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PowerPoint Presentation Habitat For Humanity Gaston County (PowerPoint)


									Welcome to Women Build
  information session


               Habitat for Humanity

 Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit
 Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate
 poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and
 to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and
 action. Habitat invites people from all walks of life to
 work together in partnership to help build houses with
 families in need. Habitat has built more than 225,000
 houses around the world, providing 1 million people in
 more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent,
 affordable shelter. HFHI was founded in 1976 by
 Millard Fuller, along with his wife, Linda.

              International Facts…How?

 Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials,
  Habitat builds and renovates simple, decent houses with the help
  of homeowner (partner) families. Habitat houses are sold to
  partner families at no profit, financed with affordable mortgages.
 The homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments go into a
  revolving Fund for Humanity that is used to build more houses.
  Habitat carries out its mission at the community level through
  organized groups called affiliates. Affiliates around the world
  raise the funds used to construct houses. All Habitat affiliates are
  asked to tithe—to give 10 percent of their contributions—to fund
  house-building work in other nations.
 Families in need of decent shelter apply to local Habitat affiliates.
  The affiliate’s family selection committee chooses homeowners
  based on their level of need, their willingness to become partners
  in the program and their ability to repay the no-profit loan.
                 Habitat of Gaston County
 Affiliated in 1989, Celebrating 20 year Anniversary
 We have a ReStore
    please shop and donate
 Tithe to Honduras
  - next trip June 2010
 Built 77 homes in Gaston County
 3 more in the works right now
   44 in Gastonia +1
   17 in Belmont
   7 in Mt. Holly
   3 in Cherryville
   2 in Bessemer City
   2 in Lowell
   1 in Dallas +2

                   Women Build Program
                          What is the Women Build program?
 Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity International program that encourages
  women to make a difference by building homes and communities. The program
  seeks to encourage women volunteers to further the home-building mission of
  Habitat for Humanity. Since Women Build’s official creation in 1998, Women Build
  volunteers have constructed more than 1,000 homes around the world.
 Women Build is not about excluding men. It is about including women and opening
  new doors of opportunity. Men are often involved in our training programs and build
  projects in supportive roles and as subcontractors when women from the necessary
  trades are not available.
 The homeowners are thrilled to finally have a home, and women of all ages have
  proven themselves capable in the construction of homes. For single mothers, a
  Women Build is even more empowering. Women and men alike have great respect
  and gratitude for the women volunteers and for the skills they acquire working side
  by side

                            Women Build
                          of Gaston County

 The Women Build department of Habitat for Humanity International and
    Gaston County has one mission, and that is to empower women to take action
    against poverty housing conditions. Women Build brings together women from
    all walks of life to address in a concrete way the housing crisis facing millions
    of women and children across the globe. The more people we can train to
    become effective volunteers, the better equipped we will be to fight poverty
    housing—and we are training women to do just that.
   Please Get involved!
   Pray for the work of Habitat for Humanity.
   Contribute financially
   Offer your leadership or expertise by being on a committee
   Spread the word about Habitat.

                   WB Committees

 Fund-raising
 PR/Media
 Volunteer Team
 Special Events Team
 Construction Team
 Amenities team
 Youth Team

                              Fund-raising Team
   Women now own more than 50 percent of the investment wealth in the United
   States. Women own 43 percent of stock portfolios valued more than $50,000
   and 45 percent of investments in other markets. Interep Radio Store
   As of 2006, there were an estimated 10.4 million women-owned firms in the
   United States. Center for Women’s Business Research
   The majority (86 percent) of women business owners cited a charity’s mission
   and efficiency as key factors in their giving decisions. National Foundation for
   Women Business Owners
   More than 50 percent of women business owners wish to feel an emotional connection
   to the charities they support. National Foundation for Women Business
   Owners
   As of 2006, women-owned firms accounted for two in five of all businesses in the
   country. Center for Women’s Business Research
   Women-owned firms generated $1.9 trillion in annual sales and employed 12.8
   million people nationwide. Center for Women’s Business Research
   Between 1997 and 2006, the percent growth in the number of women-owned
   firms was nearly twice that of all U.S. firms. Center for Women’s Business Research

                    PR/Media Team

 Public relations efforts enhance Habitat for Humanity’s image in
    the community,
   Primary function is to educate, not merely to advertise.
   A well-planned public relations campaign can bring multiple
    benefits to your Women Build event and your affiliate.
   Your campaign can provide an opportunity to dispel myths about
    Habitat and any that may arise concerning your Women Build
    event. Remember, we offer a hand up, not a hand out!
   Increase goodwill toward the affiliate and homeowners
   Recruit volunteers
   Reach potential homeowners
   Increase donors. Potential donors react very favorably to an
    event that is garnering publicity

                        Volunteer Team

 Volunteers form the backbone of Habitat and your build will
be tackling a largely untapped resource—women. You won’t have
any shortage of volunteers, however. Once word of your event
gets out, be prepared for an overwhelming response. One affiliate
has had more than 600 women participate since the beginning
of its build. It is by far the largest group the affiliate has ever had
work on a house!
 Volunteer coordination takes strong organizational skills
and good people skills.
 This is a communication team

                     Special Events Team

 Any event planned in conjunction with your build should be designed
  either to
help publicize your event, raise funding or entertain/thank your volunteers
 The special events team should work closely with the public
  relations/media team to ensure adequate publicity for any event.
 In addition to any fund-raising events this team is also responsible for
  organizing and helping with
   Groundbreaking
   Devotions (who will do them)
   Dedication
   The 3rd Annual Carpenters Ball in September

                        Construction Team

 Will work with Lowe’s on How-To-Clinics
 Will be trained to lead others and be crew leaders
 Should have some experience
 Plan to be onsite in in the action
 Work with volunteer team

                          Amenities Team

 You will, without question, be the most popular volunteers on the site!
    Your meals will not need to be complicated. Volunteers are not looking for
    gourmet cooking. They simply need good quality food—and plenty of it.
   Work with all the volunteer groups to get;
   Snacks
   Lunches
   Water
   First Aid kits

               Youth Involvement Team

 Find ways to involve young women in Women Build onsite and
  off site
 Onsite, over 18 or 16 with a parent
 Find support from local colleges, sororities, High Schools, Sports
  programs, Church programs
 Youth over and under 16 can be involved in fundraising, baking,
  ground breaking, dedication, special events, blogging,
  scrapbooking, video and photography

   Lowe’s of Gastonia and Belmont

 Thank you to Lowe’s…
 Are both partners
 Will offer free HOW TO Clinics
 Will provide volunteers

                  The beginning….

                    Now is the time…..
Join the steering committee or be on one of the committees!


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