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					Societies Convention 2007

    Grab a seat, we’ll start soon.
     1.1 Welcome… but from who?
• We are the Societies Federation Committee!
  Chair                     Panayiotis Ellinas
  SSDO                      Tom Lindsay
  Committee members         Abbas Alamdar
                            Zayna Ali
                            Syed Asad
                            Catriona Elliot
                            Andy White
  Societies Administrator   Pam Walker

                                          Societies Convention 2007
            1.2 What do we do?
• The Societies Federation is the organisation that
  supports, develops and looks after all societies.
   –   It recognises new societies
   –   It allocates budgets to societies each year
   –   Looks after the rules governing societies
   –   It gives you access to all sorts of facilities (such as the
       Resources Room!)
• The Socs Fed Committee is the team that organises
  all of the business for Societies Federation.

                                                      Societies Convention 2007
          2. Societies Fair!
• Wed 3rd, Thurs 4th, Fri 5th October
• Times:
  – 10am – 4pm
  – Arrive from 7.30am
  – Packed down by 4.30pm
• Floorplans
  – Here, at the fairs, or online:

                                Societies Convention 2007
      2. Societies Fair cont…
• Noticeboards
  – Collect from Marketplace and set up
  – Set yours down at the end of the day
  – £3 per ½ board
• Get electrical equipment tested at SF stall
• Memberships
  – Can be bought online or at the tills
  – Barcodes and shopping cards given out on the day

                                       Societies Convention 2007
     2. Even more Socs Fair…
• ‘How to Get It Right’ guides at the front
  – Arrive early! Any time from 8am (if you’re keen!)
  – Tidy up afterwards – out by 4.30pm
  – Careful with posters and flyers
• The Societies Federation is there each day to
  help you out if you need
                 Any questions?

                                        Societies Convention 2007
    3. Presidents’ Meetings
                                                         (Not with George Washington)

• When?
  – Four times a year (two in T1, one each in T2 & T3)
  – Dates and times to be arranged
• Why?
  – To give you crucial information at that time
  – Allow societies to interact & combine forces
  – Union South Redevelopment
     • To keep you informed
     • To help you out with your requirements and desires

                                             Societies Convention 2007
            4. Impact Training
• Details of courses online:
  – Societies  Exec Section  Impact Training
• Compulsory Courses:
  –   Duty of Care
  –   Equal Opportunities
  –   Managing Your Money
  –   First Aid (for trips)
  –   Event Planning (for ALL events)

                                        Societies Convention 2007
          5. Event Planning
• In order to put on an event (including balls,
  tours, trips, theatre productions etc.):
  1. Have one of your exec attend Event Planning
     Impact Training
  2. Complete an Event Planning Pack EARLY
  3. Attend an Event Planning Meeting to discuss
     your proposal and sort out any concerns
  4. If approved, go have an awesome event!

                                      Societies Convention 2007
        5. Event Planning
• Don’t book anything until you’ve
  had it passed by the Event Planning

 Otherwise you may end up
 personally liable for the costs.

                             Societies Convention 2007
6. The website

                 Societies Convention 2007
                 6. The website
• Hopefully a much clearer laid out ‘Exec Section’:
• Divided into:
• Things You Must Do
• Things You Should Know
• Money
• Things You Might
  Want To Know
• Help!

                                         Societies Convention 2007
              6. The Website
• New bits and pieces:
  – The Basics
     • How to check your emails
     • How to send emails to exec members and all members
     • How to check your finances
  – Your Corner
     • How to edit your ‘Public Notice Board’
     • How to edit your society website
  – Legal Info (coming soon)

                                                Societies Convention 2007
                  7. Finances
• Look after the interests of your society
  – Remember the future generations!
• You have control
  – Flexibility vs responsibility
  – Don’t forget the rules!
• Plan ahead, know your financial situation
• Help and guidelines on the website
  – With more coming soon

                                       Societies Convention 2007
        8. Charity Collections
• Collecting for charity is great
  – There are associated rules – don’t keep £300 in a
    bucket at your house!
• You must go through Charity Assistance Panel
  – Email
  – Buckets, money bags, safe and
    more available

                                        Societies Convention 2007
   9. Win money!
• Societies Federation is sponsored by KPMG
• KPMG Press Portfolio Competition
  – The society that uses the KPMG logo and Societies
    Federation logo the most wins a cash prize.
  – Exposure is what they’re after!
• More info in the Exec Section on the website

                                       Societies Convention 2007
               10. Festivals
• One World Week 2008
  – The world’s largest student-run event
• Warwick Student Arts Festival 2008
  – T3 Week 10
  – Get your society involved!
  – Co-ordinator post open – email me for more info!

                                        Societies Convention 2007
11. Share Your Passion
• Warwick Volunteers can help your society to run projects or
  events in the community, eg.
   – Presentations in schools (Street Law, Unicef, People & Planet)
   – Workshops (Streetvibe, Big Band)
• We will help by
   –   Publicising your idea to local schools/youth groups
   –   Providing training & advice in working with young people
   –   Paying your expenses
   –   Arranging Criminal Records (CRB) checks
• Contact for more info
• You could win the Societies Community Award, worth £200

                                                         Societies Convention 2007
           12. Societies Night
• Term 2 – date and venue to be confirmed
• Society Awards
• Not just the Society Awards – entertainment!
  – A chance to showcase your society
  – If you want to take part (e.g. play music, dance, or anything
    you want), email me and say what you want to do

• Let’s make it bigger and better than last year!

                                                 Societies Convention 2007
               13. Equipment
• Societies Federation has equipment that you
  can borrow from the Resources Room:
  –   Digital camera
  –   Video camera
  –   CD player
  –   Megaphone

• Keep us informed of the equipment you own so
  we can insure it! Complete your yearly inventory

                                      Societies Convention 2007
 14. Storage and Office Space
• Tidy and organise your storage or office space
   –   There are 210 societies and some don’t have any
   –   Think about how much you truly need
   –   You’re lucky to have it at all!
   –   Cleaning costs are around £10/hr
   –   You will be charged directly if necessary.

• In Term 1 I’ll be assessing who’s
  got what and if it’s in use
• Be sensible and reasonable

                                                Societies Convention 2007
              15. Miscellaneous
• Union North notice boards
   – If you want one, let me know
   – General Information space
   – I’m making space for society event publicity!
• Printing Cap (£15)
   – Anything over £15 gets charged to the society (and will be checked)
• Parking Permits
   – Available for campus residents using cars for society stuff
   – Deadline Friday week 2
• Fairtrade clothing policy – ADM (who are at the fairs)
• Bursary! – look out for emails

                                                         Societies Convention 2007
               16. Memberships
• All society memberships from before 10th Sept 2007
  expired last night
• Anyone that has not joined since then is not a
  member of the society – and therefore won’t be
  receiving emails.
• Exec memberships have also expired
   –   These are being worked on bit by bit
   –   Submit your exec sheet!
   –   Let us know if you’re desperate for exec privileges
   –   This does not affect access to society inboxes

                                                  Societies Convention 2007
17. Questions

• Any questions?

                   Societies Convention 2007
                18. Closing
• Make sure you’ve signed the register so we
  know you’ve turned up!
• Good luck at Societies Fair
• Thanks for listening
• Come to Top B!

                                   Societies Convention 2007