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Worship _ Spirituality


									FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                         FEBRUARY 6, 2011
                                                                         Worship & Spirituality

                                                               Fred F. Allen, Chris Ames, Joe Ames, Miranda Bachelder,
                                                               Richard Bergevin, Nick Caivano, Roland Clukey, Anita
           WEEKEND SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 5 & 6                     Colomy, Jack Costello, Leona Crawford, Jeanie Cyr,
                                                               Martha Danforth, Patrick DeCesare, Vernette Dechaine,
                                                               Eugene DeLorenzo, Brenda Edgerly, Bill Goodman, James
  4:00 PM @ St Agnes  Mass † Deceased Family & Friends of      Gordon, Gail Goulette, Michael Grossi, Eva Hejducek,
                           Richard Savage                      Marguerite Laflamme, Ed Jacobson, Dave Jennings,
  4:00 PM @ St Thomas Mass † John Tucci, Jr. by Miriam         Jeanne Jennings, William Jennings, Tracy Kasprzak,
                           McArthur                            Lynne Kelly, Nancy Kerwin, Gayle Kiernan, Michelle
Sunday      Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                      LaBree, Barbara Laferriere, Hilda Lankist, Reuben Lumbra,
  8:30 AM @ St Agnes    Mass † Deceased Family & Friends of    Donald Martin Jr, Jim Matthews, Miriam McArthur, James
                             Mr David Welch                    Morrison, Josephine Morrison, Barbara Munsell, Rose
  9:00 AM @ St Thomas Mass For the Intentions of Kaye Libby    Nelson, Teresa Page, Ray Paine, Rae-ann Paradis,
                             & Family                          Catherine Quirion, Honorene Richardson, Angelo Rizzo,
 10:30 AM @ St Anne     Mass † Marge Handville by              Elizabeth Ronco, Vince & Jo Ronco, Timmy Ryan, Timothy
                             Dexter/Dover Ultreya              Ryan, Dorothy Sirois, Dwight Sprague, Todd Supka, Dick
 11:00 AM @ St Francis/ Mass For the Intentions of Tom &       Sylvia, Matthew Troy, Tom Welsh
            St Paul          Terrie Allen by John & Sue
                             Allen & Family
  4:00 PM @ St Anne     Mass For the People of Our Lady of
                             the Snows Parish                                                 Irene Dube,
                                                                                              Andre Cadieux
Weekday Masses
  8:30 AM @ St Thomas Mass †Irene Dube by Our Lady of the
                           Snows Parish
Tuesday                                                         Readings for the week of: February 7th
  8:30 AM @ St Anne      Mass † Gary Carvalho by the            Monday: Gn1:1-19; Mk 6:53-56
                              Desmarais Family                  Tuesday: Gn 1:20-2:4a; Mk 7:1-13
Thursday                                                        Wednesday: Gn 2:4b-9, 15-17; Mk 7:14-23
  5:00 PM @ St Agnes      Mass † Deceased Family members        Thursday: Gn 2:18-25; Mk 7:24-30
                               of Mr & MRs John Deetjen, Jr.    Friday: Gn 3:1-8; Mk 7:31-37
                                                                Saturday: Gn 3:9-24; Mk 8:1-10
  8:30 AM @ St Francis/ Mass † Andre Paul Cadieux by Our
            St Paul          Lady of the Snows Parish           Sunday: Sir 15:15-20; Mt 5:17-37

         WEEKEND SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 12 & 13                      In preparation for Mass, open your
                                                                Bible or logon to United States
                                                                Conference of Catholic Bishops
  4:00 PM @ St Agnes  Mass † Isabelle Sandello by George        website and click
                           & Phyllis Dami                       on Daily Readings.
  4:00 PM @ St Thomas      Sunday Celebration
Sunday      Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  8:30 AM @ St Agnes    Mass For the People of St Agnes
  9:00 AM @ St Thomas        Sunday Celebration
 10:30 AM @ St Anne     Mass † Phillip Jacobson by the Class                               Next weekend, February 12th
                             of ‘53                                                        & 13th, Sunday Celebration in
 11:00 AM @ St Francis/      Sunday Celebration                                           the Absence of a Priest will be
            St Paul                                                                        held at St Thomas and at Sts
  4:00 PM @ St Anne     Mass † Herman Belanger by Elsie                                    Francis & Paul. Masses will
                             Belanger                                                         be held at St Anne and
                                                                                                     St Agnes.
FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                 FEBRUARY 6, 2011
                                   Since the beginning of the year I have made comments about the length of daylight and how
                                   we should be optimistic because of its increase. For some people the shortness in daylight
                                   has very serious and sometimes almost debilitating effects. As daylight length increases
                                   during this time of year there is relief for those so affected. When applied to living our faith
                                   this phenomenon can help us understand the positive effect we can have on others all the
                                   time. Jesus says to his disciples: “You are the light of the world.” The danger we have
                                   concerning faith is that when we do not practice it well, when we do not let our “light” shine,
the effect can be similar on people as is the lack of daylight. The Beatitudes we heard about last week can be of help as a
starting point. Those who let the “light” shine by living the Beatitudes “in spirit” can have a big impact. The daylight length
only needs to increase in small increments at first to give benefits. Our faith can have the same impact of encouragement
if we live it with the right attitude, even if we practice it in small ways.
With my prayers,
Father Ouellette

