           you and getting acquainted. A good place to start
research on topic and decide how to present dis-            is to attend our general meetings. At press time, a
play so it will appeal to children and adults. Con-         few MG mentors are still needed. If interested,
tact Doris                                                  call Lou Kellogg to find out the details.

         On Going Volunteer                                    FALL 2006 MASTER NATURALIST
           Opportunities                                             CLASS CONVENES
                                                            SHORT DEADLINE HERE:
                                                               Become a member of the Alamo Area Chapter of
HOMEOWNER’S HOTLINE (200)                                   the Texas Master Naturalist Program. Master Natu-
  Linda Schafer 467-6575
                                                            ralists are citizen volunteers who donate their time
TERRARIUM/ECOSYSTEM (100) Lani Ord 493-6375                 and talents in the area of our natural world to im-
                                                            prove the community in which we live. We provide
                                                            extensive training from some of the leading ex-
  (200) Pat Brown 653-4999
                                                            perts in the state. Learn about our native plants
SCHULTZE HOUSE GIFT SHOP (200)                              and animals, the hydrology, geology and much
  Barbara Lozier 789-1434                                   more. Then have many opportunities to share your
Schultze House Cottage Garden (200)                         knowledge including spending time with great
 “Smitty” 698-9767, Pat Harris 226-6150                     people who have similar interests. Training is held
                                                            at San Antonio Botanical Gardens and will be-
CATHEDRAL PARK (200)                                        gin September 14, 2006, continuing each Thursday
  Mike Steele 826-8625 or            From 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM through November
SPEAKER’S BUREAU (200) Anna Cervantes (Page 2)              18, 2006 including two Saturdays. Go to the Web
                                                            site at for an ap-
CHILDREN’S SPEAKER BUREAU (100)                             plication or for more information. See website for
  Doris Trotter 467-6575
                                                            address or E-mail to Holly or
MADISON SCHOOL CLASSROOM GARDEN (100) Nancy                 Anton Hajek Please apply
  Heneghan 736-6476                                         now. The closing date for application will be in
CHILDREN’S GARDEN @ BOTANICAL GARDEN (100)                  Sept 07, 2006. Tuition and books are $125.00.
  Nancy Heneghan 736-6476                                   Please apply now as we strive to have time to no-
                                                            tify those accepted to the class well in advance of
JAPANESE SUNKEN GARDENS (300)                               the class date. This program which has gone na-
  Pete Mendiola 653-7284                                    tional and international started in San Antonio.
  Warner Fassnidge 826-7899
                                                                  MORE HELP NEEDED:
  Holly Julian 764-1767                                     SEASONAL IRRIGATION PROGRAM CHAIR NEEDED:
                                                              You will be responsible for securing approvals
HEMISFAIR HORTICULTURE GROUP (300)                            for Events and Workshops, scheduling Master
  Maria Salvatierra 830-460-8213
                                                              Gardeners for workshops, reporting event in-
TELEPHONE TREE (400)                                          formation and maintaining a supply of materials.
Margarita Thompson 653-5310 or
                                                              CHAIRPERSONS FOR FALL GARDEN FAIR
   If you have a question or need help, call the of-
                                                              CHAIRPERSON   FOR  SCHOLARSHIP PLANT SALES AT GEN-
fice at 467-6575 and ask the receptionist for assis-
                                                              ERAL MEETINGS   (see Presidents Letter for more in-
tance. Your cooperation is appreciated.

                                                              Contact Sandy Justice to volun-
Step right up to the plate!                                    teer for any of the above jobs!
Volunteer for one of these jobs
SEPTEMBER GENERAL MEETING                                                         HEAR DAVID ON THE RADIO!
                                                                            David Rodriguez is now hosting a live "Gardening Talk
                                                                            Show" every Saturday on WOAI (1200 on the AM dial)
                   September 21                                             from 8-11 AM.
                 6:00-6:30 Social                                           David’s format is:
 (Bring something savory or sweet if you want to                              • answer gardening questions that are called in
             graze while you chat)                                            • discuss questions of general interest that were
                6:30-7:00                                                            received by the Master Gardeners’ hot line
                                                                                     during the previous week
        General Business Meeting
                                                                              • feature a plant of the week with in-depth dis-
Vote on proposed amendments to the BCMG By-laws.
 (Please see Page 6 of this issue for the changes.)
                                                                              • discuss seasonal topics and have some special
                  7:00                                                               guests from time to time, some of whom will
         Tom Harris, MG Class 13                                                     probably be Master Gardeners
          Square Foot Gardening                                               • announce gardening events around town, espe-
                                                                                     cially Master Gardener events
        (earn 1 CEU for attending)
                                                                              • encourage people to call the Master Garden-
The BCMG has many friendly, funny, wise, and interest-                               ers” hotline during the week for answers to
ing members. A really good way to meet some of them
                                                                                     gardening questions and promote services
is to attend our General Meetings. We are still on Day-
                                                                                     offered by Extension
light time in September, so those who prefer to drive
in daylight, there should still be time to get home by
                                                                                      TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY!

                 See you there.

  Extension programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. The
  Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating.

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