                                                                               Activities for this Week
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time -- February 6, 2011 -
                                                                   Sunday 2/06       SA Religious Ed K-5 9 AM @ PC
World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life
                                                                                     STA Religious Ed K-5 10 AM @ CLC
                                                                                     STA Jr Youth 10 AM @ STA
“Let your light shine before others” perhaps as a priest,                            Our Lady’s Kitchen 12-1 PM @ SA
deacon, sister or brother the consecrated life or                  Monday            RCIA 6:30 PM @ STA
priesthood.                                                                          RCIA 7 PM @ SA
Fr. Bob Vaillancourt @ 207-773-6471                                Tuesday           Praying of the Rosary 8:05 AM @ SA                                              Building & Grounds Comm. Mtg 5:30 PM
or Sr. Rita Mae Bissonnette @ 207-773-6471                                           @ SA                                              Finance Council meeting 6:30 PM @ SA
                                                                                     SA Choir 6:30 PM @ SA
                                                                                     Social Justice & Peace Mtg 6:30 PM @
                                                                   Wednesday         Communion Svc 8:30 AM @ SA
                                                                                     Matthew 25 3 PM @ MVYDC
FOOD COLLECTION                                                    Thursday          Praying of the Rosary 8:05 AM @ SA
The item for next week is:                                                           Communion Service 8:30 AM @ SA
Canned beans or vegetables                                                           Alzheimer’s Support 1:30 PM @ SA
                                                                                     STA K of C 7 PM @ STA
                                                                   Saturday          Valentine Social 6:30 PM at Mansion Event
Food Collection at all sites is taken to
                                                                                     Center, Dexter
local food cupboards
                                                                   Sunday 2/13       SA Religious Ed K-5 9 AM @ PC
Thank you for your donations.                                                        STA Religious Ed K-5 10 AM @ CLC
                                                                                     STA Jr Youth 10 AM @ STA
                                                                                     Our Lady’s Kitchen 12-1 PM @ SA
                                                                                     God Squad 5:30 PM @ STA

                     Blessed are those who mourn; for they
                     shall be comforted.
                        Our Cluster is implementing a new
                      ministry. Quite often we receive notice                           Due to the winter weather, the offertory
                      of a funeral after the bulletin has been                                will be posted next week.
                         published. Our bereavement team
                      members are wonderful however there
are others within our cluster who may want to offer comfort
 as well. If you would like to receive notification of funerals
 within our cluster, please send your email address to the
       office,                                        Meeting Moved due to weather
                                                                                   The Finance Council/Building &
                                                                                   Maintenance meeting will now take
                                                                                   place on February 8th
FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                FEBRUARY 6, 2011
               Faith Formation

         Reflection of the Week
                                         Winter brings us a time    Last chance for the February Family Fun Basket!
                                         of shorter, darker, 
                                         colder days. However                     This is a family fun basket designed to take
                                         it also brings us fresh                     advantage of some outdoor activities but
                                         fallen snow that                                 also the warm cozy ones that this
                                         sparkles and plenty of                               season provides for us. It includes:
                                         outdoor activities.                                   2 flying saucer sleds, handmade
                                         While we are enjoying                                 mittens, socks and scarves. A
the beauty that God shares with us during winter please take a                                 knitted afghan, cocoa mixes, mini
moment to reflect on His word. It just might make the days a                                  marshmallows, mugs for warm
little brighter and warmer.                                                                 drinks, a bundle of kindling for
                                                                                    keeping warm and other fun activities for
                                                                                    your family pleasure. As always the raffle
                                                                                    is to benefit our youth going to Spain. The
                                                                                    tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00, and
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A                                               must be received in the office no later than
(You are Salt of the Earth)                                                         February 9th
February 6, 2011

First Reading: Isaiah 58:7-10 (Shine in Darkness)
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 (Proclaim the                   Do you use Scentsy? If so, please consider
Good News)                                                          placing your next order with Kim Wick. 100%
Gospel: Matthew 5:13-16 (Light of the World)                        of the proceeds will go to the Youth travelling
                                                                    to Spain. Haven’t heard of Scentsy? It is a
                                                                    safe wickless alternative to scented candles.
Adult:                                                              For more information visit
When Jesus tells me that I am
salt and light in this world,
what new thing do I                                                               Everyone is welcome to the Life Teen Mass
understand about myself and                                                       on the 4th Sunday of each month at 4 PM at
my fellow believers?                                                              St Anne in Dexter.

How can I bring the light of
Jesus to my family and my
friends?                                                            Pizza with our Priest
                                                                    All Junior & Senior Youth are invited to have
                                                                    pizza with Fr Ouellette on the 4th Sunday of
                                                                    each month following the 4 PM Youth Mass
            Scout Sunday February 6th
                                                                    at St Anne in Dexter.
            Please join us at the 4 PM Mass at St Anne on
            February 6th to celebrate Scout Sunday,
            followed by a dessert reception. All are
            welcome to attend
                                                                       There is no God Squad meeting this week.
                                                                    We will meet next Sunday at the CLC in Dover at 5:30 PM.
                                                                        All High School Teens are encouraged to come.

                                                                                   BOTTLE & CAN DRIVE
                                                                                    The Youth of Our Lady of the Snows & St
                                                                                    Agnes Parishes will be at each worship
                                                                                    site next weekend to collect your bottles &
                                                                                    cans. All proceeds from the collection will
                                                                                    help defer the cost of the trip to Spain for
                                                                                    World Youth Day 2011.
FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                            FEBRUARY 6, 2011
       Social Justice & Peace
                                                                                     Confessions will be heard ½ hour
                                                                                     before any Mass at which the pastor
                                                                                     will be present

                                                                                         There will be a Lenten, Holy
                                                                                         Week, and Easter planning
                                                                                         meeting held at St. Anne's Parish
…for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and                                Hall on Thursday, February 10th at
you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you                                 6:30 PM. Scheduling of services,
              welcomed me... (Matt 25:35)                                                special events, music and
                                                                                         environment will be discussed.
    A hot meal will be offered between 12 and 1 PM at
                                                                                         Anyone involved or who would like
                     St. Anne’s Parish Hall
                                                                                         to be involved in any of those
          60 Free Street in Dexter every Sunday.
     A great way to get out of the house and share a
                                                                                         areas is encouraged to attend.
              meal with others. All are welcome.

Thank you Team 5 for your donation of time, energy, and
talents. You are instrumental in keeping our ministry            March Bingo is coming!
strong as we take seriously our Lord's challenge to feed         We need help with prizes, food, setting up,
the hungry, comfort the lonely and welcome them with             serving and cleaning up. If you can help us in
open arms to God's table. You are a wonderful group of           anyway please sign up at the back of the
people and we appreciate all you do!                             church or call Lynn Lubas at 564-3981, Rheba
Have a great week and join Our Lady's Kitchen again next         Michaud at 564-7494 or Rachel Hersey at 924-
Sunday - same time, same place!                                  7936. This year's Bingo will benefit our youth
                                                                 heading to Spain for World Youth Day.
                                                                 Please watch the bulletin for more information.
            Prayer to the Blessed Mother Mary
We humbly pray to you to ask for your intercession, for the
     hungry that they be fed, for the lonely that they be
  comforted, for the depressed that they be enlightened, for              Knights of Columbus
 the stressed that they be relieved, for the turned away that
they be returned, for the faithful that they be aware, for Our                  Cardinal Mercier Assembly #365, 4th
        Lady’s Kitchen to supply the bread of life to all                       Degree Knights of Columbus, will hold a
                            Amen                                                business meeting on Thursday, February
                                                                                17th, at 7 P.M., at the K of C Home in
                                                                                Dexter. All members are urged to attend.

 Let us all pray for peace.                                                Divorce is painful and shattering!
 Please keep our service                                                      Don’t go through it alone.
        women and                                                You can find hope and healing in a “Divorce &
   men in your prayers.                                          Beyond” group. Our 8 week, facilitated groups are a
                                                                 caring and compassionate place where you can share
                                                                 thoughts and feelings with others who are also
                                                                 experiencing the loss of a marriage. A new group starts
                                                                 Tuesday night, March 1st, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in
                                                                 Bangor. For location information & to register, 1-800-781-
                                                                 8550, ext. 2672. E-mail:
                                                                 Pre-registration is required. Fee is $25.00.

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